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NEW VOTING LINKS; Kris Allen loves Switchfoot and so does Relient k: "Jon is the new Bono"

Hey friends! As you all know, "Mess of Me" is impacting now at Alternative/Modern Rock radio. We need all the help we can get to get the word out, so that is why we've been voting at all the various links the past few weeks. But we need to keep it up! Again, it doesn't take very much of your time, and the reason we are consolidating all the links at the bottom of every day's update is to make it easier (not only for you, but for me as well!) to vote for the band we love. That being said, we have some new voting links to dominate!

Here we go.

1. Sirius Alt Nation has an option to request songs. Here's the message they have on their main website.

The Alt-18 - Most Requested Countdown!
Saturdays 1 pm ET
Rebroadcasts 7 pm ET, Sundays 3 am, 4 pm and 10 pm ET, Mondays 10 am ET
Each weekend Alt-Nation delivers The Alt-18 Countdown! We need your help in selecting the week’s most requested new alternative rock! Request your favorite song right now at AltNation@siriusxm.com and listen as we count down the best new alternative as selected by you!

Searching around on the site, there's also a fill-in request link. If we can flood this with requests, we can get Switchfoot back into the top 18 (Mess of Me already has fallen off). Anberlin reached No. 1 on this countdown en route to reaching No. 1 on the entire Alternative rock chart with Feel Good Drag, so Switchfoot deserves just as much success. Here's the LINK. Let's do this!

2. Alternative Addiction also has a countdown. They post Switchfoot news and are well aware of the band, and they play "Mess of Me" on their online radio station. HERE is the Top 20 chart. What we need to do is,

- Fill-in vote "Mess of Me" in the box, after voting for one of the artists already in the countdown.


- Request the song here. Scroll down, then simply press the "request" link.

3. The Christian Rock 20 also has a poll. "Mess of Me" is dominating so far. Let's keep it that way.

^So, those are three more to add to the list, and we'll re-produce this section at the bottom with the VOTING section in our daily updates. Thanks in advance for your hard work! Appreciate it!


In the spirit of the popular Twitter trending topic #MusicMonday, MTV has their own. In their inaugural post, Kris Allen guest writes, and this is who he chose as his #MusicMonday recommendation:

Kris Allen, "American Idol" Season Eight Champion: "I might be biased, but there's a couple of songs on the new Switchfoot album that I really like. [Ed. note: Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman co-wrote a song on Allen's album.] 'The Sound' is really good. I think it's Jon Foreman's voice and the way he sings. He can sing nice, but he can also go up there and sing that rock voice, or he can scream and stuff. It's cool."

^Great shout out there!



Here's a video of Switchfoot (mainly Jon Foreman) re-learning how to play "Daisy" during soundcheck before the Houston, Texas show.

Here's one of Switchfoot playing "Dare You to Move" live at the Buzz Session @ 102.9 The Buzz a couple days ago.

Mess of Me (from the same performance)

11-21, New Orleans "Your Love Is a Song"

11-23 Nashville "Dare You to Move"



Apparently, Ethan Luck and Matt Hoopes from Relient k were at the Switchfoot last night. Here are their tweets about it.


- At the Switchfoot show.

- Don't worry @andybarron. I'm covering your shift tonight. http://yfrog.com/3g55tj

- Switchfoot was great, as usual! They played Hello Hurricane front to back followed by a bunch of older tunes! Good to see all those dudes!


- Deas Vail and Switchfoot show tonight. Jon is the new Bono. Ha!



Alternative Addiction posted their review of "Hello Hurricane," which is fairly positive. Here it is:

A new label has appeared to breathe some new life into Switchfoot. The experimental and the somewhat inconsistent “Oh! Gravity” was a little rough on the band. It wasn’t their best received album to date although it was a decent record. “Hello Hurricane” puts the band back into their form of two records ago and brings them into more aggressive territory. Just check out the single “Mess of Me;” that’s an alternative rock single. There’s nothing pop about that song. Really there’s not very many of those adult-contemporary songs at all here; maybe one or possibly two but for the most part this is an alternative album and it’s good to have Switchfoot back where they belong. “Red Eyes” has the potential to be a huge single across multiple genres, and “The Sound” just might be my favorite Switchfoot song of all time. The song is ridiculously fun. The title track is also a very enjoyable track. “Hello Hurricane” has lots of potential for Switchfoot. It will be interesting to see how much attention and how much play it gets at the beginning of next year because there are a few potential singles here that can definitely be worked.



The "Mess of Me" music video was recently added to Yahoo! Music.



Ok. Here I am again, urging you to not forget to take the time to vote! Sorry, if I'm getting on your nerves – feel free to ignore these if you don't want to read about it, but it's very important that we pave the way to make sure Switchfoot gets all the exposure they deserve!

- Sirius Alt Nation has an option to request songs. Here's the message they have on their main website. LINK

- Alternative Addiction: What we need to do is,

- Fill-in vote "Mess of Me" in the box, after voting for one of the artists already in the countdown.


- Request the song here. Scroll down, then simply press the "request" link.

- The Christian Rock 20 Poll. (NO. 1!)

- WRRV (NO. 1!)

- 98.7 (Los Angeles) Badass 8 WE FELL TO NO. 7 LAST NIGHT! We need to put the pressure back on and get higher! The station is starting to spin the song more... VOTE.

- 91x (San Diego) Christy Taylor's REALLY BIG Countdown Keep requesting each day to keep it on the countdown! We fell no. 4 last night. Let's get it back up!

- RadioU's Top Ten Most Wanted. We still have the top spot! Well done! Let's keep it that way!


Again, please also go here to see a list of stations already playing "Mess of Me" and phone numbers to call in and request the song with!! This is our time to shine, friends!

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