Monday, November 30, 2009

Switchfoot: Revealed; Hello Hurricane tour rages on: photos and videos

Have you voted for Switchfoot's "Mess of Me" and "Hello Hurricane" on Alternative Addiction's year end awards? If not, please do so. It only counts one vote. :)


Note to Canadian friends: Your tour dates have been posted!


UPDATE (4:15 PM PST): Check out these exclusive clips from GMC where you can watch a web-only performance of Switchfoot playing "Learning to Breathe," a tour of the tour bus, and Switchfoot messing with a camera.

I like the tour bus video, and catching a glimpse of the first few copies of "Hello Hurricane" ever pressed. :)

For those of you who missed Switchfoot: Revealed on the GMC last Friday, here are all the videos as posted on Youtube! Awesome.

Switchfoot: Revealed Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

^Very great performances. Jon Foreman's voice has never been better, this band has never been tighter musically. We are witnessing a great time in Switchfoot's history folks...


Our friend Susie has some INCREDIBLE photos from the Atlanta show.

Check out the complete set here.


Also, a talented photographer by the name of Max Roper photographed some amazing shots at the Anaheim show.

Check out the full set here.



Here are some videos from the past few shows.

Let That Be Enough from Nashville 11-22-09

Your Love Is a Song from Anaheim 11-27-09

Stars from Ventura 11-28-09




"Mess of Me" moved up a spot over the weekend, settling at No. 25 on the Alternative charts. The spin count did decrease however, which is understandable as stations begin to slow down their regular rotations as the holiday season begins. But be sure to keep requesting the song at a local rock station near you, because keeping the pressure on is imperative, especially during the holiday season. Link below.



Keep it up!

- Request "Mess of Me" on Sirius Alt Nation. We didn't make the countdown this weekend, but that's only because we started late last week. Let's do it this week!

- Alternative Addiction: What we need to do is,

- Fill-in vote "Mess of Me" in the box, after voting for one of the artists already in the countdown.


- Request the song here. Scroll down, then simply press the "request" link.

- The Christian Rock 20 Poll. (NO. 1!)

- WRRV (NO. 1!)

- 98.7 (Los Angeles) Badass 8

- 91x (San Diego) Christy Taylor's REALLY BIG Countdown

- RadioU's Top Ten Most Wanted. We still have the top spot! Well done! Let's keep it that way!


Again, please also go here to see a list of stations already playing "Mess of Me" and phone numbers to call in and request the song with!! This is our time to shine, friends!

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ARBC Youth said...

Hey Job!

I JUST saw this post. I'm so lame! Thanks for posting the Atlanta set...and the link back to the flickr. That set has blown up in over a month's time. Crazy!