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"Hello Hurricane" a year-round fave by many; REQUEST "Mess of Me"

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Mix Tape Atlanta did a review of Switchfoot's show in Atlanta a couple weeks back. Check it out:

The whole show totaled just over two hours of music, with no opening bands. This can be a somewhat risky undertaking provided the band is not prone to acid-induced jamming. To go about the feat, Switchfoot played through Hurricane, from top to bottom, and then played through older material. Sonically, the band provided a near mirror image of the new record, having everyone operate as a multi-instrumentalist, with parts for accordion, mandolin, shaker tambourine, cannon toms, cowbell and Beach-Boy-tight vocals to boot.

The second set was kicked off with an audience choice, after the band asked the majority of the audience to sing their favorite before they started playing. The audience belted "Company Car," from 1999's New Way to Be Human and Switchfoot followed, guns slinging, looking excited to play an old tune. From there on, the set list read mostly like a greatest hits album, spanning singles and catchier tunes from 1999 and forward.

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The Consequence of Sound reviewed the New York Show, and had very good things to say:

If you ask a casual music fan for their perceptions of Switchfoot, chances are many would respond with something along the lines of: “Switchfoot? Aren’t they that band from years ago with that one big song – “Meant to Live” or something like that?” While those fans may possibly be correct (seeing as how Switchfoot arguably was most popular back in 2003 with its breakthrough release of The Beautiful Letdown), upon further review one would find that Switchfoot, despite some perceptions, is a group that has managed to stay afloat in the world of alt-rock throughout its 13 year history, all the while building an endearing fan base and releasing a plethora of albums (many to critical acclaim).

On Tuesday night Switchfoot, currently on tour in support of Hello Hurricane (the group’s seventh LP released this past November), stopped at The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza. Even though there would be no opening acts (Switchfoot played completely solo) and there was the threat of a snowstorm looming, this did not stop the band’s fans from turning out in force for a chance to see Switchfoot perform Hello Hurricane in its entirety.


Okay, so maybe Switchfoot really was most relevant to the alt rock music scene back in 2003. Maybe the group did hit its peak with its release of The Beautiful Letdown. While fans and detractors of the band are free to argue this, the point seems moot – based on this show, 2009’s Switchfoot seems meant to still be around today

Read the rest here


Speaking of reviews, Billbaord Magazine recently reviewed "Hello Hurricane." I like what they have to say:

After establishing a berth at mainstream radio with "Dare You to Move" (from its 2003 album, "The Beautiful Letdown"), earnest San Diego rock band Switchfoot hasn't quite managed to complete its crossover from the Christian-music scene that first embraced the group. The band's latest release, "Hello Hurricane," may (and should) change that: It's a sleekly presented modern-rock album with no shortage of bruising guitars or catchy choruses. Like much of U2's work, these songs wrap a faith-based message in a secular package. Switchfoot produced "Hello Hurricane" with Mike Elizondo, and the album's varied arrangements reflect his diverse résumé. On "Needle and Haystack Life," singer Jon Foreman works his breathy croon over surging pop-punk guitars; "This Is the Sound" has a brutish, heavy-metal vibe; "Enough" rides a percolating art-folk groove; and "Bullet Soul" could be something by Swedish garage rock band the Hives.-Mikael Wood


Also, "Hello Hurricane" is starting to show up on some Top Albums of the Year type overviews.

Relevant Magazine has it listed at No. 18.

JFH, overall, has it at No. 2.



Here's video of Switchfoot playing their cover of "Lucky Man" by the Verve at the NYC show

Now, here's a video of Jon Foreman in the balcony at Ram's Head in Baltimore. Crazy man.

To follow that climbing theme, here's Jon singing "Needle and Haystack Life" while on some scaffolding of some sort.

^That's why he loves the gorilla costume. hehe.


On a fun side note, here's a video of a little girl giving a valiant effort in covering "Mess of Me." The guitar playing by her brother is shaky, but I thought this videos was worth mentioning because come on, what an awesome little sister!



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