Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Mess of Me" featured prominently on trailer for upcoming film "To Save a Life"; Switchfoot performs on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

UPDATE (10:07 AM PST):

Watch Switchfoot's performance of "Mess of Me" on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien HERE, and choose chapter 5. It was a great performance!


Also, if you haven't gotten any copy of "Hello Hurricane" yet, Amazon MP3 has got it available for a mere 5 bucks! Go here to snag the great deal.

It has reached as high as No. 3 on Amazon MP3!


...interestingly enough, "Mess of Me" was chosen over The Fray's song "How to Save a Life" for the movie called "To Save a Life."

Check this out. Thanks Blake for the tip! "Mess of Me" is featured prominently on the trailer, and it's being featured on Apple's official trailers page!

Watch it here!

This is a movie I think Switchfoot would be proud to support and be a part of; I think we should really all get behind this one... the message is powerful.

Official Website
Facebook Page



Have you voted for Switchfoot's "Mess of Me" and "Hello Hurricane" on Alternative Addiction's year end awards? If not, please do so. It only counts one vote, so you only need to do it once. :)



"Mess of Me" held at No. 25 on the charts, and the spins are starting to come back! Keep requesting guys!



Keep it up guys! We're doing a great job and are really making a difference!

We have some new voting links. To make things easier for you all, we are going to mark the priority links with a "P"

- TVU Live

- Request "Mess of Me" on Sirius Alt Nation. We didn't make the countdown this weekend, but that's only because we started late last week. Let's do it this week! P

- Alternative Addiction: What we need to do is,

- Fill-in vote "Mess of Me" in the box, after voting for one of the artists already in the countdown.


- Request the song here. Scroll down, then simply press the "request" link.

- The Christian Rock 20 Poll. (NO. 1!)

- WRRV (NO. 1!) P

- 98.7 (Los Angeles) Badass 8 (No. 3!) P

- 91x (San Diego) Christy Taylor's REALLY BIG Countdown (We fell off! Vote us back on!) P

- RadioU's Top Ten Most Wanted. We still have the top spot! Well done! Let's keep it that way!

- Steelroots


Again, please also go here to see a list of stations already playing "Mess of Me" and phone numbers to call in and request the song with!! This is our time to shine, friends!

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