Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Switchfoot back catalog videos uploaded as VEVO launches on Youtube; Japanese "Hello Hurricane" details; "Vice Verses" news!

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Check out this video of the Switchfoot guys sound-checking "Feliz Navidad." Get into it!

In other news, a recorded version is allegedly up for the Friends of the Foot! Let us know.


Greetings all! Anyone who follows the music industry at large closely will know that the latest major label experiment, VEVO, is launching today. It has been billed as the "savior" of the music industry, and the basic premise behind it is that the major labels Universal, Sony, and EMI are putting the premium back on artist's music videos. Ad revenue will drive the value of these videos, which will be hosted native on Youtube.

What does this have to do with Switchfoot? Well, I suppose it's good for you all to know that most of Switchfoot's Sony back catalog music videos have begun to show up on Youtube. The interesting (and good) news, is that the videos all have preserved the view counts from the Sonybmg-hosted versions of the videos previously hosted on Youtube in the past. Anyways, here's an example of the new VEVO-uploaded version of the Dare You to Move music video:

Just thought I'd let you all know. What's interesting, however, is that Switchfoot current label, Atlantic Record/Warner Music Group, has NOT joined the VEVO fold, but has recently agreed on its own content deal with Youtube. This arrangement also included customizable video pages; see Green Day and Jason Mraz. Will Switchfoot get the same thing? Maybe. Maybe not. I think I enjoy the fact they've still got some real control over their content, and their Youtube channel is doing just fine, what with almost 45,000 subscriptions. If you haven't yet, do so!


In other awesome, more relevant Switchfoot news, our friends at LOBH report that there will be a Japanese release of "Hello Hurricane," which will drop on January 27, 2009.

SOURCE and Warner Music Japan's page.

Also, this Japanese "Hello Hurricane" version will have two bonus tracks: "The Sound (acoustic)" and "Lucky Man (The Verve cover)".

^Um, AMAZING. If anyone gets their hands on it, let us know!

Here's a soundcheck video of Switchfoot covering "Lucky Man":


Joshoc9 posted on the official message boards that Tim Foreman talked about "Vice Verses." Here's what he said:

Don't quote me word for word on this, but after the first show in Nashville someone asked Tim about Vice Verses. In response, Tim said that the album was close to done and thinks it is going to be better than Hello Hurricane (either that or he liked it even more than Hello Hurricane, one of the two). He said he's really excited about it but their focus right now is on Hello Hurricane and they will continue to ride that wave.

Of course, knowing Switchfoot, who knows how many changes they'll make or last minute additions. But to hear him say that he thinks more highly of it than Hello Hurricane really says something. We all are aware of how hyped they are for the current album, and to hear him say the next one was better just days after the release of Hello Hurricane is a big statement. So I don't know about you guys, but I am pumped. No matter when they release it, they (or at least Tim) are really gonna be excited.


The Georgia State University paper, The Signal reviewed the Atlanta Switchfoot show. Excerpt:

That sentiment of change in the world and the ability humanity has to make a difference, right now, is echoed throughout the 22-song set. While Switchfoot has always been a high-energy rock and roll band, once dominating the airwaves with their 2004 smash single “Meant to Live,” these five musicians from San Diego have also used music as a means of sending a strong message of faith, love, and activism to the world. This comes to the forefront of the band’s purpose with the seventh studio album Hello, Hurricane, which manages to blend a stylistic experimentation with their rock sound and a contrastingly delicate message of hope.

“This is the sound of a heartbeat,” Foreman screams into his microphone, standing in front of a burst of yellow light as the mass of fans at the foot of the stage thrust their fists into the air to “The Sound.” The song, also from the new LP, is a thunderous, bass-heavy track that fans of their energetic side will enjoy, along with the greater half of the album.

Similarly, the equally fist-pumping “Bullet Soul” is a daredevil of a song with an attitude-tinged guitar riff and an infectious hook, boasting the verse, “Are you ready to go?” The band’s harder material shifts from defiant to downright angry when bassist Tim Foreman and guitarist Drew Shirley shine in the performance of “Free.” Echoing the lyrics of their biggest hit “Meant to Live,” the angst-ridden number expresses the need to be freed of the world’s chains as Foreman sings “Inside this shell is a prison cell.”


Tour Videos

Asheville videos from the December 4, 2009 show!

Your Love Is a Song



Bullet Soul

^lucky guy! Also, very talented.

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Christi said...

Nice update.
Thanks for the Asheville videos. I've been hoping to see some floating around here or LOBH. I'm always behind my camera at shows so it's cool to watch videos afterwards.

Job said...

Hey thanks for reading Christi! Glad you enjoyed... these videos were actually really high quality. I was excited to see them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Job! Thanks for using my videos! I sent them to LOBH but they put them up so I'm glad everyone got to see them on your site! That one of Adam playing Bullet Soul with the guys is from Charlotte. It was the only video I got b/c I was behind others at that show and didnt want to hold my camera up the whole time. I was up front in Asheville though so I was able to do pretty well on those!


Job said...

@Linday, hey thanks for reading! It looked like a really entertaining show for you guys!

frutos812 said...

Glad I came around this website. I just posted a video of Switchfoot's performance in Ventura. Loved Feliz Navidad!

Job said...

Sweet frutos. Hope you stick around! thanks for reading. :)