Monday, December 21, 2009

Switchfoot closes the Decade and 2009 in Riverside

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Switchfoot played their last show of the decade (WOW) this past weekend, a radio show in Riverside this past weekend. It was the XMAS 103.9 (KCXX) party. On a side note, KCXX spins "Mess of Me" quite often. Help support the single by requesting the song there: 909-890-1010

Anyways, back to the show. Our good friend and regular reader Doug sent us in a quick recap of the evening. Check it out!

Swithfoot was the first of 4 bands to come out and they rocked it out!

Set List

The Sound
Feliz Navidad
Dare To Move
Meant To Live
Mess Of Me

Im still in shock from hooking up with Drew after the Concert. Take a look out for his new Drewcast soon :) Jon also mentioned to the crowd that this was his first time playing in the town he was born in. everyone cheered This was a short set but it was the best set list for a short and the crowd was really into it...

My camera was conviscated so no vids and pics :( oh well


^That's awesome man! Glad you had fun!

Here are some videos from that show.

"Dare You to Move"

"Mess of Me"

Some more:
Feliz Navidad
Meant to Live

^They sure did rock it to end the year and the decade.

Here's to another great next 10 years, and a HUGE year for Switchfoot and "Hello Hurricane" in 2010!


Speaking of decades and such, our friend Jessica sent in an email about how "Meant to Live" is up for "The Best Countdown of the Decade" on The Edge 102.1, a Toronto-based, Canadian radio station. We can go here to vote for it! It's got some tough competition (lots of Linkin Park), but we can definitely do it, right guys??


Also, Switchfoot tweeted that they'd be doing a couple TV spots this coming week!

- Doing a few morning tv things this week: fox 5 in SanDiego on Tuesday, and KTLA in LA on Wed. Check em!

^Interesting. Will have to stay tuned for those!



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I really wish they would retire Oh Gravity off the set list.