Friday, January 29, 2010

"Always" music video debuts in Japan; watch a clip of it

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Space Shower TV was set to debut the video today at some point. For those of you who can't wait to see it, here's a brief clip.

^Montage. Again. I've got to say, I was a little disappointed when I saw it, but we have to look at things from a different perspective. I wrote this on the official message boards, but I thought I'd copy it again here, for any who are interested in reading my long-winded thoughts:

Ok, first off, I totally completely agree with you all. I think real music videos should be made, because honestly, montages aren't the most interesting videos in the world... BUT, Daughtry did manage to create a mega single with a montage of "Home." It's not the best option, but it works and serves its purpose.

I appreciate everyone's fervor in the matter, but we need to be smart about these sorts of things. Let's look at things from a different perspective:

- Switchfoot is a new act on Atlantic, so it's understandable the label doesn't spend too much on a music video right away. In this period of recession, money can't be thrown around, so it needs to be spent wisely and effectively.

- The band has been busy touring almost non-stop, and whatever time they have off, they would want to spend it with their friends and family. I'm glad the boys are doing what they're comfortable doing, so we should take that into account as well.

- "Always" isn't a proper international single release. It's only being worked in Japan. Also, a full-on music video would cost money, and that wouldn't be smart if the plan is only to work the song in Japan and to Christian markets in the US. Japan hasn't really seen much from Switchfoot, at least in the recent past. So a montage would be a nice reintroduction into what the band is like these days, what they look like, etc. (Oh look, the singer dude plays piano now!) that sorta thing, y'know? Christian music television is small and primitive, and honestly, I think that's money better spent elsewhere.

I'm sure once "Mess of Me" becomes a hit (and we all know it will right? ;) ), things will fall into place, and perhaps an actual music video will be made, with more funds. Sure, it's tough seeing Hawk Nelson or Skillet getting an actual music video and Switchfoot not, but patience will win out in the end. In the meantime, we need to support the guys and make this album their biggest one yet.

Bottomline, the Switchfoot boys are smart. I'd trust them.

^Discuss! Who's excited to see the rest? Who's kinda just "meh" about another montage video? Comment below please!


The New Zealand Herald did a story on Switchfoot in advance of their appearance at the Parachute Festival. Here's an excerpt:

With their new found freedom they went about creating what Foreman describes as "a career defining album" and the result is Hello Hurricane which was released late last year.

They went on a musical journey, writing well over 100 songs and recording 90 of those, which is why they already have the next two albums ready to go. "We couldn't have done that if we had a major label breathing down our neck, and paying for a studio by the hour, so it was a really great situation for us. And challenging, with no net to catch us."

He describes the bands previous albums as "city scapes, with high rises, lots of traffic, and a lot going on" whereas Hello Hurricane is more like a "sonic landscape that we wanted to be wide open".

Read the rest here


Chris Carrabba, from Dashboard Confessional fame, tweeted this:

- Loving the newest Switchfoot album.

Awesome! Our friend Joe also said that this tweet was posted on Carrabba's Myspace too, and the reaction there has been pretty positive!



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Cell'o'ist said...

Im not sure how I feel about the montage.
I read your comments and it all makes sense and as much as I would love to see another vid from them that had like a theme or whatnot-Always and MoM do both show that great live aspect of them-and can we not agree that they are amazing live?

Anyways. I like it. Im happy for Japan. :)

dan minear said...

I'm sure it will be cool. I'm just crossing my fingers for a "real" music video soon. Maybe that's greedy, but whatever.

Job said...

@Amy, i agree with you. Montages are cool, and Switchfoot makes the best ones I've seen. But then again, it's nothing innovative or new.

@Dan, I don't think it's greedy at all. We're all thirsting for a real, good, well-produced music video again, in the vein of... Stars? :)

Jeremy said...

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of montages either.

On a related "Always" note, I was disappointed to hear "Always" used in an commercial. Have you seen that commercial yet? It really diminishes what is an otherwise powerful song.