Friday, January 8, 2010

Big day in LA: Switchfoot and a Joe Jonas Brother perform before BCS Championship Game at the Rose Bowl; live webcast recap

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Yesterday was a pretty big day for Switchfoot. Here's a rundown of what went down!

1. Switchfoot plays a show prior to the BCS National Championship Game AND bring a Jonas Brother onstage - Joe Jonas to be exact.

This blogger recaps what went down. Apparently, Joe sang "Dare You to Move" with the band. Nice.

Scream your hearts out Jonas fans! ;)

A Houston paper reviewed the game yesterday, as well as the pre-game show. Here's what they had to say about Switchfoot's performance:

Switchfoot, the rock band the couple was watching, is from San Diego and had no favorites in the game but engaged the divided crowd.

Between songs, the guitarist played riffs from Deep in the Heart of Texas and Sweet Home Alabama to cater to both sides.

“Welcome to the sunshine,” said lead singer Jon Foreman.

^Class guys, them Switchfoot boys are.

The Pasadena Star News has a couple pics of Switchfoot (namely Jon) performing at the Rose Bowl:

Oh, by the way, Switchfoot and Jon were tweeting throughout the day about their experiences:

- Bringing people from orange or crimson persuasions together! This didn't end friendly by the way...

- Hook em tide? Roll horns?!? The games about to start- pretty amped! @jonathanforeman

Jon Foreman:

- Attending my first college football game tonight, texas and alabama @ the rose bowl! pictures to follow...

- Bull. True love. and...Not sure-in that order

- RT @Julessfjb: "I hear Joe Jonas performed with you today! how was that?" fun! he's a great dude...

Here's a video of "This Is Your Life":

2. Switchfoot chats with fans through the LA station 987's live chat.

Here's the recorded chat, Part 1

And, Part 2

Some highlights from the chat:

- The "Always" video just wrapped up. It was created for Japan and they are very happy with how it turned out. It'll be released "very soon."

- Jon Foreman will release more solo projects

- They are working on a new PODCAST.

- Switchfoot will be touring across the world, including Japan and Europe.

3. Switchfoot's "The Sound" is played through several commercial break outros during the Championship game

At the end of the first quarter of the game, a video montage of game highlights (to that point) were played, while the chorus of "The Sound" featured as the song playing in the background. There was also text crediting the song. A national audience saw the song and read who it was by!

As a result, "The Sound" is now the top selling Switchfoot song on iTunes, and has cracked the top Alternative songs chart at No. 106.

UPDATE (1:26 PM PST): "The Sound" is now no. 81!

^All in all, a HUGE day for Switchfoot. Atlantic Records is doing an astounding job right now, and this is an amazing way to kick off 2010! This is going to be a huge year for the band, and I hope you're just as stoked as I am to experience it!



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Here's another TWLOHA clip with Jon Foreman in it.



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