Monday, January 11, 2010

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Switchfoot played in San Francisco and Medford over the weekend. Here are videos from the SF show:

"Dare You to Move"

^Switchfoot just appears to be so much more free and alive this tour. I think the freedom and sense of a new beginning have really re-energized and re-invigorated the band. Does anyone else get that feeling? The "Oh! Gravity." tour was fun and great, but it felt a little tired compared to the new tour. Or perhaps it was just because

Here are three videos of Sara Watkins playing along with Switchfoot for "Only Hope." All from the same camera, so don't worry about repetitiveness. ;P


RGJ reviewed Switchfoot's Reno show:

Switchfoot rocked the Knitting Factory Friday night by essentially giving two concerts -- one an album release party for their latest CD and the other a greatest hits show.
The San Diego band may have gained popularity on the Christian music scene but don't call them just a Christian band.

Switchfoot played its "Hello Hurricane" album front to back, getting things started with "Needle and Haystack Life" and "Mess of Me." Even a casual fan of the group could enjoy the mean guitar riffs on the latter song.

One couldn't help but notice there were seagulls everywhere, on large posters on stage and models hanging from the ceiling, fitting for the Southern California group but they knew where they were.

"Say yes to Reno," lead singer Jon Foreman said, emphasizing the second syllable in the city's name.

Foreman got up close with the fans, walking through the front of the crowd twice during the night, no easy feat considering how tightly packed everyone was.

After going through the new album's songs, Switchfoot walked off stage for about a minute and then came back to take crowd requests of popular numbers from their first six albums.

For "Stars," they brought a teenage fan up from the crowd to play the drums as drummer Chad Butler gladly stepped aside.

The band finished the show on a strong note with "Oh! Gravity" and finally their two mainstream hits "Dare You to Move" and "Meant to Live."

They returned for an encore including a rock cover of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love."

On an amusing note, while it's cool to buy a tour t-shirt when your favorite band comes to your town, Switchfoot's may have been a novelty/collector's item. On the list of cities for the band's nationwide tour it included "Reno, CA," an obvious geographical error a vendor attributed to the printer.

Charlotte band Paper Tongues, the opening act, got the show started with their rock-hip hop sound that most in the crowd seemed to enjoy and featured energetic lead singer Aswan North shaking his mop-top hairstyle around the stage on songs like "Ride to California."



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