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Jon Foreman "filming a thing on songwriting..." and tracking new Fiction Family tunes; Interviews; "Mess of Me" hits Top 15 on Billboard Alternative

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Jon Foreman and Andy Barron were filming something yesterday in what looks like Spot X, according to their respective twitter feeds.


- I'm filming a thing on song-writing... ask me any question you want - I might have answers, might not!


- filming @jonathanforeman play songs & talk about writing them. up next, "who let the dogs out?" wait, nevermind.

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^Looks pretty sweet. We now know what camera Andy's rockin' for all those new podcasts/SwitchfootTV episodes.


Jon was also busy last night working on some Fiction Family tunes with Sean Watkins and the rest of the crew. We now know two song titles, thanks to Twitter:

- Fiction family rock: a tune of mine- "my forgetful baby" and a tune of sean's - "notch on the tally" amped!

- Sean Watkins, ladies and gents...Twitter this, my ninjas!

^Jon Foreman never stops making music. The man is insane, I tell you! (in a good way, of course)


Speaking of Twitter and all, Switchfoot's also got something for us to chew on:

- is there a ??? you've always wanted to ask the guys? now you can with nexopia's Q+A with switchfoot.

Here's the link; now ask away!


As first posted on LOBH, here is an incredible and candid interview with Tim Foreman. He talks about "Hello Hurricane," Barack Obama, and "Vice Verses." Funny arrangement of topics? hehe? Heh... nevermind.


CDM: What are your thoughts on President Barack Obama? Do you think he's been successful in changing anything?
I think he's certainly trying. I have a soft spot for anyone who's trying to shake things up. I think he's encountered a lot of opposition. He's done some things well, and he's done some things, not as well. I'm sure he's learning a lot. But I do appreciate the fact that I do, feel like he is trying to tackle a lot of issues all at once... and I appreciate that.

CDM: Do you think he deserves to be awarded 2009's Nobel Peace Prize?
I think he certainly deserves to be in the conversation. I don't know if I'd go so far as to say that - that I would be throwing my hat in the ring. At the same time, I'm definitely not anti. Because I do appreciate that - I really feel like he is trying to exact change - and that's something that I'd like to support.

CDM: What was it like working with producer Mike Elizondo on 'Hello Hurricane' - who's best known for his collaborations with the likes of Dr. Dre and Eminem?
He was amazing. We didn't really know what to expect when we first met Mike Elizondo - probably because his track record is really impressive and expansive - it is very diverse. From Fiona Apple to people all over the musical spectrum, but certainly a lot of it weighed in on the urban chart - which I'm kind of a fan of to some extent - but how it would interplay with our music, we weren't quite sure. So we went up there and met with him... His collection of guitars and rock gear, amps - old vintage amps and guitars - was really surprising. We found out that he's really, a well-versed musician all around, and has especially strong rock roots. His instincts for the album and for the songs and his passion, were pretty undeniable. So we made the decision really quickly, within a couple of days, from spending some time up there - that he was the right guy to finish the record.

CDM: What about when bands are asked to write a song especially for a film - is that still art? Or is that an attempt to become relevant to non-traditional audiences? For example, Death Cab For Cutie's 'Meet Me On The Equinox', which is the theme song for the second film in the 'Twilight Saga'...
It's a tricky thing, when you've got an intersection of art, some sort of faith, belief or what-have-you, commerce - there's a lot of traffic. In that example, I don't think that. Death Cab For Cutie wrote a great song. The song, is in many ways, bigger than the movie. I think it transcends that single's spotlight - and I applaud them for that. That's always the trick, you know. To write a song for a movie, you want that song to live and breathe, in a space beyond the movie as well - while also connecting within the movie. And I think they did a good job of that. Selling out, would be to write something that doesn't feel true to your art - to make a compromise of some sort. I'm sure that bands have done that, but I don't think Death Cab is one of those bands.

CDM: When can Switchfoot fans expect the next album, 'Vice Verses'?
'Vice Verses' is almost done. I'm not sure if it's going to be out this year, maybe the year after - but we are very excited about it. We've already even written a lot of songs since that, that we're excited about as well. 'Vice Verses' is kind of a different collection of songs - a little more melancholy than this batch - and songs that we're really excited to get out as well.

^Interesting perspective from the youngest member of Switchfoot. I'm intrigued about his answer for "Vice Verses." I don't mind a bit of melancholy, but I do hope it doesn't tone down on the rock too much, especially after a decidedly more upbeat offering in "Hello Hurricane."


Here's a quick story with Jerome Fontamillas:

“There are two things about our band,” said keyboard player/guitarist Jerome Fontamillas. “We love to create music and we love to connect with people. When we're doing a show, there are no boundaries. We want it to be a dialogue with our audience. We want to meet in the middle. When Jon goes out there, it brings us to the audience and the audience to us.”

Read the rest here.



"Mess of Me" has officially cracked the Top 15 of the Billboard Alternative Songs/Modern Rock chart. It has also jumped two spots on Rock Songs, to No. 22. Keep up the great work requesting it! Let's get into the Top 10 of Alternative by March! (request links below)


FUSE No. 1 Countdown

"Mess of Me" was supposed to debut on FUSE on Monday, but it turns out they were doing a Beyonce takeover of the entire channel. But rotation will be restarting on the 15th! Until then, keep voting for "Mess of Me"! We're doing a great job!




Vote for "Mess of Me" on 987's Badass 8 at Ocho in Los Angeles. Last night we got to No. 8; this will not do! Let's get to No. 1!


SIRIUS Alt Nation Top 18 Countdown

Be sure to keep requesting "Mess of Me" here as well. Let's get back onto the countdown.

If we all can fill both of these countdowns out at least 5 times a day each, we'll do damage!



Please also go here to see a list of stations already playing "Mess of Me" and phone numbers to call in and request the song with! Your calls are INSANELY IMPORTANT!

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WLZX (Springfield, MA)

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