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New European tour dates; Footsoldiers mission

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Switchfoot sent out a new email yesterday. Here it is reproduced below:

Dear Amigos-

The world tour continues! We are excited to announce that we will be heading to Europe in May / June 2010. We can't wait to bring Hello Hurricane to you! Please see the cities and dates below, and make sure to visit our tour dates section for complete show and ticketing info. Also, we will be adding dates to this tour, so stay tuned.

May 29 Leicestershire United Kingdom
May 30 West Sussex United Kingdom
May 31 West Sussex United Kingdom
June 1 London United Kingdom
June 2 Koln Germany
June 3 Berlin Germany
June 8 Hamburg Germany
June 11 Ballymena Ireland
June 12 Edinburgh Scotland

That's right, you can be our roadie for day. We are partnering with Macbeth and Journey's to bring you a very special contest where one lucky winner will win the a trip to see Switchfoot play Journey's Backyard BBQ on May 8th in Sacramento.

The prize package:
*Two Airline Tickets and hotel accommodations the night of the show
*Meet & Greet With The Band
*Assist with Sound Check That Day
*Stand Side Stage during the show - walk Jon Foreman's guitar out to him on stage during the show.
*One $500 Gift Certificate to Journeys
*Signed Memorabilia
*A Pair of Switchfoot's Studio Project shoe a trip to see Switchfoot play at Journey's Backyard BBQ in Sacramento, CA on May 8th 2010.
For complete contest details, please click HERE!

We are excited to announce that we will be heading down to Australia in April 2010. Please see a list of cities below, and make sure to check out the tour dates section for a link to tickets and detailed show info. Shows will go onsale on March 4 at 9am local time.

April 21 Brisbane / Hi-Fi
April 22 Melbourne / Billboard Melbourne
April 23 Sydney / Forum
Click here to view a special video made for our Australian tour!

Switchfoot is confirmed to perform at KFMADAY in Tucson, AZ on April 11, sharing the stage with Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars, Silversun Pickups, and more.
For more show and ticket info, click here!

We are excited to let you know about our new community website, where you can gather online with other Switchfoot fans and discuss all things Switchfoot.
Go to
Step 1: Sign up for FREE membership
Step 2: Connect with other members
Step 3: Join in and ADD to the discussion
Step 4: Enjoy!

Thank you for the continued votes and support. Fuse is still rocking 'Mess Of Me' into its No. 1 Countdown. Let's get the video to #1! You can go now and VOTE for 'Mess of Me'. Follow these simple steps:
1. click on this link -
2. Look on left side of screen, click on the circle next to Switchfoot - Mess of Me
3. Scroll to bottom of page and click the VOTE button.
4. Refresh page, click on the VOTE AGAIN button, and repeat steps 2,3and 4.

MTV2 has added 'Mess Of Me' into rotation starting March 1. There is no voting for this rotation, so just sit back and enjoy watching Switchfoot on MTV2!

'Mess of Me' is knocking on the door of the Top 10 on the
Billboard Modern Rock Chart. We want to thank you for
requesting it, and to keep up the great work. Let's get 'Mess of Me'
into the Top 10! Click here to see a list of stations playing the song.

Switchfoot is touring the US right now. Be sure to check the dates below and see if we are coming to a city near you!
Mar 04 - Flagstaff, AZ / Northern Arizona University
Mar 05 - New Orleans, LA / UNO Lakefront Arena
Mar 06 - Plant City, FL / Florida Strawberry Festival
Mar 24 - Adrian, MI / Merrilat Sports Center
Mar 25 - Detroit, MI / Royal Oak Music Theatre (NEW!)
FOTF presale March 5 at 10am, Gen onsale March 5 at 5pm
Mar 27 - Cincinnati, OH / The Underground
Mar 29 - Birmingham, AL / Workplay Theatre (NEW!)
FOTF presale March 4 at 10am, Gen onsale March 5 at 10am
Mar 30 - Fayetteville, AR / George's Majestic Lounge (NEW!)
FOTF presale March 4 at 10am, Gen onsale March 5 at 10am
Apr 11 - Tucson, AZ / KFMADAY Festival
Apr 21 - Brisbane, AUS/ Hi-Fi
Apr 22 - Melbourne, AUS / Billboard Melbourne
Apr 23 - Sydney, AUS / Forum
Apr 27 - Tokyo, JP / Duo
May 29 - Leicestershire, UK / Stanford Hall
May 30 - West Sussex, UK / Wiston House
May 31 - West Sussex, UK / Wiston House
June 1 - London United Kingdom
June 2 - Koln Germany
June 3 - Berlin Germany
June 8 - Hamburg Germany
June 11 - Ballymena Ireland
June 12 - Edinburgh Scotland
Visit for more info including how to get tickets!

As always, thanks for listening.
- Switchfoot


Jack Central posted a quick interview they did with Jon Foreman:

LJ: Is there any particular direction you’re heading toward after Hello, Hurricane?

JF: I think the next CD is going to be quite a bit different. We’ve been talking around the idea about a double album. The name of the next CD is called Vice-Verses, and I think it’s a chance to show off even more diversity than Hello, Hurricane.

Read the rest of this interview with Jon Foreman at


FUSE TV No. 1 Countdown

Continue to vote for "Mess of Me" on FUSE TV this week. We're working on finding out the results for this week. If you watched it at any point, let us know!

But, keep voting! Without further ado, VOTE FOR IT NOW!



Some good news coming out of Billboard this week. "Mess of Me" jumped back up three spots on Alternative, sitting at No. 13 on the survey. Chevelle and Crash Kings stay stubborn, hanging in there in front of Switchfoot, but the "Mess of Me" is just about ready to push through. We need to keep requesting it to get it into the Top 10; almost there Footsoldiers!

Also, we're going to need as many people as possible to head over to the Footsoldiers' new blog to help fill out surveys. It will help expose the band even more to radio listeners and directors. So take some time from voting on FUSE and fill out those surveys. For instructions, go here.



In addition to the link above, please also go to Switchfoot's Myspace page, on the sidebar (like pictured above) to see a list of stations already playing "Mess of Me" and phone numbers to call in and request the song with! Your calls are INSANELY IMPORTANT!

HERE are some request links you can do online if you can't reach a phone. Please be SURE to fill out a few of these links every day, especially the ones at or near your area! It is our collective efforts that will ensure the success of this and any future Switchfoot single.

All the station links posted below are guaranteed to have played the song at least once.


WWWX (Appleton/Oshkosh)

WJSE (Atlantic City)


KRAB (Bakersfield)

KNXX (Baton Rouge)

WBOS (Boston)

WBTZ (Burlington)

WKQX; Text: 99161 (Chicago)

WARQ (Columbia)

WRXS (Columbus)

WWCD (Columbus) TEXT "request" and then your song 68683

KDGE (Dallas)

KTCL (Denver)

KCCQ; Text: 55981 (Des Moines)

CIMX (Detroit)

WKRK (Detroit)

KXNA (Fayetteville)

KFRR (Fresno)

WGRD (Grand Rapids)

WXNR (Greenville)

WMRQ (Hartford)

WRZX (Indianapolis)

WXXJ (Jacksonville)

WPLA (Jacksonville, Florida)

WTZR (Johnson City)

KFTE (Lafayette)

KXTE (Las Vegas, NV)


KROQ; Alternate Link (Write-in request); text 25767 (Los Angeles)

KYSR (Los Angeles)

WTFX (Louisville)

WEQX; Alternate Link(Manchester)

WBRU; Survey (New England)

WRRV (New York)

WRFF (Philadelphia)

KEDJ (Phoenix) Text: 91039
(At lunch 12N - 1P)
(at 5 PM)

KEXX (Phoenix)

WXDX (Pittsburgh, PA)

WRXL Alternate Link (Richmond)

WZNE (Rochester)

KRZQ (Reno)

WDYL (Richmond)

KCXX; Alternate Link (Riverside)

XTRA (San Diego)

KBZT (San Diego)

KITS (San Francisco)

Sirius Alt Nation

KZBD (Spokane)

KPNT; Alternate Link; Text: 48258 (St. Louis)

WSUN (Tampa)

KFMA (Tuscon)

KMYZ (Tulsa)

WWDC (Washington D.C.)

WPBZ (West Palm Beach)

Format: ACTIVE

KQXR (Boise)

WLFE (Burlington)

WFTK (Cincinnati)

WXQR (Greenville)

KILO (Colorado Springs)

WYBB (Charleston)

WTPT (Forest City)

WRUF (Gainesville)

WXZZ (Lexington)

KMRQ (Modesto)

WJRR (Orlando)

KCLB (Palm Springs, CA)

WTKX (Pensacola)

KXRK (Salt Lake city)

KIOZ (San Diego)

WFXH (Savannah)

WBSX (Wilkes-Barre)

WIYY (Baltimore)

WFXH (Savannah)

KFNK (Seattle)

WLZX (Springfield, MA)

Format: ROCK


KUFO (Portland)

Format: HOT AC

KQKQ (Omaha)

KUCD (Honolulu)

Format: AAA

WRXP (New York)


- 91x (San Diego) Christy Taylor's REALLY BIG Countdown

- WRRV Buzz Cut

- 98.7 (Los Angeles) Badass 8

- TVU Live

- NEW WLUM Milwaukee

- Alternative Addiction: What we need to do is,

- Fill-in vote "Mess of Me" in the box, after voting for one of the artists already in the countdown.


- Request the song here. Scroll down, then simply press the "request" link.

- The Christian Rock 20 Poll. (NO. 1!)

- RadioU's Top Ten Most Wanted. We still have the top spot! Well done! Let's keep it that way!

- Steelroots


CHXX/Quebec City
TAG RADIO X/Gatineau-Ottawa
IGNITE 107/Winnipeg
RADIO X Network


2dayfm (thanks David!)

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