Monday, April 26, 2010

"The Sound" releases to radio!

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It's here folks! "The Sound" is impacting to American alternative radio today. Raring to go at it and start promoting? Head over to Footsoldiers HQ for instructions!

Also, please head over to these radio polls and get "The Sound" noticed!

- Christian Rock 20
- RadioU
- 91x Christy Taylor's REALLY BIG Countdown

^We can do this!


I am personally stoked to get things going. You all did an extraordinary job with "Mess of Me," and I think we can do even better with "The Sound!" It's an important song to the guys – Jon Foreman writes:

"Lyrically, I feel like this song is a corollary of Hello Hurricane. I was reading a book at the time, Let Justice Roll Down- it's the autobiography of John Perkins, given to me by a friend of mine. I was struck by Perkins’ honesty and humility. He describes the Jim Crow world of not so very long ago with brutal honesty. We are a haunted nation. Whether we admit it or not, the past runs through our veins. Listen to the streets, they'll tell you the same. We can cover up our racism and narrow-minded bigotry with excuses and time but the sins of the past cry out from the ground. The undercurrents from our history are always buzzing around our ears. But rising above the constant gnawing of past wrongs is the song of Love. Love is the reconciliation. The deliberate act of forgiveness. The deliberate act of moving forward unencumbered by the past. This is the sound. This is the sound."

Love is the final fight. That is a timeless, grave message. Let's get this onto the airwaves, my friends.


In other radio news, "Your Love Is a Song" is going up for adds today along with "The Sound" on Christian AC radio! Check it out:


Also, Rolling Stone Argentina gave "Hello Hurricane" a 4/5 star rating! Check it out here. I thought it'd be fun to run this review through Google Translate, and it did a fairly good job of making things out:

This quintet with roots in the Christian scene has nearly fifteen years of successful career in the U.S., but newcomers to our country with the release of their seventh and last studio album, released late last year. Led by singer, songwriter and guitarist Jon Foreman, preach the old testament of hard alternative rock U.S., but mix it wisely with the teachings of other modern apostles, as Foo Fighters ("Mess of Me"), Jane's Addiction ("The Sound ") and even some Coldplay that filters out there (" Always "," Yet "). But beware, brothers, this is no sanctimonious version of a band "heavy." Its sharp guitars, melodies stadium, winning power ballads and lyrics attractive, both for believers and agnostics, excommunicated from his concerts to any Ned Flanders, because the mission of these children, lovers of God and surfing, is clear: get your message Homers the millions of waving their heads in different Hullabalooza well be shouting "Save me, Jebus!".

^Haha, that last line made me laugh. Thanks Ender for the tip.


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