Friday, April 23, 2010

Switchfoot rocks Melbourne, Australia; "The Sound" voting; USA Today and more press

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Switchfoot rocked Melbourne last night. Aussie friends, I can't wait to hear how things went over there! For now, check out these videos from the show:

"Needle and Haystack Life"

"Meant to Live"

"This Is Your Life"


"The Sound" is getting released next Monday to American Alternative stations everywhere. Christian rock radio has jumped the gun though, helping "The Sound" to debut at No. 26 on the Billboard Christian Rock survey.

To help get the song going on Christian Rock, head over to The Christian Rock 20 and vote for "The Sound." We've got a majority of the votes, so help keep it going! Stay tuned on Monday for a general market campaign plan for "The Sound." Stoked to get this started.


UK fams, "Hello Hurricane" is set for release on May 3 in your country. Here's a news story about it.


New press release about Switchfoot winning the Dove Award, as well as the recent mention the band received on USA Today:

Switchfoot received its ninth Dove Award for Rock Recorded Song of the Year for “Mess Of Me” from Hello Hurricane.

The band was also included in a release from USA Today this week that features To Write Love on Her Arms. The Switchfoot song, “Love Is a Movement,” was one of the songs that inspired To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA). Jon Foreman played a benefit concert for the organization last year, and the band dedicated a whole tour in 2008, the “Up in Arms” tour, to benefit TWLOHA.

Switchfoot member Tim Forman said in 2008, “We’ve known Jamie [Tworkowski, To Write Love on Her Arms founder] for over five years now, and when he first told us about his vision to start TWLOHA two years ago, we were thrilled to jump on board in whatever way we could, wearing his t-shirts, linking to his myspace, just getting the word out. The dialogue surrounding depression is such an important one. It is huge for people to know that these are issues that are normal and ok to talk about. TWLOHA is breathing hope into lives once trapped by fear and doubts. ‘Love is the Movement.’ We’re honored that a song we wrote seven years ago has become the slogan for TWLOHA. And it’s true: love provides the motion that pushes us past the scars wear.”

Jamie Tworkowski, who spoke on the “Up In Arm” tour, said in 2008, “Switchfoot was the first band to lend the stage to us, back when TWLOHA was simply an attempt to tell a story and help one friend. That was two years ago and we have come a long way since that surprising start. We are truly honored and excited to hit the road with this band that means so much to us.”

About Switchfoot:
“Hello Hurricane acknowledges the storms that tear through our lives,” states Switchfoot singer and songwriter Jon Foreman. “This album is an attempt to respond to those storms with an element of hope, trying to understand what it means to be hopeful in a world that keeps on spinning.”

We built our own studio so we wouldn’t be paying and playing by the hour,” says Foreman of their self-styled Studio of the Foot home. The band tracked more than 80 songs and allowed themselves to get lost in the music again and get back to basics. “That’s why we see this album as a new beginning of sorts,” continues Foreman, citing the inspiration that likewise moved bandmate/brother Tim Foreman (bass), Chad Butler (drums), Jerome Fontamillas (keyboards), and Drew Shirley (guitar). “For us it was a feeling of true freedom.”

Courtesy of BreathCast

For the USA Today award, go here.


JamesWyl said...

Hello Hurricane's been out in the UK for ages. But I just checked Amazon now and they are only selling it on pre-order. I got it from there back in November or something.


Job said...

Weird! Maybe it was an import before, but will be in regular retail over there?

JamesWyl said...

I really have no idea, I don't think it was an import, usually it says.

I'll have a look in the shops for you and keep you posted! :)