Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Switchfoot to shoot video for "The Sound"; rocks EdgeFest; and more

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It's confirmed straight from the horse(s)' mouths! Switchfoot (Tim Foreman) and Jon Foreman both tweeted about their video shoot in Los Angeles today:

@jonathanforeman: Mo-nin... Video shoot today for "The Sound: John Perkins' Blues" Amped.

@switchfoot: Heading towards LA to shoot a video for our new single "the sound (John M Perkins Blues)." gonna be a good day! -@timforeman



Houston Press blogged about Edgefest which went down last Sunday. Here's the bit about Switchfoot:

Our day started out with Switchfoot, one of the biggest breakouts in Christian alt-rock over the past decade, on the main stage. Now they aren't so much a religiously leaning group as much as they are nice-guy everyman rock. Every song is anthemic and built for maximum uplift, including the everlasting "Dare You to Move." Lead singer Jon Foreman went out into the crowd to rouse everyone from their seats halfway through their short set, and was the first bright bit of the day.

Here are some videos from Edgefest:

Mess of Me

Meant to Live

Dare You to Move

Oh Gravity


Next up, "Bullet Soul" is getting prominent featuring on a new Ashton Kutcher movie called "The Killers." Check it out below:

Thanks to ohgravity422 on the official message boards for the heads up.


FuseOnDemand posted a newish interview with Switchfoot, talking about "Hello Hurricane."


"The Sound" Support

Here are the request links of the stations that have played "The Sound" already. Please take the time and fill some of these out, so we can make sure the single gets off to a roaring start. For phone request lines, go here.

KTEG (Albuquerque)

WKQX Q101 (Chicago)

WARQ (Columbia)

CIMX (Detroit)

WXDX (Pittsburgh)

WBRU (Providence)

KCXX (Riverside)

WRFF (San Francisco)

KBZT (San Diego)

KITS (San Francisco)

KFMA (Tucson)

WWDC (Washington DC)


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