Tuesday, January 5, 2010

IMPORTANT NEWS: (Re-)introducing the Footsoldiers!

Greetings friends!

I know it's something that's been said a lot by the Switchfoot guys and repeated by many of us followers, but it really is true: Music is a journey. When you think of a journey, you probably picture an open road, an RV or perhaps a smaller car, or maybe a knapsack filled with your life's belongings. But the common denominator is usually always this: that journey is filled with friends and people.

Switchfoot's music has changed my life, and I'm sure it has affected many of yours as well. At some point, each of us decided to call this band our own and join them as they explored "God, girls, and mathematics" and the reason for our existence on "this darkwater planet, spinning in a race where no one wins, and and no one's one." Along the way, they have poured out their souls into the sounds that we hear from the iPod speaker or the car stereo… inspired by the people who listen and grasp their songs, going out to shows every night, and singing along - the co-conspirators.

We are a half of the equation, my friends. Why not give back to the band we know and love so much?

So, to start off 2010, my good friend Jeanna from Landofbrokenhearts.org and I have the pleasure and complete honor to announce that Footsoldiers is being relaunched for the brand new year!

Footsoldiers was a concept born out of the idea of giving back to Switchfoot in a tangible, creative way. Footsoldiers is about a movement; about infecting the world with the message of hope and love that Switchfoot has always shared. It's bigger than us, it's bigger than the band, this idea called "Love" is. John Perkins did indeed say it right… "Love is the final fight."

So what is/are Footsoldiers?

YOU and I are the Footsoldiers. We are the ones carrying out the warfare on the internet and television and radio. We are the ones spreading the news and word about Switchfoot to anyone and everyone who will listen with open ears. We are the mouthpieces of the band to those who haven't ever heard Switchfoot's music.

At the same time, Footsoldiers is an organization that we hope will become a well-oiled machine. It will be a repository for ideas, campaigns, and strategies. It won't be run by any one person, but the life and success of this will depend directly on our community and our creativity and passion to promote Switchfoot to the masses. Consider Footsoldiers the companion brigade to Atlantic's Street Propaganda – we will work hand-in-hand.

We're going to need all of your help to get this started… so are you ready to engage the world? Let's do this!

The inaugural mission for 2010 is easy and fun, and there are prizes. You can find it here:

- Job (We're Awakening)
- Jeanna (LOBH)

To get involved:


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