Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oh! Gravity. Week Banners

Our graphics designer, Rebecca, has created some beautiful banners to help promote Week of Gravity. Post them on your myspaces, etc.! Just copy and paste! Thanks Rebecca!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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In other news, Head Over Heels (In This Life) has cracked the Top 30 of CHR charts, while Awakening has fallen to No. 14.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh! Gravity. on MTV overdrive

One of our readers, Justin, suggested we auto-refresh the video here on MTV, so we can get the video into the top 10 most-viewed on So lets do that for "Week of Gravity." Also, listen to the quiet part, around the time when Chad tries to grab his floating drum stick. Notice a difference?

Aside from that, I am so ready! Who's pumped?!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Week of Gravity," Downloads, and Virtual TV!

Hey friends!

Long time no talk! The campaign for “Awakening” is going well. All we can do now is hope and pray that the stations read our emails and start playing the song.

But, I’m here to announce that next week will be the “Week of Gravity.” We will accomplish this task by doing the things outlined in the last post on the blog. Emailing TRL, FUSE, and Vh1 are keys, as are viewing the video on Youtube.

Viewing on yahoo, etc. will be great too! Lets get this ball rolling. Any way you can, promote Oh! Gravity., whether its wearing Oh! Gravity. shirts, making Oh! Gravity. your myspace song, etc.

Onward Footsoldiers! If we can get this song popular on MTV and what not, it’ll be a great build-up for the guys’ new record, and could lend steam to Awakening in the meantime! I'm excited! The people on the Switchfoot boards and LOBH will very likely be in on it too!


Our friend John, from Switchfootnation has posted several live performance videos from the Ventura show earlier in the year. If you recall, the daily foot said people with cameras were at that show. Thus these videos are the result. Thanks John, for ripping them and converting them from off the AT&T site.
Go here to download the videos!


Podcast episode 25 posted! This is the first in a trilogy of three podcasts chronicling Switchfoot’s adventures in the Southern Hemisphere. Stay tuned! Here’s the current podcast:

Mr. Drew Shirley = amazingly awesome rapper/physicist/opera singer. hahah


Site News

Over on Switchfoot TV, two more Meant to Live music videos have been posted. Hop on over, if you’d like to see them.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh! Gravity. week...?

Maybe we can do something like that... but yeah.

Now that we have a new emphasis on Oh! Gravity., lets help to start re-promoting it with the following steps:

1. EMAIL FUSE TV and ask them to re-add Oh! Gravity. to the voting list. ( Remember how we did this with Awakening back in April, as part of Switchfeed’s Week Awakening campaign? Well, we can do it again. In the email, write something like this:

+Tell them that there’s this awesome song that is on the Ryan Scheckler show called Oh! Gravity. by Switchfoot, and that you’ve seen FUSE play the video for it before. OR tell them that you haven’t seen Oh! Gravity. played much, and would like to see it more.
+ Ask them to add it to the No. 1 countdown and/or Guilty Pleasures so you can help vote for it.

Again, no fangirliness or fanboyishness.

2. EMAIL TRL. I found this link on the TRL page on The intention is to send in viral videos (aka Youtube, google videos, etc.) and it could make it onto the show. Send an email about adding Oh! Gravity. and/or Awakening to the trl voting list, and maybe include a link to the youtube videos.

+tell them how much you enjoy the “Life of Ryan Scheckler” show, and how you especially love the theme song. Request them to start playing it and add it to the video rotation. That’d be sweet!

3. WILDCARD it on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown. ~long sigh~ I know it was discouraging when we got little success with “Awakening,” but we can keep trying. Try to rotate wildcarding “Awakening” and “Oh! Gravity.” Also, I found an email to Vh1. Email them much like you emailed FUSE and MTV.

4. YOUTUBE—rate it, comment it, link it. You know the drill. As you can see, it's the featured "auto-refresh" video on our sidebar. Just like with Awakening, post it on your myspace, on bulletins, on blogs/xangas, etc. etc. I made an “Oh! Gravity.” auto-refreshing site, much like Go here and set it to autorefresh.

5. YAHOO, AOL, etc.—watch the videos on all of these sights, to build up the buzz for Oh! Gravity.

Awakening Attack- Today's the start of our final stand for "Awakening."

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Awakening's Last Stand!

Awakening’s Last Stand

With the separation from Sony, all semblance of label-support for Switchfoot is now gone. At the same time, the support we were hoping Sony would provide for “Awakening” is no longer a possibility obviously.

As we all felt, “Awakening” was a hit in the making, but it was buried amidst poor-quality music and shady record label business. As a result, deserving, hard-working bands like Switchfoot have fallen from prominence. Now is the time for the Footsoldiers to make a last stand, for “Awakening.”

It’s time to attack the radio airwaves. Remember the list of radio stations we got on the Footsoldiers website? I think it is time to email/call/request every single station on that list to ask them to start playing Awakening. This is relatively painless, but effective if executed the right way.

So here’s the plan: We will split up the list into state-segments. So, for example, one person signs up to email the Alabama stations, another, the California, another New York, etc.

You can volunteer for anything you want, but we need to cover every single station on the list. A quick google search, and a quick search through the website of the station will yield the email address, feedback page, or request page.

Here’s what you write, or something like it:


I've heard you guys play Switchfoot in the past. Just letting you know, they have a new single, "Awakening" which is from their Oh! Gravity. cd. Could you add it to your rotation please? Thanks!

If you want to give it a listen, go to The video for this song was No. 1 on FUSE TV's No. 1 Countdown for four straight months! Check it out! It'll be worth it... haha


(make sure they have played Switchfoot before…. If not, just leave out that part.)

There’s the link. Sign-up! (I’m covering California)

Onward Footsoldiers! This attack starts on Monday, next week. You can start now, by taking up a block of stations on the list, maybe start advance-emailing, and spreading the word to any Switchfoot-related message boards, etc. If this song does not reach the top, at least we went down fighting!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Life Of Ryan Official Trailer, ft. Oh! Gravity.

I was so excited when I finally heard the intro to Oh! Gravity. towards the end of the video. Side note, I think I’ve seen one of those girls he was talking to before when I was taking SAT’s… not sure though.

Anyways, enjoy! Stay tuned for more Gravity goodness!


Go to Switchfoot TV to watch our first segment in the "Past Glories" series. It's a cheesy name, I know... but yeah. Whatever. Meant to Live... the video that started it all.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Awakening Retires; Vote for Oh! Gravity. on FUSE TV

Our beloved guitar-hero wielding, ddr-dancing video was finally retired today on FUSE TV. "Awakening" is no longer Top Dog on FUSE TV's Guilty Pleasures chart, after five-month-long run that saw us never lose the No. 1 spot once we got it. I think we should all give ourselves a pat on the back, for a job very very well done. Now, to take a step backward...


I was fooling around on Google the other day, and I found these voting links... and they look strangely familiar... OH! These were the ballots we used back when Oh! Gravity. was making its run.

Well, the submit button still works on these things, so, what should we do?! VOTE FOR OH! GRAVITY.!

Voting Link 1

Voting Link 2

Voting Link 3

Not sure if FUSE will count these votes still, but why not give it a try?


Ok, so a lot of you said you’d be down with one last Awakening effort. Well, I haven’t quite heard from all of you yet, so we’ll be holding off on that one more day. So let us know if you’re interested (trust me, it wont take nearly as much time as 100 4 SF did. I understand, we’re all in school… bleh). It has to do with the radio, this time… savvy?

Switchfoot wins Album of the Year at the SD Music Awards!

Oh! Gravity. is San Diego's album of the year! Thanks to ~Screaming Without Lungs~ on the official boards for the alert. Way to vote everyone!


Today's update will be posted later on today. peace.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh! Gravity. Video played on MTV!; Head Over Heels is taking off!

As you all know, Oh! Gravity. is the theme song for the wildly popular teen angst skateboarder dude show, "The Life of Ryan Scheckler. As some of you also know, it has been rumored that MTV is starting to play Oh! Gravity.!

Well, that rumor was confirmed today. I happened to be browsing the site for Switchfoot spins across the nation, and I found that MTV had played Switchfoot! I'm still wondering whether MTV has a radio station and is playing it, or if the video was played on TV. Either way, MTV playing Switchfoot!!!!! That hasn't happened in awhile.

Here's the screen cap. Pretty cool, dontcha think!?


In other news, Head Over Heels is picking up steam on Christian airwaves. It has reached as high as No. 6 on one of the Christian stations. If you happen to have a Christian station near you, make sure you phone in or email the station to request Head Over Heels or Awakening!


Who agrees that Awakening's time has not come and gone yet?! Who still thinks there is hope?! Just curious, because we might have another idea for a campaign for Awakening in the works. I just need to know who's down with one last "Awakening" effort...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Tada! New layout! How do you like it?

Also, to celebrate our new direction, I'll be rolling out some youtube vids of past Switchfoot music videos, in a segment I'd like to call, "Past Glories." Once completed, the series can be accessed with the Music Videos button on our brand new sidebar. ^^

So look our for that.


-The "Awakening" video on Youtube has lost its honor. Start linking to it again to get it back up! Might I suggest using Autoreloader on Firefox and Auto-refresher fo Internet explorer.

The best place to auto-refresh is prolly This is an easy, non-time-consuming way of getting more views on Youtube. Just set it, and leave it!

-Keep voting on Vh1 and FUSE. It's still No. 1 on FUSE. As for Vh1, just pray they get their heads on straight. haha

Well, that's it for now. Peace out footsoldiers!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9-11 tribute

Such a touching video... I'd like to dedicate this post to all those who perished on 9/11/01.

May we never forget...

Apettite For Construction Tour Dates

Appetite for Construction Tour: Switchfoot & Relient K, with special guests Ruth
--Benefitting Habitat For Humanity--

10/16 Charleston, WV / Charleston Municipal Auditorium
10/17 Columbus, OH / Veterans Memorial Auditorium
10/18 Grand Rapids, MI / Deltaplex
10/19 Cedar Falls, IA / University of N Iowa
10/20 Saint Paul, MN / Concordia University
10/21 Fargo, ND / Fargo Civic Center
10/23 Merrillville, IN / Star Plaza Theatre
10/24 Evansville, IN / The Centre
10/25 Jonesboro, AR / ASU Convocation Center
10/26 Dallas, TX / Nokia Theater at Grand Prairie
10/27 Houston, TX / Berry Center
10/28 Mobile, AL / Mobile Civic Center
10/29 Baton Rouge, LA / Baton Rouge River Center
11/1 Columbia, SC / Township Auditorium
11/2 Winston Salem, NC / Joel Coliseum Theatre
11/3 Greenville, SC / Bi-Lo Center
11/4 Atlanta, GA / Atlanta Civic Center
11/8 Knoxville, TN / Knoxville Coliseum
11/9 Springfield, IL / Prairie Capitol Convention Center
11/10 Green Bay, WI / UW-Green Bay - Campus Grounds
11/11 Moline, IL / The Mark of the Quad Cities
11/13 Ypsilanti, MI / EMU Convocation Hall
11/14 Cincinnati, OH / Cincinnati Gardens
11/15 University Park, PA / Penn State Bryce Jordan Center
11/16 Bethlehem, PA / Lehigh Univ-Stabler Arena
11/17 New York, NY / Hammerstein Ballroom
11/18 Baltimore, MD / 1st Mariner Arena
11/27 Irvine, CA / UCI Bren Events Center
11/28 San Luis Obispo, CA / Cal Poly Recreation Center
11/29 San Jose, CA / San Jose Civic Auditorium
11/30 Davis, CA / UC Davis Pavillion
12/1 Medford, OR / Jackson County Expo
12/2 Salem, OR / Oregon State Fair
12/3 Everett, WA / Everett Events Center

Switchfoot Tour for the Troops (Switchfoot only)
12/9 -12/18 IRAQ/KUWAIT

Tickets can be purchased at

Monday, September 10, 2007

A new direction

After nearly three months, We’re Awakening is undergoing a goal change, if you will. Initially, we set out on a little journey to help promote “Awakening” to the masses. So far, we have made significant ground, but this task is still far from completion. Let’s take a look at what we’ve accomplished so far:

-Youtube: 1 million + views, peaking at #68 most linked of all time in entertainment. Not bad for a grassroots effort!

-FUSE TV: Yes, we have kept the video at No. 1 on FUSE TV’s No. 1 Countdown show as a guilty pleasure for just about four straight months now. Keep voting fellow footsoldiers! We are doing great! We retained the No. 1 spot for a considerable amount of time, but it has now been “retired” from their Top 10 charts. It was a great run though!

-TVU Live: We reached the No. 1 spot!

-Christian Hit Radio: It has peaked so far at #3

-Christian Rock Radio: #6 so far.

-Billboard Hot Christian Songs: #16

That is great! Our next step is to move “Awakening” into the mainstream. VH1 and MTV have been our targets, and they will continue to be.

Also, as you all know, "Head Over Heels (In This Life)" is the new christian radio single, released under Sparrow Records (Switchfoot Christian distributing label). Calling in to your local radio station about adding that song will definitely be a good thing too. Don't forget to request "Awakening" as well.

However, I am here to announce today that “We’re Awakening” is transitioning from an “Awakening”-based site to a more general Switchfoot site. This means, we’ll be focusing more on spreading the name of Switchfoot, and not just focusing on the one single, “Awakening.” I believe it is important, especially following the band’s independence, to sort of spread the Switchfoot name as much as possible, in any way possible.

What will we have to do to accomplish this? Well, there are several things:

1. Word of mouth. We experienced a taste of this approach with the Youtube release of the Awakening video. I think it was done pretty well. We have to keep to that approach, whether its using myspace bulletins, blogs, video links and embeds, Switchfoot shirts and apparel, whatever it takes. (teenybopperish approaches are strongly discouraged… haha)
2. Emails to stations. Emailing your local radio station to play Switchfoot isn’t a bad thing. Emailing TV stations isn’t either. In fact, I believe our emailing back in April was a huge reason FUSE TV added Awakening to their database and to the Voting list. You know the story from there.
3. VOTE VOTE VOTE!... which is what we’ve been doing a lot lately, haven’t we? But it goes beyond Vh1 and FUSE… it goes to all the different polls out there. Anything that has Switchfoot as a nomination, we’re there!
4. Fan Sites like this one are huge, in my opinion. Tell all your friends about Switchfeed, Land of Broken Hearts, and this site, as well as any others that spreads the Switchfoot love.
5. Love. For the band. That’s the easy part. Haha.


So what do you think of the change? Yay or Nay? Please let us know. It’d be greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for even more fun stuff in the future. With the Jon Foreman ep's, the Real SeanJon record, and Switchfoot's new record in '08 to look forward to, the future is bright for Switchfoot nation!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Friday, September 7, 2007

Head Over Heels is most added this week!

As you all know, Head Over Heels (In This Life) was released this week as a Christian radio single, and the reception so far has been pretty good. It was added the most this week among Christian Hit Radio format stations. Also on those charts, Awakening has maintained a steady hold on a Top 10 spot. Yay Christian radio.

Make sure to call in to your radio stations to play Switchfoot, particularly their new singles.


In other news, the Awakening video has reached its highest mark so far as the #69th Most Linked All-Time in Entertainment. Good job linking/embeding/clicking/auto-refreshing the video!

As for Vh1, their adds list for this week has been released, and "Awakening" isn't there yet. Keep voting, if you can. I understand that school is back for a lot of ya, so try as much as possible, but don't let it get in the way of education. I'm sure the guys would say the same thing.


Thanks for the nice response on that last post. I was just curious as to whether anyone was still listening to the random ramblings of Chris and myself. Your responses were encouraging. And please know that I didn't intend to pressure anyone into commenting or whatever; I would never dream of it! haha. But Thanks again! Lets move forward! Stay tuned for the imminent changes ahead!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Just a show of hands...

How many people really actually read this blog? I'd like to know, just to get a good idea of what we've got here. My feed manager tells me we have 21 readers subscribed, which is reason enough for us to continue blogging. If you do in fact read this blog, leave a little comment here and let us know that you're out there, and maybe you could share a little about your passion for Switchfoot.

This is rather important, because this blog is going to be undergoing some changes, layout and vision-wise in the near future. Stay tuned! Peace out. Oh, and don't forget to tell your friends to come on over here and spark up the conversation about spreading the goods on Switchfoot! That'd be seriously appreciated! I'd give you a cookie to show my appreciation if I could...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Vote Switchfoot as San Diego's Artist of the year.

Vote for them here. For the "best rock" and "Best alternative" categories, I think it'd be safe to write-in vote Switchfoot for those categories! Peace out.

Monday, September 3, 2007

"Awakening" revives a bit on FUSE TV

As we all know, "Awakening" has been in the No. 1 spot on FUSE TV's No. 1 Countdown Guilty pleasures for a little over four months now. An interesting tidbit however was that a few weeks ago, it had stopped getting general spins on the tv channel. (Like, it wasn't getting played anymore outside of the No. 1 Countdown show).

But as of today, it had revived on FUSE TV's charts, reemerging at No. 36 on the most played for this week. I think it's a result of "Awakening" remaining at No. 1 for all this time.

As Vh1 has been reluctant (for some strange, disgusting reason) to add "Awakening," lets focus more on voting for "Awakening" on FUSE TV. Here are the links, and they can also be found on the sidebar.
FUSE Poll Link 1
FUSE Poll Link 2

Keep voting on Vh1, but make sure you're focusing on FUSE as well.

Switchfoot is up for several nominations for CCM magazine's year-end awards. Go here to vote for them. If they don't show up on one of the categories, you can write them in. Lets establish Switchfoot as one of the greatest artists in the Christian scene.

I wish we could do the same for them in the mainstream...

ah well, have a happy labor day!