Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Dark Horses" cracks top 50 of Mediabase Alternative

"Dark Horses" is now No. 49 on Mediabase's Alternative radio charts. In just a little over a week of availability at radio, the lead single from "Vice Verses" is on it's way up, having been on the "Taking Off" list for almost an entire week now.

The proof:

We're particularly excited about this because the song is showing the fastest growth in the format amongst the other artists listed above. Let's keep this going, soldiers!

Request the song at a local modern rock radio station by referring to our newly updated list now.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Station Adds for "Dark Horses" (Updated July 26, 2011)

Hey folks. "Dark Horses" had a big opening week, garnering SIX station adds on alternative radio. For the uninitiated, an "add" simply means that a radio station has decided to play a single regularly on their playlist.

Needless to say, some stations couldn't wait to get a hold of the new Switchfoot single!

Here are the stations that added the song officially this week; we'll try to keep you updated each week.



Be sure to start requesting "Dark Horses" at these stations! We've got a request list here, which will be updated each week as more and more stations pick up the single.

Let's get this ball rolling, soldiers!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Switchfoot announces some of the "Vice Verses" Super Deluxe Box Set

The Switchfoot Ustream broadcast JUST ended, and we have some pretty exciting news for you all.

The deluxe edition will come in a box like this one:

It will include a lot of goodies, including individual DVD's featuring each band member's perspectives while making the record, as well as a live DVD/CD of a show from the "Hello Hurricane" tour.

BE excited folks. And we have word from the Switchfoot camp saying that the "Vice Verses" pre-orders go up sometime in early August.

ALSO: Fall tour dates with Anberlin will be announced NEXT Friday.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Dark Horses" on Mediabase' "taking off" list

Hey folks, happy weekend! Just thought I'd share this with you all:

For the unfamiliar, this simply means that in the last few days, "Dark Horses" is one of the fastest rising songs on Alternative radio. Keep requesting and following along on Facebook/Twitter. We'll have a request list up for you very soon!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The "Dark Horses" have arrived

"Yeah, we are the dark horses..."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: "Vice Verses" Listening Session video with the band

Hey friends. We are extremely proud and excited to present to you the first official content related to "Vice Verses," exclusively for the Footsoldiers and readers of our sister site, Land of Broken Hearts.

Here is a video of Switchfoot while they listen through their record, "Vice Verses," for the first time with their producer, Neal Avron. It's an intimate look inside what the band was thinking and feeling as they finally brought this record to completion, and is, safe to say, a side of the band we've never seen before.

Hope you guys enjoy it, and, more importantly, share it around to all your friends letting them know that the new Switchfoot record is coming out.

Let's do this!

"I'm ready now, I'm not waiting for the afterlife..."

Request "Restless" on Air1 now!

It's begun.

"Vice Verses" campaigning season is upon us, as the first single has been deployed to Christian Contemporary Hit Radio.

Air1, one of the top stations on the format, began playing "Restless" yesterday. As such, that is our first target. Consider this as a warm-up to "Dark Horses," the big mainstream alternative single that releases officially to radio on Wednesday (more on that in the coming days).

For now, head over here to get some requests in for "Restless."

We've highlighted the lines you'll want to dial into.

General Info & Business: 888.YES.AIR1 (888.937.2471)

Comment Line: 888.956.1300


Remember, keep these request short and sweet, tell them you love the song and ask them to keep playing it, and hang up.

LIMIT these requests to once every other day, as we don't want to flood the station with requests. That's the best way to guarantee they do NOT play the song.

We're counting on you, Footsoldiers. Do it to it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Air1 starts playing "Restless" on their radio rotation.

Good day folks. In the first of what will be a pretty busy week for Switchfoot news, we've got word that Air1 has added "Restless" to their playlist.

Here is an excerpt from their new music blog:

After a year of touring for their Grammy winning CD "Hello Hurricane," they went back to the studio & have worked hard on their new CD "Vice Verses." Not coming out until September, they sent their first single our way for your enjoyment!

Check out the source post.

So it begins. "Dark Horses" drops in two days, and officially hits radio in August. Be ready, folks!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We're awakening the Footsoldiers!

In the four years since I started We're Awakening as a promotional site for Switchfoot's "Awakening" single, I've had the absolute pleasure of blogging about my favorite band and interacting with a ton of awesome people (i.e. you, my lovely readers). Even that word, "reader," seems a little too formal. I consider you all my friends, and as Jon Foreman said, "co-conspirators." What started as a hobby has opened up friendships and opportunities I could've never expected. And four years later, I still consider this a hobby in the best way possible.

The reason for this blog post is just to keep you all aware of the changes that have been going on internally with We're Awakening. As you know, we have been working in close tandem with our partner site Land of Broken Hearts, which was started and run by the ever lovely Jeanna. In the same time period, Red Light Management entrusted us with the running of Footsoldiers, the official street team of Switchfoot.

The Footsoldiers are not a single person or a single identity. The Footsoldiers are all of us. Since day 1 that I've been able to take charge of this entity, we've stressed the importance of involving everyone. No sign-ups, no fees, nothing. We wanted to make Footsoldiers a common banner for anyone and everyone who loves Switchfoot to be empowered to help spreading the word and the love of their music. That was the original vision for Footsoldiers, and what began six years ago has continued strong.

So, at this point, I'm rambling. I sincerely apologize. If you want to get to the nitty gritty, scroll on down to the bottom of the post!

Anyways, as Footsoldiers began to take on a life of its own in many ways, I found that I was double-dutying my time in the Switchfoot world. We're Awakening was still posting daily updates, while Footsoldiers was hard at work getting "The Sound" to the Top 10 of Alternative. All of this while Job, the student, was getting swamped by college work. Clearly, it was time to reassess the time that was being put into this thing.

Therefore, in order to make an already long story a little shorter, I would like to announce today that We're Awakening is now officially the blog of Footsoldiers! Over the past few months, you no doubt would've noticed the less frequent amount of comprehensive updates. We've decided to truncate the news coming through We're Awakening to the bare minimum, and, once "Vice Verses" comes out, focus on promotional efforts and campaigning. We will continue to operate through Facebook and Twitter as well, so be sure to like/follow those accounts to stay up to date.

That way, we allow our partners, LOBH, to keep on doing what they're doing, providing the most comprehensive, detailed, and best Switchfoot experience on the web. Meanwhile, We're Awakening will live on with its original vision: promoting the band to the best of our abilities.

Again, thanks for coming along for the ride. Let's continue to make beautiful music available to the world, together as one.

"We're awakening!"


Oh, and p.s. Your minds are going to be blown next week and in the coming months. #ViceVerses

"Dark Horses" digital single to release July 26th; more goodies to come! has the digital single for "Dark Horses" listed. The release date says July 26, but we'll wait for confirmation on that one. Management has said that the single drops on the 20th, but again, we'll wait for confirmation.

As far as the more "goodies to come" part of our title, you'll just have to wait and see. Or, if you can't wait to hear some news, head over to our partner site LOBH to whet your appetite for all things "Vice Verses."

Some huge, HUGE things coming folks. Stay tuned next week for new music and video coming out of the Switchfoot camp.


As for site news, we've got some updates coming soon. But make sure to keep checking back for all your Footsoldiers-related news, and as always, if you haven't yet, follow us on Twitter. @SFfootsoldiers

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Switchfoot/Anberlin Fall Tour: CONFIRMED

We're hearing it straight from one of the horses' mouths. Stephen Christian, lead singer of Anberlin, has this to say about his band's fall tour plans:

Sound off! What do you think?