Sunday, June 29, 2008

Featured Video: When She's Near - Fiction Family/Jon Foreman (Live at the Bellyup)

This week's featured video was taken by beadslore, who recorded Jon Foreman singing the new Fiction Family song, "When She's Near" at the Bellyup Bro-Am aftershow.

For information on Fiction Family (formerly The Real SeanJon), the collaboration between Jon and Sean Watkins from the band Nickel Creek:
The Real SeanJon's Myspace

Peace out!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend News: Switchfoot Up Two Spots on Radio Disney Countdown

Thanks to our efforts, Switchfoot's "This Is Home" continues its steady climb up the Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown ladder. This week, it moved up two spots to No. 25! Keep up the good work Footsoldiers. Radio Disney reaches a ton of listeners, so the more listeners hear Switchfoot, the better. Lets keep at it, and who knows? More Radio Disney exposure could lead to more Top 40/mainstream exposure!

Now, for the weekend charts.



"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 65 with 74 spins (-4 from yesterday) this week
Billboard Hot Christian Adult Contemporary: 25 (same as last week)
Billboard Hot Christian Songs: 19 (+1 from last week)
Air1 Radio: 1 (2 weeks)

"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Soundtrack"

Billboard Top Soundtracks: 15 (-7 from last week)
Billboard 200: 197 (-55 from last)

"Jon Foreman - Summer"

Billboard Top Christian Albums: 23 (-17 from last week)
Billboard Top Christian & Gospel Albums: 30 (-22 from last week)

Comments: Well, it looks like Prince Caspian could be at the end of its run on the Billboard 200 (at least in the movie phase of things). It lasted a solid 6 weeks on the charts, but if Disney had really promoted "This Is Home," it could have made a longer-lasting impact on the charts. alas. We'll hope and pray that for the next two months, Disney will really begin to establish the song at radio, using their indie radio promoters or whatever it is they do to get the song airplay.

That's it for this weekend edition of the "We're Awakening!" blog. Have fun peeps! And if you have time, make sure you keep voting for Switchfoot on Radio Disney and Vh1!

Friday, June 27, 2008

"Switchfoot’s return to the mainstream music industry is right around the corner..."

Here is a pretty sweet, career-spanning, faith-examining article from about Switchfoot and the part they have played in bringing their faith into the mainstream.


Faith In The Mainstream Part 7: Switchfoot

NRT columist Logan continues to examine artists that are standing for Christ while embracing the mainstream music world. This week, Switchfoot's amazing career is dissected.

By Logan

Switchfoot; simply put, this group of rockers is already a music legend. No, they haven’t achieved the superstardom that once belonged to bands like The Beatles, but in the Christian world, fame really has no significance. The legend that this band has created is one that reflects the image of God through the lives they have saved through their lyrics and the missions work they do to further the Kingdom.

If you look back at the early days of Switchfoot and compare their music to what we hear from them now, quite a lot has changed. Everything, and I mean everything, from their lyrical content, musical style, album art, and even some of the band’s personal looks (have you seen Jon Foreman’s hair lately?) have evolved completely. That evolution has brought about good things. Looking back at the group’s first two records, to the average listener they seem almost amateurish, to be blunt. But even back then, before their mainstream breakout, people could see their talent and potential. Their big break was not far.

Fast forward a few years to 2003 and something just seemed to click between the band and the music industry when The Beautiful Letdown, their most successful record to date, hit the shelves. And I have to admit that I credit Switchfoot for my interest and involvement in the Christian music industry. Yes, I’ve always been a Christian, but up until the point of The Beautiful Letdown, nothing in the Christian industry really seemed to have the “it” factor. I don’t know, maybe I was just too young, but I clearly remember the day I heard “Meant to Live” for the first time on secular radio. I don’t know what surprised me more... the fact that the song was addictive or the fact that I had heard a Christian song on mainstream radio. After all, I didn’t know much about music back then. But little did I know that “Meant to Live” would turn into a megahit. The single reached #5 on the Modern US Rock charts and took off on Top 40 as well. The follow-up hit, “Dare You to Move,” arguably has become their most successful song to date and can be credited for pushing The Beautiful Letdown to be certified double platinum by the RIAA. The tune also served as a huge breakthrough for the acceptance of Christian music on mainstream airwaves, especially since it contains the key line “Salvation is here.”

When Nothing Is Sound released in 2005, everyone knew who the San Diego rockers were, helping to debut the successful follow-up to The Beautiful Letdown at number three on the Billboard 200. While most of the songs written on this record were aimed at the mainstream crowd, Switchfoot still stuck to their classic messages of faith. To me, artists like Switchfoot who target the secular audience but cleverly intertwine Christian messages into their lyrics really are the salt of the Earth that Christ wants us to be. The band manages at all times to instill their faith infused message into the minds of their audience without seeming too pushy or “preachy,” which ultimately is what people are looking for.

I think it’s safe to say that late 2006 dawned a new era for Switchfoot. The day after Christmas, the group released their most recent album Oh! Gravity. It was something that Switchfoot fans had really never heard before. The tracks were raw and real, and the music was much edgier than previous records. While Oh! Gravity may be the least appealing record to date for new listeners, it was definitely important for Switchfoot to show a more personal side to their music.

And here we are now, finally catching up to 2008. While fans eagerly anticipate a new album, hopefully releasing by Christmas (keep your fingers crossed), make sure to check out the new single they recorded specifically for the new Narnia movie, Prince Caspian. The song, titled “This is Home,” is featured on the soundtrack and in the end credits of the movie. Debuted at the Dove Awards in April, the song has gained national attention once again, and it seems to me that Switchfoot’s return to the mainstream music industry is right around the corner.

Article Link

(bolded parts added... I love that last part...)

Gotta love this guy's realness. He gets it. He doesn't talk overly much about the "Christianess" of Switchfoot's music, nor does he brand them as solely a Christian band.

I do disagree a little, in the fact that he tried to imply that Switchfoot sort of purposely infuses Christian themes into their songs, and that they are "Christian music," but otherwise, I liked this article. Discuss!


Keep voting for "This Is Home" on Radio Disney and VH1! Switchfoot needs all the help we can give!



"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 65 (+2 from yesterday) with 78 (+8 from yesterday) spins this week
Christian AC: 26 with 271 (+1 from yesterday) spins this week
Radio Disney: 30 with 20 spins this week

Thursday, June 26, 2008

"the end of the project" - Jon Foreman blog 06-24-08

Jon Foreman posted a blog Tuesday marking the end of a project...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the end of the project.

everybody, how are you? I am doing strong to quite strong. We just finished up laying the foundation for a few new tunes for the new foot record last night- and now, after a quick surf session I'll be ready to get on a plane a play a couple shows back east...

today, however, marks a milestone for me. Today, june 24th, marks the completion of a project I began about a year ago- the seasonal EP's are now out in stores! 24 songs later, I'm grateful to look back and listen to the last year of my life through this project. It came out better than I could have imagined.

Today my wife and I went down to Lou's, (my local record store) and bought a copy, (a tradition we have) and I started thinking about back when I was in high school. I used to bring my band's CDs to Lou to sell on consignment. And now music has taken me places. I am so thankful to be able to sing these songs. These are simple songs, but they're mine. There's blood and joy and anger and laughter in them. My reasons for living. My hopes and fears. And pain. These are my fight songs.

So thanks for fighting alongside of me. Thanks to everyone who's been involved and encouraging along the way. These four EP's turned out to be a much bigger project than I thought they would be- I hope they can serve you well. I hope they take you places.


~sigh~ what a great four ep's it's been. I'm still waiting for Target or Best Buy to bring in the hard copies of "Spring and Summer." There seems to be a delay in the stores getting. Anyone else have those problems?


Erie Times-News posted a nice little story on Switchfoot, their affiliation with the surfing term "switchfoot" (we all know that of course), and their flirtation with "near stardom." The full article can be found below:

When you Google "Switchfoot," more than 4 million hits are recorded. That seems like an impressive number for this accomplished San Diego alternative-rock band.

That number is also somewhat deceiving. Switchfoot is also a popular surfing term. Which makes sense, considering Switchfoot band members remain deeply immersed in San Diego's iconic surfing lifestyle.

"Surfing has contributed heavily to what we are as a rock band," said Tim Foreman, bassist and younger brother of Switchfoot vocalist and songwriter, Jon Foreman. "Surfing culture is all about a cool, relaxed lifestyle. That has influenced our music and our approach to how we grow as a band."

Switchfoot's career roller coaster has raced from an early flirtation with Christian rock to near stardom after the band's 2003 major-label debut album, "The Beautiful Letdown," sold more than 2.6 million copies.

If it's possible for a rock band to remain relatively unknown after a double-platinum seller, Switchfoot has managed the trick. Which is hard to fathom since the band made its mainstream mark in a 2002 Mandy Moore movie vehicle, "A Walk to Remember."

That film featured four Switchfoot songs, including Moore singing the band's "Only Hope," plus a duet with Jon Foreman on the soundtrack.

Now the band has recorded a new song, "This Is Home," for the film, "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian." The song is included on the film's soundtrack and was released to radio stations in April.

Yet Switchfoot remains the sort of near-anonymous band that even if you never heard of them, it's a safe bet that tunes like "Meant to Live" and "Dare You to Move" will jolt the memory bank when you hear them.

Foreman, who Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia reports graduated from San Dieguito Academy in 1997 with the title of "scholar athlete" for his high achievements in surfing and education, previewed Friday's Chautauqua Institution show.

Surfing has definitely influenced our approach to performing," said Foreman, who sounded like a surfer during a telephone interview. "We approach every night's show as a new experience and simply embrace what happens. If my bass goes dead, is that a good or a bad thing? I don't know. We'll have to see."

What you're likely to see Friday is an energetic show by a band that relishes being on stage. Besides the Foreman brothers, drummer Chad Butler and guitarists Jerome Fontamillas and Drew Shirley are at heart southern California surfers who just want to have fun.

The Switchfoot sound should ring a bell. Listening to the band's most recent album, "Oh! Gravity," a steady melodic sound is pushed along by hard-hitting guitar riffs. The album earned solid reviews and entered the Billboard charts in the Top 20.

But you get the feeling from Foreman that critical and commercial success is basically gravy for five guys who really don't care to leave San Diego's beaches all that often.

"Having 'rock musician' as your occupation is just ridiculous. Think about it," Foreman said. "We like to get out of San Diego and experience different things. But we all love what we do and understand how lucky we are."

Let's see: Surfing, San Diego, rock musicians. That's pretty sweet. And that's Switchfoot.

The skinny
Switchfoot will appear Friday at 8:15 p.m. at the Chautauqua Institution's Amphitheater in Chautauqua, N.Y. Tickets are $37 and are available at the box office, (716) 357-6250, Mon.-Fri. from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and online at

Yeah, "The Beautiful Letdown" got Switchfoot this close ~does thing with fingers to symbolize nearness~ to really being a fixture in the mainstream music scene. If not for the Sony/DRM fiasco with "Nothing Is Sound," and the utter lack of promotion from Columbia after that, I really believe Switchfoot would be up there with the Linkin Parks and Coldplays of the world... alas, that's why we have to keep spreading the word about Switchfoot, Fams!!


Keep voting for "This Is Home" on Radio Disney and VH1!



"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 67 with 70 spins this week
Christian CHR: 14 with 513 spins (+63 from last week) this week
Christian AC: 26 with 270 spins this week

New Station Adds: KAMX Austin Texas (Hot AC)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Videopimp Releases Switchfoot - "This Is Home (Prince Caspian)" TVrip, a noted music video capturing site, caught Switchfoot's "This Is Home" on TVU and released it today for download as an .mpeg file. Here's the news story.

2008-06-25 13:06:31CST
This week we've got brand New videos from Disturbed, Switchfoot, Motley Crue, Lenny Kravitz, Radiohead, Falling Up, Kid Rock and Funeral For A Friend
enjoy and see you soon

For easy download, go here, scroll down a bit till you see the aread below the "News Feed | Clients | Terms | About | Help | Contact" bar. Then, refresh the page until "This Is Home" shows up. click the link to download.

Everyone download it so that it can possibly make Top Downloads on the site!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

iTunes has a new Switchfoot release!

But unfortunately, it's not the "This Is Home" single we're hoping for. It is still pretty awesome though. It's a new Switchfoot "Artist Essentials" collection, something iTunes does with only more popular artists out there. Switchfoot finally has their own collection! (But where's the awesomeness of Drew Shirley in that cover artwork??!)


Here's the setlist:

The Basics

1. Meant to Live
2. I Dare You to Move
3. We Are One Tonight
4. This Is Your Life
5. Stars
6. Gone
7. Awakening
8. Someday We'll Know (Jon Foreman & Mandy Moore)
9. Chem 6A
10. Oh! Gravity.
11. Head Over Heels (In This Life)
12. New Way to Be Human
13. Learning to Breathe
14. Faust, Midas, and Myself
15. Happy Is a Yuppie Word

Next Steps

1. More Than Fine
2. The Beautiful Letdown
3. Dirty Second Hands
4. You
5. Company Car
6. You Already Take Me There
7. Spirit
8. Life and Love and Why
9. Sooner or Later (Soren's Song)
10. The Setting Sun
11. Only Hope
12. I Turn Everything Over
13. Amateur Lovers
14. My Love Goes Free (Jon Foreman)
15. Behind Your Eyes (Jon Foreman)

Not a bad list. It even has two of Jon's solo songs. I still don't understand why they keep including the "I" Dare You to Move version, rather than the one that is obviously better (The Beautiful Letdown version).


There's one other notable news story in these rather slow news days.

Here's part of an article that featured Chad Butler talking about various things, including his son's excitement about "This Is Home."

Note: Quoatation marks added

"I think people are excited when they hear a song in a movie or on TV, somewhere outside of a Switchfoot show. I get excited when people have an opportunity to hear our songs who wouldn't pick up a CD or come to a concert."

People watching the Disney Channel, maybe, or hitting the multiplex to see Prince Caspian.

"It was an honor to be involved in a C.S. Lewis project," Butler said. "The moviemakers were looking for a song for the movie. I think they had heard we were fans of the book."

"This Is Home," Butler said, "was inspired just by that theme of that sort of longing for a place we haven't seen yet."

"The funny thing is, now I've got kids - a 7-year-old [Evan] at home. He's just all about Prince Caspian,' running around with a plastic sword, singing This Is Home."

Read the rest here, where he talks about the whole "Christian by faith, not genre" bit that Christian music fans and journalists just never ever seem to get, among other things as well.


Keep voting for "This Is Home" on Radio Disney and VH1! We cannot slack off! lets make a stand for our guys, Footsoldiers!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bid on Rare Switchfoot Ebay Items!; "This Is Home" on CBS

Ever wondered what ever happened to the props used in Switchfoot music videos? Well, wonder no further... at least about some of them.

You can bid on
Jon Foreman's signed "You Already Take Me There" Helmet or the cardboard guitar hero controllers, signed by the Heroes themselves! It's all for a good cause! Check it out, and if you have extra cash (in the neighborhood of at least $150 + $70+ shipping)

Also exciting, Switchfoot's song "This Is Home" was featured prominently on a CBS podcast about new music. Go here to download it. It's pretty much just parts of the music video, but its still sweet that CBS digs the Swichfoot song!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Featured Video: Walking On Water Trailer

We are going to have a new feature at the beginning of every week, where we feature a video from the web. We've had the "featured video" thing in the sidebar in the past, but we're going for a full-on post once a week dedicated to that. So here's the inaugural "official" Featured Video this week!

This week's video was uploaded to our youtube channel a week or so ago. It's the trailer for the upcoming surf movie "Walking on Water." (It features "Awakening" prominently)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend News: Switchfoot is No. 1 Again on Air1!

Yupp. That's right. See it! "This Is Home" is the No.1 most played song on Air1!

This is wonderful news, of course, but I can't wait for mainstream stations to start picking it up!


Also, "This Is Home" moved up a slot on the Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown, and is now at the No. 27 slot. Vote some more so we can get it higher next week!


New daily foot entries!

Fort Mill, North/South Carolina
Hilton Head, South Carolina (which features a guest writer: merch dude Bobby Anderson!) Here's what the entry said (with my favorite parts bolded... hehe):

well peeps, today we have a special guest daily footer. he is our new merch machine, bobby anderson. he enjoys tweed hats, cutoff jean shorts, and bass guitars. we are all so happy to have him out on the road, and he had some words from some of his first das out with the foot. enjoy. - andy

People say there is wisdom in insanity. And, i guess the idea is not too far-fetched, as flowers find their blooming through cracks in concrete. West coast to East in 2 days - planes, buses, amphitheaters, converging oceans, grits, and the smooth flow of 'This is Home' ironically swirling from stacks of speakers from places far from that and even finding it's way into Fort Mill's movie theater bathroom rotation (Which, must be short, cos it plays every 10 minutes!) Lunacy?!

We're returning from the land of niceties and humidity. That's why Carolina was always on Taylor's mind. A few things stand out to me, like puffy paint ... very very polite people... hundreds standing in the sidewise rain waiting for a hand shake... saw some Chuck Taylor's being signed just like in the days of the Hoosiers ... Trying to convince Ben at Carrowinds Theme Park to turn the wave pool on to the "Tsunami function" - for some 9 foot chaotic swell, Robert learning 'meant to live' on la guitarra and Michelle and Robin behind the merch table for their umteenth "FEET Toe Tap experience" in Hilton Head, SC...and of course Jon and Tim shoulder launching each other into back flips for entertainment in the Atlantic.

'Lonely Nation' found it's way into the Shoreline Ballroom set, and the boys did not hold back on 'Dirty Second Hands.' The chatter of a new foot record and it's anticipated release has us all hopin' for cooler days and fresh songs. Drew is flittering with saving gas by riding a motor cycle to and from the studio in San Diego, though he seemed vaguely intrigued by a suggestion of going horse and buggy style instead.

I watched a generous hard working stage hand take a moment to read a lyric off of a tee hanging in back, "Hold Fast Till the Break of Daylight...Shadow Proves the Sunshine," to which he paused and looked me dead in the eye like he'd been transported some where, "Man, that's some deep stuff, where'd you get that, 'The Bible?! much? i'll buy one!"

Wisdom in unlikely places...insanity! A special thanks to the land of grits. And to Jerome, Happy Birthday!


Also, for some Footsoldiers news. As you can see on our sidebar, we have shifted focus from the dalemanning youtube video for "This is Home" to the blacktreetv one, which is currently the No. 3 Switchfoot video on all of youtube and is continuing to pick up steam every day. Let's start supporting this one, since its getting noticed on searches a lot more. That way, radio and TV will see the buzz and hopefully pick up the song!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Jerome Fontamillas!

Our beloved Switchfoot keyboard/synthesizer/tamborine/guitar/noise-maker/everything else player was born today, June 20th!

Stay amazing and awesome Romey!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Switchfoot, Jon Foreman, Narnia Charts, charts, charts!

Here's a quick snippet of a Jon Foreman interview recently on Total Axxess. Pretty interesting.

Ok, now for Billboard Thursday! (as I like to call it). Tons and tons of chart numbers for you all to dig!


"This Is Home"

Christian CHR: 15 (+3 from last week)
Billboard Hot Christian Songs: 20 (+2 from last week)
Billboard Hot Christian Adult Contemporary: 25 (same)

"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Soundtrack"

Billboard 200: 142 (-41 from last week)
Billboard Comprehensive Albums: 163 (-57 from last week)
Billboard Top Soundtracks: 8 (-2 from last week)

"Jon Foreman - Summer EP"

Billboard 200: 162
Billboard Comprehensive Albums: 194
Billboard Top Digital Albums: 12
Billboard Top Christian & Gospel Albums: 8
Billboard Top Christian Albums: 6

Notes: Jon Foreman's Summer EP = his solo debut on the Billboard 200. Congrats Jon!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Switchfoot Podcast and a Message from Andy Barron!

Yupp! here's what the Switchfoot photographer extraordinaire had to say (last night):

well folks, a few monumental things are happening today. one of them being that we are now at podcast number 34, which is the number of my favorite pitcher of all time, nolan ryan. go update that itunes, or for you tubers you,

also, this podcast was the first one partially edited in a plane and partially edited in the new switchfoot world headquarters. i currently am sitting in the control room right now listening to the guys work on a new track. today is day 1 of recording. webcam is on the way.

here's a shot of chad from a a few minutes ago after drumming like a madman.

new music is in the works. be excited. (oh, and i accidentally posted this in the on tour forum too. keep this one, delete that one. cheers.)


Here's the 'cast:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Switchfoot starts recording today!

Lindsay from the official message boards has some exciting news:

so Jon was talking to me and a few friends on Saturday about the studio and how that its done now and they are all moved in and they cant wait to lay out the tracks. then during the show he was sayng how he was so thankful that everyone supported them and were waiting anxiously for the new album, so he wanted us all to know that they start recording TOMORROW! They had 2 shows this weekend out in the Carolinas but then they are pretty much off during the summer except for festivals, so they should have plenty of time to work on the album! Exciting stuff!

And so it begins! This bit will be added to the New Album Page on this blog. More on the new album later in this post. Thanks Lindsay!


Some online news paper had this to say about their local radio station.

Listening to Kock 107 play the staples of a similarly named radio station, it's easy to understand why so many people love classic rock. When you listen to an entire hour of either, you can't help but become Homer Simpson, preaching to Bart and Milhouse about how today's music is without soul. The difference between Blue Oyster Cult and Switchfoot is that while BOC is still touring decades after its heyday with a few minor hits, Switchfoot's CDs are going to be at the bottom of a 99 cent bin before the end of the decade.

I beg to differ! He probably will be apologizing for that in a few years. I don't think Switchfoot's going anywhere...


Land of Broken Hearts
found this sweet video featuring Bro-Am surfers. (Thanks LOBH!)


Christianity Today had a new article on Jon Foreman's new solo ep's, Spring and Summer:

Arrangements take on an international flavour at times - mariachi horns on A Mirror Is Harder To Hold, Japanese koto on Again, Oktoberfest rumpus on March (a prelude to Spring) – all reflecting the new life that makes Spring/Summer the times they are.
As ever the lyrics draw the listener in with personal revelation, alarming honesty and more than a handful of beautifully turned phrases. Like the music of indie-wunderkind Sufjan Stevens, there’s a home-brew quality about it all that weds beautifully to the optimism and hope.

Baptize My Mind lines up particularly nicely with Stevens’ Come On Feel The Illinoise! – and if you’re an indie fan, the links don’t come much better.

There will be a new Switchfoot release next year and their current track ‘This Is Home’ is gracing our cinemas this summer in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian theatrical release and Walt Disney Records soundtrack. The new Switchfoot album will, ahem, rock. But there will be no discord between it and these four EPs. In fact, you can be sure that the platinum band’s next release will be all the richer for their songwriter’s experimentation.

Read the rest here.


Oh, and they have another new Jono article today! It's an interview and features the usual brilliance of Jon Foreman's thoughtful answers. I picked the parts that stood out to feature here, but you can read the rest here.

These days, Jon Foreman has been known to arrive late for the bus call after a Switchfoot concert. It's not that the singer/songwriter is scatterbrained or overly chatty with fans. Instead, the guy's got such a voracious musical appetite, he's been known to stage an intimate after-show solo concert. And we're not talking about the stage or an officially booked coffeehouse, but rather the sidewalk or parking lot outside the venue. It's an opportunity to share quieter songs that Foreman considers too personal in scope for Switchfoot. With encouragement from the band, Foreman has recorded these songs for a series of four EPs—Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer, all available as individual download, or packaged in stores as pairs of EPs. The friendly frontman called from his band's studio to discuss his ambitious solo material, as well as Switchfoot's upcoming endeavors (including their contribution to the soundtrack of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian).

A lot of these songs represent your most overtly spiritual to date. What has been the mainstream reception to this material?

Foreman: I feel like they've been really well received as far as I can tell, but I haven't paid that much attention other than they seem to like it. By the way, another reason I wanted to do the EPs was that I feel like six songs meant you'd almost give as much attention to the first song as you would the sixth. On a full-length CD, once you reach six through ten or eleven, [your attention starts to wander] and you're kind of done with it. You move on to the next record, or you're already at the grocery store, or you're done running errands. This format allows every song to speak for itself in the way a full-length wouldn't. The songs are very understated, but I don't have to go pound them over anyone's head to get attention.

Why did you break up your solo material into four EPs rather than release them at once as a double-disc?

Foreman: I just hate the whole solo thing to begin with, and that may sound odd because I'm doing it! But the decision to go with the EPs was my way of saying, "Well, let's find a way of doing this where it doesn't feel like that big solo record side project." Every time a band breaks up and one of the guys goes solo, and it's always such a big hype, which I wanted to avoid. I really liked the solo material from Richard Ashcroft [of The Verve] and Sting had a good time with his solo work outside of The Police, but I kind of wanted to avoid too much attention since Switchfoot isn't breaking up. The EPs allow me to slip under the radar.

Why didn't any of these songs ever land on a Switchfoot CD?

Foreman: It goes back to the concept of what Switchfoot means to me. Switchfoot is this broad tapestry where we want to continue talking about the bigger issues. My stuff is more confessional in nature and I wanted this to feel like you would after a show getting invited to my house and having me play a few songs for you. It's like close friends talking about personal issues, and it seems to me like you can't do that with a half stack and a drummer who hits like Chad [Butler] behind you! This was a chance to do something differently, and the rest of the band were very encouraging. They'd tell me, "You've got to get this stuff out. People need to hear it!" Chad and [guitarist/keyboardist] Jerome Fontamillas played for parts of it, Tim [Foreman, Jon's brother and Switchfoot's bassist] played and sang. So it was still a team effort to get the songs out there.

What does the future hold for you, both as a solo artist and as Switchfoot prepares for the next studio CD?

Foreman: I'm finalizing this side project called Fiction Family with Sean Watkins [from Nickel Creek] and I'm amped about that. He's an incredible guy and it's an incredible project we've been sitting on for far too long. It will be finished this fall and we'll probably do a fall tour maybe with his sister Sara [Watkins, also of Nickel Creek], who just had [Led Zeppelin's] John Paul Jones produce her most recent record.

Then after that, we're putting out the next Switchfoot record. We've started and stopped several times, doing some sessions on our own and as well as some with Charlie Peacock. For me, the next record is really important because it's our first record as an indie band. We did three records with [Sparrow's] Re:think and three records with Sony/Columbia. Now it's the beginning of a new era. We really want to make sure we set the trajectory really high, empowered to make the best record of our lives.

Wow. I'm so amped to hear about the new stuff...


Remember to continue voting like crazy for "This Is Home" on Radio Disney and Vh1.

Join a promotion team here!


And lastly, let me leave you with a thought-provoking question (not really) with a vague answer (really):

A cd single of "This Is Home???"

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weekend News: Switchfoot hit Radio Disney's Top 30 Countdown

Hello. First off, for some older news. Last Monday, June 9, Switchfoot made its "This Is Home" debut on the Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown! This means that all the requests we are putting in for the song is starting to really show. (The Countdown tallies requests). I'm sure it will be even higher this Monday!

For good measure, throw in a few more requests if you've got time here.


The only other thing we've got for this short weekend post is a link to a video featuring the Switchfoot Bro-Am (which is already a week ago... man time flies...). Thanks Cookie on the official message boards!

Watch it here.

Alright that's it for now. Charts and all the other stuff resumes Monday! Peace!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My "This Is Home" Cover + more Switchfoot Bro-Amage

Here it is. This is for graduation day. Don't laugh too hard.


Now that you are no longer sitting on the chair, and laughing hysterically at how horrible that was, here's the Bro-Am news that's pouring in from San Diego.

First off, an official press release on

4th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am Draws 6,000 Supporters to Moonlight Beach for StandUp For Kids
June 12, 2008


The 4th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am surf contest and concert entertained some 6,000 supporters at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas on Saturday, June 7, 2008. An annual event near and dear to Switchfoot's hearts, the Bro-Am was created to give back to the San Diego community while also benefiting a local children's charity through funds raised at an auction night event, as well as from vendors on the beach day-of, sponsorships, and an after-party at the Belly Up Tavern.

This year's free beach event benefited the San Diego and Oceanside branches of StandUp For Kids, a national nonprofit volunteer outreach organization that started right here in San Diego and is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of at-risk, homeless, and street kids. ( In addition to the surf contest, vendors, and beach concert, this year's event also welcomed the addition of a surf jousting exhibition, as well as live mural art painting presented by The Glue Network and Artsprojekt. In addition, this year's event partnered with San Diego-based Sustainable Waves to offer cutting-edge solar-powered sound and staging. By using solar power rather than a diesel generator or grid power, the Bro-Am avoided emitting approximately 1,000 lbs (half a metric ton) of CO2 into the atmosphere (the equivalent of not driving your car approximately 1,100 miles or the annual sequestration of 66 trees).

The lively surf contest featured riders representing Hurley, Reef, Transworld Surf, Surfing Magazine, Surfer Magazine,, Macbeth, Jedidiah, AKA, Anon Optics, Surf Ride, Jet Pilot, Dental Specialty Associates, Chase Paymentech, San Dieguito Academy, and Switchfoot with surf legend Tom Curren. The final heat took place between Reef and Surf Ride, and Reef was crowed the winning team. Riders Jeremy Sherwin, Zach Keenan, Teddy Navarro, and Sean Marceron were awarded trophy INT surfboards onstage before Switchfoot's performance for their win.

The free beach concert featured performances by Escalera (with pro skateboarders Danny Way and Bob Burnquist), Musket, Tom Curren, Kent Doonan, Stripes and Lines, A Fine Frenzy, The Cheap Leis, LA Symphony, and Switchfoot.

Beach vendors included INT, Anon Optics, Surfrider Foundation, Hoven, Life Rolls On, Harney Sushi, SurfAid, Jedidiah, Generosity Water, Menehune Surf, Island Way Sorbet, Pizza Port, 91X, Amadeo Decada, Honest Tea, Kaimana Clothing, Guide On, To Write Love On Her Arms, Cricket, Crown Coffee, and the Sundt Memorial Foundation.

"To me, the Bro-Am is a day where pro surfers, pro skaters, musicians, and the community come together to acknowledge some of the bravest heroes I can think of -- homeless teens and the folks who help support them," notes Switchfoot's Jon Foreman. "I feel incredibly honored to stand alongside of some of these amazing kids this weekend; kids who are fighting for hope, fighting for love, fighting for shelter --fighting for the bare essentials. And against all odds, these kids refuse to give up. They have the strength of character to pursue their dreams in spite of their present situations. It was a privilege to join StandUp For Kids in their efforts to support these young fighters in their quest for hope and truth and love. Thanks to everyone who made this year's event such an amazing experience. Let's continue to ensure that StandUp For Kids feels our support all year long."

The event had an all-around energy of good vibes, but the biggest impact was most likely felt by the StandUp kids in attendance that day. Kim Green, director of the Oceanside chapter for StandUp For Kids, reflects, "Switchfoot are amazing people, with true, genuine compassion --this was felt not only by our volunteers, but mainly by the kids, what an awesome experience for them. The kids got to get up on stage and help throw out some T-shirts -- it was amazing! It's rare that our kids shine like they did on Saturday -- it really is a gift. Emotionally, this event has rejuvenated all of us volunteers, the kindness of all the sponsors has been overwhelming, and we are confident that the exposure will help us to get more volunteers, so that we can open more nights, and then, help more kids."

Final numbers are still being tallied, but between a record-breaking auction night event at Pacific Coast Grill, the beach day, and the Belly Up after-party, an estimated $75,000 was pulled in for StandUp For Kids before expenses.
Hi-res photos available upon request.

The sun provided all of the energy necessary to power the event. Mia Stefanko, Bro-Am co-director, said the festival partnered with Sustainable Waves, a local operation that offers cutting-edge solar-powered sound and staging.

Co-founder Mark McLarry said Sustainable Waves utilizes the renewable energy sources of the sun to deliver 100 percent pollution-free concerts. According to Switchfoot’s Web site, by using solar power rather than a diesel generator or grid power, this particular festival avoided emitting approximately 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. That is the equivalent of not driving a car approximately 1,100 miles or the annual sequestration of 66 trees.

The entire roof of the main stage was covered in solar panels while a smaller stage captured enough energy to power vendor booths for the entire festival. “I thought the event went really well,” McLarry said. “I was stoked to be working with Switchfoot and all of the other great bands.”

The funds raised from the day at the beach and an auction totaled approximately $60,000. Kim Goodeve-Green, center director for StandUp For Kids in Oceanside, said she was grateful for the money that will provide much needed resources for the homeless youth the organization supports.

“The money raised is great, but for us (the volunteers) it is all about the kids,” Goodeve-Green said. On Saturday, our kids were able to be kids. Not homeless, not hungry and definitely not invisible."


Go here for some photos from the Bro-Am. Great-looking stuff. I'm so going next year. There's no stopping me!


Now, a review of "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Soundtrack" here.

I can't understand this part:

The one thing I don’t understand about this album is why they marketed it with “This is Home” by Switchfoot. That is the worst song on the CD. I can hardly listen through once without choking on the contrast of Oren Lavie’s soothing voice and the alternative rock style of Switchfoot.

I think it's the smoothest Jon's voice can possibly sound... whatever that means. Here's how I responded:

Wow... I think Switchfoot's song is the best song of the three. It's sound is the most expansive and epic, and fits well. At least its the most upbeat for radio. And considering they have a lot more fans than Regina Spektor, and they're more well-known, it would make sense to market Switchfoot's song as the lead single for the album.

Don't get me wrong... Spektor's song is great too, and it got played in the actual body of the movie. Last I heard, that was supposed to be Switchfoot's song in there, but whatever. She got HUGE exposure that way.

So it's all fair. Which reminds me... how are you all doing, promoting "This Is Home"? We're going to be getting help from the label at some point, so keep going!


Lastly, Signonsandiego has a review of Jon Foreman's Summer Ep

Full Review here

San Diegoness of sound: This town has quite a love affair with singer/songwriter types and Foreman's solo work not only fits right in, but sets the bar quite a bit higher.
As big as Switchfoot?: Well, Switchfoot fans will certainly love this record. And those who were put off by the whole radio-friendly cheese of the band will like the moodier edge Foreman brings to this project. So, maybe bigger than Switchfoot.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jon Foreman Summer EP Reviews

First of all, here's a Bro-Am recap blog by Jon Foreman on his myspace.


post bro am thoughts...

hola mis amigos!
thanks for the kind words about the summer EP! (and thanks for getting it to number ten on I tunes... crazy town!) I'll dive into that in a little while. Right now, I'm still in Bro Am-ville... digesting a full weekend. Here's a few thoughts:

To me, the Bro-Am is a day where pro surfers, pro skaters, and musicians come together to acknowledge some of the bravest heroes I can think of: homeless teens and the folks who help support them. I feel incredibly honored to stand alongside of some of these amazing kids this weekend: kids who are fighting for hope, fighting for love, fighting for shelter- fighting for the bare essentials.

Against all odds, these kids refuse to give up. They refuse to believe that their lives are meaningless. They have the strength of character to pursue their dreams in spite of their present situations. It was a privilege to join StandUp For Kids in their efforts to support these young fighters in their quest for hope and truth and love.

The Bro-Am is truly one of my favorite days of the year- a day that combines surfing, music, and friends around San Diego- all for a cause bigger than ourselves. Thanks to everyone who made this years event such an amazing experience. Let's continue to ensure that StandUp For Kids feels our support all year long.


Oh, and btw, Andy Barron posted a new daily foot for the Bro-Am with a crapload of pics. Go check it out now!


Now for some Jon Foreman Summer EP reviews.

The Album Project

As the weather begins to warm and school is letting out, the new record from Jon Foreman is released just in time to accompany the coming sweltering months of innocence.

‘Summer’, although different in style, closely resembles the first solo EP ‘Fall’, both with their hard hitting, brutally honest lyrics. Specifically “Instead Of A Show” wastes no time flat out saying too many people are focused on style rather than substance. The song is moves along, mid-tempo, with a catchy melody that really sticks in your mind.

This article has an interesting title from "Into the Hill": Why is Foremean still wasting his time with Switchfoot? (not only because of the misspelling of Jon's last name)

Into the Hill Article

This collection of songs is so near to perfect musically, lyrically and spiritually that it makes criticism difficult. Your blood pulses through “Resurrect Me”, feeling the desperation, pain and hope of self-mortification and new life. The prophetic damnation of “Instead of a Show” creates chills. (At one point, in “…Show”, Foreman even manages to evoke the strained vocals of Conor Oberst.) All this, and there is an apparent cameo of Ron Burgandy on “yazz flute” in “Baptize my Mind.”



"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 78
Radio Disney: 31
Christian CHR: 18
Billboard Hot Christian Songs: 22 (-2 from last week)
Billboard Hot Christian AC: 25 (+1 from last week)

"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Soundtrack"

Billboard 200: 101 (-51 from last week)
Billboard Top Soundtracks: 6 (-2 from last week)
Billboard Top Digital Albums: 21 (-10 from last week)


Site News

We are pleased to introduce to you a new section where we chronicle all the news pertaining to the upcoming, brand new Switchfoot record. So far, we've got everything we've heard so far, and we will be adding anything new there. Consider it your No. 1 source for viewing all the new album news as it happens.

So without further ado, here it is!

Hello Hurricane

(photo courtesy: Switchfoot)

Hello and welcome! Here you will find the most comprehensive collection of news leading up to the brand new, as-yet-untitled Switchfoot record, which we hear is now due to drop in August/September of 2009. So browse away. We'll be adding more stories and highlights as the year(s) go on.

The Info we have so far:

Album Title: Hello Hurricane
Release Date: November 10, 2009
Recording Period: August, 2007 - March, 2009
Producer(s): Charlie Peacock, Ken Andrews, Mike Elizondo
Engineer(s): Darrell Thorpe, Ryan Peterson
Label: lowercase people/Atlantic

"Hello Hurricane" Side-A

1. Needle and Haystack Life
2. Mess of Me
3. Your Love Is a Song
4. This Is the Sound
5. Enough to Let Me Go
6. Free

"Hello Hurricane" Side-B

7. Hello Hurricane
8. Always
9. Bullet Soul (John B. Perkins' blues)
10. Yet
11. Sing It Out
12. Red Eyes



August 2, 2007 (1)

Jon Foreman lets the cat out of the bag: Switchfoot has begun work on their seventh studio album, the follow up to 2006's Oh! Gravity. "yes yes ya'll - the new SF record is underway"

August 9, 2007 (2)(3)

Switchfoot announces its independence from Columbia Records/SonyBMG. Charlie Peacock is enlisted as producer for the new record.

"In other news, tracking for the new SF record went really well- the most fun we've had making music in a long time. Very much like making a mess. Charlie Peacock, our longtime cohort from the east has been a welcome addition to the scene," said Jon Foreman. He mentions a "new switchfoot record in '08 (the first tracks 13 tracks were cut this week!)" in the label independence announcement.

October 12, 2007 (4)

The band begins construction on their very own studio.

"we (read: our friends back home) are demoing the space where our studio will soon be built," says Jon Foreman.

October 29, 2007 (5)

Switchfoot announces the creation of their own, independent record label, Lowercase People Records. The new record will be put out on this label.

November 7, 2007 (6)

Jon Foreman mentions frontrunner songs:

"anyhoo, the new SF recahhd is coming along swimmingly as well.
these three are currently the frontrunners:
running from me
people put your hands up
blood is soil"

December 28, 2007 (7)

Jon Foreman says the album so far is heading for a more acoustic and electronic feel.

"We have over a hundred songs to choose from right now, it really could go in a lot of directions. Right now, it's shaping up to be more acoustic AND more electronic."

March 7, 2008 (8)

Charlie Peacock reports that Switchfoot, along with their management team Red Light, will be working with the Dave Matthews-founded, independent record label ATO Records for the new album.

LOBH & WA: We heard your interview with CMCentral back in December, and you were talking about Switchfoot working with ATO Records in some sort of fashion? Is that true, or has it been confirmed? If so, to what capacity will they be helping the guys out with the record?

Charlie: Another question better answered in full by the band. For now, It's no secret that Switchfoot is working with ATO and the good people at Red Light Management. Bruce Flohr at ATO is a great music person and he will serve the band well. There's a reason both Switchfoot and Radiohead chose to partner with Bruce and his team. They are really good at what they do. Switchfoot is a smart band. They make good choices.

March 20, 2008 (9)

Jon Foreman says he is writing with brother Tim.

How is that new record coming along?

It’s good. Tim and I have just been writing. You know, it’s one of those things where you get to a point where you kind of want to shock yourself again. The reason why you started playing music in the first place is because it’s shocking, and it felt like you were somehow defying gravity or something like that. So you kind of want to find that place again. You can’t go to the same well. That’s all dry; you got to find a new place.

May 7, 2008 (10)

Tim Foreman says that Switchfoot currently has over 100 songs in demo, and are in an "experimenting" mode.

How’s the new album coming along?
It’s good. There are a lot of songs right now. Honestly, over 100 in various stages of demo and we’re going to try to narrow it down from there. We wanted to make a big mess for ourselves. We even went into the studio way back in August and tracked 15 songs and kind of just cast in a wide net to catch a lot of fish and then throw the best, tastiest ones on the record.

What can fans expect?
We want to do something different. As far as what that is, that’s kind of what this stage is still about. Kind of experimenting.

May 12, 2008 (11)

The band moves into their newly completed studio.

June 17, 2008 (12)

Switchfoot begins full-time recording for the new album in earnest.

July 1, 2008 (13; 14)

Switchfoot's brand new Studio Webcam debuts.

July 7, 2008 (15)

On the band's Studio Webcam chat space, Switchfoot tells us that one of the songs Chad Butler is drumming to is called "Anymore"

August 1, 2008 (16; 17)

*ATO Records is confirmed as the distribution label for lowercase people Records. *"There are so many different directions we can go in. One of the songs has a (Led) Zeppelin feel. One of them has more of a Devo feel. So it's Led Devo, or something along those lines. I feel like the headspace we're in now, the glass ceiling's been shattered. We're excited to see how far we can take this thing." - Jon Foreman
*The band elects to produce the album alone, after trying out Ken Andrews and Charlie Peacock, who will remain as Executive Producer.
*The band reveals a new song title: "There Is Still Time"
*Jon Foreman mentions something about a "Stairway to Heaven" cover...??

August 6, 2008 (18)

Switchfoot reveals the song-list for this new album's recording sessions!

September 19, 2008 (19)

-Chad Butler says he has been recording with as little of the full drum kit as possible. He's been using maracas, drum machines, and hip hop beats.

-Jon Foreman has been writing some songs on the piano.

-They aren't really working/focusing on a huge hit "single" at the moment, but are really focusing on the art and the album as a whole. When the time comes, "We'll figure out a song for radio."

October 30, 2008 (20)

-It is revealed that Grammy Award-winning Darrell Thorp has been working with Switchfoot in the studio recently, helping out with the new record.

December 18, 2008 (21)

-"We've been working on the new album in pieces in our own studio," said Foreman. "We've got three albums worth of new material, and we're still looking to piece together the common DNA. Eventually we'll get it down to the standard 12 or so songs."

January 2nd, 2009 (22)

In an interview for Fiction Family, Jon Foreman also talks about Switchfoot:

*About the writing for the new record: "For me, for a little while there, I was afraid of anthems. I was afraid of the big songs. Fear can be a strange thing to try and describe, but I think that the past few years, I’ve really been set free from those fears. I’ve been able to write these quirky, mellow, side project types of songs. But on the new Switchfoot record, I’m trying to write these immortal anthems."

*About taking their sweet ol' time: Well, we’ve written and recorded about 60 songs that we’re just sifting through. I went out yesterday to write a song with a few friends in New York and we’ve worked with a bunch of different producers. Basically it’s on our dime and our clock and in our studio. We feel that this next record will represent the next 10 years of who we are as a band and so we want to make the best record we’ve ever made. We want to take our time and decide what are the songs that we want to sing for the rest of our lives and put them on this record.

*About Darrell Thorp, and the "landscape" sound Switchfoot is going for: We enlisted Nigel Godrich’s main engineer who has worked on our favorite records - some Paul McCartney records, some Radiohead, some Air records, some of Beck’s stuff. He definitely took us to a place where I feel like this record has a much wider scope - the darks are darker and the lights are brighter and the lows are lower and the highs are higher. That was our goal was to create such a landscape. That’s where my head is at is figuring out how to make sure that horizon is in every song.

*About the trickiness of a release date: We’re shooting for late spring. That’s our goal, but it’s been a little tricky. For the Fiction Family tour, we’re going out in January. Then as Switchfoot, we’re heading to South America right after that. We’re out right now as a band with Three Doors Down, so trying to fit in the recording schedule between all these tours is a little tough. [Laughs] But I think we’ll be able to squeeze it out by summertime or springtime.

January 12, 2009 (23)

Jon Foreman talks to Relevant magazine about his solo career, Fiction Family, and Switchfoot:

*About the past few Albums on a Major Label: "We wanted to start with a clean slate because the last couple of records felt kind of compromised.”

*More on Darell Thorp; They've begun weeding down on the songs!; Producer is Mike Elizondo: “We’ve tracked about 75 songs in our studio and now we’re weeding down, working with engineer Daryl Thorpe who is Nigel Godrich’s right hand man for Radiohead, Air and Beck,"

He’s incredible, he’s really helped us find some new territory. Another place we’ve gone for inspiration is our producer Mike Elizondo—he’s worked with Mary J. Blige and Eminem. He’s, like, Dr. Dre’s right hand man. We’re trying to find a new playing field for the next 10 years to throw the ball around in."

*On Switchfoot doing Hip Hop(?): “I’m as white as it gets, but I love hip-hop! ... But, no, I’m not going to be spitting any phat beats.”


January 26, 2009 (24)

Jon talks about how the album can go in three different directions, or an "amalgam" of the three:

Basically, we've tracked about 70 songs, probably more than that, but we've sorta narrowed them down. And I think, with that, there are several directions we can go to. One's a lot more beat driven, one's a little bit more what one of the guys has called "punchy," which is maybe a little bit more traditional, what we've been doing. And one's a little bit broader, ethereal. Trying to kind of go to "Where the Streets Have No Name" type of thing. So yeah, its just a matter of where or what song we want to play for the next ten years, and so I think its gonna be some sort of amalgam between those three elements.

January 28, 2009 (25)

In the Fiction Family tour blog, Jon says regarding the Switchfoot album, "talked about the new record a bit with the fellas, I hope to be finished with it in two months."

February 13, 2009 (26)

Tim Foreman is talking July release?

February 25, 2009 (27)

"they have been hashing and cutting and chopping. no song is safe. frontrunners are now on the backburner. new songs are taking the lead as favorites." - Andy Barron

February 26, 2009 (28)

Tim Foreman announces that the final song lineup for the new record has been chosen on the band's new Twitter page.

- "hi all, tim here. this is my first twitter, my maiden voyage if you will. we are in the studio, the final song lineup has been chosen! -tf"

- "... including one that we just wrote this morning!!! peace and love to you all, -tf"

March 4, 2009 (29)

Switchfoot rounding 3rd base and recording with engineer Ryan Peterson.

Chad Butler posted a blog for the Friends of the Foot. It is here, courtesy of Land of Broken Hearts.

Stu stu studio! Here's a look at the day from the lens of a drummer. We are home recording with our new friend (and ace engineer) Ryan Peterson. Some friends stopped by to listen last night and asked how far along in the recording process we are... it felt good to say we are rounding 3rd base and can see homeplate coming into view. When the dust settles I hope you guys enjoy these songs as much as we are enjoying the process. Ok, gotta go play some beats...

March 12, 2009 30

- From Land of Broken Hearts:

The new Switchfoot album is ALMOST DONE! The guys posted a new video on Friends of the Foot, letting everyone know the album was *this close* to being finished. They've just got some "overdubs and a little bit of tracking" left. According to Tim, "it's coming in REAL hot."

- And, speaking of those overdubs, the Switchfoot guys twittered about some gang vocals they recorded yesterday with local San Diegan surfing legend Rob Machado.

March 11: Gang vocals with some help from rob machado, who sounds almost as good as he surfs. Record is feeling really great... ...

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March 23, 2009 31

Twitter update: Good day sunshine, bah da da...! Putting the final touches on songs this week, then off to la to finish 3 more and start mixing!

March 26, 2009 32

Tim Foreman reports via Twitter that the song "Red Eyes" is nearly finished:

March 26, 2009: Finishing a song called red eyes, an appropriate song title for late night recording. -tim

March 28, 2009 33

March 30, 2009 34 35

Switchfoot heads to Los Angeles to make the "final push" and mix the album.

Switchfoot was tweeting all day from the studio, where they are mixing their new and upcoming record. Here's what they said:

March 30, 2009:

- Ghostridin' the whip on the 405...

- Keyworld, party time, excellent.

- Chad hits so hard it makes my stomach hurt.

- We get by with a little help from our friends: napoleon d, yoda, lennon, and neves. Oh, and dont forget the tambo!

- Drew and mike elizondo, while drew's guitar gently weeps.

April 1 36

Chad Butler reports on one of Jon Foreman's vocal takes:

I just got goose bumps listening to Jon laying down this vocal, never heard him like this before - Chad

April 7, 2009 37

Switchfoot mixes first song.


- Coffee? Check. Steel-cut oats? Check. Now for a morning surf. Oxnard looks fun. We're mixing our first song today!"

- Mixing a new song today called Hello Hurricane. Feeling really great!

April 8, 2009 38

April 6th Twitter Update reports that the band officially begin final mixing on the 8th.

- So twitter is the new webcam for now. Starting to mix the new record on Wednesday, almost finished!

April 13, 2009 39

- New Release Tuesday (which is seldom wrong on these types of things) announces a release date for the brand new Switchfoot record: JULY 14th, 2009

- via Twitter: "Making the familiar trek up to north LA from San Diego. More mixing this week. Finishing up a song called "Enough" today. Sounding great!"

- Release Date was dispelled by the band on Twitter; mixing a song called "This Is the Sound" 40

"Mixing a new tune called "this is the sound", and contrary to the rumors of an early release, new record will coming out in aug/sept. Yup!"

April 16, 2009

Twitter updates say Switchfoot is mixing song No. 6 for the record:

- Going for a morning surf in Ventura. Mixing another new tune today, song number 6!

- Morning baptism in ye ol' pacific pond. Off to mix song number six, halfway done witcha wreckahd!

April 17th

Twitter: Firepit hangout on a Friday night, love it. mixing a new tune called "yet" tonight.

April 18, 2009

- Another late one. 7 songs mixed! For all you so. cal folks, come hang with jon and I at the new verizon store in la jolla at 1:30 today(sat)

- Great to see so many of you today in la jolla, place was packed! Just got done surfing, mixing track 8 tonight! Fleece and love, -tim

April 20, 2009

Twitter: Driving north on 405, no traffic, ready to mix tracks 8 and 9 today. Drew says hi.

April 21, 2009

Switchfoot mixes 10th song: "Bullet Soul." Or is it "Needle and Haystack Life"...?

- Yes yes y'all... jon here, northbound on the 101 ... and yes! today is pretty freakin hot out there- song up on the boards: bullet soul

- Mixing track 10 now, "needle and haystack life," love this one.. Just noticed we're about to pass 10k followers. Thanks for the love amigos!

- Jon Foreman Facebook status:

April 22, 2009

- So we haven't been entirely honest when we said we've been recording a new record. The truth is, we actually recorded 4 albums, 80+ songs.

- We'll be releasing them one at a time, starting with the first one this aug/sept. We'll announce the album title this Friday when we finish!

- Jon Foreman bulletin that mentions a new song and final tracking:

So... here we are april 22.
In california it's like summer the past few days

we're a few days away from the completion of new foot record. can't wait to get it out into your hands! chad is tracking drums on a song called "sing it out" could be the last thing we record for this thing.

So here's what midnight feels like north of LA tonight: the smell of cloves cigarettes through the open studio lounge window, the cool night air on my face, the low pulse of the kick deep in my stomach... shaking the picture of J. Lennon on the wall.

I'm gonna get back at it,

April 24, 2009

early April 24, 2009 twitter post:

- Just finished mixing 'sing it out'. Back later today to announce the album title...

And later:

- Sept. 2009: "Hello Hurricane." TBD 2010: "Vice Verses" Much love, amigos. -jon, tim, chad, jerome, drew

April 30, 2009

Last minute changes in the studio.


- You never know when the muse might strike. Chad just had some last-minute drum inspiration, tracking now. Wow, the man is on fire!

- We love making changes at the last possible moment. Is a song ever really finished? I think it's a living thing that just keeps changing.

May 4-5, 2009 41 42 43

Switchfoot and Andy Barron journey to the desert in Niland, California, where they visit Salvation Mountain and the Salton Sea. Shoot lasts two days.

June 16, 2009

- Tracklisting announced.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Jon Foreman Summer EP Released!


Thus, the final chapter in our seasonal trek with Jon Foreman arrives. For those of you who are the downloading, cutting edge kids, this is it. For those of us who are a bit more old-fashioned, the CD combo "Spring and Summer" releases in two weeks (June 24). I am debating whether to buy the digital copy now, then go out to the store in two weeks and buy the cd, or wait. Either way, I'm going to get the hard copy.

So far, it has peaked at No. 16 on the iTunes top albums chart and No. 3 on the iTunes Rock Chart.

EDIT (June 12):It is currently at its peaks in the iTunes music store:

No. 9 overall
No. 2 Rock Album

Bro-Am News

In case you missed it, LOBH reported this:

9:03am (PST) - More news on Jon's new album! Jon says it should have 2 new songs on it. AKEE!
8:22am (PST) - Great news! Remember that article that said there was a Jon Foreman release in October? Our reporters talked to Jon about this and he told them that it's actually going to be a CD with a mix of some of the best songs from his EPs that that fans choose, along with a couple of new songs!

Nice! Go on over to LOBH and get all the recapperage and action.

Oh, and our friend Gabby posted a few videos from the Bro-Am too!

Oh! Gravity.

This Is Your Life

Can't get any closer to the action than that... besides actually being there. Thanks Gabby!


I'm gonna keep this update short and sweet for the next few days as I get all the graduation stuff sorted out. My little bro recorded my horrible rendition of "This Is Home." I'll put that up as soon as I can for the rest of you all to laugh at... =P



"This Is Home"

Billbaord Hot Christian Songs: 20
Billboard Hot Christian Adult Contemporary: 26
Christian CHR: 21 with 359 spins this week

"Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Soundtrack"

Billboard 200: 50 (-19 from last week)
Billboard Comprehensive Albums: 53 (-21 from last week)
Billboard Top Soundtracks: 4 (-1 from last week)
Billboard Top Digital Albums: 11 (-5 from last week)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Switchfoot Bro-Am '08!

Happy Bro-Am day! Go here and party it up with the rest of the Switchfoot fam!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Switchfoot and the Bro-Am "Stand Up For Kids"

The fourth annual Switchfoot bro-am is tomorrow, and what better way to be ready than to watch this informative new video the band put up!

God, i love these guys...


And it looks like we wont be waiting too long for a new Jon Foreman solo release. Check it out: reports:

BREAKING NEWS! There is yet another release in the future for Jon Foreman! EMI has added a release from Jon Foreman on October 28th. The title is to be determined and it looks like it will be released by Sparrow Records instead of Credential Recordings. I wonder what this could be! We'll have to wait a little while to find out.

I wonder if this is pertaining to the new Fiction Family/Real SeanJon release, or if Jon has a new solo project up his sleeve. Anyways...


A more personal note, tomorrow is my high school graduation. That is why I am going to be missing the Bro-am for the fourth straight year, even though I'm just about an hour north of San Diego.

But, I thought it'd be cool to share with you all that not only am I going to be singing "This Is Home," my friend will be playing "Only Hope" (Mandy Moore-style), and our walking-off song will be none other than... "AWAKENING!" Booyah. I might write up a little memoir on that... hehe. Not that'd you'd really care... but yeah...

Happy Friday everyone! make sure you tune in to Land of Broken Hearts' Bro-Am party, rollin' all day long tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Download Switchfoot - "This Is Home" (Radio Edit) Single (Hi-quality) [Legally]!

EDIT (June 20, 2008): Apparently, the file has been taken off the server. This means that they probably do not want us downloading it off of there. I will not re-post it then, in that case.

This could also mean that iTunes may soon be posting the single! Fingers crossed.

Since it is readily available on the official website (if you look hard enough), and because it looks like iTunes will not be posting it for single purchase, here is a direct download of the radio single version of "This Is Home" in 160kbps glory!

Right-click, save target as here.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT the same version that is featured in the actual Prince Caspian Soundtrack. It features a full drum kit arrangement, less strings, and a generally more upbeat sound. For those who would like the song only, this is the place. But please, please consider buying the soundtrack!

Besides that, enjoy! May it inspire you in your time of promoting the song and spreading it to the masses!


Ok. Lots of news to catch up on. "We're so sorry we've been gone..." - Panic! At the Disco

First of all, ever wonder what Jon Foreman and the rest of the guys thought of David Cook's rendition of "Dare You to Move" on American Idol? Look no further:

Hollywood Insider

Among the music notables on the green carpet at Los Angeles' Greek Theater the other night (to view the final stage showdown of Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee, a month-long campaign/reality show airing on the brand new Planet Green network) were San Diego rockers Switchfoot, whose hit "Dare You to Move" was one of the three final numbers that clinched David Cook's American Idol win. Singer Jon Foreman told he was "honored" by the performance, which the band watched live. "We had just taped Leno and were over at a buddy's house for a barbeque when it came on," he said. "It was kind of a surreal moment. It's a really tough song to sing and I think he did a great job." As for Cook's future prospects? "People get all up in arms about the concept of instant success, but who knows what he's gone through to get here or where he'll head," said Foreman. "Ultimately, I think it's about music winning, and making music fans out of kids who can discover these older songs. It's better than playing video games."

Words of wisdom right there.


Next, LOBH found a video of Tim Foreman talking about the writing process for "This Is Home"


Next, a short article about Jon's upcoming Summer EP release. It's almost here! Can you believe that our journey is almost over?

Oh, and here's a little message from Jon about the end of the seasonal EP series:

05.28.08 Jon on "Summer"

"When the long, golden shadows of sunset stretch further and further. When our skin is dry and salty and brown and red. When the wind gently blows the sand along the pacific's edge, from the dead, brown lands into the bright blues."

This is the final season for the yearly journey I've been on. Summer, (for me) is bitter sweet; a season for cowboy prophets to mingle with mariachi bands over the dry grasses with just a hint of beach boy salt.

These EP's have been an incredible ride for me and I've been overwhelmed by the folks who've decided to be a part of this. I've got a few things coming up, (vinyl, home-made merch. and such...) but for now the musical journey is coming to a close. I'm hoping to take a few friends out and spread these songs around sometime. Till then, thanks for being a part of these songs. peace, jon


Bro-Am is this Saturday! If you (like myself, due to graduation) can not make it, Land of Broken Hearts has got you covered. Go over there now and live it through their reporters! They are truly some awesome people over there!

Now, for the CHARTS (for June 3, 2008)

"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 70 with 66 spins this week
Radio Disney: 29 with 25 spins this week
Christian AC: 32 with 195 spins

It is at its peaks with Hot AC and Christian AC right now, and it looks like its going to continue to pick up in the coming days!


"This Is Home" Promotion Teams

The teams have been set. Go here to see the assignments.

There's a Youtube/Web Video team, a Radio team, and a Vh1/MTV/Radio Disney team. even if your name is not on the list, you can still help out! Sign up on the boards or comment here, and we'll add you to the list! We need all the help we can get! Footsoldiers, rise up!

Peace out!