Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: Switchfoot Year-in-Review

(Today's news: Fiction Family's When She's Near to Hit Triple-A Radio in January)

(banner couresty of Cassie! Thanks)

Well folks, there's another great year in the books! 2008 promised to be eventful, despite the fact that no new Switchfoot material was on the horizon. The touring cycle for "Oh! Gravity." had drawn to a close and the band's new material had not begun to take shape yet.

What was taking shape was Jon Foreman's solo project of EP's, which was slated for completion by the middle of 2008. And it didn't disappoint. The "Spring" EP was quickly embraced by us all, and by new fans of Jon's previous work in "Fall and Winter." But before the final installment, "Summer," could arrive, Switchfoot threw another surprise at the fams. They had written and recorded a song to be used as the lead single and in the credits of the brand new "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" film.

Before the year was out, the band had also released their first ever greatest hits collection, "The Best Yet." 2008 also saw the beginnings of Switchfoot's next studio album, which will be released in the New Year. Oh, and 2009 will aslo herald the arrival of the first Fiction Family record. Exciting times behind, exciting times ahead!

Here's a comprehensive list/chart of what else happened this year! Hope you enjoy it. =)


*Jon Foreman releases the second in his four ep-set, “Winter.”

*Winter debuts at No. 9 overall on the iTunes top album chart, and No. 2 on the iTunes Top Rock Albums chart. 1

*The “Fall & Winter” EP’s physical cd combo debuts at No. 24 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. 2

22nd - February 2nd:
*Switchfoot tours the Asian Pacific, with stops in Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia. 3 4 5


*Switchfoot/Jon Foreman is nominated for four Dove Awards on the heels of a highly successful year in 2007 in the CCM. They are nominated for:

-Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year – “Awakening”
-Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year – “Oh! Gravity.”
-Short Form Music Video of the Year – “Awakening”
-Male Vocalist of the Year – “Jon Foreman” 6

*Switchfoot announces the “Up In Arms Tour,” partnering with To Write Love on Her Arms. They bring UK rockers, “Athlete” along. 7


“Awakening” video reaches 2 million views on youtube!

12th and 14th:
Jon Foreman plays three shows at the prestigious SXSW Music Festival

*Jon Foreman releases the third in his 4-ep set, “Spring”
*”Spring” peaks at No. 12 on the iTunes top overall albums 8


*It is announced that Switchfoot will record a song called “This Is Home” and shoot a video for the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian movie. 9

* “Spring” hits No. 14 on the Billboard Top Digital Albums and No. 179 on the Billboard Comprehensive Albums charts. 10

*Chad Butler posts a forum topic announcing the “Music Builds Tour” 11
*Switchfoot shoots the video for “This Is Home” 12

*”This Is Home” is performed for the first time in Iowa. 13

*The Music Builds Tour is officially announced 14

*Switchfoot performs “This Is Home” for the first time on National TV, at the 39th GMA Dove Awards. The band comes away without any of the awards they were nominated for. 15

*”This Is Home” impacts to radio. It enters the Hot AC charts at No. 391, with one spin. 16


*The music video for “This Is Home” world premieres on

*Switchfoot moves into their newly completed studio to set up Switchfoot Headquarters 17

*David Cook performs “Dare You to Move” on American Idol 18
*Switchfoot performs “This Is Home” on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno later that night

*"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" Soundtrack debuts at No. 26 on Billboard 200 Top Albums chart, with 16,000 units sold in its first week. 19


7th: The Fourth Annual Bro-Am raises approximately $60,000 for Stand-Up For Kids. 20

*Jon Foreman releases the final ep of his seasonal series, “Summer” on iTunes.
*It debuts at No. 10 on the top iTunes Albums overall and No. 2 on the Rock albums chart.

*”Summer” peaks at No. 9 on the top iTunes Albums overall.


*Switchfoot relaunches a “new and improved” version of their studio webcam.


*Switchfoot embarks on the Music Builds Tour with Third Day, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, and Jars of Clay. The tour is to benefit Habitat For Humanity, and takes on the look of a traveling festival.


*Fiction Family announces release date for their debut album to be January 20, 2009 21

Fiction Family releases album art and announces their release will be handled by ATO Records 22


3rd: Fiction Family announces tracklisting for their self-titled debut 23

*The Music Builds Tour ends.
*Switchfoot performance on Battleground Earth finale plays on Discovery Channel’s Planet Green. They play “Meant to Live” and “This Is Home.”

*Jon Foreman releases the compilation studio record, “Limbs and Branches,” which features the best of his EP’s, as well as two new songs.


*Columbia/SonyBMG/Legacy releases Switchfoot’s “greatest hits” album called “The Best Yet”


*Fiction Family announces first tour dates 24

*Fiction Family's first single, "When She's Near," is made available for free download 25

*Switchfoot embarks on a short tour with 3 Doors Down 26

*Fiction Family's music video for "When She's Near" is premiered on Vimeo. 27

*Switchfoot’s song “We Are One Tonight” is featured on the OneCampain’s TV Ad 28

Fiction Family's "When She's Near" goes to Triple-A Radio in mid-January 2009


FMQB reports that Fiction Family's lead single "When She's Near" will impact Triple-A format radio stations on January 12-13 of 2009.


Also, the music video for "When She's Near" has been added on Here's the link.


In the spirit of the upcoming year, we are making the final touches and retouches of our 2008 Switchfoot retrospective. Watch for it sometime later today or early tomorrow! Thanks for another great year friends!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry (Late) Christmas!

Hey everyone! Hope you had an awesome Christmas, and were surrounded with loved ones throughout this Holiday season.

We're stoked about the New Year honestly, because almost immediately, we've got the new Fiction Family record coming up, as well the new Switchfoot album that could be dropping in the Summer!

What a year 2008 has been! We've seen the conclusion of Jon Foreman's Solo EP project, the release of his "Limbs and Branches" compilation, Switchfoot's very first greatest hits album, and heck, even a soundtrack single for a big-time movie!

The Switchfoot boys have given us yet another great year to look back on and share with them... involving the listener even more than ever. We've got a Year-In-Review (like last year!) coming up shortly that chronicles everything that happened this past year of 2008.

Stay on the look out for that! For now, paceee! =)

Monday, December 22, 2008

The ONE Campaign Thank You TV ad features Switchfoot

With, appropriately, "We Are One Tonight" being the song involved. What a great organization, with a great taste in music!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Switchfoot Has released two Rhapsody-exclusive Singles

This past Tuesday, Switchfoot released two exclusive singles for download on Rhapsody's music store through lowercase people records/Credential. There's the previously reported "Another Christmas (Old Borego)" but there's also a brand new acoustic version of "This Is Home" that the band recorded. Both are remade, rejiggerred takes on some Switchfoot favorites.

"Another Christmas (Old Borego)"

I didn't expect anything more than a re-release of the old KROQ version from back in 2004 but was pleasantly surprised. The mix has been updated, with a tiny bit of smoothening of the vocals. The instrumentation is a little more tinkly in feel, and the clapping persists throughout the song. The instrumental embellishments have increased, but tastefully so, preserving the simplicity of the song. Having said this, I still enjoy the original version better, but consider this Single Version worth purchasing.

Rating: 3.5/5


"This Is Home (Acoustic)"

Pretty much as advertised.Jon Foreman's vocals are held back for most of the song, making this acoustic cut feel like it would fit in Jon's solo EP's. It's pretty similar in arrangement to the radio mix, but different in the insyruments some of the bandmembers use. Jerome uses a synth/keyboard sound, Drew uses a clean elextric, Chad soubds like he's using brushes for the druns. The result is a respectable, solid take on our favorite movie song.

Rating: 3/5



Here's a new news story/interview with bassist Tim Foreman. He talks about playing Switchfoot's big hits, as well as how the new record is coming along!

At some point in time, popular bands must get tired of playing the same old songs.

For Snow Patrol, "Chasing Cars" has to be getting old.

The Fray probably wants its fans to get off the "Cable Car" song.

And Panic at the Disco likely wants to see "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" buried somewhere out in the Nevada desert.

But for Switchfoot, the hits provide a meaningful backbone.

"We love to play our hit songs wherever we go, because they actually mean something to us," said bassist Tim Foreman in a recent phone interview.

"We're so honored to be playing these songs for you guys."


"'Freedom' is really the word here," said Foreman. "There's this new freedom on so many different levels, from artistic to marketing, and we've been able to release several songs. There are no rules."

Switchfoot is partnering its own Lowercase People Records with ATO Records for the release of the band's next album, set to hit shelves in spring 2009.

"We've been working on the new album in pieces in our own studio," said Foreman. "We've got three albums worth of new material, and we're still looking to piece together the common DNA. Eventually we'll get it down to the standard 12 or so songs." FULL STORY


Here's a review of "The Best Yet"

Listeners will really enjoy listening to the different approaches Switchfoot takes with its music. One thing Switchfoot does well with this release is evoke strong emotion in their listeners, and the instrumental melodic diversity is a key part of this.

"This Is Home" is a soft, piano-enthused album cut that may be the best song offered in this collection. A steady rock version was produced from the original cut, made for a Disney production. "This Is Home" is one of the best singles I have personally heard in a while.

Full Review here

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fiction Family Website Updates!; More Switchfoot/3 Doors Down Tour stuff

The Fiction Family Website has been updated once more! Check it out!


There's also a new photos page on the website as well! Check them out... here's some samples!


Also, more Daily Foot entries from the 3 Doors Down Tour!

Charlotte, North Carolina
Merry Christmas
Hampton, Virginia
Hampton Virginia 2

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fiction Family Record Leaks Online (UPDATE: False Alarm)

UDPATE (9:42 AM): False Alarm. The torrent is a fake. Close call though!

Fiction Family's debut release is now available for listening -- but probably not in the way intended. The album has apparently leaked online as of 8:52 AM PST. The torrent file is available for download, but a link will not be posted on this site for legal reasons. We are waiting for official confirmation for this fact, but if this is true, the record will have leaked more than a month before street date.

What do you all think of this? Is bittorrent/filesharing ultimately beneficial for a band or harmful? I mean, the band did, after all, release their first single, "When She's Near," for free. Discuss. Will update throughout the day.

Monday, December 15, 2008

See the new Fiction Family, "When She's Near" Music video Now!

Fiction Family - When She's Near from ATO Records on Vimeo.

(from the newest Switchfoot email)


Also another exciting note in the Switchfoot email:

Switchfoot is happy to announce they will be coming to Guatemala and Costa Rica in mid-February. As soon as we have complete show and ticketing info we will let you know.

As always, thanks for singing along.

Awesome news!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bonus Coverage: Listen to NarniafromA-Z interview with Mark and Jon Foreman

Here's an interview with Jon and Mark Foreman about their relationship and journey with C.S. Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia" and the process about writing "This Is Home" for the Prince Caspian movie, including some inside looks.

It's pretty awesome. I think it merits a bonus post today!

Switchfoot to release "Another Christmas (Old Borego)" Single?

Our friend Chris found out more about the new "Another Christmas (Old Borego)" song/album thing on Rhapsody


It says that the record label releasing it is indeed lowercase people records. Manufactured and Marketed by Credential Recordings! It's apparently set for a December 16, 2008 release date... a little late for the Holiday shopping time, but not too late.

We'll see if this emerges on iTunes. It looks like Switchfoot's got something good planned and that something might be happening here. We'll keep you posted.


Here's a video of the new performance of "Awakening" that Switchfoot did for Call+Response.

Gotta love the nonchalant throwage of the guitar by Jon Foreman there... haha.


More Fiction Family press/buzz!



Oh, even more Daily Foot entries! This thing is becoming daily for real! Go Bobby!

Here are some things I found lying around
Cincinnati, Ohio

That's it for today so far. Have a great one!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lots of news, Lots of Press for Fiction Family and Switchfoot

Ok, we've got lots of links and website from across the interweb. We've gathered most of them together here for you to digest. Read it or leave it. Up to you. =)

I personally am pretty stoked with the buzz that is starting to build around Fiction Family, and that's where we're going to start with today's News Digest.

Here's the Fiction Family press/bloggage:

Plug-in Music
Conversant Life
Stereotruth <--- Hmm...?

At the same time, don't hesitate to spread the word on your own through your own blogs, xanga's, Myspaces, Facebooks, livejournals, Twitters, etc. etc. Let's tell everyone we know about Fiction Family! If you haven't already, join the official Fiction Family Street Team to get up-to-date news on promotion projects and campaigns and how to be involved to the best of your ability! There's a contest right now to win a prize too!


Now for the Switchfoot portion of today's update. There's just as much going on.

First off, here's the articles about Switchfoot's new "This Is Home" video contest:


There's also a strongly-opinionated review for Switchfoot's "The Best Yet" from the OCWeekly:

Dubious to be sure, especially since the band--who are essentially Christian rock and, in that tradition, sound perpetually about 10 years beyond the times--has really only had two songs that could legitimately be classified as hits: 2003's "Meant to Live" and 2004's "Dare You to Move." That doesn't stop delusions of grandeur, of course--the accompanying press release talks of "their ascendance into the rock pantheon." That's right, not "ascent," "ascendance." I didn't think it was a word either, turns out it is, they're just using it incorrectly.

Wow, where has this dude been? Anyways, you can read the rest (if you even want to), here

Oh, here's another random bit that our friends at LOBH found from Rolling Stone Magazine's website:

Another Christmas (Old Borego) Album by Switchfoot

What could this mean? Is it just an error, or is it a sign of certain things to come? We'll see...


And last but not least, news and views from Tour!

Here's the "official" stuff on the Daily-Foot. Man, Bobby's got this thing COVERED.

Biloxi, Mississippi (Take 2)

Black Hawk (Dude, this one's awesome!)

Pikeville, Kentucky


And here's some stunning photo's that LOBH got up once more. Awesome.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading everyone!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Switchfoot's new "This Is Home" Video Contest; song features on Brothers and Sisters clip

I'm sure Switchfoot's "This Is Home" has impacted us in many ways. Now, the band is giving us a chance to show how important the song is to us in this new contest. As you all know, Switchfoot posted a new music video for "This Is Home" and started a group that we talked about awhile back. They also mention the "This Is Home" music video with the Troops montage that was featured here a few days ago.

Here's the official announcement on the band's Sony-run Youtube page:

Thank you for all the great comments so far on the new video for "This is Home". When we wrote the song, we had always hoped that it would touch people in some way, and it seems that it has. One such person created their own version of the video and uploaded it to our group ( It really touched us, so much so that we hope it might inspire some of you to do the same. We want to see what "This Is Home" means to you. With the Holiday's coming up, it seemed very appropriate. So create your own version, and upload to our This Is Home group channel. From all the entries, we'll pick our three favorite, and those people will win signed "This is Home" lyrics plus autographed copies of The Best Yet CD. Be sure to get them in soon, the contest will end January 3, and we'll pick the winners during that first week of January

Go To:

Now, here's some press that has come along with the launch of the contest:


Make sure you get those entries in soon!


Speaking of "This Is Home," some people have reported that the song is being used in ads and commercial tv spots for the upcoming new season of the show "Brothers and Sisters." Someone uploaded it, and you can see/hear it here: (it's kinda hard to hear it, but if you listen closely, it'll be there)

I think Sony is somehow behind this... just a thought...


There's also a mention in's latest Billboard Bits article about the Invisible Children benefit show in Los Angeles that Jon Foreman from Switchfoot is slated to play at:

Members of Thrice (Dustin Kensrue), Switchfoot (Jon Foreman), Saves The Day (Chris Conley) and Sparta (Jim Ward) will perform acoustic sets Dec. 19 at the Troubadour in Los Angeles to help raise awareness for Invisible Children, a nonprofit group that provides education and economic relief to northern Uganda.

"Whenever they call or have a big event happening, I'm always really excited to support when I can," says Foreman, who is recording a new Switchfoot album in San Diego. "If music can come alongside what they're doing, it's an honor."

Go here for details!


In other Switchfoot Social Justice involvement news, the new Call + Response soundtrack album is now up on iTunes. Switchfoot's live performance of "Awakening" shows up on there! Check it out now!


Indievision Music posted a review of "The Best Yet." Read what they say here:

Switchfoot is a band that has always stood out among its peers. During the early days of alternative, post-grunge rock, Switchfoot’s music was among the best in the CCM market. Maybe still a little too crunchy for mom, their albums were progressive and drove Christian rock into new arenas. After the crossover success and mainstream appeal on a major label, Switchfoot was still just as creative and still pushing modern rock to think outside of its stale old box. Their latest release, The Best Yet, spans all of these years, picking up hits from each album along the way. This is the perfect collection for someone such as myself, who has always appreciated Switchfoot but never quite loved them enough to purchase a record. It has all of the favorites, as well as some fun surprises, like “This Is Home,” a song you may remember from the end of the movie Prince Caspian. Die-hard fans will surely have this material already and may complain about the song selection basically just being a collection of all the hit singles, but it’s a good album nonetheless, and I fully expect to see The Best Yet in the top five best selling albums at my local Christian bookstore this Christmas season.



Monday, December 8, 2008

New Daily Foot For Biloxi, Mississippi

Here's the latest entry by Bobby from This Holiday Life. I'm loving the different perspective... it's almost like a fan coming along with the band for a little bit.

Biloxi, Mississippi

Great work! Mr. Barron, we still love you... hope you're doing well...

I wonder what he's got up his sleeve though... hmm....

Will update more today if anything else huge happens. Peace out!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Switchfoot Stories and Camera Phone pics from the 3 Doors Down Tour!

As many of you know, Bobby is the new daily footer for this 3 Doors Down Tour, taking over for the great Andy Barron. (Andy, you'll be missed!)

But Bobby has a style all his own, and his inaugural post can be found here. Since it is the new guy's first post, I thought I'd reproduce it here. Awesome stuff Bobby!


today was a wet shoes day. not a good day for tom's. put those sucka's away! weather was threatening rain, and occasionally it followed through. by the time the foots went it on, orange beach had changed from fall to winter, losing 20 degrees. brrrr! I escaped the chill by frequenting the bus only to hear a new Switchfoot song with each entrance. i think they're making a 100 song record! Each song is just another pile of evidence that these gents put a lot of heart and soul and sweat and tears (and blood?) into their art. Reminds me of Reverend Robert Evans and his nightly plight to stare into the stars for hours counting supernovas - of which he sees very infrequently, maybe 3 a year or even 1 every 3 years. Just the idea that he knows it's out there and that he's gonna chase it down like a wild fox hiding in the dark cosmos... anyway, you get my drift. a lot of work for an undetermined return on a timely investment.

welcome to the first night of the 3 doors down tour! thanks jordan, sweet tea was fabulous!

hope december is kind to you. come say hi!

ooohhh... 100-song record! ;) Though said mostly in jest, this is exciting news. I don't think he was joking when he said there was a new Switchfoot song every time he entered the bus! Woot! Switchfoot are beasts!


Site News

Ah, now for some site news. We've updated the layout! Like it? Hate it? Let us know... It's a bit more Fiction Family-ized, because I thought it'd be sweet to give some attention to Jon Foreman and Sean Watkins for a little while. After all, we're posting banners for them all over the place, and they have a full-blown album and tour cycle coming up, so let's get psyched, man! Get psyched man!

Alright, peace out!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Video Tribute to Our Troops Set Switchfoot's "This Is Home"

This is a great video montage to Switchfoot's song, "This Is Home." I don't know what your views on our current war are, but regardless, I think we should all stand by our troops, who are real men and true heroes. Here's to you our fighting men! We salute you, stand by you, and hope you finally find your way home... where you belong...


Oh, by the way, the Daily Foot has been updated for the new tour!

Check out what the new guy, Bobby has to say about the new tour and the journey en route to the 3 Doors Down tour en route: san diego to birmingham

Thursday, December 4, 2008

3 Doors Down Tour Starts today!

Friendly reminder... Switchfoot's short mini-tour with 3 Doors Down starts today! We'll have coverage for you as soon as we get it! Happy start of tour! :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Download Fiction Family's "When Shes Near"; join the Fiction Family street team

Fiction Family sent out an email today that talks about a few exciting happenings for them , including some of the things that were revealed yesterday, like the new tour dates and the album pre-order. But some other goodies were included:

1. "When She's Near," the first single is being offered as a free download. Go here to get it!

2. New Fiction Family Street Team! Sign up so you can receive updates on tour promotions, album promotions, etc.

Here's a youtube video you can spread around about Fiction Family, as well:

3. Re-sign up for the Fiction Family email listing to continue receiving updates from the band. If you haven't signed up yet, now would be a great time!


Reactions: "When She's Near" being offered as a free download is a great move. This band is pretty much starting from scratch and when you're a brand new act, giving away free music is a great way of getting the word out. We'll set up a banner or something soon so you can post it on your Myspaces and Facebooks and Xangas. Or, just send the mp3's to your friends. There's plenty of ways to spread the love around!

Which is why signing up for the street team is going to be exciting. It'll be great times promoting this new (sorta) project by Jon Foreman and Sean Watkins. We'll keep you all posted on any other additional promotional ideas we have here at We're Awakening, along with the official instrictions. This should be fun!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Breaking News: New Fiction Family Tour Dates and Pre-Order!!

from their Myspace

Jan 13 2009 The Ark Ann Arbor, Michigan
Jan 14 2009 Ladies Literary Club - Calvin College GRAND RAPIDS
Jan 15 2009 Abbey Pub Chicago, Illinois
Jan 16 2009 The Union - North Central College Naperville, Illinois
Jan 17 2009 Ransburg Auditorium - University of Indianapolis Indianapolis, Indiana
Jan 18 2009 Creative Arts Center at WVU Morgantown, West Virginia
Jan 20 2009 Bowery Ballroom New York, New York
Jan 21 2009 Paradise Rock Club Boston, Massachusetts
Jan 22 2009 World Cafe Live Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jan 23 2009 Crawford Auditorium Grove City, Pennsylvania
Jan 24 2009 Jammin’ Java Vienna, Virginia
Jan 25 2009 Brubaker Auditorium - Messiah College Grantham, Pennsylvania
Jan 27 2009 Gravity Lounge Charlottesville, Virginia
Jan 29 2009 Variety Playhouse Atlanta, Georgia
Jan 30 2009 Belcourt Theater Nashville, Tennessee
Jan 31 2009 Malone College Cantone, Ohio
Feb 3 2009 Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room Seattle, Washington
Feb 4 2009 Aladdin Theater Portland, Oregon
Feb 5 2009 The Independent San Francisco, California
Feb 6 2009 Anthology Restaurant Live San Diego, California
Feb 7 2009 Largo at Coronet Theater West Hollywood, California

For tickets info, go check out the Myspace.


The Fiction Family store is also open! There's three packages available:

Deluxe Edition Includes:

* Vinyl album
* CD album
* DVD including
o Music Video for "When She’s Near"
o Behind the Scenes of the “When She’s Near” music video
o An interview with Fiction Family – Sean vs Jon
o Photo Gallery
* CD of 3 B side tracks including
o a cover of The Cure’s "Friday I’m In Love"
o "Resurrect Me" by Jon Foreman
o "No Other Needs" by Sean Watkins
* Limited edition Fictional Family print.
* Printable Holiday Card (So you have something in time for Holiday gift giving)

Vinyl Edition Includes:

* Vinyl album
* CD album
* Printable Holiday Card (So you have something in time for Holiday gift giving)

CD Edition Includes:

* CD album
* Printable Holiday Card (So you have something in time for Holiday gift giving)

Go here to pre-order your package now! (Thanks dontcloseyoureyez!)

Switchfoot ft. Robert Randolph and the Family Band; Join the "This Is Home" Youtube group

Switchfoot ft. Robert Randolph

This is a stunning video of Switchfoot playing "On Fire" during the Music Builds Tour. It features Robert Randolph playing along with the band... Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks Bentley Oaks for uploading this on MyspaceTV.


Also, make sure you join the Youtube This Is Home group that was started by the Switchfoot account that uploaded the new "This Is Home" music video. Let's get this ball rolling! :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Featured Video: Switchfoot - Old Borego

Hey everyone! This is a music video(ish) thing that I made for the Switchfoot Christmas song, "Old Borego." I took clips from the various different Switchfoot DVD's out there and brought them together, to maybe make a Holiday cheer video.

It's a great song too... a little strange, but I like it and it fits the mood. Enjoy, and please please comment and rate it! I'd appreciate that a lot! Thanks!