Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bro-Am 2009 aftermath; Switchfoot's "Hello Hurricane" release pushed back yet again

First item today, via LOBH, a fan picture reports that Switchfoot's "Hello Hurricane" has been delayed yet again, this time to October 2009.

Well then... I guess it's going to take a little longer. Should be great though.


Here's a video of the full-band performance of "Vice Verses" at the Switchfoot Bro-Am auction. Hilarious story at the beginning.


Relevant Magazine posted a blog/review of the Switchfoot Bro-Am:

Switchfoot guitarist Drew Shirley divided his time between giving guitar lessons to kids in StandUp and serving as MC for the all-day concert. In his few minutes of downtime, with his toddler daughter clinging to his leg, Shirley talked about an experience that touched him.

“Last year one of the kids here tried to commit suicide, right before Bro-Am,” he said. Although he didn’t know the full story then, Shirley invited the teen to throw T-shirts into the crowd. The gesture from the band had immense impact on the teen, who started making more positive choices, including drug rehab. This year he returned to Bro-Am with StandUp and shared his story with Shirley.

“That connection with an actual person…that’s why we do what we do. It’s all worth it if there’s one guy who’s taken off those tracks,” he said.

Read the rest HERE


And today, Switchfoot is rehearsed new songs today:

Twitter (June 30, 2009):

- Still recovering from bro-am awesomeness. So fun. Going for quick surf with jon, then rehearsing new songs today. -tim

- Just left rehearsals, ears are ringing. Practiced a new tune called "the sound." Can't wait to play this one live, WOW! -tim

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bro-Am 2009

As you probably all know, Bro-Am rocked. Be sure to catch up ALL the events, setlists, and everything else that happened this past Saturday, on the switchfootbroam twitter account, and LOBH for a photo roll.

Here are a couple of videos our friend Gabby took at the Bro-Am. Digging the sax-toned "Won't Back Down."

"Bullet Soul"

"Won't Back Down"


Twitter post from that day, by Andy Barron:

- bro-am is epic. luv, andy. http://twitpic.com/8mhcq

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Switchfoot's Album Artwork for "Hello Hurricane - REVEALED

Yupp! As we mentioned, LOBH has been running the twitter account SwitchfootBroAm in order to keep us all updated on the weekend goings-on in San Diego related to the Switchfoot Bro-Am. As we also mentioned, the album artwork was revealed this past Thursday during the Bro-Am auction. Here, again courtesy of the GREAT, MAGNIFICENCE that is LOBH, we have a picture of the album artwork for "Hello Hurricane."

What do you say, friends? I think it's near-epic.


BE SURE TO KEEP CHECKING http://twitter.com/switchfootbroam today to get live, almost-instant updates on what's happening at the Switchfoot Bro-Am.

Here's what the Switchfoot boys posted on their official twitter:

- Switchfoot Bro-am surf contest/concert today at moonlight beach, Encinitas CA. The sun just came out, gonna be a great day!

Have an amazing day, and hope it goes swimmingly for you all. :)

Switchfoot rocks hometown at the Del Mar Fair (exclusive perspective...?)

WOW. What a day. I'm sitting here at the foot of my bed, writing my thoughts on the Switchfoot show I just returned from. I would have to say, in the four Switchfoot shows I have been to, this is probably the one that stirred the most emotion, the one that brought about the most transcendence of the absolute joy to be found in playing music for a band of five dudes from Southern California.

Personally, this was probably the closest I've ever been to the stage; literally 10 feet or so away, and the energy emanating from the stage was definitely contagious. Switchfoot, sensing the difference in atmosphere that comes with a hometown show, put on a great, albeit stunted hour and-a-half performance.

From the time Led Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks" started to play over the loudspeakers to the last epic chorus of "Dare You to Move," the band held the audience's complete and undivided attention. There were a few times during the set when the band themselves became the spectators, drinking in the whole scene: hundreds of people, singing along to their tunes, at the fair they went to growing up. In no one was this more evident than in the frontman Jon Foreman himself, who oftentimes closed his eyes during an interlude of a song; breathing in the moment, trying to grasp it and hang on to it for a little while. There was more truth in the words "Let's slow the evening down... slow it down... slow it down..." tonight than usual.

"I'm just taking it all in," he gushes. "Over there are the roller coasters, and the sun setting." His traditional jaunt out into the crowd is heartfelt, clasping hands with a quiet joy, probably spotting an old friend or two in the crowd amongst the sea of faces. His gaze directly into a fan's eyes seem to be a moment of piercing, a soul-searching glance that speaks a thousand words more than "this is your life, are you who you want to be?" can. That is the kind of connection this band can make with its audience.

There was a moment of my own where the "fan" interaction became more of a "fam" interaction, if you will. Jon spotted me, a lone fan in the crowd singing along word-for-word to the song "Hello Hurricane," a new tune that hadn't been played yet in this town outside of the walls of the band's studio. We met eyes, and he pointed towards me with a big smile while singing the words to a song that I've come to love again. A moment in time, frozen in that space. I guess I won't really forget that...

The show continued on, with great appearances from Sara Watkins (Violin and pretty singing Voice), Keith Tutt (the Cello), and local legend Karl Denson (Saxaphone). It definitely felt like a family band was out there on the stage.

"Mess of Me" and "Hello Hurricane," the two new "babies" of the group continue to get progressively better each time I hear them live. "Awakening" and "Meant to Live" = the best crowd energy the entire evening. Both songs saw the most fist-pumping and jumping, and the ensuing cheers for "one more song" were deafening. And again, a great set was concluded with the timeless classic, encore-staple, "Dare You to Move."

It was a great show with friends, new and old. I came with my roommate from college, and a few other good friends, and ran into a pleasant surprise as well. At the merch table, I finally got to meet, in the flesh, some of you amazing boardie-folk from the Switchfoot world. Katers, Rose, Nicole, and the others I didn't really get to find out who you are, glad to finally see you friends! :)



Meant to Live (intro) / Oh! Gravity.
Gone / Crazy
This Is Your Life
American Dream
This Is Home (feat. Sara Watkins and Keith Tutt)
Only Hope (feat. Sara Watkins, Keith Tutt, and Karl Denson)
Mess of Me
Dirty Second Hands
We Are One Tonight/C'mon C'mon
Hello Hurricane
On Fire
Meant to Live

Dare You to Move (feat. Sara Watkins and Keith Tutt)


Here are some pictures I took that sorta kinda turned out ok... :]:


Twitter posts from Switchfoot about the show:

- Just arrived at the fair, beautiful weather for tonight's show and bro-am tomorrow.

- Tonight's show was special. Thanks San Diego. Also a big thanks to Karl denson, Kieth tutt, and @saraWatkins for joining us. So great!


Bro-Am is tomorrow! Or technically, later today... haha.

HAVE A GREAT TIME, anyone who is going. Be sure to check out live updates here:


I will probably be gone all day tomorrow, so don't expect to much of a recap here. Just sayin'. :)

THANKS for reading that, if you did. Sorry it got a little long... :]

Friday, June 26, 2009

Switchfoot Bro-Am Auction kicks off a busy weekend in San Diego

Only a brief recap here:

Andy Barron tweeted a pic of Drew Shirley MC'ing the Bro-Am auction

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And our good friends over at LOBH created a live-updating Twitter account to keep us all informed this weekend.


One BIG news item is this particular tweet:

- I've let you suffer long enough! The album art is... *drum roll* birds in the sky with the words "Hello Hurricane" on the top left. React!

SUPER jealous. :)

Be sure to head over to the twitter account to catch a full recounting of what happened down in San Diego. Sounded like a GREAT evening.


And the press is starting to pour in, in preparation for the weekend ahead.

- Globalsurfnews, who posted a Poster for the event:

- SDNN, which has the FIRST EVER public appearance of a photo from Switchfoot's desert shoot for "Hello Hurricane," fresh off the hard drive!

- North County Times

- Chron.com

- Surfline.com



Switchfoot tweeted quite a bit throughout yesterday, including a mention of a familiar person.... Here's a recap:

June 25

- Wow, it's too early. Time to grab some gear from studio and go to interviews. This Twitter is just helping me stall from getting up. -tf

- Had fun at star 94.1 this am, great people. Now at the W downtown with sophie 103.7 playing acoustic, will air a tune at 3:30.

- those who missed the radio interview on Star941 in San Diego, here's a brief recap! http://tinyurl.com/mfqpc2 (via @joberooni)

- @JeannaLOBH hi, 3:30 pst. -tim

- Felt spontaneous, played "vice verses" for the first time as a full band. Airs on Sophie at 3:30pst. We played on a fake rooftop beach, ha.

June 26

- Just got home from our Bro-Am charity auction, what an amazing night! Lots of money raised for "stand up for kids." Time for some sleep. -tf


NOTE: I tuned in to Sophie 1037 at 3:30 local time but the "Vice Verses" performance was never aired, as right about that time, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop himself, was pronounced dead at age 50.

It was a tragic day, and we have lost a Legend in his own right. Our respects go out to the Jackson family. May you rest in peace, MJ.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Switchfoot Up early at Star 941 in San Diego

Yupp! Three of the Switchfoot boys, Jon and Tim Foreman, as well as Chad Butler, stopped by at San Diego's Hot AC station Star 941 and did an interview for the Jeff and Jer show.

If you missed it (as did I), never fear! They posted a podcast of the show, and you can download the interview by going here and scrolling down until you see the two mp3 files labeled:

- Rob Thomas in the Star Lounge, Switchfoot in studio.
- Switchfoot in studio (continued)

Then right-click, save target as. Note: the first audio file, Switchfoot's segment starts at around 20:49, so you can fast-forward to that part if you'd like to skip the Rob Thomas portion of the show.

Then, you can go here for photos and videos of the live performances during the interview that Jon played on his acoustic guitar. He played "Behind Your Eyes" and "Dare You to Move."


Switchfoot taking over San Diego this weekend; and personal notes

Hi everyone. Just as a little "uniqueness" sort of thing, i thought I'd repost what I wrote in this thread of the Official Switchfoot Message Boards about the three newest songs we've heard from "Hello Hurricane" so far. I'm thinking of writing a more thorough and comprehensive review on these songs plus "Yet" and "Vice Verses," but not sure yet. Should I? Anyways, I digress. Here they are, and thanks for reading my rambling:

"Hello Hurricane" is the poppiest and "safest" bet at radio. Judging by the fact that they've never gone with any risky singles in the past (Oh! Gravity. being an exception), I'd be interested and would support the idea of going with something different for radio, at least for the lead single. But I definitely want to hear this on the radio. It's just screaming for airplay. The lyrics are accessible and hopeful, easy to recognize, and the music has that upbeat quality that would make the song a summery hit. HAHA. they should release it during hurricane season.

"Bullet Soul" sounds pretty amazing. I can totally see that gracing the Modern Rock stations, and possibly spilling into Hot AC. Remember, that's how "Meant to Live" did it. But not sure Top 40 would embrace anything from Switchfoot anymore, unless they went pop-hop. haha. But I've had the riff of this song stuck in my head for the past three days, and the chorus too. It's a grabber, alright.

"Mess of Me," I thought at first would've been a solid radio shot, but it's sounding pretty repetitive after awhile. Maybe a a solid third single, after Bullet and Hurricane.

Am I crazy? Feel free to join the discussion here. :]


Seriously, epiphanyofhope on Youtube is amazing. Here's more footage from the Lancaster show, courtesy of epiphany. Check out there rest here http://www.youtube.com/epiphanyofhope

Switchfoot channels a bit of U2 in this "American Dream" video

^The Edge-esque atmospherics on the guitars. The Bono-esque speech to America. Really reminds one of "The Joshua Tree" era.

And here's probably the best quality video of "Bullet Soul" yet on Youtube.


Switchfoot tweeted about some radio interviews and performances they will be doing for some local San Diego TV and radio stations. Here's all the details:

Official Tweet: Hear SF: performances & interviews: Thurs 7:45 am STAR 94.1 http://www.jeffandjer.com Fri 7:45 am 91 X 8:30 am XETV 6

Be sure to tune in if you are in the area, and if you can wake up on time. haha!


Switchfoot also sent out a new email about the Bro-Am this weekend and the Del Mar Fair show they'll be playing the day before.

Dear Amigos -

The weekend has arrived. We are playing a very special hometown show THIS Friday June 26th at the Del Mar Fair in Del Mar, California. Click here for show and ticket info.

And, the 5th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am is this Saturday June 27th. This is a FREE beach event open to the public with a surf contest, concert, and vendors, featuring performances by Tristan Prettyman, Timmy Curran, The New Archaic, The Howls, Jane Carrey Band, Indivision, and Switchfoot's Jon Foreman and friends.

Full details:
What: 5th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am
When: Saturday, June 27, 2009
Where: Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA
Surf contest: 7am-3:30pm
Concert: 11am-5pm
Website: http://www.switchfoot.com/bro-am/

And, make sure you join us for the Bro-Am after-party hosted by Switchfoot with Fiction Family, Stripes & Lines, Alex Woodard, and Molly Jenson, Saturday, June 27, 8PM @ The Belly Up Tavern. Click here for ticket info.

The Bro-Am was created to give back to the San Diego community while also benefiting a local children's charity through funds raised at an auction night event, as well as from vendors on the beach day-of, sponsorships, and an after-party at the Belly Up Tavern.

We are delighted to announce that this year's event will again benefit the San Diego and Oceanside branches of StandUp For Kids, a national nonprofit volunteer outreach organization that started right here in San Diego and is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of at-risk,homeless, and street kids. (www.standupforkids.org)

As always, thanks for listening, and hope we see you this weekend.

- Tim, Chad, Jon, Jerome and Drew



And lastly, on a more personal note, my friends are giving me one of their extra tickets to the Del Mar show, so I'm pretty excited. Thanks guys!

But I'll try to get some pictures, videos, etc. to share with all my friends out here on the interweb as well. ;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Switchfoot talks poverty; re-works an old tune

Jahred from Relevant Magazine recently sat down with Switchfoot to talk about the ONE Campaign, as well as Relevant's Reject Apathy project. (this was the same guy who recently blogged about meeting Switchfoot at Alive Fest) You can really get a sense of the guys' true passion and heart for those who are less fortunate than others. It's not a cosmetic, rock-star-standard type of thing for them - it's real.

Here's what Jahred wrote:

I mentioned earlier that we were able to spend a few minutes with the guys from Switchfoot while at Alive this year. Here is the video in its entirety. The guys were very, very insightful; hopefully you take something from this video. They really support ONE, and are passionately behind the causes that we are aiming to shine some light on with Reject Apathy.



Watch the video here


Next, here's a video of Switchfoot performing "We Are One Tonight" at the Lancaster show. What's unique about this performance is:

1. The atmospheric delay-ridden riff at the the beginning of the song.
2. Mixing in "Your Love Is Strong," "Shadow Proves the Sunshine," and (I think for the first time live, ever) "C'mon C'mon."

So needless to say, I think this is a pretty exciting live video to watch, so here it is:

And here's a video of "Only Hope" from the same show, complete with a pre-booing session (watch and you'll know what I mean... haha), and a full-band ending. Awesome.


June 22, 2009 Twitter updates:

- Home tweet home. Just landed in San Diego, and the sky is big and blue. Good to be home! -tim

- A friend gave me a shirt to get into the "bro" am mood. http://yfrog.com/5i90ej

Monday, June 22, 2009

An epic weekend of Switchfoot live shows! (Lots of Videos... and other news items too)

Mhmm. I was initially going to post every single video that was uploaded on Youtube from the past four shows shows at Big Ticket, Alive, Toronto, and Lancaster, but, that would cause this page to load up at a snail's pace. So, here's a select few, probably the better ones, so you don't go crazy waiting for everything to load. :)

So first off, here is a video of "Stars" from Switchfoot's set at the Alive Festival.

Jon Foreman also played an aftershow...
(Note: The entire aftershow was uploaded, so be sure to switchfoot102's channel to check out more)

Resurrect Me (In the regular EP key)
Another Note: For the past few times Jon has played this song (most notably at Fiction Family shows), he's been playing down a few keys, but on this performance, he's playing the song in the key that is heard on the Summer EP.

Southbound Train

While we're on the subject of Alive, Andy Barron updated the Daily Foot for this show:

Alive Fest, Ohio


A Relevant Magazine staffer wrote up a blog about his experience with the band. It's definitely a great read, and he pretty much gushes about Switchfoot and their genuineness and overall how great they are as people:

It's great to have this job and to be in the position to bless people in those little ways. It says a lot about Switchfoot (who later signed autographs for a few hundred fans until they were all gone) to be willing to help make a young fan's dream come true. And it's such a perk to have the job I have, being able to help facilitate those things. I took Jake to the signing with me and was able to bring him up close while I took some photos. You would think that after 45 minutes of just standing there and staring at five people sign posters one would get bored. Not Jake. About every 15 minutes, he would call out to Tim (Switchfoot's bass player), "Tim! You're awesome!" And every time, Tim would stop his signing, lean back, give Jake a high five and say "You're awesome!" right back to him. I don't think I'll ever run out of good things to say about those guys.

Read the rest HERE


Now, on to Toronto! Here's a video from Switchfoot's Toronto setlist two nights ago.

Hello Hurricane (Full Band Version!)

Mess of Me (Good quality audio!)

This Is Home

Dare You to Move

That song never ceases to amaze live, even after all these years. Epic.


And, "Bullet Soul" was debuted in Lancaster last night! Here it is here:

Full Song (blurry audio)

Shorter vid, better audio

^Gotta love the Drew Shirley shredding!


All this time, the Switchfoot guys have been updating the twitter. Here's the digest:

June 21st Twitter updates

- Just crossed back into the states. Had an amazing time in Toronto. Show was special, sold-out crowd was loud. Can't wait to come back.

- Checking out an Amish farm here in Lancaster, so great! -tim http://yfrog.com/7dvdxj

- "I find it ironic that @switchfoot just twittered from an Amish farm." (via @OmahaSheriton) agreed. -tim

- the guys are playing 'bullet soul' live for the first time ever right now! -andy http://twitpic.com/82byg

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

- @alyandaj haha, yes! Now I'm getting confused. -tim

- Wow Lancaster, you did not disappoint. What a great end to a fun run of shows. Flying home in a few hours for bro-am week in San Diego. -tim

June 22nd:

- On board, flying home. Feeling tired and punchy. http://yfrog.com/0zyhkyj


So amongst this grand potpourri of brand new Switchfoot concert footage, what's your favorite new song so far? Is it the acoustic rendition of "Hello Hurricane?" The full-band version of "Hello Hurricane?" Or some "Bullet Soul" or "Mess of Me"? I'd love to hear your opinions, yallzz! Peace, happy Monday :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Come to the 2009 Switchfoot Bro-Am! June 27th, Encinitas, CA; and Other Switchfoot news

^(official official Tracklisting for "Hello Hurricane." Thanks LOBH!)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEROME FONTAMILLAS!!! Our favorite "he-plays-everything-else" dude is turning 42 today. WOOT! Thanks for rockin' with Switchfoot all these years, Romey. :)


Rapid-fire news Saturday... hehe. ^^

Switchfoot uploaded a promo video for the Bro-Am next week:


The Daily Foot is back!

Read about the show in Gaylord, Michigan here!


Speaking of which, Luke gave LOBH the set list from last night's show in Ohio.

Switchfoot Set:
Oh Gravity!
Crazy Love/Gone/Umbrella/Gone
This is Home
American Dream
Won't Back Down
This is Home
We are One/Shadow Proves the Sunshine/We are One
Mess of Me
On Fire
Meant to Live
Only Hope (Jon solo)
Dare You to Move

Jon Solo Set:
Happy Birthday
War in My Blood
Resurrect Me
Learning How to Die
Company Car
Southbound Train
Let Your Love Be Strong
Your Love is Strong


Toronto's National Post interviewed Chad Butler ahead of their show tonight:

Q: Has being independent changed Switchfoot's musical direction at all?
A: We worked for many months without a producer, or even an engineer sometimes. It was just us experimenting in the studio. There's a lot of happy accidents when you don't know what you're doing (laughs). We were trying to find new ways of capturing the live energy we have on stage.
We did bring in Mike Elizondo in the last few months of recording. That was incredible to have someone like that to bring a new synergy. He comes from a completely different background - he came from producing and writing with Dr. Dre and Eminem. And more recently with Rilo Kiley and Fiona Apple. Recording with him was a challenge for us - his approach was really refreshing. Someone who's got such a rhythmic sensibility.
I think it's going to be really surprising when people hear this.

Q: What is the set-list going to look like at the NXNE show?
A: We have been bringing out a couple Legend of Chin [the band's first record] songs in the last year from time to time. I think for us right now the urgency and excitement is to start playing a few of these new songs from Hello Hurricane. We will be debuting some - I think Toronto will be one of the very first show we get to play these new songs at. Now that the record is finished - it'll be fresh for us.

Read the rest HERE


June 19th Twitter Posts:

- Just passed 20k followers. Thanks for following all of our ridiculousness. We love you guys, -tim

- On stage in 30 min here in OH. Gonna be wet and wild. Maybe some lightning. Should be fun. Toronto tomorrow! We love our Canadian friends.

- Jerome says he's ready to rock some ohians. http://yfrog.com/5bgq6j

- thunder, lightning, and heavy rain right during the last chorus of dare. it was pretty epic. amen for post-show chick-fil-a. -andy

Friday, June 19, 2009

"Mess of Me" debuted last night

Switchfoot debuted "Mess of Me" for the first time last night. This VIDEO is proof:

Hopefully we'll have one with a little bit better audio, but so far, listen to this. :) I like it. Sounds like The Hives and 60's garage rock!

And: "Hello Hurricane" live, for the first time ever, on ... Mandolin!


Switchfoot Twittered about yesterday's incredible show:

June 18, 2009

- 'we're on a cart!' luv, @andybarron http://twitpic.com/7r7oq

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

- guys just did 'mess of me' for the first time live. so good! check the daily foot later yo. - andy http://twitpic.com/7rksy

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

- Jon's on the sidestage playing a few more acoustic tunes, crowd is singing so loud! What a night! http://twitpic.com/7rsp3

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

- New song Hello Hurricane just got debuted on a mandolin! http://twitpic.com/7rufv

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

June 19th

- Mornin'. Rainy day here in OH, and our bus broke down. BUT... We've got a new bus now, and we're not gonna let a little rain stop us.


We'll keep you updated on the new live videos as they come. Stay tuned!

What do you all think of the new song?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Festivals Touring Time!

Yupp. Switchfoot have landed in Michigan. It's time!

Twitter: June 17, 2009

- Landed. Flew through an amazing thunder storm at sunset, beautiful. Caught a glimpse of it in frame 1: http://yfrog.com/5heeyj

- Met some twitter friends at the Nashville airport, now we're rolling down the highway on the tour bus. Michigan, here we come. -tim

June 18, 2009

- Mornin'. Bus just stopped, so I think we must be here. -tim

More to come later, as the concert videos start pouring in. Fingers crossed for some live "Hello Hurricane" or "Mess of Me". For those going to the shows, have lots of fun!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Eve of Summer Festival Season for Switchfoot

Yupp. The Switchfoot guys are now at the airport checking up on all their gear before they head out to play the first show of the Summer season in Gaylord, MI. Just a reminder, here are the shows they'll be playing this summer, before the big Crazy Making Tour with Blue October:

6.18.09 Gaylord, MI
The Big Ticket Festival

6.19.09 Canal Fulton, OH
Alive Festival

6.20.09 Toronto, Ontario
The Phoenix Concert Theatre

6.21.09 Lancaster, PA
American Music Theatre

6.26.09 Del Mar, CA
Del Mar Fairgrounds

6.27.09 Encinitas, CA
Switchfoot Bro-Am

7.09.09 Kings Island, OH

7.10.09 Doswell, VA
Kings Fest

7.11.09 Kent, WA
ShoWare Center

7.15.09 Willmar, MN
Willmar Civic Ctr (SONSHINE)

7.17.09 Little Rock, AR
Riverfest Amphitheater

7.18.09 Baton Rouge, LA
Blue Bayou Water Park

7.24.09 Valparaiso, IN
Porter County Fair

Be sure to head over to switchfoot.com to purchase tickets for these shows or for the Crazy Making Tour.


In the aftermath of the new "Hello Hurricane" tracklisting we got from Switchfoot yesterday, we have a few items to report on.

First, Woodsawya from the official message boards created one of the best Switchfoot mash-ups I have ever heard. It's titled "This Is the Sound" in honor of the new song from "Hello Hurricane." NOTE: this is not to be confused with the actual song that is to be released later on.

This Is The Sound (unofficial)

What do you think of that? Pretty cool, huh?


And after the Twitter announcement yesterday, Switchfoot and Andy Barron were busy on there:

June 16, 2009

- Twitter typo: john m perkins, not john b perkins.

- RT: Sweet mother of peanut butter cups. How exciting is that vinyl news from @switchfoot? Seeing them in 3.5 days. Huzzah. (via @lisareuben)

- That was my favorite twitter today! Just starting rehearsals. -tim

- @switchfoot shows this week:

- shows this week: 6/18 Gaylord, MI * 6/19 N. Lawrence, OH * 6/20 Toronto, ONT * 6/21 Lancaster, PA. www.switchfoot.com for more info

- next week is Switchfoot week in San Diego: 6/25 Bro-Am Auction; 6/26 Del Mar Fair; 6/27 5th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am Surf Contest/Concert

- So come to Del Mar Fair for the big rock show on Fri, then come surf/hang out with us at the beach the next day. info: http://bit.ly/9YF3N

- one more change. (john m. perkins blues) goes after 'the sound'. last typo. promise. so, ya, im watching the guys rehearse. luv, andy.

- i set down my real camera and picked up my phone to shoot this. weird. here's rehearsal. luv @andybarron http://twitpic.com/7koig

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

June 17, 2009

- At airport, checking gear. Flying out to Nashville to get on the bus and head to MI.

- Boarding time. http://yfrog.com/3oyaeqj


And lastly:

The Album Project reports on the new tracklisting.

Have a great tour Switchfoot! And to all the friends out there, make sure you bring a camera to catch the new songs. ;)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Switchfoot Unleashes the Hello Hurricane Tracklisting

NOTE: Switchfoot just twittered and said that the track "Bullet Soul (John B. Perkins' blues)" was actually a typo. It's "(John M. Perkins' blues)." Thank you. :)

UPDATE: 12:57 PM - @switchfoot one more change. (john m. perkins blues) goes after 'the sound'. last typo. promise. so, ya, im watching the guys rehearse. luv, andy.

Based on the Twitter posts today, here is the tracklisting for the upcoming Switchfoot record, "Hello Hurricane," complete with an A-Side and B-Side!

"Hello Hurricane" Side-A

1. Needle and Haystack Life
2. Mess of Me
3. Your Love Is a Song
4. The Sound (John M. Perkins' blues)
5. Enough to Let Me Go
6. Free

"Hello Hurricane" Side-B

7. Hello Hurricane
8. Always Yours
9. Bullet Soul
10. Yet
11. Sing It Out
12. Red Eyes

Well, there you have it. What do you all think? I really like the titles for this record.


Here's some tweets Switchfoot posted yesterday afternoon/evening. They had a pretty busy day by all accounts!

June 15, 2009

- Had a great rehearsal today. Worked on 2 new tunes: "mess of me," and "hello hurricane." here's proof: http://yfrog.com/59lw7jj

- Now we're headed to LA for some dinner and talks about when/where/how we want to release this record. So eager to get these songs out!

- You never know what's gonna happen when you go to LA. We're at Rob Cavallo's house having dinner with ally and aj and meatloaf (the artist).

- Headed home on the 405! Here's a post-dinner photo of us with aly, aj, meatloaf, and cavallo. Classic. http://yfrog.com/7dwjtj

- Here's a video Meat Loaf made to remember tonight. The best part is when he introduces us as switchback. http://yttwt.com/n9im3

And here are the tweets about the evening from Aly and AJ

- @switchfoot You guys are incredible, great hanging! Insane night, love love the new songs Xo AJ

- http://twitpic.com/7j0no - Us at Rob Cavallo's hanging with many talented guys...

Us at Rob Cavallo's hanging with many talented guys... on Twitpic


And, here's a video reel(ish) recap of the recent show run Fiction Family went on.

"Betrayal" at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC
June 9, 2009

"Mostly Prove Me Wrong" at the Square Room in Knoxville, Tennessee
June 10, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Switchfoot to rehearse playing new "Hello Hurricane" songs live

We are three days away from the first of a string of Summer Festival dates that Switchfoot will be playing. As such, the band has begun preparations for those shows, and for the upcoming Crazy Making Tour with Blue October, and are rehearsing new songs.

Tim Foreman updated the Twitter account today, June 15, 2009, with the following news:

- Rehearse today and tues. Fly out to MI on Wed. Gonna start playing some new songs live from new album "hello hurricane" (out in sept). -tf

^So it is going to be a September release date. And, how many of you are excited to see what concert videos will show up on Youtube when these shows start happening? I'm personally excited to hear Switchfoot perform "Hello Hurricane" in its entirety live. Sounds like it could be an exciting live tune.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fiction Family back on the road! Switchfoot to "dream up" their new website

Well folks, in the time we have been "away" (on my part, due to illness), Fiction Family has been back on the road playing shows that will lead up to their prime slot at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, which takes place tomorrow.

We have a fan-blog report about the show last night at the Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC. Here's an excerpt:

I really love the Fiction Family album, and they’re even better live. The venue is small, which lent itself to a more informal mood and allowed Jon Foreman to talk to individual people in the crowd–not me, but some people were lucky. The music was INCREDIBLE, of course. And Fiction Family covered Jon Foreman’s “Resurrect Me,” which they have recorded, but Jon also sang two other of his solo songs–”Behind Your Eyes” and “Your Love is Strong,” which is my favorite song from the seasonal EPs. Admittedly, there were tears in my eyes. So wonderful.

Read the rest HERE. :)


Well, since Jon Foreman has been out with his other band, the rest of Switchfoot have been having some fun back here at home. They've been tweeting it up on the Twitter of their many doings and goings-ons. Going-ons? Goings-on? help. hehe

June 10th:
- Home from fun morning surf.

- Anyone catch the black keys/yeah yeah yeahs/metric show in Oceanside (north san diego) on Sun? So bummed I missed it, 10 minutes from me.

June 11th:
- What's up, It's drew, and I'm watching one last static tv show tonight, cause it's all digital rabbit ears from here on out.More l8r,-d

- Oh, and thanks everyone for all your messages and mentions. I just read like a hundred and could only write back a few. High fives, drew

June 12th:
- Early surf, then Dreaming up our new website with chad.

- About to destroy an amazing burrito with andy and chad at the camp in costa mesa. -tim http://twitpic.com/77ljb

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- @nigeltttan yes, we love Singapore!

- Met some twitter friends on our way out of the restaurant. Headed back to sd with chad behind the wheel. http://twitpic.com/77rdx

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Looks like the boys are having fun. And by all accounts from Mr. Andy Barron, it looks like the new Switchfoot record's artwork is being finalized. We are definitely getting amped up, and it might not be long until we start hearing material from "Hello Hurricane." Plus, the possibility of a new website is definitely something that gets us all stoked as well.

Switchfoot, we can't wait! :D

Peace out everyone. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Of Tweets, Fiction Family, and looming Switchfoot travels

Hey everyone. Out only updates for today (and the past few days for that matter) are from the Switchfoot Twitter:

June 8, 2009

- Fun am surf with jon.

- BBQing w/ drew, getting ready to hit the road next week. Surfing with jon and chad in the morning, then Jon leaves for bonnaroo w/ ff. -tim

June 9, 2009

- Leaving jon's house. He is headed out for some fiction family dates on his way to play Bonnaroo. Safe travels amigo.

- Leaving jon's house. He is headed out for some fiction family dates on his way to play Bonnaroo. Safe travels amigo, see ya next week.

- Padres/dodgers tonight!

yay for somewhat double posts! :) That's about it for today folks! Peace.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Switchfoot Twitter-ings, and a long-awaited column...


First off, here are some Twitter updates from Switchfoot, in case you missed them yesterday:

June 5, 2009

- Checking the surf, looks good.

- Fun quick surf. Somehow I got "more than words" by extreme in my head while I was surfing. Wierd, but I'm kinda excited about it.

- Happy Saturday. Going surfing with Jon. http://twitpic.com/6qsfu

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And the "long-awaited" column is here! That's right friends. If you've been waiting for Part 5 of the clunkily-titled series "an analysis of past singles and what that could mean for this new album," the wait is all over. (yeah, that title is a bit long, sorry). :)

But here it is, in all it's dreamy, unrealistic glory! Read it and let me know what you think. =D

FootColumn: Part 5 in an analysis of past singles and what that could mean for this new album

DISCLAIMER: In no way do my opinions reflect those of ATO Records, lowercase people records, Red Light Management, or the band Switchfoot itself, nor any other managing partner thereof. This is merely a fan-written, speculative piece on the marketing of the album. It is NOT to be quoted, used as a hard piece of evidence in any debate or argument. It is only a blog post. Thanks for understanding

Ok. This marks a bit of a departure in these singles articles. It’s also the last one (for now). But in this segment, I will put on the label executive hat for a moment. The one difference, however, is that I’m a COOL label executive. ;) So have a seat, grab a sweet, relaxing drink, and hopefully enjoy. This got a bit long... sorry...


~puts on hypothetical label executive hat~

So, ladies and gentlemen, the new Switchfoot album “Hello Hurricane” is still a few months away from dropping. But we’ve been busy and have chosen the first single, and I believe that it’s going to be the title track, “Hello Hurricane.” The reasoning behind this is that it’s a highly popular song already amongst the Switchfoot message boardies, the Switchfoot faithful, if you will. They all will be pumped to help push this song in any way they can. If we’ve got the fan-base pumped to deliver the single to their friends, family, school friends, and co-workers, half the battle is already won.

So this song, (judging by what we’ve heard of it so far) is incredibly accessible and catchy, with lyrics that can relate to every day life. It’s a song about movement, about daring to stare down the storms of life. “Hello hurricane, you can’t silence my love.” Reminds one of “Meant to Live” and “Dare You to Move” lyrically. Seeing how those two songs did at radio and MTV, I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go back in that direction, marketing-wise. It’s a song of hope. And especially in these times, Hope is attractive.

Our marketing plan then is going to be laid out as follows.

*Late June, 2009:

-Deliver the single to radio and iTunes. Make an effort to create great cover art. Andy Barron will be put in charge of this.

*Late June through late August:

- Throughout the summer, we will work the song to radio stations, delivering cd singles to various DJ’s at key radio outlets across the nation (KROQ comes to mind). This will cost some money and won’t guarantee big-time success at radio, but will guarantee that all the key stations will at least have the song at their disposal.
The radio campaign will be widespread, but we will hire key promoters to work the key stations across three formats: Hot AC, Top 40 Mainstream, and Alternative/Modern Rock.

Here is a list of the stations we will be targeting heavily:

WDVD Detroit Hot AC
WPLJ New York Hot AC
KHMX Houston Hot AC

KISS Los Angeles Top 40
WHTZ New York Top 40
WXKS Boston Top 40
WKSC Chicago Top 40

KYSR Los Angeles Alternative
KITS San Francisco Alternative
WWDC Washington Alternative
KNDD Seattle Alternative

Getting these key stations will go a long way in achieving success, because these are the stations with the largest listener bases in their markets (stats according to Allaccess.com). Generally, if a station like KROQ picks up a certain song, a slew of other Alternative/Modern Rock stations will take notice and gobble the song up. That is our goal at radio – to grab the big fishes that influence the rest of the pond.

It is also important to communicate to the various promoters to slowly work the song. We’re going for a slow-burning, steady build at radio instead of a gigantic assault. Long-term success is better than a bullet single (meaning, a song that explodes to the top of the charts and is gone a few weeks later). We want the song to be steadily played all summer, much like “Dare You to Move” was back in 2004.

- We will also launch an online marketing campaign for the fans. Communicate to the street team (Footsoldiers) that every effort, every person, every chance for a listen is an important opportunity to spread the word about new music.
Twitter plan: On the day the single is launched, have a “re-tweet” mission. Make sure the fans re-post two key pieces of information on that day: “@switchfoot” and “Hello Hurricane.” The goal is to turn the song into a top trending topic, and the more times twitter users include those two key words, the higher up it will go on the trending topic list.


Banner plan: Much like the Fiction Family street team campaign earlier, fans will be given banners to post on message boards, myspace, facebook, xanga, etc. The banners will be coded to keep track of how many unique impressions they accumulate. The top three fans will win prizes


Radio calling plan: We will keep a list of stations spinning the single. It will be updated daily, with markings on “priority” stations, “hot” stations, etc. Fans will be encouraged to target stations and call to request the song. Online request pages and phone numbers will be provided.


Note: Because the fan base is not as large as it used to be, we will have to be careful to help give the fans a hand. It is ESSENTIAL that the label ensures that the fans efforts won’t be in vain. Long-term commitment from the fans is definitely helped by success.

*Mid-August, 2009

- shoot a music video with the band and package it together quickly to prep for a VH1, MTV, and FUSE TV campaign.

-The video will be premiered the Saturday before the week of the album release on Vh1 (we will make that happen), and shortly after on the band’s Youtube account.

- The video will then be pushed for adds onto Vh1’s Top 20 Countdown voting list. Once that is secured, fans will be encouraged to vote like mad for the “Hello Hurricane” music video.

- Fans will also be commissioned (via a new Street Team mission) to spread the video across the web, much like the aforementioned Banner plan.

- FUSE and MTV rotation will be worked for as well, but the focus will be on Vh1.

- late-night TV spots will be worked for too.

And once the album is released, we can revel in the success it will get in terms of the first week. ~takes off hypothetical label executive hat~


Well friends, that’s my dream marketing strategy for the upcoming Switchfoot “Hello Hurricane” record. Hey, if anyone out there has connections to ATO Records or Red Light Management reads this, why not suggest a few of these ideas? And if this is pure madness, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section either. It’d be appreciated. :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Switchfoot/Blue October Tour Pre-Sale Up now!

Switchfoot.com posted the first non-Friends of the Foot pre-sale for the upcoming Crazy Making Tour with Blue October. Go here to grab the tickets before the general public can get them.

Here's an press article from AntiMusic

(PR) Switchfoot have announced their Crazy Making Summer Tour which is set to kick off July 26th in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The tour will feature special guests Ours and Longwave.

Switchfoot is currently putting the finishing touches on its seventh studio album, Hello Hurricane. Produced by the band and Mike Elizondo {Eminem, Rilo Kiley, Fiona Apple), the album is by turns explosive and elegant, a transcendent work that finds Switchfoot exploring new musical textures.

Read the full report here

Next, Live Daily confirms that the tour will indeed be of the co-headlining variety between Switchfoot and Blue October:

Blue October and Switchfoot will embark on a co-headlining tour this summer to promote their respective new releases, "Approaching Normal" and "Hello Hurricane."

Read the rest of the article here.

And now, here are some other press articles on the upcoming Switchfoot/Blue October Crazy Making madness:

- The Celebrity Cafe
- The Audio Perv
- The Earth Times


Cross Rhythmns has a decent news feature on Fiction Family, and one portion that catches the eye is how Jon Foreman answers the question of how Switchfoot and Fiction Family are able to translate their material to all audiences:

Foreman was asked how, given Switchfoot's popularity with both mainstream and Christian audiences, the material on 'Fiction Family' would translate to both? Said Foreman, "I don't think either of those words exist in the way many people think they do. I believe in a God that transcends soul, matter, time and space, so when I'm writing a song, I'm not thinking about the we/they. There is no we/they if we're all in a journey toward truth, though I suppose that can sound really new age-y. I'm a believer, but I think that the boxes that are commonly put on Christendom by the post-modern world can be really destructive to the way we produce art and produce love to those around us."

Watkins feels there is a future for Fiction Family. He said, "I would love to continue. Jon and I talked about more Fiction Family stuff; it's kind of open-ended when we have time.


And lastly, today's update would be remiss without a recap of the Tweeting of our favorite Twitter peeps (yeah, we're talking about Switchfoot... hehe):

June 3, 2009

- RT@martinamcbride "Listened to Meant2Live -switchfoot. Hadn't heard in a long time. What a record! Took me to another place for a min"-thx!

^wow, btw. That's pretty cool.

- Official Tweet: Switchfoot Touring Pre-sale Starts Purchase pre-sale tickets now , click here. http://tinyurl.com/qah869 (@dalemanning)

- Weird day. Was that thunder in San diego?

- On my way to a padres game. Let's go pa-dres!

^sad to say, the friars lost that game.

and June 4, 2009

- Was that a little earthquake?

@switchfoot yes a 2.0 located at 34.007N 116.726W (via @crcole) Guess so, palm springs quake. Going surfing with chad.

- Haha, and thanks also to @jmccartie for the quake intel.

Oh! California.

Have a nice day everyone. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Switchfoot Rehearsing new songs for Tour!

The Switchfoot Twitter update says it all, but first, here's a gem from earlier:

June 2, 2009:

- At home depot, fiction family just started playing: when she's near. Nice. -tim

^Awesome! Now that's reaching a new demographic. hehe. I kid, I kid.

And now, the latest update:

- Evening glass-off surf session with chad, always good to jump in the ocean. Starting up tour rehearsals next week, new songs to play!!

^Fantastic. I am really looking forward to the tour now, although I did find out today that I will once more be barred from attending the Switchfoot Bro-Am this year. I am bummed, but hope you all have fun! (whoever is going that is)


Next, we've got a pretty awesome interview with Jon Foreman, from an Italian website.

Jon Foreman
A string stretched towards the infinite

There is a constant tension between contingency and eternity in Jon Foreman’s music. In more than ten years of career as a leader of Switchfoot, Foreman has earned platinum records and Grammy nominations. As a soloist, last year he showed himself through the intimate songwriting of a series of Eps inspired by the cycle of seasons. A path focused on the willing to compare everything with his own questions. In this exclusive interview, every word has a distinct weight: that of experience faced up to its roots.

In Italy both your name and the name of your band are not so popular as they are in the U.S.... If you had to use a single sentence to introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t know anything about your music, what would you say?
Guitar driven music for thinking people.

After ten years with a successful band, what prompted you to challenge yourself with a soloist experience? What does it take to always look for something more and to keep one’s own questions alive?
I’m frightened by the unknown but I’m also drawn in, I want to know what’s on the other side. In some ways, these EP’s came from this drive. But mostly the songs determined their own fate, I was just following the loose threads.
I suppose most of the best questions in my life come from pain. When we experience elements in life that are beyond our experience are often we encounter what’s most important, maybe even The Other. Fear can kill these questions if you’re not careful.

There are plenty of biblical references, often inspired to verses taken from the Psalms, in the lyrics of your Eps. The Dylan-esque songwriting model (the one evident in songs like “Every Grain Of Sand”) seems to have deeply impressed you. Nowadays what makes those words still capable to reach the heart?

I’m not exactly sure what gives words their power. An old song can lose it’s power no matter how true it is. I feel like the role of a songwriter / prophet / lover / friend / human is to seek and tell the truth in ways that are appropriate to his/her unique situation.
In the Judeo-Christian story of creation you have a God who speaks words into being. Whether you’re writing a song or offering encouragement to your girlfriend - you are entering into the creative, relational god-like realm where words have incredible power.

Nowadays faith and art are considered to be almost incompatible with each other: so it happens that specific music categories are created (e.g., the so-called “christian-rock”), as if to imply that believers have nothing to say to men as men, but should at most talk to an audience of people having their same faith. On the contrary, your experience seems to have something different...
All of us among the living have this in common: death is coming. It’s in this tragi-comic state where we seek meaning and hope. These are where my songs come from. This is the common ground. The hoping, the searching, the dreaming, the living, the dying. These are my peers: atheists, christians, agnostics, surfers, students, homeless and millionaires.
It’s unfortunate and all too predictable to believe that the only folks for me to love are the ones that I agree with. This type of thinking fuels racism, fascism, and fear. And you can see this horrible strain of intolerance in both the right and the left. Yet music is one of the only guests who makes it into our minds uninvited. I treasure many songs written by people with different understanding of life. I expect that open minded folks would hear my songs in the same context: simple expressions of truth, beauty, pain, and hope.

Read the rest HERE

Monday, June 1, 2009

Switchfoot announces "Switchfoot Bro-Am Auction Night Soiree" to benefit Stand Up For Kids; Bro-Am official press release

Direct from switchfoot.com

Standing Up For Kids — Switchfoot Bro-Am Auction Night Soiree

On Thursday, June 25, multi-platinum recording artists Switchfoot present Standing Up For Kids, an auction night soiree in conjunction with the fifth annual Switchfoot Bro-Am, set to benefit local chapters of StandUp For Kids, a national volunteer outreach nonprofit founded here in S.D. dedicated to making a difference in the lives of at-risk and homeless kids. At a beautiful La Jolla Farms home overlooking Black's Beach, guests will enjoy cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, silent and live auctions, and an acoustic performance by special guests. Tickets are limited, and there are two ticket levels — VIP tickets also include a private pre-event meet and greet and photo opportunity with Switchfoot.

When: Thursday, June 25, 2009
Where: Private La Jolla Farms Home
*The address will be emailed to you closer to the event date.
5-6pm: VIP reception with Switchfoot
6-10pm: reception, program, silent & live auctions, performance
Attire: coastal chic

General Tickets: $50 per person (click here to purchase general tickets)
VIP Tickets: $250 per person (click here to purchase VIP tickets)

**Photo by Vincent Knakal


5th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am Date Has Been Set for June 27th, 2009


Multi-platinum rock act Switchfoot presents 5th annual Switchfoot Bro-Am — a pre-event auction night and charity surf contest and concert utilizing enviro-friendly sound and staging to benefit StandUp For Kids

What: 5th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am
When: Saturday, June 27, 2009
Where: Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA
Surf contest: 7AM-3:30PM
Concert: 11AM-5PM

What: Auction Night Soiree
When: Thursday, June 25, 2009
Where: Private La Jolla Farms Home
5-6pm: VIP reception with Switchfoot
6-10pm: reception, program, performance

*Bro-Am after-party hosted by Switchfoot with Fiction Family and Stripes & Lines, Alex Woodard, and Molly Jenson, Saturday, June 27, 8PM @ The Belly Up Tavern!

(Encinitas, CA) The Switchfoot Bro-Am surf contest and concert returns to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas on Saturday, June 27, 2009! An annual event near and dear to Switchfoot's hearts, the Bro-Am was created to give back to the San Diego community while also benefiting a local children's charity through funds raised at a pre-event auction night, as well as from vendors on the beach day-of, sponsorships, and an after-party at the Belly Up Tavern.

We are delighted to announce that this year's event will again benefit the San Diego and Oceanside branches of StandUp For Kids, a national nonprofit volunteer outreach organization that started right here in San Diego and is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of at-risk, homeless, and street kids. (www.standupforkids.org <http://www.standupforkids.org> )

"The Bro-Am has been my favorite day of the year ever since we started it back in '05," notes Switchfoots's Jon Foreman. "To see our hometown come together to help out a deserving group of kids is an incredible experience — surfing, music, and the San Diego scene at its best. We feel truly honored to again partner with StandUp For Kids, an incredible organization serving at-risk youth here in S.D."

"The Bro-Am event changed our chapter, our kids, and our volunteers last year," explains Kim Goodeve-Green, director of center operations for the Oceanside branch of StandUp For Kids. "Not only did it raise crucial monetary support that we used to expand programs for our kids, but it increased awareness of who we are, and this in turn generated more volunteers, more support, and more community involvement. We need your help now more than ever. We've seen a rise in numbers and are currently servicing 50+ kids each night (at our chapter alone). These kids deserve to be loved, cherished, lifted up, and to stand up on their own two feet."

The Switchfoot Bro-Am will again work with San Diego-based Sustainable Waves to offer cutting-edge solar-powered sound and staging. Sustainable Waves utilizes the renewable energy sources of the sun to deliver 100% pollution-free concerts. By using solar power rather than a diesel generator or grid power, the Bro-Am will avoid emitting approximately 1,000 lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere (the equivalent of not driving your car approximately 1,100 miles or the annual sequestration of 66 trees).

We are now accepting sponsors for this year's event. Surf contest participants so far include riders representing O'Neill, Billabong, Transworld Surf, Surfing, Surfer, AKA Surfboards, Walking On Water, Macbeth, Surf Ride, Jedidiah, Surfcurls.com <http://Surfcurls.com> , Keep A Breast, Surfline.com <http://Surfline.com> , and Dental Specialty Associates, as well as professional surfers Timmy Curran and Rob Machado, and members of Switchfoot.

A free concert on the beach will feature performances by a number of well known local as well as national bands including Tristan Prettyman, Timmy Curran, The New Archaic, The Howls, Jane Carrey band, Escalera, Switchfoot's Jon Foreman and friends, and more.

Beach vendors so far include Pizza Port, The Surfrider Foundation, The Sundt Memorial Foundation, Nika Water, Brotally, Falling Whistles, Honest Tea, Sambazon, Life Rolls On, Harney Sushi, Keep A Breast, The Tony Hawk Foundation, Quiver, Boardworks, Tri Tip Torpedos, and Flat Fitty, with many more to follow soon.

An after-party hosted by Switchfoot and featuring Fiction Family, Stripes & Lines, Alex Woodard, and Molly Jenson at The Belly Up Tavern will round out the day to help raise additional funds for StandUp For Kids.

There are a number of exciting new additions in the works for this year's event that we will be announcing shortly! For sponsorship information or to donate to the auction night event and/or beach day raffle, please contact us.

We'll hope you'll join us in this worthy and fun-filled event!

All the best,

Mia Stefanko & Kip Locke, Switchfoot Bro-Am Directors
Mia Stefanko, 760/274-3930, miashiomi@yahoo.com, mia@ranchandcoast.com
Kip Locke, kiplocke@hotmail.com, klocke@invoiceconnection.com
www.switchfoot.com/bro-am, www.switchfoot.com/bro-am


If you're in the area, have you planned out your Bro-am itinerary yet? I started planning mine out last night, and it's going to be pretty awesome. Let me know if you're gonna be there! Peace friends, on yet another cloudy So Cali day.

Switchfoot Twitter, May 30, 2009:

We call it June gloom, but I love these cloudy days. Watching the train speed past on a walk to check the waves. http://twitpic.com/69ec6

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