Saturday, May 30, 2009

Since we're talking tours...

I thought it'd be cool to dig into the time machine/vault/device/thingy to find some old tour dates and, for that matter, website layouts. And here's what I found. Hope you enjoy these old Switchfoot tasties as we prepare for the new and upcoming. Click the links to visit these blasts from the past, thanks to the wonders of the wayback machine. =)

The Beautiful Letdown tour

The Spring, 2006 leg of the Nothing Is Sound tour

2007 Oh! Gravity. tour

Friday, May 29, 2009

Breaking: New Switchfoot Email

Dear Amigos -

We are thrilled to let you know that our new album HELLO HURRICANE is finished.
The release date is still TBD, but it is looking like a Fall 2009 release. As soon as we have more details, we will let you know.

In addition to finishing the new album, we are very excited to let you know we will be touring with Blue October this summer throughout the US. The tour, titled The Crazy Making Tour, will hit over 20 US cities throughout July and August.

Special PRESALE for our FRIENDS OF THE FOOT starts on June 1st, with
GENERAL ONSALE on June 5th except where listed below.
(Please see FRIENDS OF THE FOOT section below about how to join or renew if your membership has expired).

Please see complete list below of our tour dates with Blue October:

Sun, Jul 26 Council Bluffs, IA Stir Cove
Mon, Jul 27 Denver, CO Fillmore Auditorium
Tue, Jul 28 Salt Lake City, UT The Salt Air
Fri, Jul 31 Portland, OR Crystal Ballroom
Sat, Aug 01 San Jose, CA San Jose Civic Auditorium
Wed, Aug 05 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern
Thu, Aug 06 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues
Sat, Aug 08 Phoenix, AZ Marquee Theater
Sun, Aug 09 El Paso, TX Abraham Chavez Theatre
Thu, Aug 13 Lake Charles, LA L'Auberge Casino
Fri, Aug 14 Houston, TX Verizon Theater**
Sat, Aug 15 Dallas, TX House of Blues
Sun, Aug 16 Dallas, TX House of Blues
Thu, Aug 20 Louisville, KY 4th St. Live
Fri, Aug 21 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade**
Sat, Aug 22 Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
Sun, Aug 23 Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live**
Thu, Aug 27 Atlantic City, NJ House of Blues
Fri, Aug 28 New York, NY Terminal 5
Sat, Aug 29 Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino
**onsale June 12th

Right now is the best time to join if you are not already a member.
Aside from the MEET and GREET access you will get all summer on the tour
dates, the band has been incredibly active in posting exclusive content about
the new album, and will continue to offer special access to the band as they
gear up to release the album. In addition to the exclusive content and downloads, you receive:

1. Tour laminate good for meet/greet
2. Limited edition t-shirt
3. Discount on merchandise in online store
4. Access to Pre-Sale tickets on future tour dates
5. More Surprises to come!

And, if you were a member and your membership expired, you can re-join
for only $39.95.

Click here to learn more:

Del Mar Fair and BRO-AM 2009

We are playing a very special hometown show on Friday June 26th at the
Del Mar Fair in Del Mar, California. Click here for show and ticket info:

And, the 5th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am has been set for Saturday June
27th, 2009. This is a FREE beach event open to the public with a surf
contest, concert, and vendors. The Bro-Am was created to give back to
the San Diego community while also benefiting a local children's charity
through funds raised at an auction night event, as well as from vendors
on the beach day-of, sponsorships, and an after-party at the Belly Up

We are delighted to announce that this year's event will again benefit
the San Diego and Oceanside branches of StandUp For Kids, a national
nonprofit volunteer outreach organization that started right here in San
Diego and is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of at-risk,
homeless, and street kids. (

Stay tuned for more info on this exciting event.

Also, we are playing 2 shows with Dave Matthews Band on September 12 in
Chula Vista, CA and September 13 in Irvine, CA. Both of these are ON
SALE now. Complete show and ticketing info is listed here

As always, thanks for listening!

- Tim, Chad, Jon, Jerome and Drew

New Layout

Like it?

My good friend Isaac Lee (or izakly), put it together. Give him some love!

oh, and check out his Switchfoot tutorial videos on Youtube.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Switchfoot/Blue October Crazy Making Tour Dates; Andy Barron submitting "Hello Hurricane" art today!

First off, straight off Switchfoot's Myspace page:

Jul 26 2009 8:00P Stir Cove Council Bluffs, Iowa
Jul 27 2009 8:00P Fillmore Auditorium Denver, Colorado
Jul 28 2009 8:00P The Salt Air Salt Lake City, Utah
Jul 31 2009 8:00P The Crystal Ballroom Portland, Oregon
Aug 1 2009 8:00P San Jose Civic Auditorium San Jose, California
Aug 5 2009 8:00P The Wiltern Los Angeles, California
Aug 6 2009 8:00P House of Blues Las Vegas, Nevada
Aug 8 2009 8:00P Marquee Theater Phoenix, Arizona
Aug 9 2009 8:00P Abraham Chavez Theater El Paso, Texas
Aug 13 2009 8:00P L’Auberge Casino Lake Charles, Louisiana
Aug 14 2009 8:00P Verizon Theater Huston, Texas
Aug 15 2009 8:00P House of Blues Dallas, Texas
Aug 16 2009 8:00P House of Blues Dallas, Texas
Aug 20 2009 8:00P 4th St. Live Louisville, Kentucky
Aug 21 2009 8:00P The Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia
Aug 22 2009 8:00P House of Blues Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Aug 23 2009 8:00P Rams Head Live Baltimore, Maryland
Aug 27 2009 8:00P House of Blues Atlantic City, New Jersey
Aug 28 2009 8:00P Terminal 5 New York, New York
Aug 29 2009 8:00P Hampton Beach Casino Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
Sep 4 2009 8:00P New York State Fair-Chevrolet Court Syracuse, New York

How about you? Disappointed that your town was skipped over this time? All ramped up to buy tickets already?


But, thanks to twitter, we now know that Mr. Andy Barron is "going to a fancy office to look at some SF artwork I did to see if they likey."

I'm sure they'll love it Andy. :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Switchfoot/Blue October Tour to be called "Crazy Making Tour"

Here's the tour teaser poster, as posted on Blue October's Myspace page. Looks like Switchfoot will be co-headlining with Blue October, with the bands Ours and Longwave opening up.

So the tour dates will be announced Thursday, May 28th. That's tomorrow. We'll keep you posted as soon as we get more information!

I think I've just gotten 10 times more excited for this tour. I don't know why, but I just am. Should be amazing, especially now that we see that Switchfoot will be at least co-headliners. Regardless of your views on Blue October's music, you can't deny this will give Switchfoot a huge promotional push as they ready their new album this September.

And it is quite conceivable that by the time this tour kicks off, we might be talking about a brand new Switchfoot single. If that's the case, imagine the kind of boost it would get from a pretty high-profile co-headlining tour like this. Thoughts?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Switchfoot announces a tour with Blue October throughout the U.S. this summer

This just in from the Switchfoot Twitter feed:

OFFICIAL TWEET: Switchfoot is excited to announce that they will be joining Blue October on a US tour this summer


here's the scoop from

Switchfoot is excited to announce that they will be joining Blue October on a US tour this summer.

Tour dates will be announced on Thursday May 28th, with a PRESALE for our FRIENDS OF THE FOOT starting on Monday June 1st at 10am local venue time.

General onsale will be on Friday June 5th at 10am local venue time. Ticketing links and full show info will be posted shortly.

Color me stoked. I remember hearing Blue October's singles, "Hate Me" and "Into the Ocean" endlessly on the radio a couple years back. Not a huge fan, but I must say that it's pretty sweet that Switchfoot gets another run with a pretty big band in the adult contemporary/modern rock genre. (see 3 Doors Down Tour last year).

We'll see what comes of this. What are your thoughts on the band? On Switchfoot's decision to go on an actual tour this summer?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day.

Let us take some time today to appreciate what our troops are doing overseas, what they've done to protect us here in the U.S. and around the world. It is sad when people take their work for granted, but we here appreciate what they've done. Thank you.

and Switchfoot also appreciated it. Here's what the Switchfoot boys said via Twitter today:

- Friends, today is significant. Take time to reflect on the huge sacrifices that have been made and continue to be made for our freedom.

Tim Foreman also noted yesterday that:

- My padres just won their ninth straight! -tim



Also, in case you've been wondering about that Past Magazine campaign (see banner at the top of our page), here's an excerpt from an email they sent out recently:

When we launched the campaign, we had no idea what to expect. We knew some readers had offered to help, but we braced for the worst. The response has been phenomenal. Readers, press and even advertisers showed remarkable support. We've been amazed, humbled and inspired.

So far we have raised $148,000! That was the minimum that we needed to keep us going into the summer; we never expected to hit this goal so quickly. Thank you! We have the most amazing readers in the world, and we now know—in a very real way—that we hold this thing called Paste in trust for you and will work diligently to honor that.

We still have a ways to go. Most of our debt will be paid out of revenues when the economy starts to rebound and advertisers return, but we need $300,000 to take care of bills that spiraled up during the ad slump. We're halfway to that goal and more confident than ever that Paste will make it.

If you're one of the thousands that have donated, you have our deepest gratitude. This crazy campaign is working. If you haven't donated solely because you thought the effort was futile, it is not. And just check out those amazing songs that are yours for whatever you want to donate.

^That's incredible. Thanks everyone for donating! =)


Here's a sweet video from Youtube that I found, and enjoyed thoroughly:

This Is Home (Santa Clara)


Alright, that's it for now. Have a great day!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Switchfoot Podcast 40!

DIG. IT. Thank you Andy Barron!

BTW, we hear Mr. Barron is working on "super deluxe edition" Switchfoot stuff. SNAP. Happy Weekend everyone! =)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

FootColumn: Part 4 in an analysis of past singles and what that could mean for this new album

“This Is Home”

“It’s a new day, it’s a new time.” Switchfoot had now become independent, and had also formed their own record label called lowercase people records. Jon Foreman was releasing solo EP’s and working with Credential Recordings to put them out mainly to, but not exclusively, the Christian scene.

But there was one thing that came along, rather unexpectedly, as the band was getting ready to spread its wings and fly into uncharted indie territory. Disney came calling, looking for a song to lead the soundtrack to their latest Narnia movie. Switchfoot submitted several songs, and what resulted was the pop rock anthem, “This Is Home,” which was chosen to be the lead single for the soundtrack of the movie.

At the time, it was said that Switchfoot’s management company, Red Light Management would be partnering with Disney’s Hollywood Records to promote the single to Triple-A radio formats. Hollywood Records had recently produced a monster mainstream smash hit, the Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah.” They were also the label that were in charge of the Jonas Brothers’ record releases. They were no strangers to the mainstream radio biz.

But what happened next was utterly disappointing. The single flopped miserably, with very few stations even remotely showing interest in the single. Again, Switchfoot’s “foundation format” (as I like to call it), Modern Rock, showed absolutely no interest, and only three stations on the Hot AC format span it for any period of time. Top 40 didn’t even acknowledge its existence. This simply terrible effort from one of today’s largest, most successful record labels, is almost inexcusable. Disney did a terrible promotional job across the board for their Narnia film, and the movie itself flopped miserably both domestically and internationally. The single got another impact to radio later in the year, with Sony releasing it to Triple-A in anticipation of Switchfoot’s greatest hits record, The Best Yet. But we’ve all seen how pointless that all was.

In my opinion, this band deserves to be one of the biggest bands in the world. They have written some remarkable songs that would’ve propelled them to superstar status, or at least a recognizable name across the industry. Instead, poor label decisions and laziness have left them as a smaller, independent band – and it couldn’t have turned out better. The band is happier than ever in making music, and they’re able to do whatever they want, including releasing FOUR ALBUMS of material, one after the other. These are great times for the band, and I think they are entering a new period of even greater success than they have even achieved up to this point.

In the next segment, we’ll discuss what I personally hope happens with the next single and the album Hello Hurricane as a whole. Or maybe I should re-phrase that. We’ll discuss what I WOULD do if I was in charge at ATO Records/Red Light Management. Should be fun. ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quiet Switchfoot day.

Switchfoot updated their Twitter earlier today: May 20, 2009:

- Nice moody grey day, good morning.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic


Also, for those of you who have been looking for a legitimate (read: non-illegal... hehe) copy of the C'mon C'mon remix, it is up on Jon Foreman's ilike profile for free download!

Go HERE to grab it. Hurry, it might not be up for too long.



The next FootColumn is on it's way. Look for it sometime tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Switchfoot to master "Hello Hurricane" this week; "Eastern Hymns" album art

Switchfoot has updated their Twitter, announcing some exciting news:

May 19, 2009:

- Just got back from morning surf: flat but always worth paddling out. Lots of dolphins. Done mixing the new album, mastering it this week.

^Perhaps once the mastering is done (likely by the end of the week), we might be hearing a single very soon, like next week or the week after. I keep broadcasting my predictions, and keep getting proven wrong but I don't know... I just like making predictions. :)


Next, Timmay from the boards discovered that on the Paste Magazine donation/download box, the song "We Are Bound" features album art for the "Eastern Hymns for Western Shores" EP that it comes from! Here it is, blown up, courtesy of the great LOBH:

In my humble opinion, it's a great, trippy album cover. Rather simple, but we're talking about a pixelated, low-res photo after all. I will reserve true judgment for when we see a higher quality cover.

But who is digging the new Switchfoot font? I mean, I hope they stick with the original font that they've been using, but this is a nice change.

Discuss! What do you all think?


And lastly, we are pleased to bring back our "Featured Video" section, with an old video of Switchfoot's performance on Extra Lounge way back in 2003. They played "Meant to Live" and you can see the performance right here:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Some loose ends in the world of Switchfoot

Hey folks! Happy Monday. If you're like me, you're probably steeped in a week full of final exams and papers and projects and no-lifeness. Fortunately (and I say this selfishly), there is little going on in the world of Switchfoot. But I thought I'd tie up some loose ends (hence, the title) that I think are interesting for you all.

First off, here's another video from the Spring Celebration in Santa Clara:

Meant to Live


And some news articles and press items:

Bro-Am press:

Interview with Chad mostly:
Happy Hour Mag (THANKS COOKIE!)

Another news article:

Darfur press:

The Star


That's all for now folks! Have a great Monday. =]

Friday, May 15, 2009

Be sure to donate to Paste Magazine!

...AND be sure to download Switchfoot's song "We Are Bound" as a gift in return for the kind donation. I was listening to it today, and compared it to the version of the track that was given for the Switchfoot holiday package, and there were a few differences between the two.

For one thing: although it's not too, too noticeable, the vocals on the Paste version are mixed slightly louder than in what we'll call the "Holiday Pack" version.

Secondly: Switchfoot recorded an extra set of lyrics/vocals during the coda of the Paste version. It's a bit hard to make out, but I think what they're saying is "in the counterfeit suns, in the counterfeit suns." This whole thing is absent in the "Holiday Pack" version, except at the very end if you listen closely.

Thirdly: The "Paste Magazine" version is actually apparently going to be on the "Eastern Hymns for Western Shores" EP that is going to eventually be released. The tagging indicated this so. So perhaps we should call it the EP version, or the "Eastern Shores" version. What do you think?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

"I need so much grace. I need so much patience. I need so many second chances." - Jon Foreman

Note: Hello everyone. I'm sorry about taking a whole post to vent my frustrations at a single person. It probably has nothing to do with you all, and I realize it sounds kinda petty to whine about one person's comments.

That being said, I really really really(!!) appreciate the kind thoughts. It was a great pick-me-up, and sort of a "dare you to move" moment from you all, to just get up and keep moving. I love Switchfoot, and I love writing about them. And if anyone wants to follow along and read, that's just the icing on the cake. You all make this experience SO much better, and I'm forever grateful to anyone who has ever read anything from me.

Much love,
- Job

Go read LOBH! =)


Now that that's out of the way (hehe), let's move on to the Switchfoot news! There's much exciting stuff going on in the world of Switchfoot, and Jon Foreman's fast for Darfur continues. As you all know, he was interviewed by a friend of mine, CJ from Conversant Life yesterday, and if you missed the live stream, he has it on video here:

Jon Foreman Fast for Darfur Interview from CJ Casciotta on Vimeo.

^thought-provoking, inspiring. I can't think of many more words for something so powerful as that. "I hope it moves you..."


In addition, Jon's been blogging about his experiences. Here are his day three experiences:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

darfur fast blog #4, day three: four morning thoughts

I woke up early. It's day number three of the fast and I am definitely feeling it... I crawl out of bed and have four immediate thoughts:

My first thought: I have access to clean water and a roof to sleep under. I have a bed. I have my guitar. In this fast I was hoping to join in solidarity with those who are fasting without an option; and yet the hunger I have right now is nothing compared to the despair of Darfur. Robbed of dignity, robbed of their homes, these refugees are on the run from brutal violence and rape, seeking out any form of hope. The smallest bit of hunger that I feel this morning cannot even be compared to the hunger that Darfur woke up with today: a hunger for dignity, a hunger for freedom, a hunger for so much more than simply food.

My second though was this: I need so much grace. I need so much patience. I need so many second chances. Even in this fast, I'm sure my motives are impure most the time. I might be drinking only water but it's my mind and my heart that are corrupted and impure. I would like to think that I have it all together but I don't- from the little things: I screw up the time and end up running late way too often- to the big things: I get overwhelmed at suffering and sorrow in the world and sometimes would rather turn the other way. And in my hopes to get things right I can be extremely judgmental of everyone everything around me. Dang it. I'm sorry all. God is so patient with me. My friends and family are so patient with me. I need to learn how to pass this grace along.

My third thought was along these lines: we are meant to live and love in community- to grow old together having shared laughter and pain and joy- to love each other through the painful spots. But we're so bent and hurt that we drive each other away. We've been so broken and shattered (Speaking out of experience here!), that we are driven to break and shatter the ones around us. Call it our fallen nature, or look to Freud and call it our death urge... might as well call it the front page of the newspaper. The fact is: we are driven to pieces, destroying ourselves and those around us in the search for meaning. No life is meant to be lived alone. We know this and yet on a planet with millions of people we drive lonely cars and work lonely jobs. We start lonely wars and buy lonely houses.

My fourth thought: Everything on this capital planet is worth what we will pay for it. The "worth" of gold rises and falls according to public opinion. The housing market, meats and vegetables, vintage guitars, oil... The trouble is that people fall into this category as well. The value of human life and dignity... What's it worth? Is it worth my time? Is it worth risking national security? Is it worth more than oil? Is it worth getting out of my comfort zone to help someone out? What we ascribe worth to is what we "worth-ship" - and what we worship is most evident with our time and money. Stock up treasures in heaven where moths and rust cannot destroy.

What's the meaning of life? What's worth living for? We live out those answers everyday in our choices. It's a tremendous amount of power, (accompanied with fear and trembling). The staggering realization is this: you've been loaned the power to determine what's "worth it" in your lifetime. Every hour of life affords a tremendous amount of spending power; choose wisely with your time, it's one of your most valuable resources.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

darfur fast blog #5 day three, impossible to ignore

so it's 11:56 on wednesday night... day three of the fast. I'm planning on breaking my fast at midnight.

I've just received word that the sudanese forces carried out a bombing raid on North Darfur today. And then this: In an IDP camp in west Darfur they ran out of water completely. I feel tremendously sad. Frustrated by the injustices and and feeling ridiculously small in the face of it all.

Tonight I pass the baton to a hero of mine, peter gabriel who be fasting for the next three days. It's a sobering thought, the luxury of being able to go back to food and while millions cannot.

I might be an idealist. I might not have a political mind. But I do know that something is off.

And I take a look at a nation of excess, (including my own) and I wonder why we as a nation aren't involved in what many are calling the paramount international human-rights crisis -- the Darfur genocide. Speaking of Darfur during his campaign, Obama said: "As president of the United States, I don't intend to abandon people." Yet he is. About genocide, he said, "We can't say 'never again' and allow it to happen again." But it is happening again.

With the U.S. budget deficit on track to rise to a record setting 1.84 trillion dollars in the current fiscal year, we remain uncommitted to Darfur. As a nation we are literally living on borrowed money, borrowing from the future to pay for the present. And yet, the staggering loss of human life in Darfur is not on our national priority list. With our budget we are declaring what is most important to our nation. In our excess we are abandoning Darfur.

Mother Theresa said this: "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish." I am so convicted by her words.

I want to be a part of the solution. I want to laugh with those who laugh, weep with those who weep, and suffer with those who suffer. I have lost much of my childlike faith in the government, but I have a hope for justice still. Maybe God alone can bring about final justice, but in this life I feel we are called to pursue it with our flesh and blood. If Christ was best known for his death, "laying down his life for his friends" then shouldn't his followers do likewise? serving and loving those in need? These are not things I can do on my own. I need your help. we all need a community to thrive in, to challenge us... to threaten us with abundant living.

This is our world. It's what you and me and the millions of other souls on our planet make it. This is your darfur, my darfur... Our chance to act or pretend that we don't care. Whatever your personal religious convictions may be, the tragedy in Darfur is impossible to ignore.


here's a few things online that I found informative:

go check out Jon's blog

And here's his final, reflective recap on the experience:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

darfur fast blog #6, reflections

I'm been very honored and humbled to join in the ongoing fast for those in Darfur who have no choice in the matter. In our global community, we cannot turn a deaf ear to those who are suffering. Today, I've passed the baton to Peter Gabriel, Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and the rest of you who are fasting alongside of those in Darfur. Thank you for filling in the gap, for praying and fasting and making your voice known to the media and to Washington.

In this brave new world of interconnectivity, we need each other more than ever. For all of my information about the situation in Darfur I have relied heavily on my friends who have been there. I have truly valued the information that many folks I've never met have offered to me over the course of the last few days. More than ever, we are the media. The media needs you to tell them that millions of refugees in Darfur is more important to you than whether Paris Hilton does this or that. Darfur was bombed again yesterday, why is that not making headlines?

We cannot be silent on the issue... this discourse is needed. It's a painful conversation, it's painful to see it on the news... I think the pain is what makes us turn to celebrity gossip or our own preoccupation. But we cannot run from pain.

I overheard a conversation a few years back. I was buying a greeting card in a bookstore downtown when I heard an old Morgan Freeman looking character talking to a pretty you blond girl. He had a low musical timbre from deep in his chest and his voice was clear, "Ask a weightlifter how he got so strong, he will tell you, 'I suffered.' Ask a runner how he got so fast, he will tell you 'I suffered.' Ask my people how they got so strong, they will tell you 'we have suffered.' "

At this point I am staring blankly ahead at the greeting card, trying to take in every word without looking like I'm eavesdropping. The older gentleman continued talking, "Suffering is vital to growth. For the best fruit you must cut branches off of a tree. To build muscles you must break them down. Sure, this is painful but needed. And yet we fear pain, we run from it. Do not run from suffering," he said, "Do not run from pain. Every great civilization that runs from suffering has begun it's demise. Look as far back as you want: Babylon, Greece, Rome, or the British Empire, you'll find that the reason for every great civilizations demise is rooted in it's attempt to cheat pain."

"And now," he said, "If we're not careful we will follow quickly down in our self-absorbed disregard towards suffering. We ignore the suffering on the street when we're in line for an over priced coffee. We ignore the suffering overseas for a cheap pair of sneakers. We try to cheat suffering with technology, with medicine, with economic bandages. But greatness does not come from ignorance of pain. Greatness comes from wrestling with pain, wresting with the injustices of the world. You cannot cheat death. Suffering will find you. Pain will find you. Death will find you. Do not run from suffering, how else could character form?"

"Yes, suffering forms character, suffering forms patience, suffering forms perseverance, joy, grace- all these beautiful parts of a human soul that cannot come into being any other way in this life. No, no- you see suffering is not the enemy. Sure it hurts. It hurts a lot sometimes. But so does giving birth. So does playing football. So does growing up. In this life, my friend, do not run from suffering. You'll be running from yourself."

^I feel motivated. It's an injustice. It's disgusting. It's depressing, it's unbelievable.

It's real.


And now, for a little bit of emotional self-indugence... bear with me friends... haha!:

It's a little difficult to transition from a mostly somber mood to brighter things, but that's part of the whole package in this life. We've got the hope, the light at the end of the tunnel sometimes, and it's those who find joy in the face of storms that I believe are the most courageous. That's why I have so much respect for the kids in Africa who are oppressed by Joseph Kony's rebel armies. That's why I am in awe of the Chinese underground church who are so hungry for the Truth that they would go at all costs to attain it. Those who press forward amidst the hard times are the ones who are truly alive, who have something to live for. I want that. I want something to live for... in the words of U2's song, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for..."

That's the beauty of life. We're always looking for that something. For me, it's God, but I feel like God takes us on this journey of discovery called life, and it's almost like he WANTS us to "climb those highest mountains" and "run through the fields." That my friends, is living. "We were meant to live for so much more..."

Let's be empowered by Jon's effort. Let's be inspired. Let's make a difference. Let's MOVE.


Sorry for that long diatribe. I guess I'm in that sort of mode right now. :)

But, Rawkerdood92 from the official message boards, the genius behind recording the preview for "Hello Hurricane" and unleashing it to the rest of the world, is at it again. He also recorded an incredibly high-quality version of "Vice Verses," which Jon played after the Switchfoot set at the aftershow.

Here's the original master recording he did, with some LogicPro tricks to make it sound exquisite:

Then Matt from the boards remastered it again and here's the result:

^props to them both. I enjoy both versions. Rawkerdood92's version has more prominent bass in the mix, while Matt's version sounds more crisp. They're both great! Thanks guys!


Andy Barron posted a quick video update to FOTF members, and says he's working on the artwork for "Hello Hurricane." Even in this quick screencap from LOBH (thanks Jeanna!), it's looking pretty epic.


Now for some press on the goings on in the world of Switchfoot and Jon Foreman:

Jon Foreman's fast for Darfur

Christian Post


SD City Beat


Quick Twitter update: May 14, 2009

- Reports of bombing by the Government of Sudan in Northern Darfur

- Follow Jon's Darfur Fast blog entry number 5

- jon has a new blog up about Darfur...


Last but not least, you may have noticed the new banner at the top of our page. We've heard that Paste Magazine is suffering from the economic downturn just as much as everyone else is. They need your help.

Those who donate to them will be given access to download over 75 rare songs from different artists, Switchfoot being one of them.

Go over here now and donate. They're a great organization, great publication, and it really would be a shame to see them go. I've heard from somewhere (forget where), that Jon actually loves reading that magazine.

So don't hesitate to at least give them a little helping hand. We get mp3's in return! =]

Note: I donated earlier, and the Switchfoot song that was being offered is "We Are Bound," a b-side song that we've seen/heard around before. It was offered with last year's Switchfoot Holiday Package, but here's the kicker: It's listed as a song off of the unreleased "Eastern Hymns for Western Shores - EP." Interesting.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Non-Switchfoot related post...

Hey guys. I know I'm a jerk and an a**hole, but sometimes, a**holes have feelings too.

Really though, savvy, it doesn't hurt that I'm less popular than LOBH. I think the site is one of the greatest fansites ever assembled, on any band or topic. Period. A lot of my inspiration for blogging started with Jeanna's site, and similarly with Phil's site

Now, am I so wrong in writing blogs about Switchfoot? Because basically, that's all my goal is. I'm not trying to steal publicity from LOBH. Shoot, why would I even try crossing blades with Jeanna? She's a great girl, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. All I want to do is blog and write about, and help spread the word about one of the greatest bands on the planet. A band who has changed my life for the better. A band that has saved my life on several occasions. I'm just trying to give back to them, what they've given to me.

So yes, savvy, I'm hurting. I'm not hurting because I run some crappy, sorry excuse for a Switchfoot fansite that is a primitive imitation of greater websites out there. I'm not hurting because I'm losing some perceived popularity contest. I'm hurt because I'm apparently a terrible person. I will gladly take everything I've written on these blogs down. But first, just do one thing. Answer this question:

"What makes Job a jerk? What exactly does bad attitude mean?"

I'd love to dialogue with you, because I'm trying every day to be a better person. It's great, classy people like you, savvy, who help me to strive to become a better person. So hey, help me out here. Thanks so much.

Jon Foreman Darfur Blog #3

EDIT: Conversant Life says they recorded the live interview stream with Jon Foreman today, and it will be available to watch again later tonight. Stay tuned!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

darfur fast blog #3, day two: letters to the editor

I got this letter today:

This is kinda weird. I'm all for publicity -- especially when artists are speaking up for the downtrodden in Africa -- but when somebody's fasting, it just doesn't seem right to publicize -- at least not during the fast. From Matthew 6:

16 “And when you fast, don’t make it obvious, as the hypocrites do, for they try to look miserable and disheveled so people will admire them for their fasting. I tell you the truth, that is the only reward they will ever get. 17 But when you fast, comb your hair and wash your face. 18 Then no one will notice that you are fasting, except your Father, who knows what you do in private. And your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.

Please take this in the right spirit. You know I'm a big Switchfoot and Foreman fan, and not just because of their music. I'm passionate about a lot of the same things Jon is passionate about, and I have the utmost respect for him. But this seems like, well, not your typical publicity fodder.

Feel free to tell me to take hike! ;-)

here's my response:

Hola friend,

thanks for your thoughtful email. I think understand your feelings about the publicity element of this fast. I have thought this through and would like to offer a few thoughts of my own.

First off, if the term "fast" throws you off, try a different term- maybe hunger protest. Or maybe this one: hunger strike.

The all-informative wikipedia says this:
A hunger strike is a method of non-violent resistance or pressure in which participants fast as an act of political protest, or to provoke feelings of guilt in others, usually with the objective to achieve a specific goal, such as a policy change. A hunger strike cannot be effective if the fact that it is being undertaken is not publicized so as to be known by the people who are to be impressed, concerned or embarrassed by it.

Or maybe try this term instead: 30 hour famine.
The 24-hour famine, the 30-hour famine, and the 40-hour famine are all very public attempts (most often within the church), to raise awareness and join in with those who are starving. Literally starving. The Global Food Crisis is in year two... And none of my friends really knows about it; to do nothing at all feels wrong.

If none of those terms work, I understand. Don't talk at all about my hunger strike if you don't feel comfortable with it. But instead I ask that you would write a whole article about Darfur. Save every dot of ink and every scrap of page for the ones I'm trying to draw attention to. Fast with me (in public or private). Join in with those who need your help. This would be my ultimate goal...

I thought about matthew 6 before I began this fast and feel comfortable with my decision to make this fast public. Fasting is one of the only ways I could think of to enter into the suffering of darfur. Like I've said earlier- I honestly don't have a better idea! If you or anyone else has any better ideas as to how to end the cycle of violence and despair I'm all ears. Or let me know how to support what your doing over there and I will try my best to lend my songs to the cause.

To bring it back to the specifics of this fast, Darfur remains the United Nations' largest relief operation. More than 2.7 million civilians have been driven from their homes, and about 4.7 million rely on humanitarian aid to this day.

and that is why I cannot eat...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Live Update: Jon Foreman's fast to be streamed tomorrow, 10:30 A

Twitter, May 12, 2009:

- Jon is in day two of his fast for darfur, singing the final vocal for "hello hurricane" in Carlsbad, California

- LIVE Stream w/ Jon on His Fast for Darfur (Tomorrow), May 11th @ 10:30 AM PST Read more

(^P.S., we believe that "May 11th" is a typo.)


From the Conversant Life website where this live stream is going to be cast:

LIVE Video interview with Jon Foreman of Switchfoot about his Fast for Darfur. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Join the conversation by asking him questions live via our video chat

^I'm going to have class at that exact time. Anyone want to record the stream for us?? :)


Here is some press about Switchfoot, Jon Foreman, and Darfur:

- Surfline talks about the Switchfoot Bro-Am.

- The Post Tribune talks about a show Switchfoot will be playing later this year.

- Beliefnet and Soul Audio talk about the Jon Foreman fast.

Jon Foreman and fan duet at Visalia After-show; Darfur blog no. 2

Here it is. She did a good job! :)


And Jon Foreman also upated his blog about the Darfur fast:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Darfur Fast blog #2, may 11, There's something broken with the system
As a musician, I have a natural aversion to politicians. In fact, I believe in democracy simply because I distrust all politicians equally.

And yet, I have a tremendous amount of faith and belief in humanity. When it comes to folks outside of the power schemes I might even trust people too much. I am ruthlessly idealistic, hopelessly optimistic. I believe the best in people. That's why I have to do something, because I feel that if people knew the truth, they would feel the same as I do. They would feel that something has to be done. They would care and things would change.

President Barack Obama last week requested a $1.5 billion emergency appropriation to deal with a flu outbreak that has killed 3 people in the US. I believe this action was in response to a nation experiencing "what could potentially be the biggest national emergency since Y2K" (genius comparison courtesy of glenn phillips.)

An estimated 300,000 folks have already died in Darfur and we do nothing... $0.00. And three people die of the flu and we spend $1.5 billion to figure things out. $1,500,000,000.00

I understand the need for precautionary measures but this feels like reactionary spending when I am reminded of the 2,500,000 people whose lives hang in the balance in displacement camps? What can be done for them? don't tell me nothing.

Obama: "We can't ignore the genocide in Darfur... We have to do everything in our power to make it stop. We have to act. Now."

Nothing? Years and years go by... and still... nothing...

Our national inaction sends the simple message that a whole crowd of Sudanese souls are not worth as much as an American with the flu. "Surely this is not true!" we protest. And yet our actions speak louder than our words.

There's something broken with the system.

We the people of the united states of america... We are the system. We are the media. We are the government. We are the twittering public. We the people of the united states of america... we own this place. We decide who is president. We pick the next american idol. Obama our leader, is in many ways a follower of his people. In a state where the vote of the populous determines the next face of the government, a politician must listen to his/her constituents to remain in power. I believe nothing was done for Darfur because Obama doesn't think the public cares about Darfur.

Perhaps we can blame the media- perhaps the public doesn't care because they are uninformed, or at least under-informed? Yes, but in many ways "the news" is simply a vendor trying to sell a product, we tell them (with our viewing, purchasing power) what product sells. Britney, Brangelina, or Bosnia. we choose the news.

And now for the staggering fact: you and I are the problem and the solution.

What a powerful statement at the end of this blog. Reminds me of a certain Switchfoot song...


Make sure you listen to the new Switchfoot song, "Hello Hurricane"

Andy Barron also says he's working on the artwork for the album:

thanks for the kind words.
i'm actually working on it right now.
glad you guys like the clip of HH.
just wait until you hear the rest of the record.
its ridiculous.

get pamped (pumped+amped).


We are so very pamped Andy! Have a great day friends!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Download preview of Switchfoot's new song, "Hello Hurricane"

HUGE HUGE HUGE THANK YOU TO Rawkerdood92 on the officials.

Download this great, amazing gift right HERE.

Initial thoughts: Sounds very U2ish, and also reminds me of the "Learning to Breathe" and "The Beautiful Letdown" era. Yet, it is a unique sound that Switchfoot has never played before. I am so stoked, and believe this HAS to be the lead single for the album. Incredible.


Jon Foreman is going to fast for Darfur

Twitter: May 11, 2009

- jon is preparing to fast for Darfur -

Here's the blurb that was posted on that website, as well as a video of Jon Foreman talking about his commitment to the fast.

Jon Foreman is the front-man for multi-platinum selling rock band Switchfoot. Over the course of the last ten years Switchfoot has developed a reputation as an amazing live experience with songs that transcend the boundaries of simple rock and roll. Foreman describes his songs as, “music for thinking people” a heading that seems to include activism of all kinds as well. Over the years Jon Foreman and Switchfoot have used their voice to support many worthy causes: International Justice Mission, Habitat for Humanity, The Surfrider Foundation, Invisible Children, TWLOHA and numerous local charities. The music and the activism collide every summer at the Switchfoot Bro-Am: a surf contest/ concert that the band throws support struggling teens in the area. In addition to the numerous solo projects and side projects that Jon has put out over the last few months, a new Switchfoot CD titled “Hello Hurricane” is slated for late summer.

Jon Foreman - Switchfoot - Darfur Fast for Life from fastdarfur on Vimeo.

^what a great guy. The guy never stops working hard for activism and social justice. If you can, I would urge you to consider joining this fast. This is an important, serious issue. Oh, and spread the word.


Jon Foreman posted his first blog about Darfur on Jon Foreman:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Darfur Fast blog #1, under the same sun

I arrived home in San Diego early this morning, back from a run of shows up the coast with Switchfoot. The sun is setting over the pacific and my hair is still wet from an evening surf. In the distance I can hear the whistle of the Amtrak from LA heading south. I'm grateful to be home, grateful to have a place to live, grateful to have been given another breath alive on this planet.

But today my thoughts are divided, split between two worlds. As the sun sets over California it begins to rise over Darfur. The same sun. The same planet. Can it be possible that right now, two and a half million people are waking up in camps and refugee camps having been driven from their homes by violent means? Under the same sun, could it be true that almost half a million people have died of starvation, violence, and disease over the past six years in Darfur? Is this true?!

And if this is true, why has the media remained almost completely silent on the issue? Why has our government maintained it's current stance of inaction?

When presidential hopeful Obama was running for office he stated that "We can't ignore the genocide in Darfur. The international community can't turn a blind eye when children are being slaughtered and women are being raped. We have to do everything in our power to make it stop. We have to act. Now."

Nothing has happened.

And yet the sun is still rising over Darfur. And the sun still rises over me. And the sun still rises over capital hill... the same sun.

Today we celebrate mother's day with our moms and grandmothers. My thoughts drift overseas to the mother who is just now waking up, wondering whether she'll be able to give her children anything to eat.

Tomorrow I begin a three day fast for Darfur. Why fast? Because quite frankly, I can't think of a better idea. I reckon the best way to enter into the suffering of a group of people halfway around the world is to start with the basics. These folks are fasting without alternative, for three days I will fast with them.


A guy by the name of Rawkerdood92 on the official Switchfoot boards got a recording of the "Hello Hurricane" preview and is currently mixing out the audience sound. Once that is done, he's sending it over to our friends at LOBH. We'll have that for you as soon as they do. Stay tuned. Can you believe it? We're actually going to be hearing parts of "Hello Hurricane."

Here's Rawkerdood92's stab at the lyrics, tempo, and key of the song:

Verse 1:
I've been watching blue skies
they've been turnin' blood red.
not a doubt in my mind anymore.
there's a storm up ahead.


Hello Hurricane.
You're not enough,
Hello Hurricane.
You can't silence my love.
I've got doors and windows boarded up,
All your dead fury is not enough,
you can't silence my love.

verse 2:
everything I have becomes lost
everything I have is stripped away
before I thought it ______
I've counted up these costs
there's nothing left for you to take away


tempo-approx. 166


INCREDIBLE. Stay tuned friends.


Some more live videos from the Spring Celebration show in Santa Clara:

On Fire

On Fire/Awakening

This Is Your Life

Meant to Live

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Switchfoot plays the Spring Celebration in Santa Clara

Drew Shirley posted an update on Switchfoot's twitter:

May 9, 2009

- "Please keep all hands inside until the ride comes to a full and complete stop." thanks Santa clara for a fun rock & rollercoastour! -d

and our friend Luthien posted this setlist:

Meant To Live Intro
Oh! Gravity.
Crazy Right Now/Gone Remix
This Is Your Life
This Is Home
We Are One Tonight
American Dream
Learning to Breathe
On Fire
Meant to Live
Dare You To Move
Hello Hurricane (on speakers, this was not a live song)

We also hear from Luthien that "Hello Hurricane" is shaping up to be a good, mid-tempo song. I guess we can't describe it until we actually hear it. haha.


Here are some videos from the show gathered from across the interweb.

Oh! Gravity. (Santa Clara)

Stars (Santa Clara)

Gone (Santa Clara)


Now for some other news and bits and pieces.

Indie Vision Music reports that Switchfoot will be playing "Hello Hurricane" live on their upcoming shows. We certainly can't wait.


Here's a report on this year's Switchfoot Bro-Am, which we hear is once again going to be environmentally friendly. Awesome:

The Switchfoot Bro-Am will again work with San Diego-based Sustainable Waves to offer cutting-edge solar-powered sound and staging. Sustainable Waves utilizes the renewable energy sources of the sun to deliver 100% pollution-free concerts. By using solar power rather than a diesel generator or grid power, the Bro-Am will avoid emitting approximately 1,000 lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere (the equivalent of not driving your car approximately 1,100 miles or the annual sequestration of 66 trees).

Read the full article here


here's a video of "Dare You to Move" from the Visalia show.

FOURTH (and not least),

a Twitter update from Switchfoot:

May 10, 2009
- Home, was a fun couple of shows. Happy mother's day to all the mommas!



Saturday, May 9, 2009

Switchfoot rock Visalia and preview Hello Hurricane!

It was a great show last night, as usual, we hear. Here's what the guys had to say before and after the show:

May 8, 2009

- For twitter friends in the valley, we just put 2 tix for tonight's sold-out show under the name Chin at willcall. First come, first serve!
(nice, I wonder who got those tickets)

- Hola all, jon here... We're going to play a sneak peak of a tune called "hello hurricane" through the pa after the show, adiós!

May 9, 2009

- Visalia did not disappoint... great town, great people. Good morning Santa Clara.

- On the discovery channel they said that loud music triggers the same emotion as a rollercoaster. Today I will try both! Rock&rollercoaster,d

Sounds like a great time. If anyone got a recording of that Hello Hurricane snippet, I'll be your BFF forever if you can get that over to us somehow. ;) just kidding. But yeah, we're all eager to hear it!


our friend Amy who went to the show told me that the song sounds like Daylight to Break; "a little acoustic, a little rock, a great sound." She also says that Jon Foreman mentioned the record is being mastered next week.

Color me stoked. And apparently, Jon Foreman also played an aftershow. Here's her pic:

Ah yes, the good ol' days of Switchfoot touring are back!


Now, here's a couple of videos from the show last night

Friday, May 8, 2009


The Huntsville times is running a story on an upcoming To Write Love On Her Arms event, and they mention Switchfoot:

The movement behind TWLOHA has seen 8,000 letters from 40 different countries with a message of hope, compassion and love. This is incredible for something that started to help just one person recover from a very dark place in her life. TWLOHA has grown because its mission to help those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide is a timeless battle. The group continues to impact lives by helping young people get the treatment and recovery necessary for working their way back to a happier, more godly life.

The message of TWLOHA hasn't grown alone. It started with a T-shirt worn by key artists with big hearts. It has grown with the help of Switchfoot, Anberlin, and the latest addition Group 1 Crew along with newcomers Remedy Drive. These musicians have championed the cry that depression is treatable.

Read the rest of the article here.


Twitter Update:

May 8, 2009:

- Good morning Visalia. Your downtown is cool, your air is warm, and your coffee is hot. I've got a good feeling about today.


Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Switchfoot getting set to head out to Visalia; FootColumn #4

Before we get to that, here's a news piece from about Kingsfest, a three day "Christian rock" festival that will take place in early July. They placed it as the No. 1 summer event of the year for that area. Of course, Switchfoot will be there.

1. Kingsfest: July 9-11, Kings Dominion

Featuring all Christian rock artists, the three-day Kingsfest is a moving experience on more than just a musical level. This year's edition features Relient K, Newsboys, Switchfoot, Jeremy Camp, Skillet and many, many more. Of particular interest for fans this year will be the Newsboys show. Michael Tait, formerly of dc talk, has taken the microphone, while former singer Peter Furler will concentrate on songwriting and producing exclusively. Will it work? Only one way to know: Go.


Switchfoot also updated their Twitter, saying they'll be heading out to play Visalia tomorrow.

May 7th, 2009

- Bus call at midnight tonight. Visalia, here we come.


FootColumn no. 4 is up! Read read read! hehe.

FootColumn #4: Part 3 in an analysis of past singles and what that could mean for this new album

“Oh! Gravity.” It was the 10th year Switchfoot had been together, and was the sixth studio recording they had done. Little did they know that it would also be the last time they would be releasing a full-length studio album under a major label. Now, the band had been touring in support of nothing is sound “Nothing Is Sound,” from the end of 2005 to the beginning of 2006, and had begun writing for a follow-up to the record.

The band spent the summer in the studio tracking the new record, which eventually would be called “Oh! Gravity.,” a triumph of a record in terms of musical exploration, creativity, and freedom. By September, the album was completed, and Switchfoot was ready to release a brand new single to the world. The premise behind the singles choices was great, in my book. “Dirty Second Hands” was deployed at the tail-end of the month, and prompted mostly positive reviews by long-time fans, as well as ushering in a new a group of fans who dug the “new” Swtichfoot: eclectic, artistic new rock.

Curiously though, this wasn’t going to be promoted as the lead radio single for the record. Instead, Switchfoot released the title track, “Oh! Gravity.” to Modern Rock radio in October. Great move by the label and the band, choosing yet another song to showcase the new side of Switchfoot. It was also a great move to promote the single directly to Modern Rock radio first, just as in days past, and the single got a lukewarm reception, peaking at No. 36 on that format.

Now, whether the label knew this wasn’t going to be an accessible, radio-airwave-grabbing hit or not is a mystery. What we do know is that once again, MTV and Vh1 failed to pick up the video, and there was little, if any, crossover into the mainstream formats for this single. Whatever the reason, there was little to worry about because there were other potential radio-explosive singles on the record. There was still the sure-fire hit that was “Awakening” just waiting to explode onto radio – or so we thought.

In March of 2007, “Awakening” was apparently “impacted” to radio, mainly the Hot AC and Modern Rock formats. What quickly became clear however, despite the music video’s viral success on Youtube, was that the label had committed no effort behind this single. It saw virtually no play on any radio stations on any format but for two Hot AC stations that span it heavily for a couple of months. It became arguably the lowest charting single by far that the band has released up until that time. The label again failed to work hard at the “foundation format” for the band, Modern Rock, and the single flopped majestically (or... not so majestically).

In retrospect then, it is not that big of a surprise that the band just a few months later decided to sever ties with Columbia record and go at it independently. Ultimately, this would turn out to be the best move, as we’ve seen countless projects from Jon Foreman, from his solo work to Fiction Family, to now Switchfoot’s looming, and upcoming seventh studio album, "Hello Hurricane."


Part 1
Part 2

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Andy Barron: 28 gigs of photos


May 6, 2009

- andybarron: just downloaded 28 gigs of photos i took in the last few days. wow. that's a lot.

^That IS a lot. And I seriously doubt we'll be seeing all of those photos, but hopefully a few Switchfoot gems in the lot will appear. Well done, once again, Mr. Barron.


Here are some videos of Switchfoot while they were participating in The Rescue in Kansas City:


So I've been wondering what you've been thinking about the FootColumns. Good? Bad? Ugly? Let me know please, and again, if you're interested in writing for us, SHOOT US AN EMAIL! =)

Another thing, what do you guys and girls think of the slight boxes around each post now? I think it organizes things a little better.

Thanks for reading again! You peeps are awesome!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FootColumn #3: Part 2 in an analysis of past singles and what that could mean for this new album

In the last segment, we explored the success of “The Beautiful Letdown” in-depth, analyzing the multi-format chart runs of Switchfoot’s biggest singles to date, “Meant to Live” and “Dare You to Move.” In this section, we’ll analyze what went right and wrong for the follow-up record, “Nothing Is Sound.”

“Nothing Is Sound” was a brilliant album (and in my opinion, Switchfoot’s greatest work), that was tragically marred by two main factors:

The Copy Protection fiasco
Lack of proper singles decisions

Initially, Switchfoot had shot a music video for their possible lead single, “Happy Is a Yuppie Word.” It was beautifully shot, and the haunting images provide delicious eye-candy for the beholder. But for whatever reason, the video failed to inspire label executives enough to release the song as a single. I suppose the somewhat depressing mood of the lyrics, as well as the song’s overall downbeat nature wasn’t going to hit well at radio, nor would it attract the kind of first-week sales Sony would want to cop after the double-platinum success of “The Beautiful Letdown.” So instead, a new video was shot for the incredibly accessible “Stars,” which became the new lead single for the album.

"Stars" first began charting during the week of July 15, 2005, which put it just about two months before "Nothing Is Sound" came out. The reception at first was solid, with the single peaking at No. 16 on Modern Rock, No. 37 on Top 40, and No. 68 on the Hot 100, but it dropped off soon after that, adding to a wave of bad publicity brought on by the Sony-mandated copy protection discs the album was printed on. At this point, the general public’s view of Switchfoot had probably soured, not only because they couldn’t get the songs onto their iPod, but also because the album overall was significantly darker than “The Beautiful Letdown” and the teenybopper fans had begun to move on to the next “flavor of the week.”

In an attempt to “rescue” the album, Columbia released the pop anthem “We Are One Tonight,” the most “un-rock” song on the album, as a single. This can be seen as an attempt to win back the Top 40 crowd with an infectious sing-along, but whatever the reason, Modern Rock rejected “We Are One Tonight” and so did the video channels. This can be attributed to the lack of real motivation on the part of the label, but there are some other factors involved here.

As we have seen up to this point, Switchfoot’s primary calling-card is that they are a rock band. Columbia/Sony failed to at least build a rock “foundation” for the single. And as we will see when we examine the next few singles, this method simply doesn’t work. Switchfoot isn’t a Top 40-sounding band. Marketing them specifically as such is NOT going to work; it didn’t work in the case of “We Are One Tonight,” and it won’t work for future releases unless Switchfoot goes hip-hop on us. And that, we have been assured, will not be the case.

Despite selling 100,000+ copies in its first week, and being certified Gold within a month of shelf time, “Nothing Is Sound’s” further success was marred by a promotional nightmare on the part of the same label, Columbia/Sony, that brought Switchfoot into double-platinum success, just one album before. In the next segment, we’ll examine the situation that surrounded “Oh! Gravity.” and Switchfoot’s decision to go leave the major label scene and strike out on their own as an independent band.

Andy Barron: "photo shoot done"

The Switchfoot photo shoot for "Hello Hurricane" is done.

Andy Barron, the photo genius behind many of Switchfoot's great moments captured on film, just updated his twitter:

May 5, 2009

- andybarron: photo shoot done. i got to say 'it's a wrap' and everything.

^Color me stoked. After a busy day of photo shooting yesterday, the Switchfoot guys are probably eager to head on home. I wonder what's going to happen next. What do you think?

- Switchfoot: Just got back from new album photoshoot in the desert. Waves look fun. Home sweet home!

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic


CSUSM reports that Switchfoot will be playing the San Diego fair again this year.


FootColumns - It's posted. Sorry it took so long folks. Had a busy day yesterday.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Download the new "This Is Home" Remix!; Day 1 of Switchfoot Desert Photo Shoot

As reported two days ago, "This Is Home" was remixed by Storm Von Vuitton. We now have the mp3 of the song, and you can download it here! Enjoy! :)


Switchfoot was up early today, (around 4 am!) for day 1 of their photo shoot in the desert, and they updated us via Twitter:

May 4, 2009

(Early morning)

- Early bird catches the desert sunrise. Additionally, early bird is also tired.

-it's 9:50 and we've already been to 3 locations and filled up 2 cards worth of photos. food time. luv, @andybarron

(Early afternoon)

- Desert scape. Breath it in.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

(Late afternoon... oh, and we have discovered the "Desert" = Niland, California)

- Wow, salvation mountain. Unbelievable.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

- Another photo. This place is really beyond words.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic


- It's beautiful out here. Shot photos most of the day, temperatures reached 100, yikes. Took a break from photos to visit salvation mountain.

- Ended the day at Salton Sea, such an amazing place. Full day, wiped, ready for sleep. More fun in the desert mañana, then back home. Gnite!

^I don't know, but there's something about the desert that feels really expansive and widespread. I think of pale sunlight early in the morning rising across the horizon which stretches out as far as the eye can see. The rays of light gently shooting in all directions... There would be nothing for miles and miles... it's hard to put mental picture to words. But I hope you sort of get what I mean. I'm sure the Switchfoot boys realize the beauty that can come with the desert. That's obviously why they're at the desert right now, shooting photos for "Hello Hurricane."

But 3 locations and 2 memory cards?! Holy epic!

Salvation Mountain. So. Amazing.


Here's a few news articles about Switchfoot.

First, talks about the upcoming release of "Hello Hurricane."


The Daily Aztec lists their Top 8 San Diego bands, and Switchfoot came it at no. 4. Here's what they said about the band:

Alternative rock band Switchfoot has been around since singer Jon Foreman, his brother bassist Tim Foreman and drummer Chad Butler all met as surfers on the beaches of San Diego. Although they had product endorsements to surf in competitions, the trio decided to let that all go to form a band, appropriately naming it Switchfoot after a surfing term.
After just 20 gigs, the band was signed to Rethink Records and released three albums: “The Legend of Chin,” “New Way to Be Human” and “Learning to Breathe.” Shortly after “Breathe” was released, the band invited guitarist Jerome Fontamillas to join.
After receiving much deserved hype from its large role in the motion picture “A Walk to Remember,” the band signed to Columbia Records and released its fourth album, “The Beautiful Letdown,” which went double platinum. Currently, Switchfoot has just finished recording its seventh album, which is said to be released July 2009. For more information, visit


FootColumn No. 3 - watch for it sometime later today. Not saying when, but watch out for it. ;) It's part two of my series analyzing Switchfoot's singles history. Be sure to read up on past columns if you've missed anything. =)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Switchfoot to take photo shoot for "Hello Hurricane" in the desert for a few days

Via Twitter:

May 3, 2009

- Headed out to the desert for a few days to take some photos for the new album, and do some soul searching. Should be a good time.

^ can you say Joshua Tree? Epic!

Storm Von Vuitton remixes Switchfoot's "This Is Home"

Pop radio anthem? Maybe. Epic, atmospheric soundtrack tune? Yes. But dance floor pulsating beat machine? My first reaction to the news that Switchfoot's "This Is Home" had been remixed was something to the effect of "Er...."

Well, here it is. Listen for yourself. I think it's a rather interesting cut. What do you think?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Switchfoot is back in the studio...

...making last minute changes. Like we reported yesterday, Chad Butler was back with some extra drum inspiration, and it looks like they're re-tracking drums for a certain song.

Here's the twitter posts about it:

April 30, 2009

- We love making changes at the last possible moment. Is a song ever really finished? I think it's a living thing that just keeps changing.

- Found this on the floor as I was leaving the studio... Lyric fragment from a tune called yet.

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May 1, 2009 (1:21 AM)

- Driving home from la. Some final mix tweaks. Mmmhmmmm...

- May 1st... Really??? Dear April, where did you go? We hardley knew you... I felt like we were just getting started.


The Switchfoot boys are being even more perfectionist than they probably ever have been. If they are tweaking and tweaking and tweaking this record, you know they'll eventually arrive at something that feels good. However, I am reminded of something Jon Foreman said in Switchfootage 2 where he talks about editing songs. I don't have the exact quote, but he said something to the effect that "If you edit too much, you can get sick of the song."

I believe the guys know enough what they're going for to know when editing gets overmuch. As great as all this fine tuning is though,I'm quite frankly ready for them to finish this record, send it off to the distributor, and ramp up marketing and put out a touring schedule for "Hello Hurricane." =)

That's my $.02.