Friday, February 29, 2008

Jon Foreman Live At the Glass House in Pomona, CA (February 25, 2008) [FULL SHOW]

A frickin full-on Concert as recorded by onlytheloserswin24! Thanks!!

Learning How to Die


Dare You to Move

War In My Blood

Only Hope

Moon Is a Magnet



Lord Save Me From Myself

Southbound Train

Somebody's Baby

In My Arms

Let Your Love Be Strong

Your Love Is Strong


The Cure For Pain

Apologies (this comes from using a pc)

Sorry for the lack of anything this entire week so far. My computer got attacked by a virus, and I am just now finishing up the restore process. We will be back soon.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Sure as hell..."

Our friend, Mr. Jon Foreman, posted a new blog. In it, he answers a message from a curious soul concerning the use of profanity, and what the line "sure as hell you'd be drunk" from the song "Somebody's Baby" entails.

letters to the editor

Hi everybody,

hope you're well. OK, so I try and read my inbox every now and again. Today I got a letter asking me an honest question about these tunes. I loved the honesty.

So I decided I would try something out: when I get a chance I'll post some of these things here to include other folks along the way. Thanks in advance for the patience and understanding!

here's the letter, (I made it a little less personal so that no one would be weirded out...)

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Feb 21, 2008 5:14 PM

Hey, I'm Benjamin. with a band H. You and Switchfoot are a huge inspiration to us. I saw in your song "Somebody's baby girl" you wrote, "She yells if you were homeless sure as hell you'd be drunk. " I know you're a Christian and I just wanted to know your views on profanity.

God bless,
Benjamin.- H.

p. s. Not to be legalistic. I just want to know.

Hi benjamin,

thanks so much for an honest question. I respect the honesty and want to answer honestly. As a fellow believer who's attempting to follow christ, thank you so much for not picking up verbal rocks to throw at me to mark our differences! FIrst off, I'm still figuring this stuff out. I know amazing truth-seeking men and women that have filthy mouths but most of my heros choose their words carefully.

I try and keep things clean for my own conscience. (My grandma listens to this stuff, you know! and so do little kids...) And because I view these songs as a way to serve others, I take the words I choose very seriously.

In the context of the song the phrase "sure as hell" seems to make a lot of sense. I wanted to write from the perspective of someone who's been there and back. Hell is a strong word and yet I'm not afraid of using it in context.

We are all in this life together- I would love to hear some other views on this as well.

see you around,

I'm telling you. The man is brilliant!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Switchfoot Rumor-mill

DISCLAIMER: These are just rumors... and my own predictions.

EDIT: However, some of these "rumors" have been confirmed by people close to the band. Confirmed rumors have been marked as such. Peace.

Ok, so the title may have been either tantalizingly interesting or annoyingly vague. Whatever it may be, I thought I would post my grand predictions for Switchfoot this year, considering the rumors that have been heard and what not.

So let’s begin. (Keep in mind, this is just me rambling, and should not be quoted as fact or news stories! Please remember as you read through this post.)

First: “They will be working in some fashion with ATO Records” – Charlie Peacock on an interview back in December 2007. STATUS: CONFIRMED

This is one of my posts from on the Official Switchfoot message boards:

The rumor is that LCP (lowercase people Records) is an imprint label (like, nothing more than a brand name), and it will be working with ATO Records (Dave Matthews founded it), which is the label Radiohead's working with right now. This partnership, I'm particularly excited about, because they've done a great job with Radiohead's In Rainbows cd. (No. 1 on the Billboard 200, and Bodysnatchers, their single, is No. 7 on U.S. Modern Rock Radio). So if that's the case, and if its true (i hope we hear confirmation soon), then Switchfoot's in great hands!

From the ATO Records website:

“According To Our Records (ATO Records) is a record label committed to artists and building their careers. Founded by Dave Matthews, manager Coran Capshaw, and two associates - Michael McDonald and Chris Tetzeli - ATO seeks out talented songwriters, musicians and performers for whom there is genuine passion and belief. ATO strives to build career artists. As a truly independent label ATO is steadfast in our commitment to maintaining that focus.

ATO is based in New York and distributes its records through RED. ATO looks for the label to evolve naturally on an artist-by-artist basis. The priority for the label is that there be sufficient time and attention to develop each artist and each release. There is no timeline, but there is a plan to build the label on the quality of the musicians we work with.”

Another factor that might be a piece of evidence furthering this possibility, is this portion of an interview with Jon Foreman last year during the Appetite For Construction Tour:

Will Botwin, President of ATO Records, stopped by to talk to Jon for a bit during the interview. He’s foreseeing the upcoming year for Switchfoot as a big one.
It’s going to be a beautiful, daring, different, comfortable, fantastic year. It’s going be great. There’s going be a lot of activity next year. They’re one of the hardest working bands in the world and are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, on and off the stage.

Jon explained the relationship Switchfoot has with Will.
A little history on Will, he’s just a great guy. He’s currently the president of ATO Records, they put out the Radiohead record and all that. The history is, he was president of Columbia when we were there. So we’ve got a lot of history with him. He’s just a great guy. You don’t meet good people that often in the music industry. We like to work with good people. And that was the thing, we had so many great relationships over at Columbia. It’s not like anti- it’s more like when all those people leave, there’s no trust. And that’s what music is built on. It’s a relationship, its trust. The moment the trust goes away, then it’s really hard to make music that you feel comfortable with. Any relationship. Marriage, girlfriends, dogs. It’s all like, well, can I trust you. And for us, I feel like it comes to a point that we’re surrounding ourselves with people that we trust so that’s the best place to move from.

You Sing I Write Interview with Jon Foreman

Exciting! So, my bold prediction is Switchfoot will have a new hit single, and a renewed interest in them from American mainstream listeners. My theory is that Lowercase People Records will choose the singles, album release dates, etc., and ATO will handle the distribution and manufacturing.

Second: The Real SeanJon (or whatever it’s gonna be called) STATUS: NAME OFFICIALLY CHANGED TO FICTION FAMILY with a possible summer release

So I heard somewhere (not sure where), that the Real SeanJon would be working with ATO as well. They must really love Mr. Jon Foreman! Heh. But at his latest gig in San Diego, Jon told the crowd that he and Sean Watkins were looking for a new name for their duo. Perhaps Puffy finally decided to sue them! But, the release of this album is slated for before the Spring/Summer ep’s by Jon come out. That should be within the next few months. Hopefully the name change doesn’t delay it.

Third: Up In Arms Tour

Ok, so this isn’t really much of a rumor, because it’s been confirmed and all. But I’m excited nonetheless for this tour, because again, it’s a philanthropic effort by the band. They have such great hearts. But supporters of “To Write Love On Her Arms” will hear a lot more about Switchfoot because of this tour. Jamie, the founder of TWLOHA, is a great guy, and by the way, idolizes Jon Foreman. Just a thought…

Fourth: Of course, Jon Foreman’s Spring and Summer EP’s

With songs like “Your Love Is Strong,” hopefully a re-worked version of “Revenge,” and "Love Isn't Made" confirmed for the Spring EP, the next two Jon ep’s look to be just as great as the previous two. And as we are likely to hear more never-before-heard songs on these ep’s, we will not have a shortage of Jon Foreman brilliance to listen to this summer and throughout the year.

Love Isn't Made

Fifth: And, of course of course, the new Switchfoot record

“Running From Me,” “Blood Is Soil,” “People Put Your Hands Up,” and “Fluorescent” are several working titles we have heard about already from various places. I’m excited to hear “Running From Me” get the full-band Switchfoot treatment.

Here’s a video of it being played for the first time ever by Jon at a gig:

Man, the acoustic version already sounds sweet.

With new sounds, and possibly a great label behind it for support, the new Switchfoot record looks to be their most exciting yet, when you combine all the different aspects surrounding it. (independently released, ATO-backed, new sounds, etc.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Jon Foreman blog: San Frandisco


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

san frandisco

Hello amigos!

hope february is treating you right. I'm doing pretty well, thanks. I love playing music! It's a good thing too cause I've been playin a lot of it lately.

first off, for those of y'all who live up near san fran. I'm playing a show today, wed. the 19th,

here's the -tails:

February, 20 2008 at DOLORES PARK CAFE
501 dolores @18th, San Francisco, California 94110
Cost : free

time 7:00


in other news:

spring is mastered... yeah! feels so good, I hope you fine folks dig it!

here's the set list:

1. March (a prelude for spring)

2. Love Isn't Made

3. In My Arms

4. Baptize

5. Your Love Is Strong

6. Revenge


Also, been writing with tim for the next SF. Shocking stuff... The studio should be finished soon can't wait to start this thing up!


And last but not least, it looks like the real sean jon might actually be coming out in the next few months! (it's a side project I'm doing with sean watkins of nickel creek. so fun...) Anyhow, we'll see, sean and I are squaring things up now.


that's the news!

to everyone who came out to Lou's the other day- thanks for making a childhood dream come true. Seriously, I had an amazing, mello time.




Ok, two reasons I am officially freaking out. SeanJon's coming out very soon, and frickin' LOVE ISN'T MADE is gonna be on the new Jon EP. WOW!!

Oh, and PODCAST 31!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Switchfoot Nominated for 2008 Dove Awards!

Yes, this is kinda old news, but Switchfoot is up for four Dove Awards

Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year - Awakening
Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year - Oh! Gravity
Short Form Music Video of the Year - Awakening
Male Vocalist of the Year - Jon Foreman

In my opinion, Switchfoot and Jon Foreman should sweep their nominations. Alas, Christian music may think differently. Here's a complete list of nominations:

Song of the Year

* "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)"; Chris Tomlin, Louie Giglio, Traditional; sixsteps music (ASCAP), Songs (ASCAP)
* "Bring The Rain"; Bart Millard, James Bryson, Nathan Cochran, Barry Graul, Michael John Scheuchzer, Robin Shaffer; Simpleville Music (ASCAP), Wet As A Fish Music (ASCAP)
* "East To West"; Mark Hall, Bernie Herms; My Refuge Music, Club Zoo Music (BMI), SWECS Music (BMI), Sparrow Song (BMI), Word Music LLC (ASCAP), Banahana Tunes (ASCAP)
* "Give You Glory"; Jeremy Camp; Thirsty Moon River Publishing (ASCAP)
* "How You Live (Turn Up The Music)"; Cindy Morgan; Lola Max Music (ASCAP), Word Music LLC (ASCAP)
* "I’m Not Who I Was"; Brandon Heath; Capilano Music (ASCAP), New Spring Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)
* "In Better Hands"; Catt Gravitt, Jim Daddario, Thom Hardwell; Two Girls and a Pen (SESAC), Jim Daddario Music (BMI), Thom Hardwell Music (BMI)
* "Made To Love"; Toby McKeehan, Cary Barlowe, Jamie Moore, Aaron Rice; River Oaks Music (BMI), Emack Music (ASCAP), Achtober Songs (BMI)
* "Tears Of The Saints"; Leeland Mooring, Jack Mooring; River Oaks Music Company (BMI), Meaux Mercy Publishing (BMI), Meaux Jeaux Music (SESAC)
* "Undo"; William Davis, Kevin Huguley, Wes Willis; Midas Magic (ASCAP)

Songwriter of the Year Nominess to be announced prior to the 39th Annual GMA Dove Awards

Male Vocalist of the Year

* Chris Tomlin
* Gerald Wolfe
* Jon Foreman
* Mark Hall
* Mark Schultz
* Marvin Sapp
* TobyMac

Female Vocalist of the Year

* Amy Grant
* Christy Nockels
* Darlene Zschech
* Krystal Meyers
* Mandisa
* Natalie Grant
* Sandi Patty

Group of the Year

* Casting Crowns
* David Crowder*Band
* Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
* Hillsong United
* Point Of Grace
* Selah
* The Clark Sisters

Artist of the Year

* Casting Crowns
* Chris Tomlin
* Natalie Grant
* Point Of Grace
* Skillet
* The Clark Sisters
* TobyMac

New Artist of the Year

* 33 Miles
* Austins Bridge
* Brandon Heath
* DeWayne Woods
* Group 1 Crew
* Mandisa
* Rush Of Fools

Producer of the Year

* Bernie Herms
* Ed Cash
* Ian Eskelin
* Israel Houghton
* Nathan Nockels

Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year

* "Name Droppin’"; Bone-Appetit Servin’ Up Tha Hits; T-Bone; Rene F. Sotomayor, Teak Underdue, Dee Underdue; Flicker Records
* "Open Bar"; Redemption; Grits; Teron Carter, John Dust, Anthony Johnson, Jr., Stacy Jones; Gotee Records
* "Wake Up"; The Yearbook; KJ-52 featuring Toby Morrell; Jonah Sorrentino, Toby Morrell, Aaron Sprinkle; BEC Recordings
* "Who Am I?"; Open Book; Da’ T.R.U.T.H. featuring Tye Tribbett; Emmanuel Lambert, Jr., Courtney Peebles; Cross Movement Records
* "Word of Mouth"; Word of Mouth; John Reuben; John Reuben, Seth Earnest; Gotee Records

Rock Recorded Song of the Year

* "Break Me Down"; End of Silence; Red; Jasen Rauch, Anthony Armstrong, Rob Graves; Essential
* "Comatose"; Comatose; Skillet; John L. Cooper, Brian Howes; Ardent Records, Atlantic, Lava, SRE Recordings
* "I Need You"; Five Score And Seven Years Ago; Relient K; Matthew Thiessen; Gotee Records
* "Million Voices"; How Can We Be Silent; BarlowGirl; BarlowGirl; Fervent Records, Curb Records, Warner Brothers Records
* "Procrastinating"; We Can't Stand Sitting Down; Stellar Kart; Adam Agee, Jordan Messer; Word Records, Curb Records

Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year

* "After The World"; Scars Remain; Disciple; Timothy Barrett, Joey Fife, Bradley Noah, Travis Wyrick, Kevin Young; INO Records, SRE Recordings
* "Awakening"; Oh! Gravity; Switchfoot; Jonathan Foreman; Sparrow Records, Columbia Records
* "Everything Glorious"; Remedy; David Crowder*Band; David Crowder*Band; Sparrow Records, sixstepsrecords
* "Glorious One"; We Shine; Fee; Steve Fee; INO Records
* "Signature of Divine (Yahweh)"; The Heat; NEEDTOBREATHE; Bear Rinehart, Bo Rinehart; Atlantic Records

Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year

* "East To West"; The Altar And The Door; Casting Crowns; Mark Hall, Bernie Herms; Beach Street Records, Reunion Records
* "I'm Not Who I Was"; Don't Get Comfortable; Brandon Heath; Brandon Heath; Reunion Records
* "In Better Hands"; Relentless; Natalie Grant; Jim Diddario, Thom Hardwell, Catt Gravitt; Curb Records
* "Tears Of The Saints"; Sound Of Melodies; Leeland; Leeland Dayton Mooring, Jack Anthony Mooring; Essential Records
* "Undo"; Rush Of Fools; Rush Of Fools; Scott Davis, Kevin Huguley, Wes Willis; Midas Records

Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year

* "Be Lifted High"; Stand; Michael W. Smith; Leeland Dayton Mooring; Reunion Records
* "Be Thou Near To Me"; Bless The Broken Road; Selah; David Grow; Curb Records
* "By His Wounds"; Glory Revealed; Steven Curtis Chapman, Mark Hall, Brian Littrell, Mac Powell; Davis Nasser, Mac Powell; Reunion Records
* "Give Me Jesus"; Beyond Measure; Jeremy Camp; Public Domain; BEC Recordings
* "God Speaking"; God Speaking; Ronnie Freeman; Ronnie Freeman; Hardly Entertainment

Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year

* "Get Away Jordan"; Get Away Jordan; Ernie Haase & Signature Sound; Traditional; Gaither Music Group
* "I'm Just Waiting For My Ride"; The Ride; The Hoppers; Ronnie Hinson; Canaan Records
* "Last Night"; Journey of Joy; Karen Peck & New River; Marcia Henry; Daywind Records
* "Orphans of God"; Rise Above; The Talley Trio; Twila LaBar, Joel Lindsey; Horizon Records, Crossroads Entertainment
* "Over And Over"; Life Is Great And Gettin' Better; Jeff & Sherri Easter; Belinda Smith, Sue Smith; SheLoved Music

Bluegrass Recorded Song of the Year

* "He's In Control"; Austins Bridge; Austins Bridge; Justin Rivers, Mike Kofahl, John Ramsey; Daywind Records
* "I Will Find You Again"; Lifetimes; Little Roy Lewis, Earl Scruggs, Lizzy Long; Wayne Haun, Joel Lindsey, Cindi Ballard; Vine Records
* "Love Will Be Enough"; Salt of the Earth; Ricky Skaggs & The Whites; Janis Ian, Paul Overstreet; Skaggs Family Records
* "Salt of the Earth"; Salt of the Earth; Ricky Skaggs & The Whites; Jim Rushing, Ronald Scaife; Skaggs Family Records
* "The Key To Heaven"; Flyin' High; The Lewis Family; Caleb Collins, Lyn Rowell; Vine Records

Country Recorded Song of the Year

* "Anyway"; Waking Up Laughing; Martina McBride; Martina McBride, Brad Warren, Brett Warren; RCA Records
* "Drug Problem"; Jesus Is Coming; The Bellamy Brothers; David Bellamy; Curb Records
* "How You Live (Turn Up The Music)"; How You Live; Point Of Grace; Cindy Morgan; Word Records
* "James Whit"; Lifetimes; Little Roy Lewis, Earl Scruggs, Lizzy Long; Barry Dean, Don Poythress, Brian White; Vine Records
* "'Round The Kitchen Table"; Journey of Joy; Karen Peck & New River; Ronnie Hinson; Daywind

Urban Recorded Song of the Year

* "I Can"; New Harvest; New Harvest; Kyle Bynoe, Kevin Deane; Vital
* "I Love Me Better Than That"; Soulfood; Shirley Murdock; Dale Anthony DeGroat, Shirley Murdock; Tyscot Records
* "I'm Not Perfect"; V2; J Moss; PAJAM, GospoCentric, Zomba Label Group
* "Listen"; T57; Trin-I-Tee 5:7; Chanelle Haynes, Adrian Anderson, Walter W. Millsap III, Angel Helaire, Candice Nelson, Lamar Van-Sciver, Charles Griffin III, Ryan Farith, Frank Greenfield, Tony Jones; Music World Entertainment
* "Simply Because"; Darlene McCoy; Darlene McCoy; Darlene McCoy, Antonio Neal; EMI Gospel

Traditional Gospel Recorded Song of the Year

* "Happy Day"; Past And Present; Lillie Knauls & The Talley Trio; Traditional, arr. by Edwin Hawkins; Vine Records
* "I Can't Stop Praising Him"; New Harvest; New Harvest; Kyle Bynoe; Vital
* "Ready For A Miracle"; Evan Almighty Soundtrack; LeAnn Rimes; Bunny Hull, Art Reynolds; Curb Records
* "Selah"; Live In Dallas 2006; GMWA; J. David, Valena Bratton; Light Records
* "The Light"; 7th Episode: Live In Toronto; Ricky Dillard & New G; Ricky Dillard; NuSpring, EMI Gospel

Contemporary Gospel Recorded Song of the Year

* "Be The Miracle"; Evan Almighty Soundtrack; Room For Two; John Debney, Mervyn Warren, David Zippel; Curb Records
* "Blessed & Highly Favored"; Live: One Last Time; The Clark Sisters; Karen Clark-Sheard; EMI Gospel
* "Come On"; Bridges; Calvin Hunt; David Thomas; Vine Records
* "Say So"; A Deeper Level; Israel & New Breed; Michael Gungor, Israel Houghton; Integrity Music
* "You Saved Me"; Letting Go; The Crabb Family; Aaron Crabb; Daywind Records

Worship Song of the Year

* "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)"; Chris Tomlin, Louie Giglio; sixsteps Music, Songs
* "Everlasting God"; Brenton Brown, Ken Riley; Thank You Music
* "Everything Glorious"; David Crowder; Songs
* "How Great Is Our God"; Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, Ed Cash; Songs, sixsteps Music, Alletrop Music
* "Praise You In This Storm"; Mark Hall, Bernie Herms; Club Zoo Music, My Refuge Music, SWECS Music, Banahama Tunes

Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year

* Group 1 Crew; Group 1 Crew; Christopher Stevens, Andy Anderson; Fervent Records
* Redemption; Grits; Mario "Rio" Moore, Grits; Gotee Records
* The Yearbook; KJ-52; KJ-52, Aaron Sprinkle; BEC Recordings
* Unleashed; L.A. Symphony; Great Jsn, Wil I Am, FLYNN, Madlib, Pigeon John, CookBook, Overflo, UNO Mas; Syntax Records
* Word of Mouth; John Reuben; Joe Baldridge; Gotee Records

Rock Album of the Year

* Jungle of the Midwest Sea; Flatfoot 56; Daniel Spencer, Ethan Luck; Flicker Records
* Live from Hawaii; Audio Adrenaline; Audio Adrenaline; Forefront Records
* Scars Remain; Disciple; Travis Wyrick; SRE Recordings
* Secret Weapon; MXPX; Aaron Sprinkle; Tooth & Nail Records
* Twilight; Future of Forestry; Ken Andrews, Eric Owyoung, Nick Maybury; Credential Recordings

Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year

* How Can We Be Silent; BarlowGirl; Otto Price; Fervent Records, Curb Records
* Oh! Gravity; Switchfoot; Tim Palmer, Switchfoot; Sparrow Records, Columbia Records
* Portable Sounds; TobyMac; Toby McKeehan, Christopher Stevens, David Wyatt; Forefront Records
* Remedy; David Crowder*Band; David Crowder*Band; Sparrow Records, sixstepsrecords
* The Heat; NEEDTOBREATHE; Rick Beato, NEEDTOBREATHE, Ed Roland; Atlantic Records, Word Records

Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year

* Blink; Plumb; Jeremy Bose; Curb Records
* GO remixed; Newsboys; Lee Bridges, Tedd T, Max Hsu, Jeff Frankenstein; Inpop Records
* How You Live; Point Of Grace; Brown Bannister; Word Records
* Rush Of Fools; Rush Of Fools; Scott Davis, Jason Ingram, Rusty Varenkamp, Matt Bronleewe; Midas Records
* The Altar and the Door; Casting Crowns; Mark A. Miller; Beachstreet Records; Reunion Records
* Whispered and Shouted; Aaron Shust; Dan Hannon; Brash Music

Inspirational Album of the Year

* Amazing Freedom; Women of Faith Worship Team; Chance Scoggins; Myrrh Records, Curb Records
* Falling Forward; Sandi Patty; David Hamilton; INO Records
* I Love To Tell The Story, A Hymns Collection; Mark Lowry; Paul Johnson; Gaither Music Group
* In Christ Alone; Keith & Kristyn Getty; John Andrew Schreiner; Martingale Music, Getty Music
* Speak To Me; Geoff Moore; Dwayne Larring, Geoff Moore; Rocketown Records

Southern Gospel Album of the Year

* Get Away, Jordan; Ernie Haase & Signature Sound; Lari Goss, Michael English; Gaither Music Group
* Journey Of Joy; Karen Peck & New River; Bubba Smith; Daywind Records
* Real Faith; Brian Free & Assurance; Barry Weeks; Daywind Records
* Sounds Like Sunday; Janet Paschal; Wayne Haun; Vine Records
* The Ride; The Hoppers; Lari Goss; Canaan Records

Bluegrass Album of the Year

* God's Masterpiece; The Marksmen; Mark Wheeler; Rural Rhythm Records
* Lifetimes; Little Roy Lewis, Earl Scruggs, Lizzy Long; Wayne Haun, Kevin Ward; Vine Records
* Salt Of The Earth; Ricky Skaggs & The Whites; Ricky Skaggs & The Whites; Skaggs Family Records
* Tell Someone; Kenny & Amanda Smith Band; Kenny & Amanda Smith Band; Rebel Records
* Where No One Stands Alone; Paul Williams & The Victory Trio; Paul Williams; Rebel Records

Country Album of the Year

* Austins Bridge; Austins Bridge; Bubba Smith; Daywind Records
* Big Sky; The Isaacs; Mark Bright; Gaither Music Group
* Gospel Duets with Treasured Friends; Brenda Lee; Brenda Lee; Provident Special Markets
* Jesus Is Coming; The Bellamy Brothers; David Bellamy, Howard Bellamy, Randy Hieber; Curb Records
* Life Is Great And Gettin' Better; Jeff & Sheri Easter; Jeff & Sheri Easter, Greg Cole; SheLoved Music
* Songs Of Inspiration II; Alabama; Randy Owen; RCA Records

Urban Album of the Year

* Church Girl; Onitsha; Shep Crawford, Tony Jones, Ricky “Ricc Rude” Lewis, Walter “dj Walt” Millsap III, Candice “C.G.” Nelson, Onitsha, Phillip Scott III; Stillwaters Recordings, Hidden Beach Recordings
* Darlene McCoy; Darlene McCoy; The Movement, Tommy Sims, Dallas Austin, PAJAM, Fred “Uncle Freddie” Jerkins, Antonio Neal, Tedd T., PJ Morton; EMI Gospel
* Restoration Vol. 1; Terrence Mackey & Nu Restoration; Ceaser A. Hancock, Terrence Mackey; Spiritual City Music
* T57; Trin-I-Tee 5:7; The Bama Boyz, Matthew Knowles, Solange Knowles,Walter W. Millsap III, DJ Static; Music World Entertainment
* V2; J Moss; PAJAM, GospoCentric, Zomba Label Group

Traditional Gospel Album of the Year

* Closest Friend; The Rance Allen Group; Chris Byrd, Rance Allen; Tyscot Records
* Complete; LaShun Pace; LaShun Pace, Justin Gilbert; EMI Gospel
* Live In Dallas 2006; GMWA; Andrew Gouche; Light Records
* New Harvest; New Harvest; Paul Porter, Kyle Bynoe, Jon Doe Muzik; Vital
* Past And Present; Lillie Knauls; Wayne Haun, Lillie Knauls; Vine Records
* Still Standing; Bishop Paul S. Morton; Kurt Carr; Tehillah Music Group, Light Records

Contemporary Gospel Album of the Year

* A Deeper Level; Israel & New Breed; Israel Houghton, Aaron Lindsey; Integrity Music
* Brand New Day; Jonathan Butler; Luther "Mano" Hanes, Jonathan Butler; Maranatha! Music
* Bridges; Calvin Hunt; Wayne Haun, Kevin Ward; Vine Records
* Live - One Last Time; The Clark Sisters; Donald Lawrence; EMI Gospel
* The Gospel According To Patti Labelle; Patti Labelle; Sami McKinney, Scott Shavoni Parker, Thianar Gomis, Dean "DC" Charles, Del Atkins, Troy Taylor, Gorden Chambers, Nisan Stewart, Gerald Haddon, Eddie Brown, PAJAM, The Soul Seekers; Umbrella Records

Instrumental Album of the Year

* Amazing Grace (Original Score); David Arnold; David Arnold; Sparrow Records
* Holy! Piano & Orchestra; Terry MacAlmon; Dick Tunney, Terry MacAlmon; Maranatha! Music
* In The Garden; Eric Wyse; Eric Wyse; Hendrickson Worship
* Let's Get Quiet: The Smooth Jazz Experience; Ben Tankard; Ben Tankard; Verity Records, Zomba Label Group
* Nativity Story (Original Score); Mychael Danna; Sandeep Sriram; New Line Records, Word Records, Curb Records

Children's Music Album of the Year

* Absolute Modern Worship for Kids 3; Kid Connection; Craig Adams; Fervent Records
* deliberateKids; Phil Joel; Phil Joel; Indelible Creative Group
* My Father's World; The Praise Baby Collection; Christopher Davis; Big House Kids
* Snazzy; Go Fish; Jamie Statema, Darren Rust; GFK Records
* Supernatural; Hillsong Kids; Julia A'Bell, Gio Galanti, Andrew Crawford, David Wakerley; Hillsong Music, Integrity Music
* VeggieTales Christian Hit Music; VeggieTales; Christopher Davis; Big Idea Records

Spanish Language Album of the Year

* Bueno; Jacobo Ramos Y Sediento; Jacobo Ramos, Hector Blancovitch; Equipo Aire, Integrity Music Latin
* De Corazon A Corazon; Seth Condrey; Seth Condrey, Mark Balltzglier; CanZion
* El Ritmo De La Vida; Julissa; Mike Rivera; Integrity Music Latin
* En Lo Sucreto; Lucia Parker; Alvaro Lopez; 316 Media
* Invencible; Vertical; Alan Villatoro; Integrity Music Latin
* Tu Amor; Danilo Montero; Josue Ramos; Sigueme Internacional, Integrity Music Latin

Special Event Album of the Year

* Amazing Grace; Bill & Gloria Gaither and the Homecoming Friends; Bill Gaither; Gaither Music Group
* Evan Almighty Soundtrack; Blue County, Bomshel, C + C Music Factory, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tracy Edmond, John Fogerty, Hal Ketchum, Jo Dee Messina, The Mike Curb Congregation, Plumb, Leann Rimes, Room For Two, Stone Temple Pilots, ZZ Top; Adam Anders, Matt Bronleewe, D.J. Butcher, Robert Clivelles, David Cole, Mike Curb, Bill Ham, Chuck Howard, Dan Huff, Doug Johnson, Hal Ketchum, Jo Dee Messina, Kathy Nelson, Brendan O’Brien, Tom Shadyac; Curb Records
* Glory Revealed; Josh Bates, Steven Curtis Chapman, David Crowder, Mark Hall, Shawn Lewis, Brian Littrell, Trevor Morgan, Paul Neufeld, Candi Pearson-Shelton, Mac Powell, Shane & Shane, Michael W. Smith; Mac Powell; Reunion Records
* Music Inspired By The Motion Picture Amazing Grace; Avalon, Jeremy and Adie Camp, Steven Curtis Chapman, David Crowder, Bethany Dillon, Natalie Grant, Jars of Clay, Martina McBride, Shawn McDonald, Bart Millard, Nichole Nordeman, Smokie Norful, Kierra “Kiki” Sheard, Chris Tomlin; Brown Bannister, Matt Bronleewe, Cedric Caldwell, Victor Caldwell, Jeremy Camp, Ed Cash, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mark Hammond, Bernie Herms, Jars of Clay, Martina McBride, Bart Millard, Ed Seay, Christopher Stevens, Marty Stuart, Paul Worley; Sparrow Records
* Songs 4 Worship Country; Trinecia Butler, Charlie Daniels, Linda Davis, Diamond Rio, Emerson Drive, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Lenny LeBlanc, Oak Ridge Boys, Rascal Flatts, Marty Raybon, Collin Raye, Rachel Robinson, Ricky Skaggs, Bryan White, The Wilsons; Michael A. Curtis, Teddy Gentry; Integrity Music, Time Life

Christmas Album of the Year

* Christmas From the Realms of Glory; Bebo Norman; Bebo Norman, Jason Ingram, Rusty Varenkamp; BEC Recordings
* Christmas Songs; Jars of Clay; Jars of Clay; Gray Matters
* It's A Wonderful Christmas; Michael W. Smith; David Hamilton, Michael W. Smith; Reunion Records
* Noel; Josh Groban; David Foster; 143 Records, Reprise Records
* One Wintry Night; David Phelps; Monroe Jones; Word Records

Praise & Worship Album of the Year

* All of the Above; Hillsong United; Michael Guy Chislett, Joel Houston, Paul Maybury, James Rudder; Integrity Music
* Manifesto; Pocket Full of Rocks; Kyle Lee, Pocket Full of Rocks; Myrrh Records, Curb Records
* Our God Saves; Paul Baloche; Paul Baloche, Austin Deptula; Integrity Music
* Remedy; David Crowder*Band; David Crowder*Band; Sparrow Records, sixstepsrecords
* We Shine; Fee; Steve Fee, Jason Hoard; INO Records

Musical of the Year

* 3:16 The Numbers Of Hope; Travis Cottrell; Lifeway Worship Music Group, Genevox
* All Bow Down; David Moffitt, Sue C. Smith, Travis Cottrell; Benson Music Publications, Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing
* Amazing Grace - My Chains Are Gone; Dennis & Nan Allen; Pilot Point Music, Lillenas Publishing Company
* I've Seen Jesus; Deborah Craig-Claar, Robert Sterling; Word Music
* Unspeakable Joy; Lari Goss; Word Music

Youth/Children's Musical of the Year

* Bows Of Holly; Dennis & Nan Allen; Brentwood Kids Music Club, Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing
* Livin' Inside Out; Celeste Clydesdale; Clydesdale & Clydesdale, Word Music
* No Wonder!; Annette Oden; Hal Leonard Corporation, Integrity Choral
* Praise Rocks; Gina Boe, Barb Dorn, Sue C. Smith, Brian Green; Brentwood Kids Music Club, Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing
* The Mystery Of The Manger; Celeste Clydesdale; Clydesdale & Clydesdale, Word Music

Choral Collection of the Year

* God Is In This Place; Regi Stone; Word Music
* He Is Great; Geron Davis; SpiritSound Music Group
* Heaven; Mike Speck, Cliff Duren; Lillenas Publishing Company
* Let The Redeemed Say So; Lari Goss; Word Music
* Made To Worship; Travis Cottrell; Benson Music Publications, Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing

Recorded Music Packaging of the Year

* Cities (Anberlin); Invisible Creature; Ryan Clark, Parker Young; Tooth & Nail Records
* Remedy (David Crowder*Band); Gary Dorsey; Gary Dorsey; Gary Dorsey, Kaysie Dorsey; Sparrow Records, sixstepsrecords
* Rival Factions (Project 86); Invisible Creature; Don Clark; Dave Hill, Jerad Knudson, Shane McCauley; Tooth and Nail Records
* Secrets Keep You Sick (The Fold); Invisible Creature; Don Clark; Chris Strong; Tooth and Nail Records
* The Fiancee (The Chariot); Invisible Creature; Ryan Clark; David Stuart; Solid State Records

Short Form Music Video of the Year

* "Awakening"; Switchfoot; Brandon Dickerson; Lauren Schwartz; Kaboom Music Videos; Sparrow Records, Columbia Records
* "Boomin'"; TobyMac; Scott Speer; Jason Peterson; Symbolic Entertainment; Forefront Records
* "Falls Apart"; Thousand Foot Krutch; Travis Copatch; Jeremy Sullivan; Dignity & Shame; Tooth & Nail Records
* "Foreverandever, etc."; David Crowder*Band; Sam J. Stanton; Mark Steele, Kevin Anderson; Steelhouse; Sparrow Records, sixstepsrecords
* "Name Droppin'"; T-Bone; Bart Conover; Bart Conover; Asian Productions; Flicker Records
* "Never Let Me Go"; Family Force 5; Ken Horstmann; Ken Horstmann; Spyplane Films; Gotee Records

Long Form Music Video of the Year

* 777; Underoath; Michelle Caputo, Shannon Hartman; Michelle Caputo, Shannon Hartman; Art and Industry; Solid State Records
* Get Away, Jordan; Ernie Haase & Signature Sound; Doug Stuckey; Bill Gaither, Ernie Haase; Gaither Television Productions; Gaither Music Group
* Live From Hawaii; Audio Adrenaline; Mark McCallie; Audio Adrenaline; Audio Adrenaline; Forefront Records
* Live From Portland; Kutless; Carl Diebold; Michael Sacci; Jupiter Project; BEC Recordings
* No More Night: Live in Birmingham; David Phelps; Russell E. Hall; David Phelps, Jim Chaffee; Word Records


Congrats to the Switchfoot guys!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

AMAZING Switchfoot Videos by Benny Ek

Some of you may have come across this "Twenty-Four" music video a while back. It was directed by a guy named Benny Ek, and it's available for download on But I thought I'd spotlight this guy's work. It's really amazing.


Another great video. I liked the energy on this one.

Meant to Live (Live)

More Asian tour Switchfoot Photos

Jia Ling was awesome enough to send us a link to her facebook photos of the Singapore and Malaysia show that Switchfoot played a week or so ago. Wow. Already?

Here they are:



There will be another post coming up shortly. Stay tuned!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Jon Foreman performs at Lou's in San Diego

(thanks Steve for this pic)

In celebration of the Fall & Winter ep set, Jon was invited to play at Lou's Records in his hometown San Diego this past Saturday, February 9th... just an hour away from where I live. Shoulda gone.... but several people from the Message Boards DID go and they took amazing pics and videos to boot.

Gabby took vids of just about the whole show! Here is one of my faves:

Your Love Is Strong

This and Revenge will be two of the songs on the Spring EP. (I'm a bit confused as to why Revenge would be on there... it's already a Switchfoot song).

The rest of Gabby's videos can be found here.

For in-depth, lively discussion of this show, head on over to this thread on the boards!

-Also, we hear The Real SeanJon is looking for a new name. Shocking, sad, but true. I will miss that name for sure. Maybe Puffy is finally gonna sue them. Any ideas, theories, name ideas?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jon Foreman - I Am Still Running... and... Forrest Gump?

BONUS POST: That's right. Pop from the boards made this amazing, touching, hilarious video montage to Jon Foreman's song, "I Am Still Running." I think it fits very well. Let us know what you think!

"Don't Pity Us"

Malaysian paper, The Star Online eCentral, posted a great review of Switchfoot at Kuala Lumpur.

"DON’T pity us,” said Switchfoot lead vocalist Jon Foreman as he sat relaxed with his surfing buddies and band mates in the room full of reporters, just an hour after stepping off the plane from Singapore.

The very tanned five best friends from San Diego, California, hadn’t had anything to eat, appeared tired, but were in surprisingly high spirits.

“We sort of organised this tour around surfing. We got to surf in places we’ve never been to before, like Bali, so don’t pity us,” he reiterated with a laugh...

Sweet stuff. Read the rest here.


Oh, and podcast 30 is up and streaming at the top of this blog page right now!
Or, if it isn't, here it is in all its glory. Andy Barron is a genius!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wrapping Up the 2008 Asia Tour; Another Jon Foreman EP Review!

Hello friends, so it looks like this early Asia tour was a smashing success. From the massive Parachute festival to the precious times the Switchfoot guys had in some of the most beautiful places on God's green earth, to the insane shows at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Singapore, it looked to be one of the best times the guys have had in a long time. And, Mr. Andy Barron, podcast/daily foot/camera-dude extraordinaire (you can't ever get tired of calling him that) caught it all on tape/jpeg file/words/blog. In this post, we look at our favorite moments that some of us here in the states could only see through the lens of Mr. Barron.

First, there was Bali, Indonesia (Daily Foot):

Nice pad, guys!

Then there was Jakarta, Indonesia (Daily Foot)

Yes, it's made this blog twice!

I'd love to go riding around in that van!

Drew rocking-out indeed.

Parachute Festival in New Zealand (Daily Foot)

Ragland New Zealand, days off (Daily Foot)

That's so precious...

Did anyone else find that their had jaw dropped after all that scenery? Amazing! But there's more!

Singapore! (Daily Foot)


VJ Drew?

New song demo!

And finally, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Daily Foot)

The pseudo-surf!

Someone's HAIR is getting long. Yes, I mentioned hair...

I've heard it said that pictures can tell a thousand words, but pictures are never enough when it comes to being on tour. Check out all the daily foot entry links for each location. This has gotta be the most fun tour I've never been to. Glad they had fun. And glad we have a guy like Mr. Andy Barron to capture it all for us...


We'll wrap up this post with a nice, but also quite interesting review of Jon Foreman's ep's from San Diego City Beat.

Jon Foreman
Fall and Winter
(Credential Recordings)

Goes well with: Patrick Park, Embrace, Alexi Murdoch, low-lit coffeehouses

With advance apologies to Switchfoot fans, these solo EPs are far superior to anything the San Diego band has ever (or probably ever will) put out and a testament to Foreman’s skills as a songwriter and musician.

Wow... that is quite a big statement right there. Read the rest here. Aside from that first comment, they have some good things to say about the EP's.

Peace out!

p.s. And I hear the guys will be entering the studio very soon... but that could be just hearsay. ^^

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Bits

First off, Jon Foreman posted a new blog:

Thursday, January 31, 2008

sing sing singapore

Greetings from the airport!

Thanks to all of the singaporeans who sang along with us last night, such an amazing first time in this fine city... We had a fabulous time. Seems like incredible food and hospitality has been the theme of our time over here in the east, and our time in singapore was no different. The hong kong style dishes that we had yesterday for lunch did a few of us in after a few hours- but, alas, they tasted so good going down! Off to Kuala Lumpur and then home.

I had a few great conversations with the folks over here about how hard life is and how music can help heal some of these wounds we aquire... Thanks to all who have shared how our music has been a part of their world for years,




Here's some videos:

Awakening (Amazing!!)

This Is Your Life

Learning to Breathe

Looked amazing!

That's it for now. Peace out folks.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Jon Foreman on Sirius Satellite Radio and a New Tour!

Last Friday night, or Saturday morning, depending on where you live, Jon was a guest dj on Spirit music channel. Gabby from the official boards was awesome enough to record every single moment of it, including the interview and his live performances.

Here they are, in their full glory:

Part One, 1 of 2
Part One, 2 of 2 -
Part Two, 1 of 1 -

(Right click, and open in new window/tab.)

Enjoy those!


Switchfoot has announced the "Up In Arms Tour" partnering with To Write Love on Her Arms, (great organization) for their Spring outing through the U.S. with a band called Athlete. Here are the tour dates below:

3/27/08 San Antonio, TX Laurie Auditorium
3/30/08 New Orleans, LA House of Blues -SUNDAY-
4/3/08 North Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues - On sale Sat. Feb. 9
4/7/08 Waukesha, WI Shattuck Auditorium
4/8/08 Indianapolis, IN University of Indy - Ransburg TUESDAY
4/17/08 Poplar Bluff, MO Black River Coliseum
4/18/08 Troy, AL Trojan Arena FRIDAY
4/19/08 Hattiesburg, MS Reed Green Coliseum SATURDAY
4/20/08 Huntsville, AL Spraggins Hall SUNDAY
4/25/08 Estero, FL Germain Arena
4/26/08 West Palm Beach, FL Sound Advice Ampitheater
5/1/08 Ocean City , NJ Ocean City Music Pier
5/2/08 Stamford, CT Palace Theater
5/3/08 Piscataway, NJ Rutgers Athletic Center
5/4/08 Rochester, NY Roberts Wesleyan College – On sale Tues, Feb. 12

Check out Athlete here


And lastly, Land of Broken Hearts found this amazing, "ALIVE" photo of Jono. Enjoy that, and let it illuminate your day! hah

Friday, February 1, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Press and other Goods.

Aki from the boards found this blog post about the press conference Switchfoot had in Kuala Lumpur.

Here's quite a wonderful excerpt:

they were really hungry, they haven't taken their first meal of the day (now @ 5pm in the evening), they just arrived from a long flight down to KLIA, they touched down and came straight to the press conference... WHO ARE THEY???

SWITCHFOOT didn't want to make the members of the media wait for them, they sacrificed all of the above for YOU malaysia!!! The Grammy-nominated band has finally arrived at our world class airport and came for a press conference with the members of the media here in Petaling Jaya this late afternoon.

What a great group of guys, huh? They never cease to disappoint or amaze us.


Justin, one of our readers, posted this video of him playing "Awakening" on Frets of Fire, the computer version of guitar hero.

I thought it was pretty cool seeing it. Makes me wish it was on Guitar Hero even more!


Keep playing Switchfoot's myspace songs. Remember, you dont have to listen to the songs all the way through in order for them to count.