Thursday, May 29, 2008

Switchfoot "Promotion Teams"; MTV and Vh1 bring it "Home"

Sign on San Diego did a brief story with Jon Foreman about the upcoming Bro-Am, which is already next Saturday!

It's easy to sign a check to support a charity and many successful touring bands do just that. The effort highlights a cause, generates good publicity and offers the added benefit of a tax write-off.

But Switchfoot singer Jon Foreman and his bandmates have another motive behind giving back. The North County-based rock group hosts a Bro-Am beach event every year because they like to switch places – as the band's surfing-move handle suggests. The way to do that is to elevate a cause they believe in while extending a hands-on approach to helping.

“The solo project and the Bro-Am are an attempt to be human again, really,” said Foreman, who performs an acoustic set Wednesday night during the Bro-Am charity auction at Pacific Coast Grill.

“We are hoping we can enable others to step up on stage as we step down into the community.”

Read the rest of the article here


In other news, and both uploaded "This Is Home" on the website today!

Remember, this doesn't mean the videos have been added to actual channel yet. We will continue to request the video and Wildcard it for the 5/20 campaign! We're making progress Footsoldiers!


"This Is Home Promotion Teams!"

Our good friend Jason from the official message boards is holding an open "Roll Call" to get sign ups for "This Is Home" promotion teams. The idea is to have separate teams promoting "This Is Home:" A youtube team, mtv/Vh1 team, radio team, etc. etc. If you're a boardie, go there now and sign up! If you aren't, you can become one or comment on here, and we'll add you up to the list!!

It is vital that we have your full-on commitment in order for this thing to work! Please be sure you can contribute your time to this effort before signing up. This time around, we've got the support of Walt Disney Records/Hollywood Records for the single; we can make this song huge! Lets do it!



"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 73 (+1 from yesterday) with 57 (+5 from yesterday) spins this week
Top 40: 293 (-11 from yesterday) with 5 spins this week
Radio Disney: 30 with 21 spins this week
Christian AC: 38 (-1) with 141 (+3 spins from yesterday) spins this week
Billboard Hot Christian Songs: 25 (+5 from last week)

"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Soundtrack"

Billboard 200: 31 (-5 from last week)
Billboard Comprehensive Albums: 32 (-6 from last week)
Billboard Top Soundtracks: 3 (same)
Billboard Top Digital Albums: 6 (-1 from last week)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jon Foreman is bringing in Summer!; Switchfoot contributes to another great cause has been updated with a "Summer" page, complete with previews from the Summer EP. Can't get enough? Catch some more previews here!


Walking on Water, a great cause focused around surfing, has a new movie coming out, and guess who's song is in the trailer? Yup, our favorite, surfer-dude rockers! Switchfoot's song, "Awakening" is featured prominently throughout the entire thing. Go watch it now!

Walking On Water Trailer



"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 74 (+4 from yesterday) with 52 (+5 from yesterday) spins this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 282 (-4 from yesterday) with 5 spins this week
Radio Disney: 29 (-3 from yesterday) with 21 (-2 from yesterday) spins this week
Christian AC: 37 (+1 from yesterday) with 138 (+0 from yesterday) spins this week
Christian CHR: 22 (+2 from last week) with 342 (+37) spins this week


Make sure you contribute to the 5/20 campaign!

We're making progress! The youtube video cracked 200,000 views last night. Also, "This Is Home" has been added to AOL Music! Watch it here, and add it to your daily "viewing rotation" if you will...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Switchfoot - This Is Home: The 5/20 Campaign!

Hello everyone! Happy Memorial Day (from the States). So for the next few weeks, I thought it'd be great if we had some firm targeting for our Footsoldiers campaign, to help promote "This Is Home." here's what It'll look like:

The 5/20 campaign!

1. Watch “This Is Home” at least 5 Times a day

On three different places:

Yahoo Music
AOL Music

This way, we can add views on Youtube, and maybe crack the Top 100 on Yahoo music, and contribute views to the AOL video, as well!


2. Request “This Is Home” on MTV TRL Jukebox 5 times a day

There is a link to a form for video requests. We can flood this with requests for "This Is Home." If we all requested at least five times a day, we CAN get the video on MTV. Same thing happened with up-and-coming rock/pop band, All Time Low, and now they're getting major exposure. Lets make it a goal to request it at least five times a day.


3. VH1 Wildcard “This Is Home” at least 20 times a day

If we wildcard it at least 20 times a day, and if we have 10 people doing it, that’s 200 a day, and 1000 in five days. If we have 20, that’s 400 a day, and so on. This will take a little more commitment, but I know we can all do it!


4. Request “This Is Home” on Radio Disney at least five times a day here.

If we can crack the Top 30 Countdown on that station, tons of new, young fans will be introduced to Switchfoot!


So, who's in?!



Hot AC: 87 (+10 from yesterday) with 40 (+9 from yesterday) spins this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 225 (+20 from yesterday) with 7 (+1 from yesterday) spins this week
Christian AC: 38 with 136 (+6 from yesterday) spins this week
Radio Disney: 29 with 20 (+2 from yesterday) spins this week

Hot AC is starting to pick up "This Is Home". Exciting news. KUDD (Salt Lake City) and KRSK (Portland) are working the song into their playlists with increasing frequency. We'll have the request lines/web pages set up on This Is Home Promotion HQ shortly.

This is freakin' rad, isn't it?!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

"This Is Home" Charts Updates

Since there's not much going down in the world of Switchfoot this Saturday, here's the charts for "This Is Home"


Hot AC: 115 (+3) with 23 (+3) spins this week
Top 40: 247 with 6 spins
Christian AC: 38 with 134 (+1) spins
Radio Disney: 30 (+1) with 19 (+1) spins
Air1 Top Songs: 19

New Station Adds:
KRSK (Hot AC), KUDD (Hot AC)

That's it. Have a great long, holiday weekend (for those of you in the States that is). Otherwise, have a great... er... normal weekend. ^^

Friday, May 23, 2008

Jon Foreman on Grey's Anatomy; Switchfoot's Stars = Dream Big...?

First off, for yet another delayed update, I thought this little blurb about American Idol from MSNBC was pretty sweet:


Cook would have actually been better served by his Tuesday selection, "Dream Big." Emily Shackelton's original is a moderately sparky (if generic) country-pop number that has the unprecedented advantage of not being mind-numbingly dumb, but the word "stars" in the chorus seems to have inspired Cook to rearrange it as a Switchfoot knockoff. Making it sound like the quietly Christian band not only fit the singer, it suited the second verse's veiled religious references.

It did sound kind of Switchfootesque to me...


Also, if you didn't catch it yesterday, Jon Foreman's song "The Cure For Pain" was featured not once, but twice on the Grey's Anatomy Episode. You can watch them on youtube.

First appearance

(It comes in it at 8:32)

Second appearance

(First minute)

Thanks LOBH for finding it!


LOBH also put up a video one of their reader's found. It's a new interview with Jono. Check it out. It's the usual stuff, but still interesting.

Jon Foreman - Interview (SXSW)
Music Video Codes at Roxwel


"This Is Home" promotion news

-The official Switchfoot myspace page is autoplaying the Youtube video now! This will help boost the views quite a bit.

-Make sure you watch the "This Is Home" video on Yahoo to boost its views and possibly crack the top 100 videos chart on the site!


Here's the Friday CHARTS

"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 118 (+22) with 20 (+5) spins this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 247 with 6 spins
Christian AC: 38 (+2) with 133 (+4) spins this week
Radio Disney: 31 with 18 spins this week

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Billboard: Prince Caspian Soundtrack Numbers; Switchfoot singles numbers

TV UPDATE! (7:31 PM PST): Some of our friends just reported that a Jon Foreman song was played on tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy! It was "The Cure For Pain," a fitting song, I guess, for the show's theme. Mad props to the show for showing Mr. Foreman some love. Jono and Switchfoot are all over the place!


I know this is a strange thing, considering this is a Switchfoot fan site, but I'd like to take the time to congratulate David Cook on OWNING the American Idol crown. The vote difference between Cook and fellow David, Archeuleta, was a massive margin of 12 million!

Congrats to David Cook, and good luck with the rest of your career. I'm sure you garnered a bunch of new fans by playing "Dare You to Move." You've got my support!


And, Before we get to the serious number-crunching, here's a short interview with Jerome Fontamillas about "This Is Home"

CP: Tell me a little bit about "This is Home" – Switchfoot's new song, recorded for the
movie "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian." How does the song tell the journey of these four kids?

Fontamillas: Well, the whole idea of the song – if you read the Chronicles the series from beginning to end – it's this idea that the place you live now is not the place you are really meant to be. You feel this is just a passing by and there is something bigger for you beyond this place. This song has a longing to go to that place. ‘This is Home’ is about longing to be in the place where you belong and destined to be.

Read the rest: Full Article

Oh, by the way, here's another article about the Leno/American Idol frenzy.


Now, for the Billboard numbers, after a HUGE huge week for Narnia and Switchfoot.

"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" Soundtrack debuted at No. 26 on Billboard 200 Top Albums chart, with 16,000 units sold in its first week. (Source)

This is a decent opening week for the soundtrack, considering it came out before the movie. Expect a solid increase next week, with the movie now out in theatres everywhere.

Also, our good friend Chris updated us on this article from USA Today:

"Switchfoot's Dare You to Move returns at No. 45, selling 26,000, after David C. sang it."

This is so sweet. Again, thank you David Cook!



"Dare You to Move"

Billboard Hot Singles Recurrents: 23
Billboard Hot Canadian Digital Singles: 41
Billboard Hot Digital Songs: 45

"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 140 (+11) with 15 (+2) spins this week
Top 40 Mainstream: with 6 spins this week
Radio Disney Format: 30 with 18 spins this week
Christian AC: 38 (+2) with 129 (+7) spins this week
Billboard Hot Christian Songs: 30
Christian CHR: 24 (New)

"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Soundtrack"

Billboard 200: 26
Billboard Comprehensive Albums: 26
Billboard Top Soundtracks: 3
Billboard Top Digital Albums: 5

Side note: If you're in the Chicago area, Chris reports that one of your Hot AC format stations has indeed begun playing "This Is Home." Look out for it!


Lastly, we have a new affiliate! "christianmusicvideo"

They boast "the largest online collection of music videos featuring musicians with a Christian faith" (not necessarily CCM). So you'll find videos of U2, Natasha Bedingfield, and Switchfoot as well. Check them out!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jon Foreman's Summer Preview is up! And Switchfoot's "This Is Home" is added to Yahoo Music

First off, sorry for the lack of updates. Many things are afoot for me, and I'm just now getting chance to chat with the rest of yallz. Anyways, there's many things "afoot" for switchfoot as well. (still can't get the wordplay right, I guess...)

First off, Podcast 33!

Jon Foreman's Summer EP is up for preview on

I'm really digging "Resurrect Me" so far. It's got the "Amateur Lovers" vibe to it. Really summery... if you're a cowboy. haha. Just kidding. I should really cut back on these lame jokes...


If you all remember, our friend Annie Reuter from yousingiwrite did an interview with Tim Foreman a while back. here's that interview again, in audio!



Here's a news story on JFH about the Leno performance, and some Andy Barron photos from there.


In "This Is Home" promotion news, the video has been added to Yahoo Music. Lets view it on there, and get it up the charts!



Paste Magazine did a short feature with Jon:

Read it here


And now, for your charts.

"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 151 with 13 spins this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 240 with 6 spins this week
Christian AC: 40 with 122 spins this week.

More updates will come tomorrow morning.

One last thing: David Cook, who will forever be known to Switchfoot fams as the "guy who sang Dare You to Move on American Idol" won! Congratulations David Cook!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Narnia Splashes In With a Huge Weekend... and Switchfoot Isn't Far Behind

Personally, I watched it on opening night with about 40 of my friends. Good times. It was definitely a lot more hilarious (I love dry humor, and there was plenty of that), and it was darker, more brooding, and more action-filled. (It seems a strange contradiction to be both hilarious and darker at the same time... but it works somehow). And the rest of America flocked out to see the film.

Prince Caspian brought in $19.3 million for opening night and $56.6 million for the weekend, topping "Iron Man" for the weekend and becoming the second largest debut for movie this year.

$19.3 million source
$56.6 million Source


cstroud92 recorded the Leno performance and uploaded it on youtube. Enjoy!


TheRealBrendan uploaded a rough recording of the "credits version" for this is home. If you can get past the talking in the background, you can discern the lyrics.

Timmay! from the official message boards posted the lyrics, after watching the movie a second time:

1st verse
(the same as original)

oh oh (3x) i'm moving forward

everyday starts w/ a magic spark
i got my hopes high w/ the 2nd start
we're miracles
every breath is magic

2nd verse

everyday starts w/ a magic spark
i got my hopes high w/ the 2nd start
we're miracles
every breath is magic
we're miracles
every breath is magic

Thanks guys!



The Prince Caspian Soundtrack has reached No. 2 on iTunes, despite all the complainers saying they only want "This Is Home" and don't want to buy the whole album. There was a day in the not-too-distant past where we all had to buy entire albums, even if we wanted only one song. Music came in the form of things called compact discs. You might have heard of them. Tongue-in-cheekiness aside, congrats to the soundtrack and movie for fantastic first weeks!

"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 168 (+57 over the weekend) with 10 (+5 over the weekend) spins this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 309 (+414 over the weekend)with 4 spins (+3 over the weekend)
Christian AC: 42 (+3 over the weekend) with 108 (+27 over the weekend) spins this
Radio Disney Format: 31 (+3 over the weekend) with 16 (+1 over the weekend) spins this week
Air1 Top Songs: 19 (+3 from last week)

I'm really liking that 414 place jump on the Top 40 Mainstream charts. Looks hilariously awesome.


"This Is Home" Promotion Update

the christianmusicvideos account took down their early upload of "This Is Home" so they could help out the footsoldier cause. BlacktreeTV has an obligation to the studio keep their video up. It's taking a ton of views, but we can keep our video going.

Keep wildcard on Vh1. Keep spreading the video, fams! Radio is starting to slowly-but-surely pick up the single. Lets keep pushing for it!


The Up In Arms Tour edition of the Daily Foot is now complete:

Piscataway, New Jersey

Rochester, New York

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian unleashes today!

Go support this great film by watching it at the theater. Lets give it a HUGE opening weekend, and support "This Is Home" and our Switchfoot guys.

An interesting note about that however.

Some of the people on the official message boards reported that they watched the midnight premiere, and the song at the end of the credits indeed was NOT the "This Is Home" we've been hearing for the past few weeks. It certainly isn't the "radio edit" version that is the music video. But it isn't the more instrumental version on the actual Soundtrack CD either.

What is it?! According to Timmay!, he caught lines like "oh oh oh" in place of "Created for a place I've never known..." and there was no "This is home, now I'm finally where I belong..." on the chorus! Instead, there was something about "everybody's magic" or something. Weird. We'll have to see what that's all about.

At any rate, I've update the wikipedia page accordingly.
Oh, and someone found the cover artwork for the single!



*The Prince Caspian soundtrack has cracked the Top 10 on iTunes' overall Albums chart! It is No. 10 and, with the movie coming out this weekend, could get another spike in sales. If you haven't bought it yet, make sure you go pick it up at retailer near you, or download it from iTunes.

*"I Dare You to Move," still riding a wave of renewed popularity thanks to David Cook, reached No.31 early this morning. (David Cook still has my endorsement and vote on American Idol!)



"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 225 with 5 (+2 from yesterday) spins this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 723 with 1 spin this week
Christian AC: 45 with 81 (+12 from yesterday) spins this week
Radio Disney Format: 34 with 15 (+3 from yesterday) spins


"This Is Home" Promotion

Keep on viewing the video on youtube. Make sure you're viewing the right one, because a torrent of "clone" videos are showing up on Youtube. lets concentrate our efforts on the right one. Share it around!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The "I" in Dare You to Move is back!

"I Dare You to Move" (the original Learning to Breathe/A Walk to Remember version that first saw huge public exposure in that movie) continues to climb the Top Songs overall chart on iTunes. It reached #34 today, and may even get a Billboard chart listing for Top Digital Songs or some other thing. Again, thank you David Cook! By the way, congrats to Mr. Cook too, who survived in the very final round, next week. Let's show our appreciation (and MAKE OUR PRESENCE FELT) by voting for him. Enough Switchfoot fams, and we can beat David Archeuleta ~chants~ "Beat Archeuleta! Beat Archeuleta" Sorry, Archie fans.... ;)


In other chart news, the "Prince Caspian Soundtrack" is holding steady at No. 13 on the iTunes overall Albums chart, while "This Is Home" continues its steady climb up the Christian AC radio charts. Switchfoot is returning to prominence. I can't wait to see what the sales numbers for the soundtrack are, next week. (also, as a side note, my sources tell me that the soundtrack is a hot item on the p2p bit torrent networks too. More and more people are hearing about Switchfoot and their music... even if through file-sharing methods)


"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 298 with 3 (+1 from yesterday) spins this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 729 with 1 spin this week
Christian AC: 49 with 69 (+10 from yesterday) spins this week
Radio Disney Format: 35 with 12 (+2 from yesterday) spins this week


"This Is Home" Promotion news

*Our youtube video (the official one... not the one of the millions of clones out there on youtube) should hit 90,000 views today, on its tenth day of existence. That's about 9,000 views a day. This is awesome! But our suggested goal was a rate of 10,000 a day. Lets keep viewing it and auto-refreshing. Just google it, and you should find the appropriate one for your browser. We can get 100,000 views by the end of this week! I know it!
*Have you sent your emails yet? Make sure you get to that, if you havent! We CAN do this, but we need ALL of your help!
*Don't forget to keep requesting the song on Radio Disney.
*Give the video a few wildcard votes on vh1 and jukebox requests on trl too!


new daily foot entries!

Asheville, North Carolina
New York, New York
Ocean City, New Jersey
Stamford, Connecticut

That's it for now. Please help out in the promotion effort footsoldiers. Yes, we have Hollywood Records behind us now, but the Switchfoot guys still need us just as much as ever! Lets do this! Make sure you go watch the new Narnia movie coming out tomorrow too and support the guys that way! Pay off the movie attendant to make everyone stay until the end of the credits if you have too! (Just kidding. DONT do that...)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recapping a Crazy Night For Switchfoot

For the first time in a long time, Switchfoot got the kind of mainstream recognition it deserves. Last night was the craziest high-volume exposure a band could get. We’re talking five different appearances on much-viewed television programs. Here’s a run-down of the craziness:

*Early in the day: nar_dunderford from the official message boards reported that the music video was played on TV Guide during a Narnia special that they were doing.

*During the day: “This Is Home” is heard on radio for the first time (for me, at least... hehe) (granted, it’s radio Disney, but still!).

*Also during the day: The “This Is Home” music video is seen on the Disney Channel quite a few times (as reported by several boardies)

*Later in the day: It was reported that American Idol contestant David Cook had selected “Dare You to Move” by Switchfoot for his second song of the night. Chaos on the Dare You to Moveyoutube video page and the official message boards ensues.

See the performance:

Mehh... it could go either way for me...

*Sometime before the American Idol Performance: “Let That Be Enough” is seen on a movie called “Model Behavior”

*Even later in the day: Switchfoot plays on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
(Watch it again here)

DOWNLOAD UPDATE: My dvdr captured it last night. I checked it right after. But this morning, the dvd was empty! I have nothing! I'm so sorry, friends... stupid DVD recorder...

But, 5+ appearances on tv, and a few radio spins at a highly popular Top 40-esque Radio station. Switchfoot, welcome back to the mainstream consciousness! This could lead to more, but this is a TON of attention already!


And the numbers don’t lie. The exposure is already paying major dividends. “I Dare You to Move” (Learning to Breathe Version) is climbing the top songs chart, and has reached No. 63 so far. (EDIT: 2:14pm: It has reached 46) (6:53 pm, No. 44!)It is now Switchfoot’s top selling song, despite the fact that people continue to buy the old version of this song, not the “Beautiful Letdown” version that was soaring across the airwaves in 2004. Whatever. As long as its exposure, right?

The Prince Caspian Soundtrack has moved up a spot from yesterday, and is now the No. 14 Top Selling Album overall on iTunes. (EDIT: 8:59 PM It jumped a spot and is now No. 13!) Make sure, if you haven’t gotten it, to go and buy it, itunes or cd. Let's show Disney they made the right choice going with Switchfoot’s song as the lead-single for this movie!


Some American Idol press. This one talked about Switchfoot the most:

Watching Cook absorb the lessons that "Idol" has offered him has been one of the season's most edifying experiences. Though his loyalty to minor modern rock bands remains intact -- last night's song choice championed Switchfoot, a decent bunch of surfers who turned their Christian rock secular and had a hit or two a few years back -- Cook has lately been cultivating the pop-friendly glow of his more restrained vocal timbre. He's the rare contestant who has greatly improved under the judges' tutelage, and for that alone, he probably deserves to win.

Full Source LA Times

Additional press:
Sun Times
Star Tribune (Dare You to … Dream?? what the...)
Fox KC


Speaking of LA Times, they had another story involving Switchfoot. They were loosely reviewing the "Prince Caspian Soundtrack," focusing mainly on Regina Spektor's song. But here's the Switchfoot bit of it:

Finally, bringing the credits to a close is Switchfoot's "This is Home." But expect this song to get a heavy promotion.
The band will perform it tonight on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," and already previewed it last month at gospel's Dove Awards. It's a pretty straight-ahead, overly-earnest rocker, and its association with "Narnia" is purely to move some soundtrack units.

Read the full story


"This Is Home" promotion news:

*Have you sent your emails yet? Go here if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Join in the fight, Footsoldiers!

*The Music video is doing well. We're falling off the pace of 10,000 views per day, a bit. Lets get the views pumping again! You can watch it on this site, or on's Narnia page, or on the actual youtube site. Lets build it up guys!

*Make sure you request it on Radio Disney. All the links are in the "This Is Home" Promotion HQ Post.

Lets use the added promotional thrust to really push this song over the edge. I have confidence that it will be a big hit this Summer!



"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 360 with 2 spins (-1 from yesterday) this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 726 with 1 spin this week
Christian AC: 54 (+4) with 59 (+10 from yesterday) spins this week
Radio Disney Format: 34 (+10 from yesterday) with 11 spins (+3 from yesterday) this week

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

David Cook to sing "Dare You to Move" on American Idol Tonight!

BREAKING NEWS. Tune in to American Idol tonight, to see Final 3 contestand David Cook sing "Dare You to Move."SOURCE
Another Source

That's in less than an hour for many of you eastern-bound folks. We'll see how this turns out. =)

Man, Switchfoot's taking over the world! haha

The Prince Caspian Soundtrack Releases today; Radio Disney adds Switchfoot's "This Is Home"; Switchfoot on American Idol... kinda...

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Soundtrack releases today! So far, on itunes, it has peaked so far at No. 36 on the Top overall albums (Edit: 11:05 AM PST It has reached No. 24). (Edit: 2:15 PM PST It is at No. 17) (Edit: 5:28 PM It's No. 15) Make sure you download it or pick up a copy at the store; show Disney that they didn't make mistake by signing on Switchfoot to write their lead single for the album! =)

But if you're looking for the single song only, iTunes is currently not the place to get it. "This Is Home" on the soundtrack is an album-only track. And also, remember this is the soundtrack version that we have not seen publicly yet. (p.s. It sounds amazing!) But sit tight! Our friend Ryan has inside info: Message Board Post.

I'm almost 100% positive that next tuesday This is Home will be available as a radio single download. My cousin works for itunes and confirmed that TIH will soon be available seperate from the album!

Sweetness. Two versions of a great song. Awesome. I strongly recommend you get both. I'm beginning to like the light percussion "Soundtrack Version" better than the full-drums music video/radio edit version.


Here's some more pressage and bloggery about "This Is Home"... don't you love the use of non-existent words there? yupp.

Elevating a Generation
Thought Quotient

And a new press release about Switchfoot's performance tonight on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as well as other radio news.


In conjunction with local market promotions around the film designed to build excitement toward the release of the new “Narnia” movie, EMI CMG Label Group has released the “This Is Home” single to AC and CHR Christian radio. The Air 1 Radio Network, heard on 70 stations and 106 translators in 35-states, is among the first to add the new single, along with stations in Chicago, Nashville, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Toledo and many other markets. Radio Disney is also adding the song as Hollywood Records and Red Light Management/Entertainment are working the single at mainstream radio formats.

Yes. It's true. Radio Disney has added "This Is Home" to their request list. Amongst the teen pop goodness of Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana (mark the somewhat sarcastic tone in my voice), Switchfoot should find a great home on the station's playlist. Get ready for something revolutionary, Radio Disneyers: Good MUSIC! Wow...

No offense. I'm absolutely joking, peeps. ;)

Seriously though, go request "This Is Home."

Another noteworthy piece is the confirmation that Hollywood Records is helping Red Light work the single to mainstream. Hollwood Records is responsible for last summer's soundtrack song, "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's, which was No. 1 on every radio station everywhere for forever last year. I think "This Is Home" is in good hands!


Speaking of radio, here's the CHARTS:

"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 287 with 3 spins this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 715 with 1 spin this week
Christian AC: 58 (+14) with 49 spins (+13 from yesterday) this week
Radio Disney Format: 44 with 8 spins (+8) this week


Watch The Tonight Show! It's going to feature Evangeline Lilly (Kate from Lost), Ben Barnes (yes, Prince Caspian himself), and of course, Switchfoot playing their future hit single, "This Is Home!" 11:35/10:35 Central.

We'll have a download of it available sometime tomorrow. Sit tight friends!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Switchfoot Moving In to the Studio Today! Plus, "This Is Home" Picking up Steam

EDIT (10:17 AM): Urgent message for Footsoldiers! The "This Is Home" Promotion HQ post has been updated with new instructions!

As gravyty from the official message boards reported, today, the Switchfoot guys are movin' in to their newly completed, brand new studio, to set up shop and kick recording the next record into high gear.

Again, Congrats you guys! Your hard work over all these years is continuing to pay off! Show us pics or videos or whatever! That's gotta be exciting!


The Youtube video for "This Is Home" got a "This Week" honor:

#54 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Music


Ever wonder what Jon Foreman thinks of the song "Sound In My Mouth" off the "Oh! EP.?" Well, wonder no more! talked to Jon about it.

EDIT: There's a list of the whole interview from the same site right here

EDIT AGAIN: DOWNLOAD this remarkable interview here.


"This Is Home" continues to pick up steam from the press... AND RADIO!

First off, here's some bloggage/news bits about the video:

Stereo Truth
Third Day's Official Myspace blog (Thanks to the future fellow tour mates!)
Consuming Worship
Brightcover (Video post)
Worship City


Now... radio news!

*This Is Home hits Air1: In this week's top 22 songs, "This Is Home" arrived at the 22nd spot.


"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 283 with 3 spins (+2) this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 718 with 1 spin this week
Christian AC: 72 with 36 spins (+25) this week (Hot)


New Daily Foot!

Charlottesville, Virginia


Remember, tomorrow, Switchfoot will be playing "This Is Home" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Set your dvdr, vcr's, tivo's or whatever recording thing you have. Check local listings for times!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Switchfoot's Jon Foreman Loves Ice Cream!

That's right. A blogger's friend caught site of Jon buying ice cream before the show in Ocean City. hahaa.


Ok, that's the random food reference of the day. On to some real Switchfoot news.

Broadcast news room did a story with Brandon Dickerson, the genius behind the "Awakening" "papermation" video and the new "This Is Home" video.

"Music videos for feature films have the challenge of merging two forms of pop culture " music and film " with a third art form, the video "says dickerson. "This is an instance where each part is enhanced and complements each other to create a new whole. Everyone is thrilled at the result. "
dickerson, a fan of shooting on film, chose to shoot this video using the RED ONE camera, due to the projects tight turn-around. By working in the 4k realm there was no delay in the editorial process and visual effects could be immediately integrated.

See full story here.


Absolute posted a news story about the video. Discuss if you are a member.


Annie Reuter from yousingiwrite also submitted a review of the Piscataway, NJ show to You R Here: MTV news.

It’s hard to tell the crowd favorite, as everyone surrounding me was singing along to each song word for word. The audience was diverse, made up of college students as well as parents with young children and other New Jersey natives. While some songs featured in their set didn’t stray too much from their album, others found new life onstage, such as “Gone” which was prefaced with a cover of BeyoncĂ©’s “Crazy in Love” in which Jon said to the crowd, “I can safely say this is the only BeyoncĂ© cover we’re going to do all night.” After a few bars of the song, Switchfoot went into “Gone,” where Jon’s singing took a pause to an almost rap-like number as he spoke the words to most of the song, jumping on and off the drum kit a few times.

Check out the rest of the very detailed review!


In less than 3 days, the youtube video for "This Is Home" has reached 33,965 views! Great work!

And the final first-day honors:

#39 - top favorites today - Music
#76 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - New Zealand
#52 - Top Rated (Today) - Music
#82 - Most Discussed (Today) - Music
#94 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - Australia

Lets aim for "This Week" honors, and "This Month", and so on! keep viewing and rating! Next week, we'll update This Is Home Promotion HQ with new tasks. Happy promoting fams!


New Daily Foot posts!
Jacksonville, Florida

Estero, Florida

W. Palm Beach, Florida



"This Is Home"

Top 40 Mainstream: 744 with 1 spin this week
Hot AC: 371 with 1 Spin this week
Active Rock: 457 with 1 Spin this week
Christian AC: 130 with 13 spins this week
R&R Christian CHR: Most added this Week

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Download Switchfoot's Music Video for "This Is Home"

The Narnia insider has provided a link to download a hi-quality quicktime move for "This Is Home". To play it on your ipod, download the hi-quality .mov file, then play it in your itunes, and then right click and choose "convert selection to ipod." Once that's done, its ready for play on the ipod!

Go to this page to get it!

EDIT (May 29, 2008): It appears the site has been taken down. Here's the link to download the video on Rapidshare.

Also, the Insider provided a nice little shout-out from the guys at the video shoot.
Go to THIS page to get that. Ok, I admit it. I'm not very good with wordplay. haha

Jeanna from LOBH, being the speedster that she is, has already uploaded it on youtube:


"This Is Home" Youtube Video News:

Welp, the honors are in, and here's what the video amassed in its first day of existence:

#41 - top favorites today - Music
#76 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - New Zealand
#59 - Top Rated (Today) - Music
#82 - Most Discussed (Today) - Music
#97 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - Australia

Keep up the great work guys an gals!! Watch it on here, and keep refreshing this page,, or the actual video page countless times to rack up the views. lets do this!


VH1 Top 20 Countdown: Keep wildcarding the video. We'll get it on there... I just know it! See sidebar for link.


Annie Reuter from the YousingIwrite blog has another outstanding interview with Tim Foreman, who sheds some insight on the hundreds of the demos the band has, as well as the mysterious Music Builds Side stage...

How’s the new album coming along?
It’s good. There are a lot of songs right now. Honestly, over 100 in various stages of demo and we’re going to try to narrow it down from there. We wanted to make a big mess for ourselves. We even went into the studio way back in August and tracked 15 songs and kind of just cast in a wide net to catch a lot of fish and then throw the best, tastiest ones on the record.

What can fans expect?
We want to do something different. As far as what that is, that’s kind of what this stage is still about. Kind of experimenting.

How do you pick out of 100 songs what will go on the record?
Well you look for the songs that resonate with you because you’re going to be playing them every night for the next, could be two years, 10 years, whatever. So you want to believe in them. So you have to believe it. And then from there, you’re looking for a common thread between all the songs. And then sonically too, certain songs just lend themselves to new ideas and fresh sounds and other ones don’t. Trying to find a cohesive thematic and also musical thread throughout the record.

You guys are doing the Music Builds Tour too where $1 from every ticket goes to Habitat, right?
Yeah, that’s how we did the fall tour. This tour there’s a few different ways that the money is going to go to them. Tickets, one way and also tour merchandise. It’s just kind of a dream come true. It’s a really diverse bill, a bunch of bands that have never toured together from Robert Randolph to us. Then there’s going to be a side stage with a bunch of more punk rock type bands. The goal is to have the most diverse line-up possible but all with the commonality of trying to make a differences.

Read the rest here


CHARTS (Mediabase)

"This Is Home"

-Christian AC: 140 with 12 Spins this Week
-Top 40 Mainstream: 749 with 1 Spin this Week

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Switchfoot and Food Festivals

Switchfoot will be playing a food festival this Friday (May 9th) called "Taste Addison," in Addison, Texas. Gavin DeGraw, The Afters, and The Black Crowes will also be playing. ~gets Gavin DeGraw's "In Love With a Girl" stuck in head~

Taste Addison Website

Anyways, I thought it was rather funny that Switchfoot was playing at essentially a celebration of food.


Here's a short blurb from a news story about Switchfoot's show at the Roberts Wesleyan College:

Jon Foreman's (lead singer) punk roots are obvious in his passion for his music and general stage presence: playing guitar with his face, climbing on the drum set and lighting fixtures. His vocals and guitar are backed by his brother Tim Foreman on bass, Chad Butler on drums and percussion, Jerome Fontamillas on keyboard and guitar, and Drew Shirley on guitar. The longevity of the band is obvious in the tightness of their sound.

In addition to the rock was a ton of flashing lights, which were impressive considering the show was in a gymnasium.

Read the rest...


Gibson, which happens to be the supplier of Jon Foreman's electric-guitars-of-choice, posted a summary about his gig in Singapore earlier this year.

Switchfoot, a five-piece gospel-rock band originating from San Diego, California, recently played a one-night gig in Singapore at The Max Pavillion. As part of the band’s short whirlwind trip, they also played a short set at local tertiary institution, Temasek Junior College. Jon Foreman & his fellow merry-makers wowed the students with a solo intimate acoustic session on a Gibson SJ-300 guitar. The acoustic set was staged at Temasek Junior College.



Site News:

-New layout. well... new header graphic and color scheme. Hope you all dig.
-Also, be sure to check out the new "This Is Home" Promotion HQ Post we have put up. Lets get going, footsoldiers!
-The Voting Links Section on the sidebar is back!

The "This Is Home" Promotion HQ

Hello everyone! So I thought it’d be cool if we had a post devoted to promoting “This Is Home.” I guess this would serve as an hq for promoting the new single. We’ll be updating it as we go along, I suppose.

(Week 1)

1. Youtube has been updated and is now streaming the “official” video on youtube. Lets start sharing this around, like we did with the “Awakening” video! View it a million times, rate it every day, and comment the video. Here's the link:

As of now, the video already has ammassed over 52,673 hits in about five days.

2. VH1 Top 20 Countdown

Start wildcarding “This Is Home.” To be safe, let’s put at least two other artists in the grid also, to make it count, before submitting the vote. We can vote as many times as we want. Once the video is added to the countdown as a non-wild card, we can try another 100 4 SF like we did last summer for “Awakening” (lets just make sure its already IN the voting grid first, before we even go crazy voting… hehe)

3. Top 5 Live (Thanks Jeanna and Land of Broken Hearts)

Original Thread

(Week 2) [NEW!]

Ok, friends. This week, we're going to be attacking email inboxes everywhere.


Youtube generally has an editorial team that chooses which videos to feature on the main page, but they do take suggestions. If we have a significant number of us suggesting "This Is Home" (the video we've been watching), the views could blow up and the video would be exposed to an even wider audience base.


Email Fuse about adding the song to their database at this email addresss:

To plagarize from Phil, from last year's "Awakening" campaign,

(in the email to FUSE:)
+ either make it sound like you're wondering why the awesome new switchfoot video isn't on FUSE (or on their site), or sound like you're informing them about the video and requesting them to add it to their database. this will mix it up a bit - so not everyone is writing in with the same thing.
+ either way, provide a link to the video on YouTube, including the video title (band and song name, basically).
+ again, title well. i'll leave that to your discretion.

hehe. Thanks Phil. ;)

3. MTV TRL Jukebox

There is a link to a form for video requests. We can flood this with requests for "This Is Home." If we all requested at least once a day, we CAN get the video on MTV. Same thing happened with up-and-coming rock/pop band, All Time Low, and now they're getting major exposure.

4. VH1 Wildcard

Keep wildcarding!


This is a pretty huge website on the web about new music video releases, video shoot bookings, mtv/vh1/fuse/music choice/bet/cmt video adds, etc. They often do a short review or news item for new videos. Email them to suggest embedding and reviewing the new Switchfoot video. Include the link to the youtube video, and all other pertinent information, including label info (lowercase people records/Walt Disney) and the name of the director (Brandon Dickerson). Send emails here:

5. Anywhere Else!

If you know any popular video news sites, or music news sites, or anything, send them an email too about maybe posting a story about the song or video for "This Is Home"!

Lets get promoting, fams!

Post whatever else you find in the replies, and we'll add it to this list!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Switchfoot Studio News


Our friend gravyty from the official message boards reports in:

More news from the mouth of Chad:

The studio is done and they're moving in on May 12th to set up Switchfoot headquarters.

Yess. Congratulations to the Switchfoot guys. You've come so far. May this new record be as rockfully amazing as the previous six.


Also, a quick update on the Narnia Soundtrack:

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian soundtrack will include the "This Is Home" video in the enhanced portion of the cd! Spectacular! Gives one even more reason to buy the album.



This Is Home has begun charting on Christian radio formats

Christian AC: 114 with 11 total spins.
Christian Rock: One of the most added songs of the week

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Switchfoot to play "This Is Home" on Leno, May 13

Mark your calendars and set your dvr's or tivo's!

Suzzane from the boards said that last night, Jon Foreman announced that Switchfoot would be playing "This Is Home" on Leno, May 13th! That is also the release date of the soundtrack.

Friday, May 2, 2008

"This Is Home" Music Video is HERE!

It's amazing. That's about all I've got.

Go to, and on the playlist section, scroll down to tile titled "Prince Caspian Soundtrack."

Paaja from the boards posted it on youtube, for those of you who can't watch it on Disney's site. Thanks Paaja! Link

If you can, though, i highly recommend you watch the Disney stream. Its quality is a lot better.

Also, I was told Switchfoot will be putting up the video on their official youtube account in the near future.

UPDATE (2:22 PM): "This Is Home" is now on the band's myspace page!

UPDATE (3:17 PM): has been updated with a nice little message from Jon about "This Is Home."

Greetings amigos!

When my brother and I were kids, my dad used to read us CS Lewis books before we went to sleep. So when we were asked to be involved in a movie based on his book, "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" - we were honored to be considered.

I wanted to capture the longing that is embedded in much of Lewis' writing- so I tried to think back to what these stories meant to me when I was six years old and write from that perspective. The song that came out is called "This is Home." It's been quite a journey: a San Diego song with strings cut at Abbey Road in London complete with a video shot in Hollywood.

We are so excited to not only share this song with you, but also the video, which is premiering today exclusively on And, you can hear the song streaming on our website, myspace, and facebook. The song will also be featured on the soundtrack, which is being released through Hollywood Records on Tuesday May 13th in stores everywhere.

This is our first venture as an independent band- so thank you for being a part of this! And thanks again for all your continued support.

- jon foreman

Concertblast Podcast Show Featuring Chad Butler From Switchfoot

Right click, and save as... this link to download the mp3 of the show.

Once you get past the show hosts talking about breakfast buffets, there are some insightful interviews with Mac Powell of Third Day, and our very own Chad Butler from Switchfoot. They've both got a ton of great things to say.

This was recorded at the kick-off show for the upcoming Music Builds Tour, which was back in April.

I love how EVERYONE thought Switchfoot should've been the final act. PWNAGE! Go Switchfoot!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Switchfoot - "This Is Home" Video Premiere tomorrow!

That's right folks. The music video for "This Is Home" is world premiering on this Friday, (which is tomorrow) according to the Sparrow Records Newsletter.

New Swichfoot Narnia Music Video Premiere This Friday!

Switchfoot's new song "This Is Home" is featured on the soundtrack for the new Disney movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The band shot a music video for "This Is Home" which will be featured in a world premiere on this Friday May 2nd! Be sure to tune in to watch this brand new video which features footage from the film!

ALRIGHT!!! I was hoping for a more "legit" premiere site, but we'll take it, right guys?

Switchfoot is New-wave? Plus, "This Is Home" variations...?

Good morning!

So, thanks to some explorative message boardies (Jesse and Ai Lyn), we have found the previews for the Prince Caspian Soundtrack. But, the song by Switchfoot, "This Is Home," does not sound quite the same...

Disney Music

No drums? As opposed to the one we have been listening to for about two weeks now, the version on these previews does not feature a full drum set, but soft percussion stuff. Interesting.

My theory is that the one we've been hearing with the full arrangement is the one meant for radio and the music video, as it is definitely more upbeat and would fit more there. The soundtrack version fits better with-in the actual movie then, I suppose.

At any rate, we couldn't have been listening to the wrong song all this time, because the band has been playing it with drums this whole time. We'll see when the video premieres tomorrow then.


Here's a nice little blurb about Switchfoot. But calling them a "Christian band" is Strike 1 in my book. comparing them to Nickelback is Strike 3. Forget Strike 2. Oh well...

San Diego's Switchfoot made the rare transition from popular Christian band to platinum rock band with ease. Part of that has to do with the fact that the former surfers make the kind of noncombative rock that is in line with, say, The Foo Fighters or Nickelback. Post-grunge for sure, hints of emo and with the most recent "Oh! Gravity," traces of post-new wave.


Post-new wave, eh? Interesting...


WayFM recently interviewed bassist extraordinaire Tim Foreman. Check it out here. Thanks LOBH


And Mr. Andy Baroon posted a bran new Bro-Am Commercial for this year.