Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Head Over Heels (In This Life) slated for release to Christian AC radio

It's official. "Head Over Heels (In This Life)" is the new single from Switchfoot. According to All Access, the single is slated for a September 4th release to Christian Adult Contemporary radio.

As far as I know, this will not interfere with "Awakening" in any way, as it has become a major hit on Christian Contemporary, Christian Rock, and Christian Hit radio. The Christian Adult Contemporary market has not played "Awakening" as much, which may be the reasong for a new single to that format.

"Awakening" still remains the current mainstream single, so we will continue to support it by voting for it on VH1 and FUSE TV.


Site News

We're Awakening is undergoing a change, and we will be updating ya'll on that in the near future. Thanks for reading so far, and spread the love around. Tell all your fellow Switchfoot fans and footsoldiers to come on over and join us in our fight. We'd be honored... Peace out friends!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No. 1!!!

We're No. 1 on popular Christian contemporary station Air 1! Yeah boy!

Air 1 Chart for the week of August 25, 2007 Congrats to Switchfoot!


In other news, Head Over Heels (In This Life) is the next single, according to this thread.

It has not yet been confirmed, and I'm thinking from this list that its slated for Christian radio release, but we'll keep an eye on this developing story.

As for Awakening, keep voting! I know it's difficult considering the little success so far, but I'm led to believe that Switchfoot fans are the greatest around. Lets show it! Onward Footsoldiers!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Switchfoot - Awakening was added to Music Choice...

under our very noses?!?!! Wow!

Music Choice Adds for the Week of 5/14/07


A-Alikes "They Wanna Murder Me" (Guerilla Nation)
Atmosphere "Trying To Find A Balance" (Rhymesayers)
Big D & The Kids Table "Noise Complaint" (Side One Dummy)
Billy Talent "Fallen Leaves" (Atlantic)
Brandi Carlisle "The Story" (Columbia)
Buckcherry "Everything" (Atlantic)
Chevelle "Well Enough Alone" (Epic)
Dimmu Borgir "The Serpentine Offering" (Nuclear Blast)
Elvis Perkins "All The Night Without Love" (XL)
Fear My Thoughts "Blankness" (Century Media)
Funeral For A Friend "Into Oblivion (Reunion)" (Atlantic)
Guster "Satellite" (Reprise/Warner Bros.)
Heaven Shall Burn "Counterweight" (Century Media)
Ivy Queen "Que Lloren" (Univision)
Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone "Circle Circle Dot Dot" (JKiss/Warner Bros.)
Jerry Lee Lewis "Honky-Tonk Woman" (Artists First)
Josh Groban "February Song" (143/Reprise/Warner Bros.)
Juggaknots "Namesake" (Amalgam/Matic)
Ladybug Mecca "Dogg Starr (Remix)" (Nu Paradigm)
Mat Kearny "Undeniable" (Aware/Columbia)
Maximo Park "Our Velocity" (Warp)
Neil Young "Old Man (live)" (Reprise/Warner Bros.)
Pillar "Everything" (Flicker)
Riverboat Gamblers "Don’t Bury Me... " (Volcom)
Run-D.M.C. "King Of Rock (live)" (Eagle Vision)
Silent Civilian "The Song Remains UnNamed" (Mediaskare)
Silversun Pickups "Kissing Families" (Dangerbird)
Switchfoot "Awakening" (Columbia)
Tercera Vizion (3rd Vizion) "Ruby Rosa" (Psychic Tiger Records)
The Frontline f/ E-A-Ski "What You Want/The Truth" (Infrared)
The Red Chord "Fixation On Plastics" (Metal Blade)
Trey Songz "Wonder Woman" (Atlantic)
We Are The Fury "Now You Know" (Unborn Media/EastWest)
"Weird Al" Yankovic "Trapped in the Drive-Thru" (Volcano/ZLG)
Yes "Long Distance Runaround (Live)" (Eagle Vision)

May 8, 2007 in Music Choice

(Courtesy of Videostatic)

Just a little encouragement for all yall weary Footsoldiers. Vote on!! I know I will be!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Nickleback + Switchfoot?

Hey Guys, I am posting today but then I will be gone all next week as will be Job.

Things are going great. Voting on Vh1 seems steady, as does are wonderful chatting at:

The charts seems to be holding steady. And Fuse was updated again with SF still at #1!

Fuse: #1

Christian Hit Radio: #3

TVU: #5

Me and Job do have another little idea to try as far as VH1 goes though. Nickleback fans have been able to put “Rockstar” on the countdown by wildcarding. I am going to start a thread that asks Nickleback fans to wildcard Switchfoot “Awakening”. In return I will promise that Switchfoot fans will vote for Nickleback. Your part in all this is to go here:

And say that you are a Switchfoot fan and that you agree.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hey friends. I hope you all are having an awesome time voting! I'm sure the guys appreciate all of your efforts! Now all we can do is vote and pray Vh1 adds the video!

Anyways, I thought I'd post this amazing live vid of Switchfoot performing "Awakening" at Ventura a few months back. It was taken from the AT&T Blueroom concert videos, and was posted on Youtube by Lunaa3. The originals can be viewed here

Watch the rest here. Thanks again to Lunaa3.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hey peeps!

As we all know, Myspace is a place to catch up with all our peeps! So, we have updated our "peepspace" with a brand-spankin' new layout. Thanks to Justin, we have a beautiful layout, with a stunning background, which embodies the emotional aspect of "Awakening."

Check us out and add us if you haven't already.


The voting has been amazing! Thanks Chris for sparking enthusiasm once again! Everywhere on the Vh1 boards, there's some kinda post for Switchfoot or Awakening. That, my friends, is called commitment. Lets keep commenting on those boards, and keep Switchfoot near the top of the Vh1 Forums!

I think Switchfoot has some of the best fans in the world, and the guys "expect a lot from you guys..." (Jon Foreman). Well, lets not disappoint! In the wake of Label Independence, let's become Switchfoot's record label! Thanks for all your hard work!


And here's a video of "Awakening" with some added effects. I thought it was pretty cool!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

This is a title

Hey sorry for the lack of posting!

The attack on VH1 is going well. Every time I go on to vote it seems there is a headline about Awakening running across the bottom of the screen! Keep up the voting, and please chat on this thread:

Outside of VH1 things are still good, but on some fronts we are slipping.

Fuse: We are still going strong. Please remember to keep up the vote! We have had Awakening at #1 for three months now!

TVU: Still at #5. Keep voting once a day!

Relevant: Embarrassing, but my internet wont let me go to the Relevant voting site. Can someone please go there and give me an update? Thanx :)

Keep up the fight Foot Soldiers!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Battle Plan

The voting is going strong! It looks like by the end of the week, hundreds and hundreds of votes will have been cast for Awakening. That is great. But it may not be enough.

As you can all see on the sidebar, our strategy in making Awakening a hit hinges on VH1. VH1 must be taken, and voting as a wildcard is only the beginning. Take a load of this plan:

1. Vote at least ten times a day + Be on the look out for people to recruit to join this effort.

2. Get an account with VH1. It is free and simple. Please do this ASAP

3. View the Awakening video at the VH1 site a few times a day, using the VH1 “video link” on the sidebar . We will get Vh1’s attention by showing them the video is hot on their site.

4. On Friday the 17th I will start an Awakening thread on the VH1 boards. Please use your VH1 account to post to this thread. Continued talk about the video on the site will help get others to join us, and will get Vh1’s attention.

As we continue to do these steps more people will join us, and our efforts will snowball. Vh1 cannot ignore us forever. The only way we can fail is if we choose to not do our duty, and don’t bother to tell others to do theirs.

Lets get to work!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Chris is back *people scream, faint etc.*

Back and mad. Not mad…perhaps more like determined. I have declared war on VH1. And I think now is the time for every Foot Soldier to do their duty.

There are Switchfoot fans, and then there are Foot Soldiers. Switchfoot fans listen to Switchfoot on their ipods and hum along. Foot Soldiers do their duty to their band.

What is your duty? That isn’t for me to say, I’m sure many of you have goals that you try to meet when it comes to voting and such, but let me make a suggestion:

EVERY Switchfoot fan and Foot Soldier should to vote for at least 5 minutes on VH1. That’s 10 votes a day, everyday, from now till heck knows when. Do this, and then tell others to do it. It is simple but very powerful. Just five minutes a day, and giving some guilt to your friends. Tell them their duty, hold

them to their duty, and make sure you do your duty. There is no excuse to do less.

Link to vote:

IMPORTINAT: You must vote for two videos for your vote to count


Relevant: #1

Fuse: #1

Christian Hit Radio: #3

TVU: #5


Saturday, August 11, 2007


Hey everyone! Great news! Awakening jumped back onto the TVU top ten and is at #5! We did it! There is no reason other than the fact that we've been voting hard that it got back on!
Be encouraged. :D
Next update: Sunday

Friday, August 10, 2007

a new beginning in stereo... Jon Foreman Myspace blog 8-9-07

greetings everybody!

I've got some exciting news: after several years of trying to make
things work over at Columbia we have officially severed our ties with
sony to pursue making music independently. We are thankful for the
incredible success that our partnership has produced over the years,
yet within this ever changing business there can arise differences in
vision and goals. These differences have now come to a point where we
feel like parting ways would be best for us, and best for sony.

As a hands-on band, we feel so grateful for our newfound freedom. We
are continually dreaming up ways to bridge the gap between the
audience and the stage; this feels like an incredible step in that
direction. A huge thank you to bob, amy, nicole and tim over at
columbia who were there from the beginning. We would also like to
thank our musical family here in the states and abroad for sticking
with us through these columbia years. We couldn't have done it
without you!

We'll have more information for you as things shape up. In the
meantime, here are several projects already in the works for the next

-four jon foreman solo ep's
(tentatively titled fall, winter, spring, and summer)
-the real sean jon
(a collaboration between jon foreman and sean watkins of nickel creek fame)
-a new switchfoot record in '08
(the first tracks 13 tracks were cut this week!)


The folks who listen to our music mean the world to us, that's why we
travel the world to get the music to them. So whether you're in
Australia, the Philippines, The USA, Iraq, or Kuwait here are some
upcoming tour dates to keep the world small:

8/11 West Allis, WI / Wisconsin State Fair
8/17 Sedalia, MO / Missouri State Fair
8/18 Des Moines, IA / Iowa State Fair
8/24 Louisville, KY / Kentucky State Fair
8/25 Valdosta, GA / Wild Adventures
8/31 Perth, AU / Challenge Stadium
9/1 Sydney, AU / Sydney Showground
9/5 Auckland, NZ / Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre
9/6 Melbourne, AU / The Richmond Auditorium
9/7 Paradise, South AU / Paradise Auditorium
9/8 Brisbane, AU / Australia Brisbane Entertainment Centre
9/10 Manila, Philippines / Cunesta Astrodome
10/4 Weatherford, OK / Southwest Oklahoma State University
10/5 Tulsa, OK / Tulsa State Fair
10/12 Shippensburg, PA / Shippensburg University
10/13 Lynchburg, VA / Liberty University
Tour with Relient K begins...
10/16 Charleston, WV/Charleston Municipal Auditorium
10/17 Columbus, OH / Veterans Memorial Auditorium
10/18 Holland, MI / DeVos Fieldhouse
10/19 Cedar Falls, IA / University of N Iowa
10/20 Saint Paul, MN / Concordia University
10/21 Fargo, ND / Fargo Dome
10/23 Merrillville, IN / Star Plaza Theatre
10/24 Evansville, IN / The Centre
11/9 Springfield, IL / Prairie Capitol Convention Center
11/10 Green Bay, WI / UW-Green Bay - Campus Grounds
11/11 Moline, IL / The Mark of the Quad Cities
11/13 Ypsilanti, MI / EMU Convocation Hall
11/14 Cincy, OH / Cincinnati Gardens
11/15 University Park, PA / Penn State Bryce Jordan Center
11/16 Bethlehem, PA / Lehigh Univ-Stabler Arena
11/17 New York, NY / Hammerstein Ballroom
11/27 Irvine, CA / Bren Events Center
11/28 San Luis Obispo, CA / Cal Poly Recreation Center
11/29 San Jose, CA / San Jose Civic Auditorium
11/30 Davis, CA / UC Davis
12/1 Medford, OR / Jackson County Expo
12/2 Salem, OR / Oregon State Fair
12/3 Everett, WA / Everett Events Center
12/9 -12/18 IRAQ/KUWAIT/ TRIP

Thanks for singing along!


WOW! I'm kinda excited, kinda nervous.

Going indie makes it really hard for a band to get its music out there, especially in this day and age of greedy record labels squeezing the real music out of the scene and replacing it with horrible crap.

I really hope we fans and footsoldiers can be enough to be Switchfoot's unbiased "record label." haha.

DUDE!! BUT NO MORE SONY! You gotta be excited about that!

Your thoughts? Concerns? Opinions? I don't know about you, but I'm even more motivated to vote vote vote!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Today's Post (pt. 2)

Hi! It's me again. Normally, I don't like double-posting in one day, but I thought I'd lay out a few "guidelines" and stuff. Call it a VH1 timeline for "Awakening."

VH1 Timeline:

1. Get the video on the tv channel through incessant flooding of the polls. It's encouraging to me to find out that all along, the reason "Awakening hasn't been added is because we haven't been voting right, and not because the channel simply refuses to add "Awakening." Now, armed with our new-found knowledge, the Footsoldiers can go to work! Now, don't expect it to automatically reach the countdown. Our goal is to get the video on the channel first, and then worry about the countdown.

2. Top 20. Once we get it on the channel, then we can worry about the countdown. Vote for Awakening until it reaches No. 1!

3. Spills over into MTV, Vh1's sister station. Yes, MTV. I think you've heard of them. I believe that Awakening is a good enough song that if we take Vh1 by storm, it will crossover into MTV.

4. TV = Radio. That's the formula for success that Tim has given us. If we get it all over tv, the radio will inevitably follow suit and play the song.

I guess the main thing I want to stress is to not be discouraged. We've been disappointed, but we have to keep our heads up. I believe we're the verge of breakthrough, now that we know how to effectively vote on Vh1. Keep it up fellow footsoldiers!


According to Wikipedia article on Switchfoot, the new record should be releasing soon. After all, Jon let the cat out of the bag... "yes yes ya'll - the new SF record is underway"

"According to FMQB, a spring 2008 release date is likely."
Considering it's Switchfoot, I kinda believe that report.

We're running out of time for "Awakening" people! Vote like there's no tommorrow!


One more thing, I'm asking the lurkers to de-lurk! What is a lurker? "someone who visits the site but is too shy or lazy to comment, or you've just had nothing to say." (see source) I kindly invite all the lurkers to come out of the shadows (switchfeed-style) and start talkin' (i.e. commenting, chatboarding, etc.) That was the idea when this blog started... because of the camaraderie that comes from people uniting for a purpose... and talking while they're at it! We know our purpose, don't we? I mean, not our life's purpose... just our temporary purpose... But I ramble... Oh, and make sure you spread the word about this little blog to anyone you know who loves Switchfoot too! The more the merrier!


With that, I end prolly the longest post in We're Awakening history. I hope my happy little words of encouragement light your day/night. It'll be cool once "Awakening" hits all the radio stations everywhere, dontcha think?
Peace out, and happy voting!!

P.S. And ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to welcome back Chris, who will be posting again next week. I think he's done a great job supporting "Awakening," and his enthusiasm is addicting. Applause applause! Don't forget to de-lurk! haha. Alright, I'm officially out. Peace!

A little Q+A and a tribute to the late Dobro...

"does the vote have to be in the two spot or just anywhere else as long as there is two " - Anonymous (in regards to Vh1 voting)

According to the Fray's bulletin posted on Tuesday, we should put our second vote in the No. 2 slot. I have been, just to be safe you know? And if you want, vote for one of the poor little ice cube artists, so they could get a little exposure too. (just as long as Switchfoot is in the No. 1 spot... ;))

"Are we going to get to sign it eventually, or wait until it gets on Vh1" - jskin (in regards to the petition proposal)

We're gonna hold off on that for now. Phil reminded us in a lengthy post on the message boards that the guys wanted the fans to be an integral part of spreading "Awakening." Now we don't know whether the label is snubbing Switchfoot (heaven forbid), but we also don't know whether Switchfoot asked them to hold off, and see what the fans can do....

Well, thats you and me! So lets show the label (and the rest of the music world) just what kind of switchfams we are! Onward fellow footsoldiers!

Oh, and who likes the idea of another 100 4 SF campaign in the near future?


Quick tip: I found a way to vote multiple times on FUSE Tv all at once. Here's what you do: Copy and paste the url of the voting ballot into as many tabs/windows as you want. Do not vote on any of them until you have reached a satisfactory amount of tabs/windows. Now go into each window and vote! I was able to get like 50 votes on FUSE all at once! Now we may not need to vote that much (since we're still No. 1), but it'd be great if we fall in the countdown, or if you feel like overflooding the FUSE polls. Have fun! And keep voting on VH1.


Andy Barron's latest Daily Foot entry had a few nice pictures. We would like to send our condolences to Jon's family of guitars regarding the recent death of their brother, the late Dirty Second Hands Dobro guitar. May you forever rest in pieces... I mean peace!

And pictures like these never cease to inspire me...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Here is the actual bulletin that The Fray posted as a myspace bulletin:

"Our new music video for "All At Once" is in heavy rotation on VH1 right now but we need your help in making it climb to the #1 on the Top 20 Countdown.

You can vote here!

Just drag the icon for the Fray "All At Once" into the Number 1 position on the right, and then add another video in the Number 2 position. We might suggest Feist "1234" for #2. You have to at least put another artist in position number two for the vote to register. Then hit SUBMIT!

Thanks for the help!"

There ya have it. Make sure now the rest of the time you vote on Vh1, to make your vote count and vote at least two artists. Go The Fray (or Lifehouse... or Plain White T's... or Goo Goo Dolls... haha) HAPPY VOTING!


And you wanna hear how Awakening used to sound? Check out this video of the OC Fair back in early 2006. The minorish key during the verse sounds eerie and dark, if you ask me!

Monday, August 6, 2007

We may have the answer...

to what, you might ask? Well... check out this one little tidbit swtchft_fn on the official message boards gave us...

got a message from this one band who wants their fans to vote for them in the top 20 countdown...and it said that you have to vote for at least two videos for the vote to count...

Ok! So lets put in a vote for one other band at least, for our wildcard to count! What do you think? I'll be putting in my votes for "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's or "The First Time" by Lifehouse. PLEASE PLEASE spread this important message to all the other Switchfoot fans you know who have been voting for "Awakening."

In the words of Mr. Gibbs in Pirates of the Caribbean, "I think I see a change in the wind..." Peace out friends! =p


And a fan posted an informational video up on Youtube about 100 4 SF. I like the rotating colors.

Share it if you'd like!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

No Countdown this Week... But the show must go on!

Well friends, we have not made the countdown this week, which actually (in a weird way) is not surprising. We voted our hearts out, and had little to show for it (except maybe tired fingers).

BUT, we definitely made some ground. We showed the VH1 vote-counters that we are here to stay, and we wont stop until Switchfoot is back on their channel!

So with that, who's with us for next week?? Are you willing to go it again and vote 100+ times a day for Switchfoot? If you are, give a little comment love!


Awakening Month is over, and I think personally, that it was a success. Although we haven't gotten on the countdown or achieved radio hit status yet, we did keep "Awakening" at No. 1 on the Guilty Pleasures Chart on FUSE TV!

Also, we have kept "Awakening" at No. 1 on RELEVANT TV's Top 10 chart and revived the all-time chart status of "Awakening" on Youtube! We are back on the All-Time Most Linked list! Well done fellow Footsoldiers!


I thought this live video of "Awakening" was way cool. Jon showing up out of nowhere to sing the "AHHAHHH AHHH AHHH" part?!? Priceless. Amazing. Inspiring. So peace out! Thanks for voting and supporting out guys!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Last DAY!

Last day to flood the polls! If you've voted hard this week, vote twice as hard!!! Or something like that... haha. Cheesiness aside (is that even a word?), the results from VH1 should be in later tonight. I'll keep you posted!

And we have four new members on the list (they've been voting all week... i just haven't gotten a chance to add them).

1. Chris
2. Nat
3. Lydia
4. Melody
5. Susy
6. Andrew
7. Vrexico
8. popa_razzi
9. hope2lose!myself4good
10. LOLgirl4!Switchfoot
11. Primoblu
12. Reg
13. Kitty
14. Lena
15. Job
16. Jay
17. A!M_HeArTs_S!F/amy
18. golden smile
19. shooting_star
20. megan
21. rinni
22. Katie
23. Michael
24. Nikki
25. X3beccamariex
26. Cool J
27. Lindsey
28. Abby
29. Keith (from toronto)
30. Ryan Meade
31. W0nderW0manNA (NEW!)
32. Janna (NEW!)
33. arus251 (NEW!)
34. Joseph (NEW!)

Are you all willing to do this again next week??

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Switchfoot Sighting; And a word of caution...?

Check out this tight Awakening/Switchfoot sighting at a boba tea house I was just at:

It kinda looks like the clock at Buster's house, doesn't it? Maybe...?


Now, a word of caution. The way music video stations work, wildcards or fill-ins don't exactly have an advantage in the voting process. If we don’t make it onto the countdown this week, don’t be discouraged. Our flooding will definitely turn heads at VH1 brass. The focus is to get this onto Vh1, the channel, first. And the only way we can do that right now is to flood the wildcard option until they add “Awakening” to their database. Once that happens, the video will start getting rotation on the channel, then it will be added to the countdown voting list. And once that happens, we can definitely turn “Awakening” into a hit!

So let us trudge on brothers and sisters... haha. It'll be great once we can finally sit back and enjoy success for "Awakening" dontcha all agree?

So who's with me? Who agrees to not get discouraged??? haha