Thursday, January 31, 2008

Switchfoot Media: Old and New!

First, for the old:

I came across this site, that had downloads of video uploads. Here is a video of when Switchfoot was on The Early Show, and actually got interviewed while playing several songs. It's a divx video, but i was able to play it on Windows Media Player. I was pleseantly surprised to find this. Enjoy!


Our brilliant friends from LOBH found a gold-mine of new material and media.

*First, here's a copy of the press conference Switchfoot had before playing at the Parachute Festival a few days back.
Switchfoot Press Conference

*Secondly, here is a new interview with Drew. Go here to read it all.

*Thirdly, Jon is going to host a special edition of SpiritRocks on SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s Spirit music channel. He's gonna share song stories and play eight songs.
Here's the skinny.

*Fourth, some acoustic Jono videos from Singapore:

Meant to Live:

Only Hope:

Thanks LOBH for that lengthy update! They really do a great job! Go check em out if you dont already.


Keep playing Switchfoot's songs on their myspace! Lets flood it with plays! Remember, you don't have to let the whole song play through to count. You can just click and click and click and each click will count. So lets do it!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Asian Pacific Tour Bits and News

Happy Wednesday, yallz,

So lets get this news thing started:

Mr. Andy Barron from podcast and daily foot fame has posted a new daily foot entry about the guy's time in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Daily Foot

Something about a great show, and lots of food... go check it out now!


Mr. Jon Foreman also posted a new myspace blog:

Monday, January 28, 2008

raglands to riches

Greetings from the other side of this fine planet!
this place is incredible... jules and matt and the rest of the christian surfers crew have been incredible to us. borrowed boards, jetskis, boats, secret spots, westuit rashes... all just a little slice of heaven. New Zealand, you are beautiful and so are your people!

Parachute was an moving family affair. From the moment we arrived till the second we left everyone was so kind and mello. The show on saturday was well overdue. We've wanted to come over here and play this festival for years so it was a dream come true. and the crowd did not disappoint.

They asked if I was "keen" to play a few songs off of my solo thang, (in addition to the SF show)- and I was amped to play em. I'm not sure if it was the lack of sleep, the jet lag or the 500 interviews we did that day but playing these songs was an emotional time for me. so thanks to all the folks who steamed up the room to listen to the tunes.

such a crazy thing to play these songs alone... just really personal, nothing to hide behind. well, we're off to go find a few waves.

see you in singapore,


The man rocks... for sure...


LOBH posted a link to some fabulous photos from the Parachute Festival in New Zealand. Look around, and you'll find the Switchfoot pics. It takes awhile, so I might just post them all up on the next post.

I'm liking this one:


So the Malaysia show is a day from now... wait... for... it.... I'm telling you my Malay friends, it's gonna be well worth it!


Site News

We now have the Switchfoot myspace player playing on the site. This is to get more plays for the guys' profile and get them up the myspace charts. All you gotta do is listen to Switchfoot on their myspace, and that's it--the more we listen, the more plays, and the higher up the charts they go! Let's do it.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Switchpics, the grassroots, and the Charlie Peacock!

Carl Zoch posted some incredible-looking pictures of Jon Foreman on his site, here

I really like this one:


As some of you all know, Switchfoot recently had a management change, and are now working with Red Light Management, who handle a who's who of bands like Underoath, PlayRadioPlay!, Cheap Trick, Graham Colton, John Butler Trio, Sanctus Real, and Say Anything.

Well, I just recently came across an article dating back to Underoath's release date for the wildly successful album, "Define The Great Line" which just went gold a while back. What I read made me excited for the future Switchfoot has with this management team:

"I joined Red Light about a year and a half ago because of the grassroots marketing that they do to develop bands," (Randy) Nichols said. "It's so similar to what I do with punk rock and hardcore bands.
"It's about building a real fan base, having people kill for these bands, but not by having radio or MTV overexposing them. We're building real fans one by one. That's what Red Light is about, and that's what I am about," Nichols continued. "I thought I'd be able to learn something from them about how to develop bands, and Underoath and I decided to go there."


The grassroots possibilites are really exciting, and Switchfoot is headed in that direction. Exciting times.


Also, CMCentral just had an interview with Charlie Peacock, the guy who signed Switchfoot way back in the day to Re:Think, helped produce "Legend of Chin," "New Way to Be Human," and "Learning to Breathe," and will co-produce the new record with the band. He talks about the Christian music scene, and about Switchfoot's early days and the future for the band as well.

Part 1 on iTunes has Charlie mentioning the early days, and how he and Switchfoot, among others, never wanted to be boxed in to the Christian market.

Part 2, Charlie talks about some of Switchfoot's future plans.

This is a very interesting listen. Go download it!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Daily Foot Updated by mr. Barron!

Andy Barron, the world-renown, camera/podcast/daily-foot master has updated said daily foot with an enviable description of the guy's crazy times in Bali, Indonesia.

Took some great pics too, like this one:

Also, they played a show in Jakarta (also in Indo) last night, so we should be hearing news about that soon!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jon Foreman "Fall & Winter" Debuts at #24 on Heatseekers!

Chris reports that the Fall & Winter physical copies did not chart on the Billboard 200 Album sales.

However, it did achieve some success another Billboard Chart: Heatseekers.

Not too bad, considering there was little radio support, and only light marketing for these EP's. Keep spreading the word on the music!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chad Butler Interview on Life FM in New Zealand, College Tours, and the American Dream

Mr. Chad Butler, drumsman extraordinaire, hopped into a New Zealand radio station and did an interview Tuesday. Thanks to Lisa for recording it, and Land Of Broken Hearts for the heads-up!

Listen to it Here.


Looks like the next big Switchfoot tour in the states will be focused on the college circuit, their agency, William Morris, reported.

Switchfoot will head out on a college tour from the end of March through the beginning of May. Production will be provided and they will also take along a few opening acts (names tba). The group is currently out on their successful "Appetite for Construction" tour with Relient K (featuring new artist Ruth). The tour has benefited Habitat for Humanity with $1 from each ticket sold going to the organization. After their spring tour in 2008, Switchfoot will play festivals and fairs throughout the summer.

This will probably be soon after or during their time in the studio with the new record. I'm thinking a fall headlining tour will be in order to support the new record. Exciting times everyone!


One dude on a college online publication quoted "American Dream" when asked about a pressing issue:

“It is not your fault, dear. You are a nice young man. But since you are from the United States, I have to ask you a question: What is the American dream? What brings people to bomb the living in support of the living?”

I didn’t know how to respond; I didn’t know how to express the utter absurdity of the materialist “American Dream,” so I quoted a lyric from a band called Switchfoot: “I want out of this machine / It doesn’t feel like freedom / Maybe we’ve been caught singing / Red White Blue and Green / But that ain’t my America / That ain’t my American dream.”

She smiled when I said this, and we went on to talk of the 80,000 civilians dead in Iraq, and the ideal community of all men, whether they come from America, Britain, or Iraq.

To read the rest in context,
go here. It's quite an interesting read.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Is Switchfoot your choice in 2008?

Switchfoot News

Another poll to vote for Switchfoot. Footsoldiers, do your thing!

MF Reader's Choice 2008


Jon Foreman News

First off, we have another video!

Learning How to Die (Live Performance on UGO)

(Thanks LCP)
In other things, O!J4switchfoot from the official message boards was in Target the other day, and this is what one of the sales reps said to her:

"Jon foreman? Yeah, you're not the first one to ask. We had like, 40 copies in this morning, and now there's only 2 left."

WOW! This is great! Thanks for sharing O!J4switchfoot


Lastly, look what's on the iTunes Top 10 Rock albums? Yes yes! Not just Winter holding strong at No. 2, but Fall has re-entered the Top 10! (Thanks Phil for the heads-up)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jon Foreman's EP's are coming off the shelves (or digital stores...?) like crazy!

Hey everyone,

so far, the numbers are coming in, and it looks like "Winter" is doing extremely well. It has peaked so far at No. 9 on iTunes' Top Albums Overall and No. 2 on the Top Rock Albums. Several people have also reported that the Fall & Winter physical cd combo EP's are flying off the shelves and getting featured in best-selling sections everywhere as well.

For proof, here's some screencaps:

(click on the images to see them full-size). If you have spare cash, go ahead and buy some extra ep's and gift them for a friend or something... spread the music around!

I also wonder whether the Fall & Winter cd combo will chart on the Billboard 200 next week. That'd be pretty amazing if it did. And remember, all of this is happening without any radio airplay at all, which makes it even more amazing. Word-of-mouth and very minimal marketing are definitely serving these ep's well here. Keep spreading the love footsoldiers!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Sweaty" Switchfoot Singapore news; More Jon Foreman news!

So let's start with some full-band Switchfoot news. A sweet tv promo of the singapore show featuring Switchfoot has been posted on Youtube.

A singapore blog also conducted an interview with Switchfoot. Here's the

A part that caught my eye was:

Q: Will lp records release music by other artists besides Switchfoot?
What kind of music does lp records intend to release?
Would lp release a Singaporean band (like the Fire Fight or West Grand Boulevard, who are opening for you)? What would it take for that to happen?

A: right now we're just releasing our own tunes, (and the kuyasa kids).
but maybe someday we will be able to provide more for other bands.
when we know that we can do this with excellence we will try and figure it out.
we have no intentions of becoming "big business"...

(thanks LOBH for the heads-up!)

Jon Foreman's solo effort is creating quite a stir. First off, SD City beat posted a pretty hilarious hypothesis on Jon's future solo plans... Check it out here.

Jon also stopped by The 9 online tv/news channel thing, and did a short interview and played Southbound Train with Keith Tutt.

Jon Foreman on the 9

Jon plays Southbound Train on the Back9

Peace out!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Jon Foreman Winter Ep Release Day!!!

The Winter EP is now available for download on iTunes,, and the physical two-cd set "Fall & Winter" is now at stores everywhere! Go buy them as soon as you can. These tunes sound great!

So, lets start off this first post in awhile with a Jon blog from last night:

Monday, January 14, 2008

yes yes y’all, winter time

hola lads and lasses!

I've been enjoying some fine surf lately, working on spring back in home sweet home, gearing up for a trip down south... indonesia, I'm counting on you. yes, you.

Ok so tonight is a big night. I'm hoping to finish the lyrics for a song called "baptize my mind" for the spring ep. and...

...the Winter EP comes out in less than two hours! If you're strapped for cash go to my site and get it for 5 bucks instead of 6... And yes, it is weird to have a website with your own name on it! but, it's easier to remember that way...

Anyhow, I would like to thank all the folks who have really encouraged me to get these tunes out there- I'm so thankful that these bedroom recordings are now public... I think these ep's touch some of the deepest places I've ever been, so it's amazing to thing that other folks are getting as excited as I am.

thanks again,

hope you dig winter,


No, Jon. Thank YOU!

Annie Reuter, concert review extraordinaire, posted a review of Jon Foreman's first ever "headlining" solo show in New York January 8, 2008.

Read it!

See it!

Thanks to the official message boardies in attendance, we also have the setlist from that show!

Southound Train
Lord Save Me from Myself
Learning how to die
War in My Blood
Somebody's Baby
Your Cheatin' Heart (Hank Williams Cover)
Moon is a Magnet
Let Your Love Be Strong
Your Love is Strong
Dare You to Move
Sorrow (Bad Religion cover)
Cure For Pain
Only Hope

Must've been amazing!


Also, as you've probably seen already, Podcast 29 is up and running! Here it is:

Peace out, and have an amazing day friends!

Monday, January 7, 2008

JFH Reader's Choice 2008!

Hey Footsoldiers, here's another voting page to flood!

Vote here

Write-in "Awakening" as the "Song of the Year" and vote for Switchfoot in any other category. Peace out.

edit: dont forget to vote for the "Fall EP" by Jon Foreman on the "digital-only" categorie too!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Switchfoot in 2007: A Year in Review

Year in Review

What a great year for Switchfoot. It began with the infancy of Oh! Gravity., and ended with a brilliant Fall tour and the release of Jon Foreman’s debut solo ep. It was a year in which a successful band left their label and decided to put out the music on their own, to bridge the gap between fan and band. It turned out to be one of the busiest years for Switchfoot in some time.


*Oh! Gravity. Debuts at No. 18 on the Billboard 200, with 63,000 units moved the first week.

*Oh! Gravity. peaks at No. 1 on the iTunes overall Top Albums Chart

*The first single from Oh! Gravity, the title track “Oh! Gravity.” peaks at No. 36 on the Modern Rock Charts

*Switchfoot plays “Oh! Gravity.” on the David Letterman Late Night Show. 1

*Switchfoot plays “Oh! Gravity.” on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

*Switchfoot covers R&B pop star Beyonce’s smash hit song, Crazy In Love for Yahoo Music. 2

Spring Oh! Gravity. Tour

Switchfoot takes their spring tour to Europe, and returns for a U.S.-Canada road trip. The band records live “bootlegs” and sells 100 copies every night during the North American Leg.


*Switchfoot releases “Awakening” as the second single 3


*Switchfoot releases the video for “Awakening” on Youtube, with an emphasis on a more grassroots approach to promotion. 4


*Switchfoot’s video for “Awakening” added to FUSE TV. 5

*“Awakening hits No. 1 on FUSE TV’s No. 1 Countdown: Guilty Pleasures. It goes on to retain that position for five consecutive months. 6


*Switchfoot holds third annual Bro-Am, with their first-ever Dodgeball tourney. 7

*Switchfoot plays the “Evan Almighty” Premiere at Universal Studios 8

*Switchfoot celebrates their 10th anniversary yay!

July (Awakening Month)10


*Switchfoot declares their independence from their major label, Columbia/SonyBMG 11


*Switchfoot’s Christian distributor, Sparrow Records, releases “Head Over Heels (In This Life)” for adds on Christian radio. 12

*“Head Over Heels (In This Life)” is most added on CHR radio 13

*Switchfoot takes home “Album of the Year” award at the 17th Annual San Diego Music Awards 14

*“Awakening” is retired from FUSE TV’s No. 1 Countdown. It retires as the No. 1 video on the Countdown, having retained that spot for nearly 20 weeks straight. 15

*Switchfoot’s song, “Oh! Gravity.” is chosen as the theme song for the MTV reality show, “Life of Ryan” 16


*Switchfoot begins “Appetite for Construction” Tour with Relient K and Ruth. The tour is conducted in support of Habitat For Humanity, with the bands donating a dollar from every ticket sale to Habitat.

*Switchfoot creates their own record label, Lowercase People Records 20


*Switchfoot releases “Appetite” tour song, “Rebuild,” featuring Relient K frontman Matt Thiessen and Ruth frontman/harmonica-player Dustin Ruth 21

*Switchfoot releases “Live at Ventura Theatre” DVD exclusively on their online store, Bandfarm 22

*Jon Foreman releases the first of his four solo, seasonal eps, “Fall” 23


*“Appetite For Construction” tour ends, with over $100,000 raised for Habitat For Humanity 24

*Jon Foreman’s Fall EP reaches No. 3 on iTunes’ Top Rock Albums, and No. 15 top album overall.

*Jon Foreman releases “The Cure For Pain” as a free, downloadable “single” on Myspace music. 25

“Oh! Gravity.”

No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums Chart
No. 1 Top Internet Albums Overall
No. 1 Top Christian Internet Albums
No. 16 on Billboard 200
No. 13 Billboard Top Christian Albums of 2007

“Fall EP” (Jon Foreman)
No. 2 Amazon Top Digital Albums Chart
No. 15 iTunes Top Albums

“Oh! Gravity.”

No. 36 on Modern Rock/Alternative Charts

No. 1 on FUSE TV No. 1 Countdown Guilty Pleasures chart
No. 1 on CHR Format Radio Recurrent Chart
No. 3 on CHR Format Radio Charts
No. 16 on Billboard Hot Christian Songs Chart
No. 54 on Hot AC Format Radio
No. 9 on year-end CHR Format Radio Recurrent Chart

Radio And Records Top Christian CHR Artists
#6 Switchfoot


Oh, 2007. What a year. And 2008 looks to be promising indeed. Let us close this year-in-review with a very appropriate (and very hyper) New Year's greeting from the guys

happy new year Switchfoot. May the new year bring more awesome rock!
(Thanks Cassie, for the amazing graphic!!!)