Monday, October 10, 2011


Hey folks. Just thought I'd stop by and give you all an update on how the "Vice Verses" campaign is going.

We're off to a wondrous start. The record debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200, the first time a Switchfoot record has done that since "Nothing Is Sound" did it in 2005, debuting at No. 3. "Vice Verses" sold 50,000+ units the first week, the most since "Oh! Gravity." shifted 60,000+ in its first week. This is big, folks! Coming off a Grammy win with "Hello Hurricane," the Switchfoot guys are flying high and doing really, really well.

"Dark Horses" is also on pace for great things as well. It's currently No. 14 on Mediabase Alternative, and gaining momentum each day. Expect it to crack the Top 10 in a couple weeks time, with a very distinct possibility of knocking on the door of the Top 5 come mid-November. Be sure to keep requesting it at your local hard rock and alternative stations!

Switchfoot will be playing on Conan on Tuesday, October 25, 2011. Be sure to tune in! This is an exciting time for the band!

Peace out! We'll talk on Twitter and Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Hey I have been requesting Dark Horses at my local alternative and rock stations, but they haven't played it yet. Should I just keep requesting or will it never play until the station adds it to their playlist?

Alvin said...

Interesting to note how Vice Verses sold 50,000+ units which put them in 8th place on the Billboard 200 and Oh! Gravity. sold 60,000+ units but placed 18th on the Billboard 200 when it came out.

Wonder if it's just because of the changing times or the competition it was up against -- but that's crazy.

Anonymous said...

I saw they sold 45k? Not 50

Dan said...

Album sales are just down a ton in general. Nobody actually buys albums anymore. They buy illegally.

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