Monday, November 24, 2008

Jonas Brothers cover a Switchfoot song...?

I'm going to keep my personal comments mum on this. But what do you all think? Discuss.

One thing I'm kinda sure of, watch "Twenty Four" become one of Switchfoot's highest selling songs on iTunes... hehe. Just kidding.


Anonymous said...

honestly... I don't really like the Jonas Brothers. and the way he was singing the "OOH OOH I am the second man..." was sort of weird because it was sort of ehh. I can't describe it. Whiny? anyway... i'm not saying that i don't like it cuz of the jonas brothers, though i don't really like them, but because i don't like how he sung it... and the fact that the girls were screaming was annoying.

Job said...

Agreed, it just doesn't seem to fit. I honestly don't think vocally it was too bad, but it wasn't a good fit, nor a good atmosphere.

Girls screaming is nothing new; they still scream at switchfoot shows... but maybe they could've toned it down for a song like this. haha. well, whatever...