Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some more reviews

Christianity Today for Jon Foreman's EP's:

When Switchfoot left CCM label Sparrow and signed with Columbia Records in 2003, they became one of the hottest pop-rock acts in mainstream music. Some wondered why they had "abandoned" their roots, playing solely secular venues and singing songs decidedly lacking in JPMs (Jesuses Per Minute).

But the band—and the brains behind it, singer-songwriter Jon Foreman—hadn't jumped ship at all. They were simply playing the songs born in Foreman's inquisitive mind: "I'm interested in reading philosophy and trying to figure things out," he says.

Foreman apparently had more of those songs up his sleeve, judging by the recent release of four solo EPs—six songs each—under the titles Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer (4 stars for the set). The music is stark and spare, rough and unpolished. Foreman and his guitar are everywhere, but it's the creative inclusion of other instruments—trumpets, harmonica, tuba, even a Chinese guzheng—that give the music its most noteworthy twists. This is not Switchfoot-lite; this is free-association Foreman unfolding in a blend of the Socratic and the spiritual.

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Evade the Noise reviewed Switchfoot's "The Best Yet":

Interestingly enough, I haven’t purchased or even listened to either of their two albums following The Beautiful Letdown (that is Nothing Is Sound or Oh! Gravity) and yet I only found three songs on The Best Yet that I actually hadn’t heard. I’m assuming the last two records just didn’t do as well or bring the hits the band was hoping for. Personally, I thought they were putting out way too many albums in a short period of time and just trying to ride the wave that was The Beautiful Letdown–their certified double platinum album. In fact, Oh! Gravity and Nothing Is Sound were both released within a year of each other and I don’t think I’ve really missed much.


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