Sunday, May 23, 2010

DC101 Cookoff Recap; Some Charleston Videos

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Switchfoot played a rockin' Chili Cook-off event yesterday, hosted by DC101 in Washington, D.C. Part of an all-star alternative rock lineup featuring Anberlin, Cage the Elephant, Alice in Chains and the newly reunited Stone Temple Pilots, Switchfoot showed they could rock with the best of them on Saturday afternoon. The second band to play after Anberlin, Jon Foreman and friends brought their A-game. Here are videos from every single performance yesterday. Thanks to everyone from D.C. who shot these awesome quality vids.

We've arranged the video clips according to setlist order.

"Oh! Gravity."

"Bullet Soul"


"Sabotage/Needle and Haystack Life" (This one is THE BEST performance by the band all afternoon)

"Mess of Me"

"The Sound"


"Dare You to Move"

"Meant to Live"

for more perspectives and angles, check the videos godieinhell2 posted.

After the event was over, the radio station hosted an after-party and spun songs from the performing bands for a solid hour or so. Switchfoot tunes "We Are One Tonight," "The Sound," "Dare You to Move," "Stars," "Oh! Gravity.," and "Mess of Me" were played amongst the shuffle. Pretty sweet.

I really think Switchfoot turned heads in D.C. with their, passion, and willingness to lay it all out there on the stage or amongst the crowd. Great job guys!


The day before this event occurred, the band also played a show in Charleston, SC. Here are some great videos from that:

"Meant to Live"

Mess of Me


Your Love Is a Song

The Sound


And to complete this video-tastic reel, here's a video Journeys posted of the band purchasing their very own Macbeth Switchfoot shoes:

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