Sunday, May 9, 2010

Journeys BBQ Recap

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By all accounts, Saturday was a blast for everyone involved. Switchfoot got to see and purchase their brand new Switchfoot-themed Macbeth shoes while playing the Journeys free event to an ecstatic audience. Roadie contest winners got to meet the band, and it was great fun for all! Here are some of the highlights from yesterday.

First off, Drew Shirley uploaded a new Drewcast video showing off the Switchfoot shoe:

Next, some footage from the free show Switchfoot played:

Mess of Me

This Is Your Life

Meant to Live (Featuring Tristan, the roadie for the day, and a fan who played the song with the band)


Twitter was abuzz with activity from the Journeys-sponsored event.

@switchfoot: Our roadies for the day: Tristan & Kirsten... Congrats! -jon

Journeys (@journeysshooes) was also tweeting throughout the day. Here are their Switchfoot-related tweets, and there were quite a few:

@switchfoot - @jonathanforeman - trying on their new shoes from @Macbethfootwear in the @JOURNEYSshoes store!!!

@switchfoot - @jonathanforeman - trying on the new switchfoot... on Twitpic

#JourneysBBQ @switchfoot - @timforeman - trying on some shoes from @Macbethfootwear at the @JOURNEYSshoes

#JourneysBBQ @switchfoot - @timforeman - trying on some shoes... on Twitpic

@switchfoot set-list? Woop woop! #JourneysBBQ

@switchfoot set-list? Woop woop! on Twitpic

@jonathanforeman from @switchfoot at the #JourneysBBQ

@jonathanforeman from @switchfoot at the #JourneysBBQ  on Twitpic

this Sacramento crowd is insane! #JourneysBBQ

this Sacramento crowd is insane! #JourneysBBQ  on Twitpic

Here's a link 2 a vid on YouTube. Check out how big the crowd was 4 the @Switchfoot show!

^Sweetness. The end.

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