Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Bullet Soul" impacts radio!

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"Bullet Soul," the fourth single from "Hello Hurricane" impacted Alternative radio yesterday. It got off to a great start this week, getting five stations to add it. According to AllAccess, the following stations added.




Also, AOL Radio did a blog feature on "Bullet Soul."

San Diego rockers Switchfoot continue to promote their 2009 album 'Hello Hurricane' with the release of its fourth single, 'Bullet Soul.'

The track combines a garage rock vibe reminiscent of early '00s bands like the Vines and Hives with urgent lyrics. "You can't stand by forever / You're a kid with a bullet soul," frontman Jon Foreman sings before shouting repeatedly, "Are you ready to go?"

Click here to read the rest.


Here's how you can ALREADY help out the single. San Diego's Sophie 103.7, a Hot Adult Contemporary pop station, has "Bullet Soul" up for a challenge against Adele.

Go here NOW to vote!

If this helps get "Bullet Soul" into rotation on a pop station, it would be HUGE.


Brandon M. Baker said...

Thanks for helping point us in the right direction so we can help promote this song right away!
Any way I can help the guys get their music out, I'd like to help. So I hope you're able to keep us up to date on how things go with this song, as always. I look forward to the ride ;)

Job said...

Will do!

Dan said...

Okay, Job, what's your opinion on the potential of "Bullet Soul" as a single? I am cautiously optimistic for good things in store, based off of "The Sound" and its success.

Job said...

cautiously optimistic is where I'm at too.

I'm not sure what exactly Atlantic's plan is, but they could possibly see this song as crossover material. Maybe it'll go to Top 10 at alternative, and hit some Hot AC as well.

Who knows?!