Monday, November 22, 2010

Free Show in Chicago hosted by Q101; Cast your Vote for Switchfoot on GMC

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Anyone in the Chicago area interested in seeing Switchfoot live, for free? Q101 is hosting a free show on Tuesday, November 30! Check it out:

For details and more, check here.


It'd be really great if you could send some votes Switchfoot's way for this year's Gospel Music Channel's Top 10 videos of 2010 countdown.

"Mess of Me" and "The Sound" are both up for voting. To focus our efforts, let's vote for "The Sound," as it is the newer of the two videos.



The "Bullet Soul" campaign is starting to ramp up! Be sure to head over the Footsoldiers HQ for a list of links to vote and request the song. If there are any new polls or voting areas for the Footsoldiers to work on, let us know in the comments!

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