Tuesday, December 21, 2010

11-hour Fiction Family mixing session!

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The other half of the original Fiction Family pair tweeted some big news yesterday. Sean Watkins took to Twitter to say that he and Jon Foreman were "furiously" mixing the new record.

- Finished the last of 24 Much Ado About Nothing shows last night. Was so fun. Today, mixing @fictionfamily furiously with @jonforeman!!!

Later that day,

- A great 11 hour @fictionfamily mixing session today. Tomorrow is the Watkins Family Hour crimbus show! Wheeee!

^The dude sounds giddy. We're all excited to hear new tunes as well. Are you glad Jon is working on new side project music, or do you wish he would focus on writing great Switchfoot records? Let us know in the comments!


Ian said...

If Jon Foreman is doing something related to music, whether that be with Switchfoot, FF, or solo projects it's definently something worth listening to. Can't wait for Vice Verses!

Dan said...

I'll be honest. I am afraid that all this work will mellow Jon's fire down for making Switchfoot records. I personally am not a big fan of his solo material, and I particularly cannot stand Fiction Family. I suppose it allows another avenue for him to express himself, but I truly hope it stays independent of Switchfoot.

Job said...

@Dan this is my concern as well. It's interesting to note though that after Jon's solo and Fiction Family forays, he came back with arguably some of the most aggressive Switchfoot tunes ever (The Sound, Mess of Me, Bullet Soul). So maybe it's a good thing. :)

Ian said...

Dark Horses is another one of those "grungy" type of songs too. I really really like Thrive, and Come Home is good too, but I hope there is still the edgy Switchfoot like HH.

Job said...

@Ian I agree. "Dark Horses" has potential to really come alive in the studio and on stage, as the band finalizes and gets comfortable with the song.

I'm excited for "Thrive" too, but hope that "Vice Verses" doesn't feel too sleepy.