Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Dark Horses" being re-worked; new interview with Drew Shirley

According to the latest tweet from Jon Foreman, Switchfoot is working on a new version of the song "Dark Horses."

Could this possibly be "Rise Above It?"
To hear the live performance of "Dark Horses" from the last tour, check out this video.


Also, check out Drew Shirley's new interview with KSSI 102.7 Rock in which he talks about the Grammy win, "Hello Hurricane," a possible new single from "Vice Verses"in the next month or two, and other topics.



JG said...

I really think that "Rise Above It" is the new Dark Horses. Also, this is a long shot, since Jon tweeted right after that "Revise revisit reform and push it!" That rhymes with "Rise above IT."

Okay, wild speculation theories aside, I'm really excited that Dark Horses is coming back. It reminds me of his article about 'Dark Horses' on HuffPost, which I hope I'm not the only one who's made that connection...

Job said...

that's an interesting point. Also, Jon tweeted "Rise above it!" a couple days ago, so they've clearly been working on it.

Let's hope this is true!

Robert F said...

The lyrics suggest that it would be......