Thursday, February 17, 2011

Exclusive Info on the new album called "Vice Verses"

Just got off the phone with Bruce Flohr of Red Light Management. Here are some notes from our conversation... (don't worry, we have permission to share):

This will be Switchfoot's biggest, most exciting period yet.

It'll be a bigger sonic record than ever.

Here's whats going on in the studio:

- The band is currently in the studio recording "Vice Verses."
- They are working with Neal Avron and Mike Elizondo, who is serving in a more overall role because he currently holds an official job at Warner now. Avron is working with the band day by day.
- "Vice Verses" is going to be similar to U2's "Achtung Baby" in that it will represent a radical shift in sound from the previous record.
- This will sound like "Switchfoot on steroids," according to Bruce Flohr.
- There will be much more from the bass and drums, with guitars providing "bite." Jon's vocals will have even more urgency than before.
- "Dark Horses" was thought to be the first single; now it might not even make the record. In fact, a lot of songs might not be making it.
- There will be a little bit of funk in the record.
- Currently, 9 songs are done; The band will record until February in San Diego, then they'll head up to Los Angeles, mix the record, and maybe write one or two more songs.
- No double record this time; they are crafting each song individually and working on the sound of the record; drums change on each song, guitar tones change on each song. Because they are so focused on the details, there is no way they can put together a double record by summer time.
- Flohr said this record will cause listeners to say, "DAMN that's Switchfoot?"
- "Hello Hurricane: hinted at Switchfoot's new sound; THIS will be the new sound.
- Release time is tentatively some time in June.
- There will be a music video for the lead single; some documentation on the studio will come out as well.


- canada in may
- japan and australia in april
- touring in june, july, august
- october with a special guest band.


Dan said...

Great job setting it up. Thanks.

A couple questions:

1. Define "funk", please.
2. "Aching Baby"?
3. Until February? Did you mean in SD up until March? I thought they've done some recording this month.
4. With the tentative release penciled in for June, does that mean we mark in next January with ink? :P

Job said...

1. Think of the Charlie Peacock version of "Mess of Me." also called "I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning"

2. My bad.

3. That's what they told us. til the end of February.

4. You never know.

Elraen said...

Oh wow. Lots of good stuff. Thanks Job. :-)

I wouldn't be too sad to see Dark Horses go, but there are a few other songs that I really, really hope do make the record. Regardless, I trust the guys.

Job said...

You're welcome Elraen. :) I hope "Against the Voices" makes it. We'll see though.

iharp92 said...

yeah same here, some songs that we heard from the end of last tour and jons aftershows i dont wanna see go, i hope "Come Home" makes it, it seems to have touched alot of ppl, and it hasnt even been released. The whole post excited me, especially the "DANG...THATS SWITCHFOOT?"!

Staffan Öfwerman said...

It's sad that they haven't planned to tour Europe this year.

HSG said...

^Agreed. They better come back to the UK sometime soon. Haven't been here since FRENZY last year.

Anyway, super excited for the new sounds! Will be awesome awesome awesome!