Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Dark Horses" debuts on Billboard Alternative at No. 32!

Hey friends.

It's been a fantastic past few weeks thus far for Switchfoot's new single, "Dark Horses." Alternative radio has been giving it a ton of love, and accordingly, it's made it's debut at No. 32 on Billboard's Alternative chart. "Mess of Me," in comparison, made it's debut at No. 40.

This is fantastic.

Be sure to keep requesting it and get the momentum rolling! We have our request list here. Be sure to follow the Twitter feed to get up-to-date info and quick, urgent missions to complete.


Lindsay said...

I don't know how Music Choice (the cable TV commercial-free radio channels) takes charts into account, but I am definitely listening to "Dark Horses" on Pop Hits right now. Score!

lody said...

Hey Job, can we add radio stations to the request list? I'm not sure if you guys only take bigger mainstream(?) radio stations, but 89.7 PowerFM (897powerfm.com) from Dallas, TX has been playing Dark Horses on request for a few days now. They have request times on weekdays at 7-10PM Central Time, but other times you can still call in and request at 214.787.1897 or 1.866.787.1897.

Job said...

@Lindsay, I don't think so. but that's still great! thanks for the heads up!

@lody, we can get that added. thanks for the heads up!