Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What are your #ViceVerses?

The new announcement is here! We're holding a contest and Switchfoot will be giving away copies of "Vice Verses" to fans a week early! These cd's will then be used for those lucky winners to host listening parties for the record and to build up buzz before release week!

For more details, check out this video of Jon Foreman explaining what's going on.

Specific instructions:

1. Log on to Twitter
2. Tell us what your Vice Verses Is
3. Hashtag #viceverses

The Top responses will win a copy of Vice Verses before it comes out, and the winners will be encouraged to host a listening with the advance copy of "Vice Verses."

Also, make sure to take footage of your listening party and upload it to Youtube, and you could win the mysterious grand prize! (we don't even know what it is yet).

The contest will run for 5 weeks. Winners will be selected each week.

Here is Jon's #ViceVerses


Any more questions? Just comment below or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.


Dan said...

So...how will they choose winners? Most creative, most powerful?

Job said...

That's up to you. Just be honest.