Friday, February 27, 2009

New Splash Page; Andy Barron updates on the new Record

It's glorious!

Thoughts? Opinons?


Also, Mr. Andy Barron has updated the Daily Foot with a post about the new album

well hello daily footees. the guys are up here in my neck of the woods working on new songs. they have been hashing and cutting and chopping. no song is safe. frontrunners are now on the backburner. new songs are taking the lead as favorites. it's pretty crazy.

in case any of that makes you nervous, just know that new switchfoot music is being played in the background of me typing this, and it is good.



EDIT: Podcast 37 is finally here!


Things are a-buzzin' in Switchfoot land again. The final song list has been determined, so perhaps the recording process has begun to wind down. Of course, there's a long way to go. The album has to be mixed, edited, and prepared for marketing; but the new Switchfoot record is so close to being finished.

Does the new website layout have anything to do with the upcoming album artwork? And perhaps an album title will be emerging soon as well! Welcome back Switchfoot... we can't wait.

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