Friday, February 13, 2009

Sign On San Diego did a story with Jon Foreman about surfing!


While Woodard's music isn't directly influenced by surfing, Foreman uses the rhythms of the ocean to support his songs in both Switchfoot and his new Fiction Family, a band he performs in with Watkins.

“Surfing and music are parts of my life that are focused mostly on rhythm,” Foreman said. “There's the idea, that a song and a wave are both trapped in time. They will never happen twice in the same way.”

Though Foreman is on the road most of the year, he surfs every day when he's home. It's a habit, he said, that kept him out of trouble when he was at high school in San Dieguito, since he always wanted to be up early enough to catch the morning waves.

Even the name of his band, Switchfoot, is a surfing term that means adopting a stance you don't normally take.

“The ocean has a pace that's more meaningful than the absurd pace of the modern world,” he said. “It's certainly one of the reasons why I'm attracted to the water. The rhythm of breath can happen a lot more readily when you can look at the horizon and be reminded of the infinite.”


There's a new Third Day DVD documentary, and it will feature Switchfoot during the Music Builds Tour! Check it out


A Fiction Family concert review.


It's slow times in all things Switchfoot. We'll be updating occassionally now, until new news starts to pour in again! Be sure to keep checking back though! Thanks for reading!

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