Thursday, February 26, 2009

Switchfoot Tweeting on Twitter!; announces that they have put together the final Song list for the New Album!

Yupp! That's right. Thanks Susie from the message boards for breaking the news. We've got a few tweets from the band, and if you're not a twitter maniac, we'll post them all here for you. But do follow them if you are on twitter.

- "This is the official first post for Switchfoot" 7:58 AM Jan 7th from web

- "Just posted 4 new dates on the site... including Guatemala City" 11:01 AM Jan 10th from web

- "Just about ready to launch new splash page" about 9 hours ago from web

- "Just added new tour dates, visit for more info" about 9 hours ago from web

- "Spread the love! To share this feed...let other know they can follow us here @switchfoot"about 8 hours ago from web

- "hi all, tim here. this is my first twitter, my maiden voyage if you will. we are in the studio, the final song lineup has been chosen! -tf" about 3 hours ago from web

- "... including one that we just wrote this morning!!! peace and love to you all, -tf" about 3 hours ago from web


I believe the signs of life from Switchfoot we have been waiting for is starting to emerge. The highlights about the new album have been added to our New Switchfoot Album page. Check it out for a timeline of everything the band has done with the upcoming album so far, from the early rumblings to right now!

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AJ said...

Schweeeeettt! I'm so psyched.