Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BREAKING/FAN REPORTS: Possible Double-album? "Goodbye Hurricane" and "Vice Verses"

According to Wombat from the official message boards in a post, the Switchfoot guys might be planning to release a double album of songs, from both the rumored "Goodbye Hurricane" and "Vice Verses."

Who wants to here some breaking Switchfoot news???? I was at the M&G in St. Louis, and Jon said they might combine Goodbye Hurricane, and VV, and make a double length album!!!

How cool would that be!

Well I asked him about goodbye hurricane, and he said they just have so many songs, and they are looking for the right ways to release them. He also said that they think a double length album for VV will be the best.

^Thanks for the news tip, Wombat. Let's see what comes of this!


Kathy said...

Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! I'm all for it!! XD

Job said...

I wouldn't mind that at all! haha