Tuesday, February 2, 2010

FootColumn: "Goodbye Hurricane?" Not so fast…

Hey everyone!

So rumors have been going around that Switchfoot is releasing yet another album after "Hello Hurricane" and before "Vice Verses"? Also, it might be called "Goodbye Hurricane?" Before we address this, and before we begin updating our discographies and Wikipedia articles or what not, let's look at the video we posted yesterday that started it all (fast forward to around 8:50):

So first off, we know that Jon Foreman says they might actually be putting out another record before "Vice Verses." However, it sounds like the band is just tossing ideas around for now.

I know it's micro-analyzing, but when Jon says, " We've been talking about it... we might release some... goodbye hurricane or something along those lines that would kind of end that chapter before we start the next one," it sounds like even the band aren't very sure about their plans, and that the "goodbye" was meant metaphorically, judging by the tone of his voice.

I personally think it's NOT going to be a proper studio release. (The following is just speculation and shouldn't be taken as fact. )

I think this record will either be an EP of some songs that didn't make the cut for "Hello Hurricane," or it will be a U2 "Rattle and Hum" type of thing, with a live album interspersed with some new studio tracks. It would be sort of like a victory lap album, just as "Rattle and Hum" was, coming off the success of "The Joshua Tree." If Switchfoot is really ambitious, they could even release a CD/DVD, which was rumored to be in the works a few months back. That would serve as a proper enough "goodbye" to the hurricane... another studio album would just be kind of an odd mechanism to use as a farewell to previous studio album.


So basically, we're dealing with rumors so far. Nothing should be taken as hard facts. I'm sure the band aren't even sure what's going on yet. Let's not get worried about questionable album titles, how we want "Vice Verses" rather than "Hurricane" II, how soon it is to be putting out another record, etc.

I mean, the band is still touring on "Hello Hurricane" right now… they're only one single into the album cycle, and I'm sure we can expect at least two more from the album before all is said and done. This record cycle is just beginning!


Doug said...

Great Blog Today,I think "Goodbye Hurricane" is going to be a movie from the Hello Hurricane Tour, Switchfoot really can have more of a breakout year if they put that together plus I think if they played on DirecTV 101 it would bring a whole new audience.

Job said...

Thanks Doug! You know, if they made a movie, that'd be just amazing! I would go to the theater to check that out.

Gregory said...

I like almost all of their songs. Especially the “Dare you to move” and when they came up with TLC on wrectling. I hope that they can keep on their good work. For those of you who haven’t bought their albums, buy now…

Katie said...

Yeah, that’s right! I really like this band. I have some collection of their albums. And I really admire her songs. I think "Goodbye Hurricane" is going to be a movie from the Hello Hurricane Tour. This film will definitely be something eagerly awaited by his fans. I am sure this film will be a good film. Good Luck!