Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Week of Gravity! What's your hot list?

Sorry for lack of postage yesterday, the first day of Week of Gravity!

Anyways, a few questions for my dear friends:

Have you...

emailed MTV yet?
emailed FUSE yet?
emailed VH1 yet?
auto-refreshed or viewed the video on MTV/and or Youtube at least once?

Dont feel pressure if you haven't. We have the whole week still! hehe.

I dont know about all yalls, but I'm super excited about the possibilities should this campaign succeed! It'd be truly amazing if Oh! Gravity. got popular on MTV!

Fight on!


Over on Total axxess, a nationally syndicated radio station (much like Air1) there's an option for submitting a hot list to the radio station. If you can, hop on over and submit your hot list. Make sure you write-in Head Over Heels, Switchfoot's current Christian single. It wouldn't be a bad idea to write-in Awakening and Oh! Gravity. also!

For the other two spots, I recommend "Give Until There's Nothing Left" by Relient K and "Lets Go Back" by Everyday Sunday. Up to you tho!

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Chris said...

hey yeah i did my e-mailing! :)