Friday, October 5, 2007

New Jon Blog 10-4-07; Oh! Gravity. Hits Top 100 on iTunes!

Happy Switchfoot Friday everyone! Here's Jon's latest blog...

October 4, 2007 - Thursday

my first ep

we're here in OK. Glad to be alive. So glad! To look over at tim and chad and drew and romey and truly feel thankful for all of these gifts, that was the overall sentiment of the evening for me.

Brainstorming with a friend about how to get these tunes out in a way that fits the music. I suppose the most important thing when you're making a record is not the possibilities, but rather the limitations. The limitations are truly what define the music. So right now there are almost too many possibilities, this is the problem! ironically...

So if you've got any bright ideas, let me know...

I've had a lot of folks ask about the songs on the first ep... the tunes are pretty honest, my friend thinks they feel almost voyeuristic at times, like looking at things that he didn't want to see. Maybe this is true, and yet they got to get out there. That which is hidden is empowered. So let these songs be the enemy of all that is shadow in my life, let these songs be my hymns to a generous God, the father of lights. Let these hymns be the enemy of the counterfeit.

I really do hope you dig em. But deeper than that I'm so grateful to get these things off my chest. A bit like exorcism or something... I feel like there's beauty in honesty, and there's something that needs to get out regardless of the reception at the other end.

ok, so far here's the list for the first ep:
-the cure for pain
-the southbound train
-lord, save me from myself
-the moon is a magnet
-another song I don't want to talk about yet!

I think this is either fall or winter but I can't decide. So feel free to let me know your thoughts,

thanks for reading amigos!


Sweetness. I love the song list.

For a preview, watch some live videos of the songs. If you want to wait for the ep's dont listen to em! =p

The Cure for Pain

Southbound Train

Lord, Save Me From Myself

Moon Is a Magnet


In other news, Oh! Gravity., the current single we are promoting, has hit Top 100 on iTunes' Alternative charts. IT is currently No. 94, outselling one of Fall Out Boy's recent singles! (That's a pretty decent accomplishment).

So if you want to get it higher, AND have some spare change, go and buy it! (That is, IF you have spare change...)


Chris said...

Hey that is great news bout Itunes!

Job said...

yeah totally! im pretty stoked right now!