Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Album update...?

Well, Week of Gravity did pretty well. We'll just have to wait and see if our emailing and refreshing will bring up any fruit.


Mr. Andy Barron, Daily Foot and podcast extraordinaire, has given us a little teaser in the latest Daily Foot entry:

the guys were workin on tracking some stuff today. i'm not sure if i'm at liberty to divulge the information of what it's for, but it sounded good. just know that. we all then watched some baseball and then it was showtime.

Is this for the new album?!! Or are they tracking ideas for a potential Relient K collaboration? See this article for more details. (It's an interview Relient K did with Air1, talking about their songs and touring with Switchfoot).


Random idea: maybe try auto-refreshing on the Oh! Gravity. video on AOL.com. I've been doing that, and the video in the last two days has amassed nearly 4,000 views. There's a countdown AOL does called Top 11 videos. Maybe we can get Oh! Gravity. on there!! Here is the link.

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