Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We're taking a break...

Hey friends,

We will not be updating frequently for now. With a new tour and plenty of updates on the official site, daily foot, Switchfeed, and Land of Broken Hearts, we’ll all be able to stay informed. Until a new single comes out, more footsoldier orders come in, or other earth-shattering news (like a new album release..?) we’ll be posting only on an intermittent basis.

This may give me more time to attend to my schoolwork… busy busy times, senior year is. Sometimes, time and distance away from something will afford a new perspective. Keep it real guys… the future looks bright in Switchfoot land.

Oh, and happy belated birthday Jono! May the future bring you more amazing “noise” to share with the rest of us. You frickin’ seriously inspire me, man.

Happy tour! Rebuild should be out soon… go buy it when it does come out!

P.S. I think viewing and playing Switchfoot on their myspace page will help them get up the charts. They’re under the indie column now, on the Top Artists lists… move them up by playing the songs. Thanks guys!

1 comment:

Chris said...

hey after reading that i don't think i will start posting after all.

But be sure to come back soon!! :)