Monday, August 11, 2008

Fiction Family's First "Official" Gig; Switchfoot songs on the Olympics...?

There have been reports from readers that Switchfoot and Jon Foreman songs have been featured in the TV coverage for these 2008 Olympics! Insane!

Here's what people have heard:

Jon Foreman - Behind Your Eyes (thanks Karen!)

Switchfoot - Stars

This is good... keep your eyes peeled for more...


Next, we have coverage from the first official Fiction Family show ever! al-is-ia from the official boards has provided us with some videos from the show along with the setlist and stuffs.


Anyway - they played:

1. War in my Blood
2. When she's Near
3. Not Sure
4. Betrayal
5. Song I don't know the name of
6. A song by just Sean - I don't know the name.
7. Your Love is Strong (just Jon)
8. Elements - by Sean
9. They finished with a song that had something to do with the movie "Endless Summer" and surfing

Now here's some youtube videos she put up.

When She's Near

New Song 1

Surfing Song

This is so great! Thanks al-is-sia!

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