Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Daily Foot is back for the Music Builds Tour!

Andy Barron, Switchfoot's own camera operator/awesome guy, has posted an entry in the Daily Foot for the first show of the music builds tour. Go check it out:

Detroit, MI


Also, conducted a sweet feature of Jon Foreman's solo ep's. Go here now to either stream the interview/feature or download an mp3 for all posterity. Enjoy!

Speaking of Jon, here's a nice video from LOBH of a new song called "Just Rob Me." Cowboy tune at its finest!

Peace, I'm out!


Jeanna said...

Please remember to link LOBH when mentioning us in your blog.

Chris said...

hey job! thought this may interest u. "Your love is strong" has been added by two CHR stations including my local chi-town chr station. looks like a single?

AJ said...

Haha. Never thought I'd see the day when jon sings cowboy. :-P