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"The Best Yet" DVD-side tracklisting!

Switchfoot's myspace has a new header, and quite frankly, it's awesome:

Apparently, it is confusing for some people who construe the new new album to be "The Best Yet." But no, folks, that there be the true beast greatest hits record for the guys. Speaking of which, we have some new and exciting news about "The Best Yet."

(Press release taken from

Switchfoot - First Ever 'Greatest Hits' Anthology
Nashville, Tenn., September 26, 2008 -- For all their achievements, including a half-dozen acclaimed albums (with global cumulative sales of more than 5 million) and more than twice that many signature chart singles and album tracks, Switchfoot has yet to release a ‘greatest hits’ anthology. For the first time, THE BEST YET pulls together Switchfoot’s history representing all six albums they recorded on the indie re:Think Records and Columbia, where their 2003 breakthrough broke the platinum barrier.

The 18-song collection THE BEST YET, featuring one newly-released song, “This Is Home” (from the summer 2008 movie soundtrack of Disney’s The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian), will be available at all physical and digital retail outlets starting November 4th through Columbia/Legacy, a division of SONY BMG MUSIC ENTER TAIN MENT, and Credential Recordings, a division of EMI Christian Music Group.

“These are songs that we would like to play for someone who has never heard of Switchfoot,” says Switchfoot member Tim Foreman. “There is quite a wide musical journey expressed in that list, and we’re very proud of that part of our history as a band. Beyond that, we’ve been digging into the vault to find rare video content for the deluxe edition, so that the hard-core fan that does decide to buy it won’t be disappointed.”

In addition to the songs, the Deluxe Edition of THE BEST YET features 14 videos, including not only its huge MTV/VH-1 played hits, but also rare and never before released for sale videos, “The Blues,” “Happy is a Yuppie Word” and “Company Car.”

The release of THE BEST YET follows (by two weeks) Switchfoot’s conclusion of the groundbreaking 23-city “Music Builds” Tour. A portion of the funds raised during the tour benefits Habitat for Humanity affiliates located in the tour cities.

Switchfoot – Jon Foreman (vocals, guitar), his brother Tim Foreman (bass, backing vocals), Jerome Fontamillas (guitar, keys, backing vocals), Drew Shirley (guitar), and Chad Butler (drums) – has maintained a strong commitment to social and humanitarian causes ever since their ascendance into the rock pantheon. Since the band’s inception, they have been actively involved in such projects as DATA, Bono’s THE ONE Campaign, Invisible Children, Habitat for Humanity and To Write Love on Her Arms. They also founded the Switchfoot Bro-Am, a surfing and music benefit-event.

Although more than a dozen of the tracks on THE BEST YET are drawn from Switchfoot’s Columbia years – The Beautiful Letdown (2003), Nothing Is Sound (2005), and Oh! Gravity. (2006) – the collection also reflects the band’s earlier years. After playing only a handful of gigs around Southern California as Chin Up, the band was signed to Charlie Peacock’s new indie label, re:Think Records in 1997.

Renaming themselves Switchfoot (a surfing term), the band released their debut album in June 1997, The Legend Of Chin (with “Concrete Girl”). That year, they received an ASCAP Award and San Diego Music Award, both for Best New Artist. The industry began to take notice of Switchfoot with their second album for the re:Think label, 1999’s New Way To Be Human (“Only Hope,” “Company Car”). With New Way To Be Human, Switchfoot cracked for the first time the Billboard Heatseekers chart (at #31).

The next album, 2000’s Learning To Breathe (with “Learning to Breathe” and “Love Is the Movement”) again scaled the Heatseekers chart (#34) and received a GRAMMY Award nomination. At the San Diego Music Awards, it won Best Pop Album and the band won Best Pop Artist. In 2001, Jon Foreman went on to win the Les Paul Horizon Award for the Most Promising Up-and-Coming Guitarist.

A giant break came in 2002, with A Walk To Remember, the high school love story starring Mandy Moore. The movie soundtrack featured four cuts by Switchfoot, including “You” (from The Legend Of Chin), “Only Hope,” “Learning to Breathe,” and a new song, “Dare You To Move.” In addition to Switchfoot’s original version of “Only Hope,” Mandy Moore recorded a version that she sang in the film.

Switchfoot was on the rise. Another San Diego Music Award, Best Adult Alternative Artist for 2002, and the exposure from the movie led to their signing later on in 2002 with Columbia. The Beautiful Letdown, their first major label album, became a pop sensation, riding into the Top 20 (#16) on the Billboard 200 chart but it do not happen overnight. It took nearly a year for Switchfoot to notch their first top 40 radio hit in 2004 with “Meant To Live,” which also climbed into the top 5 on alternative radio and earned RIAA gold status. A second Top 5 hit followed six months later with “Dare You To Move,” which made ASCAP’s Top 50 list of Most Performed Songs of 2005.

In addition to “Dare You To Move” and “Meant To Live,” THE BEST YET also turns to The Beautiful Letdown for four other tracks: “This Is Your Life,” “On Fire,” “Twenty-Four,” and the title cut, “The Beautiful Letdown.” At the San Diego Music Awards, the recording earned Best Pop Album and Album of the Year honors, as well as Song of the Year for “Dare You To Move.”

The Beautiful Letdown was certified RIAA double-platinum in December 2004, and Switchfoot followed up less than a year later with the RIAA gold Nothing Is Sound, which debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200. In addition to the RIAA gold single “Stars,” the album was the source for “Lonely Nation” and “The Shadow Proves The Sunshine.”

Switchfoot’s final Columbia album was 2006’s Oh! Gravity. (featuring the title track, “Dirty Second Hands” and the hit single “Awakening”). The album rose to #1 at iTunes, #18 on the Billboard 200 and was named Album Of the Year at the San Diego Music Awards in 2007. Switchfoot’s legions of dedicated fans eagerly anticipate their band’s new independent release in the spring of 2009.

THE BEST YET by Switchfoot (Columbia/Legacy, Credential Recordings) Selections:
1. Dare You To Move (D) •
2. Meant To Live (D) •
3. Stars (E) •
4. Oh! Gravity. (F) •
5. This Is Home (G) •
6. Learning to Breathe (C) •
7. Awakening (F) •
8. This Is Your Life (D) •
9. On Fire (D) •
10. Only Hope (B) •
11. Dirty Second Hands (F) •
12. Love Is the Movement (C) •
13. Company Car (B) •
14. Lonely Nation (E) •
15. The Shadow Proves The Sunshine (E) •
16. Concrete Girl (A) •
17. Twenty-Four (D) •
18. The Beautiful Letdown (D).

Deluxe Edition Bonus DVD Videos (Credential Recordings)
1. Dare You To Move (D)
2. Meant To Live (D)
3. Stars (E)
4. Oh! Gravity (F)
5. Awakening (F)
6. Company Car* (B)
7. We are One Tonight (E)
8. The Blues* (E)
9. Chem 6A (A)
10. New Way to be Human (B)
11. You Already Take Me There (C)
12. Happy is a Yuppie Word* (E)
13. Meant To Live (Original) (D)
14. Dare You To Move (Alternate) (D)

* Rare, never released videos

Album key:
A – from The Legend Of Chin (issued June 1997, as re:Think 51595)
B – from New Way To Be Human (issued March 1999, as re:Think 51688)
C – from Learning To Breathe (issued September 2000, as re:Think 51736)
D – from The Beautiful Letdown (issued February 2003, as RED Ink/Columbia 71083)
E – from Nothing Is Sound (issued September 2005, as Columbia 94581)
F – from Oh! Gravity. (issued December 2006, as Columbia 82880)
G – from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian original soundtrack (issued June 2008, as Walt Disney Records D00074202)

Wow, just wow. I am soo stoked. Thanks joanna from the Official Message boards!

Now for some Music Builds stuff, check out this review from azcentral

Although they weren't headlining, Switchfoot at times stole the spotlight, with singer Jon Foreman's power-packed vocals articulating the message of bringing the world together through peace and love.

"There are so many people facing problems in the world," Foreman said. "If we all maintain faith, we can all band together to become stronger than we are apart."

Switchfoot had an army of devoted fans, including a fan club section ready to sing their top 40 mainstream pop hits that propelled the Christian artists from San Diego to mainstream success and helped make their 2004 release double-platinum.

Tears streamed down some audience members' faces as they sang along. Foreman walked into the crowd and began high-fiving many of his devoted fans and having them sing the hooks to We Were Meant to Live.

the rest is about the other three acts.

That is impressive, and the reviewer is so right. Switchfoot always steals the spotlight! WOOT!

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