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A whole lotta new Switchfoot Album Chatter! - Chad Butler talks to Alternative Addiction about the "Surprising" new record

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San Diego rock band Switchfoot are hard at work on a new album, their first independent release on their new imprint label. As for the new album’s sound, drummer Chad Butler says fans can expect to be “surprised” when they hear it.

“It’s some new territory for us musically,” Butler told Alternative Addiction in a recent interview. “I think people are going to be surprised when they hear it, that it’s Switchfoot. I’m thrilled about it, to finally have the capacity and the freedom to do it.”

That freedom is something the band rarely experienced while signed to Columbia, where they released their previous three albums. The band has also benefitted from working on their own schedule, also a rarity for the band while on Columbia’s roster.

“There’s a certain schedule that you had to keep,” said Butler of the band’s time with Columbia. “Right now we don’t have anybody looking over our shoulder while we are in the studio; it’s completely on our own time

The band has been recording the new album in their new home studio in San Diego in between tour dates this summer. Butler says the album over 50% complete, and that they have 3 to 4 songs to still record. The album is expected to be out in the spring of 2009.

Also, listen to or download the audio interview here:

It has a lot more incite into what the Music Builds Tour has been like, as well as a lot of new information what the experience has been like while recording the brand new Switchfoot record.

Here are some highlights:

-Chad says he has been recording with as little of the full drum kit as possible. He's been using maracas, drum machines, and hip hop beats. Wow!

-Jon Foreman has been writing some songs on the piano. Wow2!

-They aren't really working on a huge hit "single" at the moment (big surprise there...), but are really focusing on the art and the album as a whole. When the time comes, "We'll figure out a song for radio."

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This is all exciting news, and I can't wait to be surprised by what the band is doing with their record. Hip hop beats... really?!


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